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Private/Closed A journey through Johto! (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by JayTaku, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    The Johto region!

    A region where pokemon and trainers alike thrive in battles and many other activities.

    You should expect to see some great sights in Johto as well, such as: the beautiful Ecruteak City. Or even the enormous Goldenrod City. Johto is just a diverse landscape full of many different: places, people and pokemon!

    But most importantly this year is the year of the Johto league! And it will mark the beginning of many young and aspiring trainer’s journeys. People from all corners of the world will be travelling to Johto in order to take part in the Pokemon league.

    But are these trainers ready for the challenges that await them? We’ll see...


    1. No Mary Sues.
    2. No spam.
    3. No double-posting.
    4. No excessive swearing/violence.
    5. No godmoding.
    6. No legendaries/mythicals.
    7. Follow all the rules that I may have missed out.

    8. Have fun!

    Physical appearance:
    Defining feature:
    Occupation: (E.g. trainer, breeder).
    Pokemon team:
    Region of origin:

    Name: Yohei Yamada.
    Age: 14.
    Height: 5’9.
    Physical appearance: Yohei stands a reasonable height and has a lean build, but he doesn’t have any defined muscles. He has messy black hair (Same style seem on Sakata Gintoki) accompanied by chocolatey brown eyes and a tiny scar above his left eye.
    Defining feature: His messy black hair.
    Clothing: He often wears a red short sleeved hoodie with a pokeball like logo on the back. This hoodie is usually paired up with some white shorts and red trainers/sneakers. He also wears a cap sometimes with an ultra ball themed colour scheme and design.
    Personality: At first glance he could be seen as: Arrogant, cocky, impatient, rude. While most of that is true to his real self, he isn’t just like that. He cares for his pokemon and friends. He’s also really passionate about Pokemon and battling and is very compotent when it comes to battling, abs he aspires to become champion someday.
    Occupation: Pokemon trainer.
    Pokemon team: Yet to pick up his starter. (Most likely will be Cyndaquil).
    Region of origin: Johto.
    Likes: Spicy foods, pokemon, battling, hanging out with friends and playing sports.
    Dislikes: His older brother, people who look down on others and cold temperatures.
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  2. Would it be ok to have an older character.
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  3. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Definitely. Though at least one more new trainer would be preferred.

    But yeah go ahead and make and older character.
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  4. Well I was thinking of doing two characters if that is allowed. I was thinking that I would have the older character going with their younger sibling teaching them the ways of pokemon.
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  5. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yep. Two characters are allowed, i’d say the limit is three.
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  6. Here are my characters. I need to finish them up, but let me know what you think of my characters. If I need to change anything, then let me know.
    Name: Storm Cromwell
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'3
    Physical appearance: Storm has a very slim build, with a toned musculature. He has very pale skin, and is blemish free. His eyes are a bright blue that shine among his very black lashes. He has very sharp features, and a slim face. He tends to wear a bit of makeup. The main thing he does wear is a dark smoky eye, and a sharp wing liner. In his ears he has small gauges, and studs that go up to the top of his ear. He paints his nails black, and will sometimes do different designs on them. Storm's hair is very long and straight. He shaved the left side of his head and dyed his hair a bright white. Down his left arm, he has tattoo of different colored roses on a vine that crawl down from his shoulder to his wrist.
    Defining feature: His eyes and his tattoo.
    Clothing: Storm wears a black guns and roses shirt, over a black jean skirt, and a pair of black combat boots. He tends to wear a black choker and a guitar pick necklace. When it is cold, he wears a black leather jacket. Sometimes he has a wide brimmed black hat that he wears. His bag is an over the shoulder one. It is black and has red roses on the front flap. He has other types of clothing that he will wear to contests.
    Personality: Storm is very calm. He loves to help others. He is very into music and tends to listen to it quite a bit. He will always have his guitar and violin with him. He can be very protective of younger kids and act like a big brother.
    Occupation: Coordinator, Singer, and Trainer
    Pokemon team: Aura, Female, Galarian Ponyta, Frost, Female, Alolan Vulpix, Spirit, Female Drakloak, Dawn, Female, Espeon.
    Region of origin: Unova
    Likes: Music, Art, Photography
    Dislikes: Bullies
    Other: Storm has a couple of songs out and recorded in Unova and has a bit of reputation for them.
    Name: Alice Cromwell
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'0
    Physical appearance: Alice like her brother is very slim and has a toned build. She has pale skin that tans a bit more then her brother, and is blemish free. Her eyes are green and are surrounded by long black lashes. She has soft and very feminine features. Her hair is long and comes down to her lower back. The color of her is naturally black, but it ombres to a deep blue.
    Defining feature: Her green eyes are very interesting to others.
    Clothing: She tends to wear a pair of black shorts, a band tee, and black hiking boots. She has bracelets all along her right wrist.
    Personality: Alice could be very hyper and tends to act younger then she is when it comes to new pokemon. She loves to draw and tends to spend time drawing different pokemon that she meets. She is also really good with singing, but does not want to do it for a living like her brother.
    Occupation: Trainer
    Pokemon team: Eevee, Female, Snivy, Sass, Female
    Region of origin: Unova
    Likes: Grass types, Swimming, running, and games.
    Dislikes: Being in one place for a long time.
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  7. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Both are accepted!

