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Ask to Join A Journey in Shatoa!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SkyBluePyRo, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Interested in joining? Just sign up in the thread linked below! ^^ It also contains info about the RP, the region of Shatoa, and about the players! (At the time of writing this post, there is only me x-x but hopefully YOU will join! Also, more info to be added.)

    Eden put his hood onto his head while looking into the mirror in his room. "Alright, looks like I´m all set now." he said to himself. He briefly smiled before he grabbed the invitation from professor and walked down the stairs to say goodbye to his mom. They talked for a short while, and after an emotional hug Eden finally closed the door behind him. A cold breeze hit his face. It was a cold day in Aynor Town, but thankfully the spring was just around the corner - everything was going pretty well for the start of his journey. As he was walking to professors lab, he kept thinking about which pokémon to pick.
  2. Ray had been asleep in a lawnmower, as he woke up to the sound of a boy that was walking to the lab. He chuckled to himself while he got out of the lawnmower, as he quietly hovered over to him. He thought to himself as he rubbed his tiny body, "Hmm, should I prank this boy, he looks like a good one to start the day off." He went over to the boy in a quick motion, as he waved at him while he shivered nervously from the cold weather.
  3. As soon as he saw the wild pokemon, Eden jumped a bit back. He didn´t know that Rotoms are found in his hometown, and the only time he had seen them was on TV. "Hey, you scared me!" he said while taking a better look at the pokemon. "Ju-just wait here, i´ll go get my pokedex and some pokeballs from professor, and i´ll catch you!" In a quick motion he turned towards the lab and quickly ran in. He tought he could catch the Rotom and have two starter pokemon for his journey.
  4. Ray's excitement quickly turned into terror the moment he realized that the boy would be attempting to catch him. He gulped, while his plasmatic body shook in fear, as he quickly hovered after him in a swift and said in a nervous, panicked tone, "H- hey! What do you mean zzzz... catch? Zzzrrt... please don't p- put m- me in that red and white ball... Zzzrrt... eek!" He hovered over the boy on his left side, as he got into the laboratory soon after, while some electricity started to build up in his tiny body. He looked for any appliance that he could get into, as he sharply watched the boy.
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  5. "Hey professor, I just.. Wait, what?" Eden stopped in the middle of his sentence and quickly turned around to face the Rotom. "Did you.. Did you just talk?" he backed away from the pokemon once again and took a few steps towards professor. "Umm, professor Larch?" he mumbled.
    Professor Larch was a former gym leader in Woodpine Town, but he retired several years ago so he can study pokemon. The Woodpines Town gym leader - Drew is his son. Professor was well-known around the world for his study on shiny pokemon.
    He stood up from his desk and decided to take a closer look at the indecent boy who just entered his lab.
  6. Kathleen shifted her necklace nervously and she headed to the lab. Today she was going to start her adventure and become a true journalist. Kathleen soon stoped at the door and shifted be bag, she hesitated a bit before opening the door. In side she found 2 boys and an old man, which she guessed was the professor. "Um..hi? I am here for my starter and supplies" Kathleen said.
  7. "Ahem, are you NOT going to point out that there is a Rotom that can speak?" Eden answered impolitely while looking at the girl. He then quickly turned towards professor: "Professor, can you tell my why exactly can this Rotom speak? Oh and I was here first, so I get to choose the first starter pokemon, right?"
  8. Jack peered out his Window, He could see the cold, Drifting through the town "Im gonna get ready to go on my Journey..." Jack said as he got out of Bed and into his Clothes, He threw his stuff in his bag and walked down stairs, He grabbed some food and his bag then walked out of his Home, He had a nice walk, Seeing the Pokemon he had befriended over the Years of living there, a Fletchling landed on his Shoulder and hummed a sweet tune "Hey buddy, Did your parents let you come with me?" Jack asked, Looking to a bush where the Fletchling lived, The Fletchling nodded and rubbed its head on Jacks hair "Alright, lets go" Jack said as he started to walk a but faster

