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Ask to Join A Journey through Kanto!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by CrazyWolf, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Sign up here! https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-journey-through-kanto-sign-ups.21077/

    Jack woke up on his 13:th birthday with his alarm ringing in his ear. He got up, and realised that today he was going to get his starter Pokémon! He was so happy, that he ran down the stairs, yelling goodbye to his parents and closed the door behind him. He ran towards Professor Oaks lab, not wanting to be late. When he got there he entered the lab, and saw Professor Oak standing there, with a smile on his face.
    "Hello, child." Professor Oak said, calm.
    "Hello, Professor." Jack said, happy. "Will I get my first Pokémon today?"
    "Yes, which one will you choose?" Oak asked. Jack watched the Pokéballs, thinking. What Pokémon would he choose? Then he saw the Bulbasaur, and decided that he wanted that Pokémon.
    "I'll choose Bulbasaur!" Jack said.
    "Okay, then you can leave." Oak said, surprised of his choice. Jack picked up the Pokéball to the left, and walked out of the lab.
    "Thanks alot!" He yelled to Professor Oak. His own adventure was about to begin.
  2. Jess stayed at the Pallet town inn last night. She wanted to have bright start for her journey. Now she was not awakened by her alarm. She had given up on them after the first few days of receiving her Eevee. She had woken her up so many times before her alarm she stopped carrying one.
    Jess sat up on the side of the bed and groomed eevee. She stretched and got up and got dressed in the clothes she picked out last night. "You ready for this Eevee?" Eevee was excited. She jumped from the bed to Jess's shoulder. "I will take that as a yes. Come on lets get to the lab and talk with professor Oak." She walked to the lab and almost ran into a boy who had a pokeball in his hand. He was coming from the lab so she assumed that he just received his first pokemon. "Hello professor it is nice to meet you in person and not through a screen. My name is Jess Summers."
  3. As Jack walked away from the lab he ran into a girl.
    "Sorry, I'm sorry!" he said. He saw that she was walking towards Oaks lab, and assumed that she was going to get her Pokemon. He didn't think much about it and started walking towards Route 1.
  4. "Ahh yes. You said you wanted to receive a starter for this region as well. Well I saved one aside for you. This is Charmander's pokeball. You said over the video call that you wanted a fire type so here she is." He handed Jess the pokeball and her beginning items. Jess bowed to professor Oak. "Thank you Professor Oak. I am really grateful for you alowing me to have a Kanto starter. I will be on my way now. Bye professor." She walked out of the lab and went back to her hotel. She wanted to make sure she had everything before she checked out of the room.
  5. When Jack reached Route 1 he saw a Pokemon that looked angry. It also looked like a monkey. The Mankey challenged Jack, and Jack wanted to catch it. So he sent out Bulbasaur, the only Pokémon he had.
    "Bulbasaur, use Razor Leaf!" Jack ordered. Bulbasaur jumped up and started throwing out sharp leafs, that hit Mankey. Mankey jumped back and punched Bulbasaur, which Jack assumed was Power-Up Punch.
    "Bulbasaur use tackle!" Jack commanded, and Bulbasaur jumped into the Mankey, hard.
    "Mankey is low, lets catch it!" Jack said and threw a pokeball that hit Mankey right in the face. One blink, then two, and then three, and Mankey was caught.
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  6. Sarah had checked out of her room and was on route one when she saw the boy who she ran into at the lab. She started to clap. "Good job not everyone catches the pokemon that they throw a ball at on the first go."
  7. Jack got surprised at the new company. He hadn't thought that there had been someone there, and now there was. But he recognized her.
    "Thank you." he said. "Are you the girl I ran into when I were going out of the lab?" He looked down at his pokeball and the newly caught Pokémon, with Bulbasaur, on his shoulder.
    "Have you gotten your Pokémon now?" he asked her, curious.