    Think you could tag anyone who might be interested btw?
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  9. Remember, my character isn't leaving the current RP that we're in, and I'm not too interested in just casually making another new character for this. I still have an RP thread of my own to get started.
  10. It is ok, sorry to bother you about it.
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  11. Uhhh maybe. Not sure.

    Id prefer to continue with the characters in the other rp instead of having to get used to a new group, but ill think about it
  12. I might be interested so I will get back on this
  13. Is there a limit as to how much pokemon we can have at the start or anything like that?
  14. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    I’d say at the start nothing over a full team of 6. If you want more than that then just explain way and I’ll see if I can make an exception.
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  15. What if my character has six at the start from his home region (Galar) and he left five of em at his parents' house and came to Johto with his Raboot and an egg thatll hatch into an Eevee and eventually become an Umbreon
  16. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    That’s completely fine.
  17. Question? Do you have to start at the first stage of our Pokemon? I just want to know ahead of time @JayTaku
  18. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    No you don’t but it’s preferred that you don’t have a team of fully evolved pokemon from the start.
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  19. Hm alright I know who to use then thank you
  20. Hmmm alright im in.

    Whats the age range for characters if there is one?
  21. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    I wouldn’t say there is, but no like super old characters.
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  22. Hmmmm...alright

    Would you prefer if i list his just his team currently or all of the ones he'll catch in the rp too
  23. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ones he has as of current.
  24. Here are my two characters. Their connection will become very clear in the RP.

    Name: Sylvia Turner
    Age: 13
    Height: 5'2
    Physical appearance: Sylvia has a rather athletic build, caucasian skin, and bright blue eyes along with long blonde hair. Her blonde hair has one pink streak and one blue streak in it. She has a light dusting of freckles on her face. She also wears a small pendant with a small gemstone in the shape of half a heart.
    Defining feature: Her colorful appearance. Her hair is accented with two streaks of color, and her eyes are very bright blue.
    Clothing: Sylvia typically wears a pink t-shirt underneath a pair of faded denim overalls along with black boots. The overalls have several splatters of paint and usually have various artist's tools sticking out of the large pockets - paintbrushes, pencils, mini-sketchbooks, etc.
    Personality: Shy and sweet, Sylvia is a reserved girl with loads of hidden talent. She is rather reserved, and shies away from conflict. She has a lot of artistic sense, and sees the beauty in even the small things - from the wind blowing the trees, to the avian Pokemon flying above, to the colors of city lights at night. She sees the best in everyone - but is easily scarred, and can hold a grudge for a long time. Sylvia gets a thrill from the battlefield, and she and her Pokemon use these battles as a chance to express their love of beauty.
    Occupation: New Trainer
    Pokemon team: Pokemon Egg (Happiny). Will obtain Chikorita as starter.
    Region of origin: Johto
    Likes: Art, Pokemon, dance, nature, art, the color blue, did I mention art?
    Dislikes: Judgemental or arrogant people

    Name: Adelyn Browne
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'6
    Physical appearance: Adelyn has a rather athletic build, obviously more athletic than most females. She has long, dark brown (almost black) hair and brown eyes, with warm-toned skin.
    Defining feature: None, really.
    Clothing: Adelyn wears an orange blouse with black jeans and tall combat-boots. She also wears a small pendant with a small gemstone in the shape of half a heart, opposite to Sylvia's.
    Personality: Just like the Pokemon she trains, Adelyn has a fiery spirit and passion. She's very outgoing and has a sarcastic touch, but deep down, she's very caring. She's courageous and dignified, with a love for adventure and thrill.
    Occupation: Trainer (Fire-Type Specialist), Performer
    Pokemon team:
    Blitz the Rapidash (M)
    Wisp the Lampent (F)
    Passion the Eevee (F)
    Region of origin: Johto
    Likes: Pokemon, adventure, nature, danger in general
    Dislikes: Cold weather

  25. Name: Jake
    Age: 14
    Height: Average height, if not a bit smaller (im not good with heights)
    Physical appearance: Dark brown eyes, very dark brown hair that's almost black
    Defining feature: His eyes or his stutter, or the dark circles under his eyes from not a lot of sleep.
    Clothing: Usually wears a red t shirt and shorts, unless he's in cold weather or something.
    Personality: Usually keeps to himself. Shy and socially awkward. However, he can be joking and playful around friends. Also very indecisive.
    Occupation: (E.g. trainer, breeder): Will become a pokemon researcher when he's older.
    Pokemon team:
    •Sonny (Male Raboot; starter)
    •Baltimore (Male Corviknight)
    •Scamp (Male Yamper)
    •Fabian (Male Thievul)
    •Chester (Male Galarian Linoone)
    •Charlie (Male Cramorant)
    •Eevee egg (Male, which will eventually turn into an Umbreon)
    Region of origin: Galar. He has a galarian (british) accent too.
    Likes: Pokemon, reading, eating, laughing.
    Dislikes: Heights, rude people, getting embarrassed or humiliated, being unable to do anything about a situation.
  26. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

  27. @JayTaku, I have finished my characters. I have also added a pokemon to Storm's team.
  28. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Alright, I’ll check it out.