    Jack arrived at the Lab and walked in, The scene did not look good, a Talking Rotom, two Young trainers and a confused Professor "Uh hi.... Yea, im just gonna get a Pokemon so... Yea" He said as he quickly slipped past Eden and grabbed a Pokeball "Now! who did I get?" Jack asked as he sent out his Pokemon, It was a Froakie, High and mighty "Alright, Froakie is mine, Now you guys can pick" Jack said as he Sat down to see what the other two trainers chose
  9. "Excuse me? I got here first so I should´ve been the first to choose!" Eden yelled at the boy with a frog pokemon. "Eh, you chose that thing? Hah, I´m taking Totodile prof!" he quickly went over to the pokeball stand and tried out a few pokeballs before actually getting Totodile.

    The professor sighed. "Yes, of course you can pick your starters, thats why i gathered you here. But next time, you should be more polite. Anyway, most of you guys probably know me - im Alan Larch, more known as professor Larch. I have a task for you all. As you might know, i´ve recently made a study on shiny pokemon, but i was only able to study pokemon nearby. I can only assume that the other pokemon are same as the ones here. Your task is to go out in the Shatoa region and gather as much information about shiny pokemon that you can. You can challenge gyms and everything like that. For that, I´m willing to let you take one of the starters."
  10. Ray quickly hid behind Jack, who had picked the Totodile as his Pokémon, as he looked over at a fan that stood near a table. He had a rather nervous look on his face, as he thought to himself while he sharply looked over at Eden, "I'd better find a way to maybe get them to stop trying to catch me, otherwise I'll have to run!" He looked over at the Professor, as he said to him in a panicked tone while he took in a deep breath, "Zzz... Uhh... please don't tell anyone else about this! Zzzrrrt, I can't have those p- people trying to c- chase me!"

    Meanwhile, Lilly had gotten over to the lab and noticed a Rotom that talked to the Professor. She said to him while the Pichu peeked out of his sling, "H- hey, is there something wrong buddy? You look like you're frightened of all the new faces here." The Pichu looked over at Jack, as he waved at him in a hesitant motion, while he listened to everyone talking.
  11. Eden was getting angry about all the people in the lab, and about the fact that everyone was ignoring him. He turned to his Totodile and greeted it with a smile. "Well at least you´re pretty cool, buddy!" Totodile clapped its hands and smiled back: "Toto!"

    Professor was also getting a bit upset about the chaos in the lab, so he decided to raise his voice. "How about you all stop talking and introduce yourself, one by one? You might have to cooperate on your journey so you should be nice to each other."
  12. Jack waved back to the Pichu and then looked at the Rotom, The Fletchling on Jacks Shoulder creeped out of his hair and Glided to the Rotom "Fletchling? (Are you ok?)" He asked, trying not to scare it, Meanwhile, Jacks new pokemon Froakie stared at Totodile, Looking like it wanted a Battle "Well, I guess i should introduce myself first, I am Jack Devlin, Heir to the Devlin Fortune!" Jack yelled as his Froakie continued to watch Totodile "So who is everyone else?" Jack asked, Looking at the three Trainers
  13. Lilly looked over at Jack and replied while her Pichu dozed off, "Well, I'm Lilly... and this is my little Pichu, he's asleep right now. Umm, also I've never really seen a Rotom before, and definitely one that can actually talk. I think that we all might want to just take it a little easy here." The Pichu snored quietly, while Lilly looked down at the Froakie, as she winked at him.