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  8. Eevee poked her head out from behind Jess's hair. "Yeah I got my starter from Professor Oak. Eevee has been with me since my journey started in Johto. She was not officially a starter pokemon but she was mine. To make a long story short Professor Oak gave me a Kanto starter so I could start fresh here in this region." Jess held up the pokeball that held her new charmander.
  9. Jack watched as the Eevee poked out behind her hair.
    "Okay, but do you want to battle?" Jack asked. He had never had a real battle, besides against Mankey. " I really wanna have my first battle with a trainer early on." Jack knew that his Bulbasaur was weak against her starter, so it would be a challenge.
    "So, do you want to battle?"
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  10. "Uh sure but you might want to heal your pokemon first. It is not a great idea to start a battle with a week pokemon." Jess reached up and patted eevee. Eevee snuggled up to Jess's neck.
  11. "Okay, thank you." Jack said. He ran to the nearest Pokemon Center and healed up his Pokémon. He ran back to the girl and said:
    "Do you want to battle now then?" He pulled out Bulbasaurs pokeball and held it up.
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  12. "Sure. I just did not want to take advantage of you when you are new. I will start with Eevee." Eevee jumped down off Sarah's shoulder and landed gracfully on the ground. She got into a ready battle stance.
  13. "Bulbasaur, lets battle!" Jack said and threw out Bulbasaur. "Bulbasaur use Razor Leaf!" Bulbasaur jumped up and threw out sharp leafs that missed Eevee with a few centimetres.
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  14. (Careful that was almost autoing.)
    "Eevee use tackle" eevee charged towards bulbasaur and tryed to tackle him. Jess was sure it would hit but she could be wrong and find out that he had a very fast bulbasaur.
  15. (Oh sorry about that. Didn't realise it until now.)

    "Bulbasaur, dodge it and then use Vine Whip to grab Eevee while she is running." Jack thought that this could be risky since he didn't know what moves Eevee had, but it was worth a try.
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  16. (It's ok. I have done the same thing in the past.)

    Eevee let the grass pokemon pull her to him. She was grabbed out of the tackle. "Eevee wait for the perfect momwnt then use shadow ball at close range."
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  17. "Bulbasaur let go of Eevee and use double team to confuse her." Jack knew that something like that would happen, but he thought that he maybe had a backup plan.
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  18. Jess smirked. "Eevee use echoed voice to weed out the original bulbasaur." Eevee amplified her voice and shouted out towards the multiple bulbasaur. She hoped with the repeating voice would be enough to find the right one.
  19. "Bulbasaur use Razor leaf before she can finish!" Jack hoped that If Bulbasaur acts before Eevee can finish he will be able to get in a nice hit, but he couldn't be sure. Either way he would have to expose the real Bulbasaur. But he was almost sure that this would work.
  20. Eevee dodged out of the way of razor leaf with an iron tail. She used it to spring herself up in the air using echoed voice as she went. She landed on the ground behind bulbasaur.
  21. "Bulbasaur, start spinning and shoot razor leafs everywhere." This was almost a 100% hit, but maybe the other trainer had something else in mind. If he hit he knew that it would do some damage, but it still wouldn't be 1 hit KO. Everything he could do now was hope.
  22. Miles stepped outside hoping to get a breeze add to his dramatic pose,"Dangit,no breeze.Whatever,ill just go" Miles said stubbornly. Miles walked a bit further to witness a battle! Miles couldn't make out either pokemon,and he forgot about his Pokèdex. "Wow! i've never seen a battle up close before!! i gotta take notes" Miles said excitedly
  23. "Eevee use protect. Then use quick attack." Eevee threw up a bright barrier that protected her from the oncoming leaves. She then charged at bulbasaur with blinding speed.
  24. (Your Eevee seems to know more than four moves.)
    "Bulbasaur, grab Eevee with Vine Whip and throw her in the ground!" Jack shouted. He was almost sure that his plan would work, but everything can go wrong. "Then use Razor Leaf to try to deal out some extra damage."
