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Private/Closed A Journey Through Kalos - Pokemon RP Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by SylvieThePokemonTrainer, Sep 22, 2017.


Should we change the time in the RP to 8pm from 6pm?

Poll closed Oct 6, 2017.
  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. 7pm?

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  4. i farted

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  1. Glaceon, I know you're reading this, just reply .3.
  2. This is the anime. @Glaceon trainer TMS dont exist and Pokemon can learn basically any move (Unless it doesnt exist) and levels don't matter. Just dont go overboard with it and give a level five Pikachu a move it learns at level fifty.
  3. That's what I was gonna say XD
  4. But what's your call on the poison jab, and the auto poison?
  5. But @Sukoku The poisoning Pancham bit is complete autoing, it only has a 10% chance as well. Please edit it out..

    @Glaceon trainer As I said, TMs do not exist. In the Anime, Pokemon can literally learn any move if it makes sense for it to have it - etc, Charizard learning Hydro Pump. So the Poison Jab is fine.
  7. We should roll that or something similar to that, it's pure luck :p
  8. Glaceon decides if it was poisoned, not you.
  9. lets do a ten% randomizer. Sylvie, why not you do it.
  10. That's fair, better than letting the decision to the person you're RP'ing with :p
  11. I will edit it out as soon as the result come (If I don't poison it, obviously.)
  12. Found a randomizer wheel, did it. Nope. So the Pancham isn't poisoned. (I set it out correctly - 8 nopes, 2 yes's. It chose nope)
  13. Aghhh, whyyy, the last RP alert wasn't given now ;-;
  14. Soo I editted it, Glaceon, reply. .3.
  15. You know what? The admins should add in a stat wheel. To help rp's out.
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  16. I think he meant to say Status wheel
  17. Yeah, I know now. Went on Recent Activity, he posted on Teapot's profile saying they should add a status wheel. In all honesty, I think that would take way too much coding for such a pointless addition.
  18. It's not pointless, there is a reason for that, some people need it,
  19. For status effects. When you try to poison a pokemon with poison sting, you put in poison sting in the wheel, and you spin for the 10% chance for poison. Works for moves with effects. So, it spins for stat lowering, like attack or defence.
  20. We wouldn't have had this conversation if we had the status wheel.
  21. Sorry, but I just think that idea is a little stupid. You could just spin a wheel that you could customize to choose it. Like how I did for the 10% thing. I went on a customizable random wheel website, changed the choices for there to be ten and changed eight to nope and two to yes. It chose nope. And it was accurate.
  22. Stone Edge? What level is this Pancham? XD (roughly)
  23. from 16-18. But Stone Edge is a tm move, and in the anime, pancham learns it relatively early.
  24. Eh, I guess. But the Pancham was probably around level 20 when Serena caught it and learnt it one her first performance wasn't it? So it was probably about level 25. I dunno though.

    And I was saying the wrong numbers for the wheel. I mean to say I put in 9 nopes and 1 yes XD
  25. While you got that level 16-18 Pancham, I got a level 27 Croconaw and a 24 Pikachu, Hueheueheuhue (They don't go all out every time, they just 'suppress' their power according to the level of the Pokémon :p)
  26. @Sukoku He's got no gym badges, but after the showcase he's going to defeat the Bug Gym right?
  27. Yeh. But his Pokémon aren't fully disrespectful, they just mess up some times XD
  28. Oh god if this was the game Euclides would one hit KO each one of Viola's Pokemon...

    Bug Badge
    Bug type

    Pokémon Surskit
    Level 10
    Bug · Water

    Level 12
    Bug · Flying
  29. Lol, poor Viola XDDD
  31. In the battle don't one hit KO her Pokemon though XD
  32. Holy sh!!!! XDDDDDD

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  33. I know, it's gonna be like the anime, 1 month ago Pikachu managed to beat a level 30 Gengar and now it will lose to a mere level 12 Vivillon XD. It's like the Latios thing XDD
  34. Ash's Pikachu in Sinnoh : Beats a Lugia

    Ash's Pikachu in Unova : Gets owned by a level 5 Snivy
  35. Hey Monferno is around lv 34 in game then. He just fought off team psychic. So, pancham is weak compared to him.
  36. ....

    No. @Glaceon trainer That's way too strong!!! He would boss the second and third gym if he WAS that level, and Halt's only got one gym badge. Lower the level.
  37. Ugh, how??? You didn't even get your first badge, Croconaw managed to beat 4 GYMs, as well as Pikachu, and they're both under 30, Pidgey also fought against a Team Psychic grunt, same happened to Gligar. (Pidgey's level : 15 Gligar's level : 12)
  38. Wait, sorry, he did get his first badgeeeeee, SORRY SORRY SIFNIWIONGWFIOQFWQQFQFQ
  39. Pidgey also owned a gang of Fletchlings and one Fletchlinder
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