    Ray was startled by the stern tone that came from the Professor, as he quickly went behind Lilly and said while his rod-like arms shook, "Zzzrrt.... Uhh... I'm R- Ray... I'm the g- guy that controls machines and does stuff with them. Zzz... please don't tell the other trainers about me, I don't want them lobbing their b- balls off in my f- face!" He hovered over towards Jack, while he hesitantly replied to the Fletchling, "Zzz... I'm not o- okay..." He hovered over at the Froakie, nervously waving at him, as the Pichu continued to sleep in his sling.
  14. Eden stood quietly besides the pokeball stand while looking around the room without saying a word until his eyes crossed professors. He tried to look away but it was too late. Professor smiled and firmly asked: "What about you, Mr. I-Got-Here-First?" Eden rolled his eyes. He hated when someone was mocking him. "I´m Eden, born and raised in Aynor Town, and your future league champion." he smirked
  15. Kathleen looked around the rrom before responding. "My name is Kathleen and I wish to become a journalist." She said glaring at eden before heading to the pokeballs. Kathleen looked at each one before picking up a ball. She opened it to let out a mudkip. The pokemon ran around it new trainer with exploding energy. "I name you yuta." Kathleen explain laughing as the pokemon smiled at her.
  16. Lilly looked over at Kathleen, who had gotten her new Pokémon now, as she said to her while the Pichu snored still, "A journalist huh, well that seems interesting. I don't know what I want to be yet, since I don't even know what to do yet. That little guy with you seems pretty cute though." She looked over at the Professor, as she said to him in a hesitant tone, "I really don't know if I should even get another Pokémon since I already have a Pichu from a little while back. There's just been so many chaotic things that sparked off in a matter of brief minutes."

    Ray went over to Kathleen, while he said to her as he rubbed his tiny head, "Zzz... s- so I'm supposing that you are going to be traveling everywhere, and zzrrtt... writing a lot. Well, I was supposed to be... zzzzz... for something else, but I had to run away to this region here... zzrrtt..." He looked over at the Mudkip that ran around her, as he said while he briefly let off a faint, harmless spark in the air, "Umm, so I suppose you're the g- guy that can live in both... zzz... land and water. Zzrrtt... well I live in machines and stuff, and zzzzz.... I also know how to talk with even h- hu- humans... zzz... zzrrtt... s- sort of..."
  17. Kathleen looked up to the pokemon. "Yea, but mostly I wont be writing in the feild. I have an extremely good memory so I can do more things then other journalists." She explained as she picked up yuta. Kathleen then got up from the floor, yuta still in her hands. "Its strange how you ran away to a different reageon but I can see how it is sorta possible you can talk. Most phychic pokemon have the ability to learn english but dont have the want to do it and a study shown some pokemon ,not phychic, have the ability to do so also. So my guess is that you have that strange ability and have ran away from a lab or somthing because you have been tested on" Kathleen explained it like it was nothing and pet yuta. "Kip-kip!" She said excitedly and she looked at the pokemon.
  18. Kaysi was getting ready for her journey. She was a Pokemon Trainer before this, but all she did was train her mother's Meowth and father's Lillipup. Kaysi was bored with training her parent's Pokemon, so she decided to go on a journey of her own. "Today's the day! I'll make new friends, have a rival, and have so many strong Pokemon!" Kaysi is pretty much a tomboy, she tends to act rough and enjoys battling (Pokemon or Martial Arts). She walked to Professor Larch's lab. She walked in grabbed her starter Pokemon, a Torchic, and her Pokedex. "Thanks!" said Kaysi to Professor Larch. Kaysi stared at the four trainers and a Rotom in the lab. "Why are you guys still here? Didn't you hear the professor?, we should go on our journey and start catching some Pokemon and challenge the Shatoa Pokemon League!" Kaysi just got too excited and started ranting, even if nobody was listened. "Hey, since not everybody has introduce themselves, except for Kathleen and Jack, I'll tell you guys my name. It's Kaysi! And I want to be an amazing trainer to whom many people!"
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  19. "Well, Im ready, Who is ready?" Jack asked as he Looked to his Froakie, He was ready to start his Journey and beat the League, He was the best Battler in his Family, Beating his Fathers Salamence with a Lucario "So? is anyone actually ready?" Jack added, Looking at the Pokeballs, He grabbed five and looked to the Fletchling "Ready?" Jack asked as the Fletchling as it flew to him, He clicked the Pokeball on its head and captured it "See? i already got a Pokemon" Jack added
  20. (OOC: Few things guys, feel free ro RP as the NPCs when I am not here, for example the professor, to help the story. Also I´m gonna need Kaysi to get a new starter. As already stated in the discussion forum, no starter duplicates are allowed. You came late so you´ll have to pick something else, just like in anime ^^
    Btw, i´m starting to think that I should be the rival and we should have two groups, anyone willing to join the dark side?:D)