  25. (Rps are based off the anime not the games. You can follow the rules of the games if that is what the rp was created to be, but if it is not specified in the rp rules it is fair game. You don't have to stick with the four moves rule.)
    Eevee dodged the vine whip and more or less tackled the bulbasaur at top speed. She was able to dodge most of the razor leaves but a few hit.
  26. (Ok sorry, guess I didn't see that part in the rules. I apologise.)
    Bulbasaur got hit with the quick attack and flew back into a tree, damaged.
    "Bulbasaur can you still battle?" Jack asked him. Bulbasaur got up and let out a small yell, clearly wanting to continue.
    "Bulbasaur use Vine Whip again to grab the Eevee and then use Razor Leaf while she's stuck.
  27. (It is completely ok. I understand I have only been on this site less then a month so I understand that you might not know all the rules but the most important ones.)
    Eevee was grabed by the vine whip seeing as she was close to bulbasaur. "As soon as bulbasaur uses it's next attack send out a shadow ball."
  28. "Bulbasaur take the attack with your body!" The shadow ball hit Bulbasaur but he stood there, still with Eevee in his grip.
    "Use Razor Leaf now!" Jack knew that unless the other trainer did something real quick Eevee would faint.
  29. "Eevee use protect." Eevee threw up a barrier that protected her from damage. "Now use guick attack to try and break free from the vines." Eevee tried to break apart by speeding off in the other direction of bulbasaur.
  30. The protect came as a shock to Jack, but he shook it off.
    "Bulbasaur make sure Eevee stays in your vines and use Razor Leaf again." Jack shouted. "If that fails then try to tackle the Eevee!" Jack knew that one of them were bound to hit, but Eevee might be able to dodge that also.
  31. Eevee was able to break free. She sped around the bulbasaur coming to a stop when she reached the back of him. "Now Eevee use shadow ball." Eevee shot a ball of black energy right at the back of bulbasaur.
  32. "Bulbasaur use Razor Leaf behind you to block the shadow ball!" Bulbasaur managed to block the attack just in time.
    "Use double team to make it harder for Eevee to hit you and then use Razor Leaf!"
  33. "Eevee use iron tail to send some of the leaves right back to bulbasaur." Eevee's tail started turned a silver metal. With the iron tail she started to send leaf by leaf right at each and every double.
  34. "Bulbasaur use tackle!" Bulbasaur turned up behind Eevee and started running towards it, trying to tackle it. Jack didn't know if it would hit or not, but it seemed to be about to hit.
  35. Eevee saved one last leaf for when bulbasaur appeared right as soon as he started to run towards her she sent the leaf right at the charging pokemon.
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  36. Bulbasaur tackled the leaf and it started flying back towards Eevee. Bulbasaur continued running against Eevee and where soon close enough.
    "Bulbasaur use Vine Whip!" Jack ordered. At this close range the vines were probably gonna hit, and Eevee would be hit by either the vines or the tackle if the trainer couldn't come up with a really good strategy quick.
  37. "Eevee now use Shadow ball and then use quick attack to get out of there." Eevee shot a shadow ball that followed the path of the leaf. She then was able to dodge both the tackle and the vines with a well timed quick attack.
  38. Bulbasaur flew back from the quick attack, and then got up but got hit by the shadow ball, and Bulbasaur fainted.
    "Bulbasaur, return!" Jack said. "Wow your Eevee is strong!" He said, impressed. "Now Mankey, this is your time to shine!" Jack pulled out Mankey's pokeball and sent out Mankey.
  39. "We have had a bit of practice. She has been with me since I started my journey a year ago in Johto. Good job Eevee. I am proud of you."
  40. Miles squinted at the sight of the new Pokemon,he was also very excited to see that the battle had heated up! "If only i actually knew how to battle"Miles whispered as he sat down to watch the battle. From what Miles observed the new Pokemon looked like a fighting type,so it got him anticipated and ready for more

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