    Edit: Looks all good!
  29. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    So would you guys be ready to start after LunarSilvally gets her bio up?
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  30. Yeah, i think id be ready
  31. Yeah I will be ready.
  32. A journey-RP in my favorite region, I'm in! (if that's still possible)

    Name: Eliot Lens
    Age: 18
    Region of origin: Johto (Azalea Town)
    Height: 5'6
    Physical appearance: Despite being 18 years old, his young looking face and lack of facial hair make him look younger. On top of that, Eliot isn't very tall or muscled either. However, Eliot is seldom over seen, as people will notice his camera everywhere.
    Defining feature: His camera
    Clothing: The first thing people will notice about Eliot is the camera hanging around his neck. Because he'll always look for the best perspective to take his pictures from, he's always prepared to run, climb, crawl, and so on. That's why he's often wearing sporty clothes, like a tracksuit and running shoes. However, as Eliot's always prepared for wherever he's going, he'll often change his outfit based on the weather.
    Personality: Eliot is very optimistic, enthusiast and energetic. He loves to be outside, explore the world and take pictures with his camera. A lot of times he'll get lost though, as he's very chaotic and impulsive as well. Whenever he has an idea, he'll immediately execute it, meaning he'll sometimes follow a Pokémon for hours, after which he forgot where he came from. Eliot always carries his camera with him so he's able to make a picture of anything at anytime. He's loved photography ever since he was a kid and mainly focusses on photographing Pokémon and landscapes.
    Occupation: Photographer / Trainer
    Likes: Photography, long walks, nature, Pokémon
    Dislikes: Waiting and arrogant people

    Pokemon team:

    Species: Ampharos
    Nickname: Thea
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Docile; Thea is a calm and loyal Pokémon who always does whatever Eliot asks her to do without hesitating. However, she has never battled before, as both Eliot and Thea were never really interested in battling. Eliot mainly uses the Ampharos for the lighting of his pictures, which Thea herself loves to do as well.
    Ability: Static
    Moveset: Light Screen | Flash | Charge | Thunder Wave
    Backstory: When she was still a Mareep, Thea belonged to a farm west of Azalea Town, where she was used for her wool. However, once she was fully evolved into an Ampharos, the farmer had no use for her anymore. One day Eliot was taking pictures around the farm when he got into conversation with the farmer. He told him about the Ampharos and asked if Eliot wanted to take her. Being the Light Pokémon, Thea could help Eliot with the lighting for his pictures. Eliot decided to take the Pokémon and she turned out to be a great help. From that moment on, Eliot always had her with him wherever he went.

    Nickname: Chunk
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Lonely; Chunk is a rather quiet Pokémon. He doesn't really enjoy interaction with other Pokémon or people, aside from the ones he trusts. However, the Bergmite is rather curious. It likes to closely observe situations, without actually meddling.
    Ability: Ice Body
    Moveset: Rapid Spin | Harden | Powder Snow | Icy Wind | Bite
    Backstory: Eliot met his Bergmite when he was on vacation in the Kalos region. There he went on a hike with Thea to shoot some pictures of the landscape around Frost Cavern. While setting up his camera, he suddenly noticed a Bergmite watching them, curious as to what they were doing. Eliot liked the appearance of the little Pokémon and realized he had a pokéball in his bag. After catching the Pokémon, he came to understand that Chunk liked to battle. Eliot had no battling-experience whatsoever, but from that moment on he had been considering to actually become a Pokémon trainer and travel through Johto.
  33. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

  34. Just remembered, is there a rule against having starter pokemon in the wild and being caught like Ash? Just wanna make sure
  35. Nope it is completely fine. I think it is fun to be able to catch any pokemon within reason.
  36. Agreed, in that case i might give Jake a Totodile eventually, not sure. Definitely gonna give him an Aipom though.

    Are we keeping the six pokemon at a time rule?
  37. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yeah we’ll keep that rule.

    I was gonna have Yohei probably catch something like an Aipom too, just as like a little partner pokemon like Pikachu.

    Btw you guys know how pokemon like Gligar and Sneasel go evolutions in gen 4, do you think we should be able to evolve them while in Johto?
  38. @JayTaku, I think it would make sense to be able to evolve them. It would be weird to not be able to since our characters know that they will evolve eventually.

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