    Eden sighed and slowly walked to the professor and he whispered something to him. Nobody knew what it was, but it made professor smile. Eden ordered Totodile to follow him as he made his way out of the lab without a word. Professor quickly waved at him before speaking to his "audience": "So do you all have your starters? Your dreams await, kiddos!" He seemed very happy about the fact that there are so many journeys starting today.

    Meanwhille outside Eden was teaching his Totodile how to use Scratch. Most of the small trees around the town were damaged because of the training the duo did. He quickly turned around one last time to see Aynor Town behind him, a tear quickly rolled on his face as he walked away from his hometown.
  21. (Sory but I am going will the lesss active team ;P)

    Kathleen smiled as yuta seamed to get jumpy again. "Mudkip!" She said excited in her trainers arms. Kathleen tryed to calm her down as she tryed to think. "I think we should head into two groups, so we dont get lost or in truble." She suggested as she shift the mudkip in her arms, not wanting to put yuta down, "One can come with me and the other with Eden, to train." Kathleen guessed that her group would just slow the excited trainers who wanted to beat everything and just wanted her group to enjoy the journey. Yuta seamed energetic and Kathleen though that she would be the liveliest in her group, with running around. Kathleen then grabed a couple of pokeballs and a potion. "I am not forcing anyone, it is just a suggestion" She said so no one though she was forcing them to join a group.
  22. Eden came across a wild Tailow who was eating some seeds on the ground. A brief grinn came over his face as he reached for a pokéball with Totodile. He wasn´t planning on catching the avian pokémon, he just wanted to train his Totodile. He swung his arm and threw the pokéball infront of him: "Totodile, tackle it!" he commanded. Totodile came out of the ball and started to run towards the Tailow. The avian pokémon wasn´t expecting it and got hit by Totodile. "Now scratch!" Eden followed. Totodile jumped into the air and scratched Tailow across its face, fainting it. Eden smiled and retreated his pokemon. "Good job Totodile, we´ll have the first badge in no time!"
  23. Robert ran towards Professor Larch's lab after being late from oversleeping, Robert then entered the lab to see that that the professor was lucky still there.
    "Hey there," Robert said to the professor, "are you professor Larch?" Robert finished his question.
    "Hey you must be Robert," Larch said back, "and you must be here to get your Pokémon." Larch said to Robert.
    "Here have this one," the professor gave Robert a Pokéball, Robert released the Pokémon to find out it was Fennekin. "A Fennekin? Thank you so much!" Robert thanked the professor for the Pokémon.
    "Have a great journey!" the professor said while Robert was leaving the lab, and to see that a trainer was training a Totodile from the damaged trees and the fainted Tailow that they were making good progress. "Hey there," Robert said to the trainer.
  24. Lilly looked over at the Rotom, as she took a Poké Ball and said to him, "Well, I'm not going to catch you, but I might consider getting the one that's inside this one. Woah, this thing is shaking on me, something tells me that this one might be a little riled up here!" Ray looked over at the Poké Ball, as he said while he stared at her strange Pokédex she had, "Well, you got something interesting here, zzz... also I think the thing inside that ball, zzzrrttt... seems rather angry, be careful with it! Zzz..."

    Lilly hesitantly opened the Poké Ball, as a Treecko came out, while he had an angered look at her, as she said, "Hey, what seems to be the matter here? You don't look too happy right now. Here, I'm not going to hurt you or anything, just relax little one." The Treecko growled at her, while Ray chuckled at her, as she went over to him and picked him up, while he squirmed in her arms. He flailed his arms in protest, as he said to her while he growled, "Treecko!"
    She held him with a slightly tight grip, as she replied, "Alright, you need to calm down here okay? I understand that you might be angry at something, but you need to take it nice and easy now." Ray hovered over to her, while he eyed over the angered Treecko, as he gave a wink to him.
  25. Eden turned around to check whoever it is shouting at him. "Eeh, is that one of those idiots from the lab?" he tought to himself. He reached to his pocket and grabbed a pokeball with Totodile. "What do you want?" he asked with a frown on his face.
  26. Kathleen looked at the angered pokemon. "He is probably is just angry from being in the ball." She said as she looked at the pokemon, "some Pokemon really hate the ball and will probily not want to go back in. So your going to have a bit of truble before you guys get along. Anyway we are going to head out and start our journy. Hope to see yall again!" On that note, Kathleen and yuta left the lab. She could feel yutas excitement, along with her own, for the adventures they may have together.
  27. "Nothing I was just saying hi, what's wrong? Robert said to to the the trainer that had a frown on his face. "If need me to leave to leave you alone you can just say that." Robert said to him in a concerned matter.
  28. Eden realised that the guy wasn´t one of those in the lab and that he had no reason to be mean at him. "Eh, sorry, i haven´t slept much last night so i might be a bit grumpy. What makes you come into this almost forgotten part of Shatoa?"
  29. "Well I thought it would be nice to see all of Shatoa, but I didn't expect it to be this cold." Robert said about cold weather. "I have stayed here since I was ten when my family moved here, what about you?" Robert asked.
  30. Lilly waved to the Professor, as she continued to hold onto the Treecko, while the Pichu was still asleep. The Treecko looked over at her, noticing that she was rather compassionate towards him. He stopped squirming at her, as he took in a deep breath and said while his tail shook in a slight motion, "Tree, Treecko?" She giggled and stroked his head, while she looked at Ray that was eyeing her Pokédex.

    He went over to her shoulder, and said while he got into the Pokédex, "Well, I'm going to probably stay here for a little bit. I'm kinda tired right now, so if you need me, just give me a little tap." He fell asleep in the Pokédex, while he didn't control it yet, as she looked rather surprised at him. She thought to herself while she placed her Pokédex back into her bag, "Wait, did that little guy just get into my Pokédex? That's a little strange... well, I suppose that I'll take the little one with me for now."

    She went out of the laboratory, and noticed Eden talking to another boy, as she went up to him, while the Treecko growled at Robert. She quietly gave him a gentle nudge, as he sighed while she quietly said to Robert, "Well, I have decided to come here originally for something personal. It's pretty cold, I have to admit, and also... please don't mind my Treecko, he's a little angry at something right now. My Pichu is asleep, and well the little electric guy is asleep in my Pokédex apparently."
  31. "Born and raised in Aynor Town, future Shatoa league champion here." Eden answered with his arms open, pretending to be celebrating a victory. He smiled at Lilly, but his eyes noticed the little lizard pokemon making faces at him. He laughed and stuck out his tongue to mock him. "Hey this little guy seems like a funny companion on a long road." He then looked back at Lilly: "Oh and you´re the cute one huh.. I didn´t catch your name in the lab, I´m Eden." he then pointed at Robert and wondered if he ever told him his name. "And.. This is...?" he added.
  32. Robert looked behind him to see a trainer with a Treecko and a cute Pichu that was sleeping on him. "Oh hey I saw you in the lab earlier and you got a Treecko, hmm you're Treecko is a little on the angry side!" Robert said while smiling. Robert's Frennekin greeted the Treecko. "Oh I forgot to introduce myself, My name is Robert and this is the Pokémon I got from the professor, an Frennekin." Robert said while pointing to the Frennekin. "What's yours?" Robert asked.
  33. Lilly replied to Robert, while she cradled the Treecko still, "Well, I'm Lilly, and yeah my Treecko is a little angry at something here. My Pichu is very young, and he's asleep right now. I also have this little electric guy in my Pokédex who's also asleep apparently. I have to admit, the little fox looks rather interesting." She looked over at the Fennekin, as she winked at it while Ray continued to sleep in her Pokédex. The Pichu made a quiet snore, as the Treecko looked over at the Fennekin, while she patted his back.
  34. "Where did the rest of the trainers go? Are they still in lab arguing about which pokemon they should take?" Eden laughed. "Obviously I got the best starter there is." he said and reached for his pokeball, letting Totodile out. "Toto!" Totodile clapped its hands and began looking around. As soon as he noticed Fennekin, he began chasing it around the trainers. Eden giggled at the sight: "Yea, truly the best one."

    (OOC: Trainer cards for gym leaders are in the first post of discussion thread if you guys are interested :))
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  35. (So far it is only me on this side ;-;)

    Kathleen pulled out a advanced pokedex. Her dad had given it to her so if shhe finds any new pokemon she can document them. She sighed as she set it back in her back and startes to head off. Kathleen noticed the small group of trainers already gathered, but she continued walking to do her own journey. Soon she set yuta down because she was getting anxious to run around. Kathleen watched as the pokemon kept pace while running through the bushes. She laughed just before a dearling appeared. "Yuta use watter gun!" Kathleen comanded as she pulled out a pokeball. Yuta followed the comand as the move hit the pokemon head-on. The move did little damage as Kathleen expected and she threw a pokeball at it. The ball hit its target and the trainer waited impatiently as the balled moved a bit before staying still. "We caught a dearling!" Kathleen said excitedly as yuta celebrated with her. She then picked out the ball and opened it. As expected, a dearling poped out but in a scared fashion. "Shh its ok! We arent hear to hurt you." Kathleen said quickly in a calming voice, suprized that the pokemon was so terrified. "Mudkip mud!" Yuta added in as she jumped on her trainer back to see the pokemon better.
  36. Kaysi went out of the lab, she was all pumped up to start her journey. "These trainers look to be exceptional in their skills." Kaysi then send out her Torchic and decided that she wanted her Torchic to travel with her outside of it's Pokeball. "What should I call you? How about Lee?" asked Kaysi to her new friend. "Torchic!" Kaysi then saw a trainer with a mudkip and decided to walk up to her. "Sup, how're you doin'? The names Kaysi, nice to meet you."
  37. (Yay I am not alone ^-^)

    Kathleen finally calmed down the deerling just as a voice appeared. The deerling instinctively hid behind her new trainer and Kathleen looked up. "Hey kaysi!" She greated the new trainer, "my name is Kathleen and this is yuta." Kathleen finished as she got up to meet the trainer. "Kip!" Yuta said as she greeted the torchic pokemon. "Lin.." The deerling said shyly behind Kathleen trying to be nice.
  38. "Nice to meet ya Kathleen, this is my partner Lee. Oh, you already caught your first Pokemon, I'm waiting till it's night to catch my first Pokemon." replied Kaysi. "So Kathleen what are you planning? I was, maybe, thinking that we could go on our journey together. What do you think, is that OK? We could be rivals!"
  39. "well I am planning to become a journalist. There was another group that is doing the whole training to become the master thing. I didn't join them because I would just slow them down, but yea I would like it if we can journey together." Kathleen finished with a smile. She really liked the idea of human company. For a bit, Kathleen though that she was going to do her own journey alone and would only meet the others from time to time. "MUDKIP!" Yuta said loudly as Kathleen flinched as the Pokémon yelled in her ear. The trainer guessed that the mudkip was excited due to the increase in volume.
  40. "It's fine if you don't want to battle, I'll just train in other ways. I decided to go with you because I thought it could be fun if I had, at least a new friend, going on a journey with me. Besides, since you want to be a journalist and all, what kind of articles do you think you'll be writing."

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