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Private/Closed A Journey In Kanto

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ombree, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Ruby walked through Route 1, Diamond in her arms. She was walking to Professor Oak's lab, she knew him very well as her grandmother was good friends with him. Ruby was going to get her pokedex and pokeballs. She came out of the forest into the famous Pallet Town, home of Red and Blue. Ruby ran down to Professor Oak's lab and pushed open the doors with Diamond in her backpack. "Professor Oak!" She yelled, "I'm here!"
  2. Lucy and her Pokemon Eevee named Rose was walking through Route 1. They were hadding to the Pallet Town to get Lucy's Kanto Starter. When Lucy was 5 she and her family moved from Pallet Town to the Safari Zone. Lucy reached the Pallet Town. "Here we are,Rose. Famous Pallet Town!" Lucy smiled when she entered the town from her childhood. "Wow! It's changed pretty well." Lucy said while looking at th new buildings and shops there. "Okay,now we need to go to the Professor Oak." Lucy said and went to the Prof. Oak's Lab and knocked on the Lab's door. "Professor Oak. I'm here!" Lucy called for Professor.
  3. Ruby and Diamond turned as they heard somebody open the door, a young girl and an Eevee were entering. Professor Oak walked over to them both holding 10 pokeballs and two pokedex. "Ah, Hello Ruby..." Professor Oak said, "And you are?"
  4. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Caleb finished getting ready when he stumbled upon an envelope that was closed and said, 'To Caleb, Open when you are 13.' Caleb was confused at it all but when he opened it, he had teary eyes. It was a letter from his mother. Caleb finished reading it and slipped it into his pocket where all his special items go. Caleb bursted out the doors of his house after saying goodbye to his father and headed for the lab.
    Caleb was hurrying as he was running a bit late then his original time.
    "ARE ALL THE STARTERS STILL HERE?!" Caleb yelled not realising someone else was with the professor. Caleb blushed slightly because he was embarrassed.
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  5. Hermann was casually taking a stroll through Pallet Town, with his Ducklett, Orville, perched on his shoulder. It was his first day in Kanto now, and was already amazed. Oftentimes he saw Pidgey fly around, sometimes even a Spearow, both Pokémon not native to his home region, Unova. "I really have to catch me one of those as soon as I get my Poké Balls," Hermann mumbled, seeing the so-manieth Pidgey fly away from him.

    "Speaking about Poké Balls, how late should we have been at the Prof's again?" Orville quacked, pointing at a clock hanging on one of the buildings. Hermann became pale. "That late already? We gotta get going, quick!"

    Luckily for the duo, they had passed Oak's lab earlier, so it wasn't too hard to find their way again. Hermann burst through the doors, nearly slamming into another boy that was seemingly there to start his journey. Hermann muttered an apology to the boy, before straightening his back. "Am I still in time for the party?"
  6. Professor Oak laughed as several kids began to arrive. Sadly there weren't many starters left, as kids from earlier had taken them, but there was one little Squirtle. Professor Oak glanced down at his clipboard. "Hmmm... Ruby, Hermann, Lucy, Caleb..." That's four out of five children coming today. He grabbed a bunch of pokedex and placed them in each child's hands, then he gave them each 5 pokeballs, seeing as most of them already had a Pokemon.

    Ruby eagerly took Diamond out of her bag and pointed the pokedex at it. The pokedex stated information about Diamond in a clear robotic voice. Ruby gasped, her grandparents didn't have any electronics in their house. Her face then flushed a cherry red colour, she had forgotten about all of the other kids in the room. She nervously turned around and started to introduce herself. "H-hi I'm Ruby and this is d-diamond" She stuttered.
  7. Hermann wasn't nearly as interested in the Pokédex as he was in the Poké Balls. He tried to spin one around on his finger, but the balance was a little off, and the circular object hit the ground quite loudly. As Orville fluttered off his shoulder, Hermann carefully bowed down to pick up the Poké Ball. Luckily it didn't seem to be broken.

    "H-hi I'm Ruby and this is d-diamond"

    "Huh?" He jumped back up, hearing one of the new trainers introduce herself as Ruby. The Pokémon next to her was... "Wow, what kind of Pokémon is that?" he said, beaming at her and, more specifically, her Pokémon, "I've never seen anything like it! Is it like exclusive to Kanto or something? That's so cool!" He grinned. "Oh, and I shouldn't forget. My name's Hermann! I'm from Unova!" He felt a familiar pressure on his right shoulder as Orville landed again. "And this is my partner, Orville!"
  8. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    "Hi, I'm Caleb!" Caleb said. Caleb was delighted when he got his Pokedex and 5 Pokeballs of Professor Oak however the reason Caleb came was to get a starter.
    "Excuse me Professor, but I haven't got a starter Pokemon," Caleb said worryingly as he didn't know if there was any Pokemon.
  9. "He's an Omanyte" Runy said happily, then she took notice in Orville. "It's so cute!!! There's nothing that looks like this in Kanto!" Ruby exclaimed. Diamond seemed happy to meet Orville as well.

    Professor Oak walked over to Caleb, "I only have one starter left, this little guy" He said, releasing yeh squirtle. The Squirtle looked up at Caleb with his big eyes, begging to go with him.
  10. Felix ran into the lab embarresed "sorry so, so, so! Sorry I'm late" he apologised "I slept in and forgot and sorry" he contuied as he smiled at everyone in the lab still embarresed
  11. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    "I'll take him, you see I was going to pick Squirlte!" Caleb exclaimed. Squirtle got really excited. he started runnign around Caleb.
    "You're full of energy, aren't you? I'm gonna call you Vapour," Caleb said. Vapour liked the name which made it spin faster until it head butted Caleb's leg. Luckily, no one was hurt.
    "Thank you so much Professor!" Charles exclaimed.
  12. Orville folded his wing, put it against his chest, and bowed for the girl and her Omanyte. "Heh, showoff," Hermann grinned, "Orville's a Ducklett, by the way. I don't think they live here in Kanto! Actually, I'm pretty sure they don't live around here! Like, say, 100% sure! Or maybe 85. Yeah, that would be better. Something like that, I'd reckon!" He turned towards professor Oak. "That's right, right, Prof? Please tell me that's right."
  13. Cleo smiled "I can confirm that ducklets are only found in unova" he said a matter-of-factly. He looked at his pokeball with blade in it he smiled
  14. Professor Oak smiled, "I'm not exactly sure, I study the Pokemon from Kanto" He said, examining Orville.

    Ruby laughed as Orville bowed, she then walked over to Caleb and Vapour. Diamond looked at Vapour with a puzzled look, it looked a lot like him.
  15. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Vapour looked at Diamond. Vapour had never seen a fossil Pokemon before but this one was a water type so Vapour considered it a friend.
    "Squirtle Squirt! (Hi, Wanna Play?!)"
  16. Orville leaned away slightly from the elderly professor. Hermann noticed that his little friend wasn't particularly used to being the center of attention, nor did he care for being it. Strange, considering his rather 'unique' way of introducing himself earlier. Hermann scratched the back of his head. Seems like he still had a lot to learn about his partner. Not too surprising since they hadn't been together that long now.

    "I can confirm that ducklets are only found in unova"

    Hermann's head veered in the direction of the boy that had just spoken up. Even the Prof himself wasn't sure which regions Ducklett were native to, but this guy apparently did. "Hey!" he called out to the boy, "You from Unova too or something?"
  17. "I'm so late!" Joey Sparks exclaimed, as he ran through Pallet Town, with his partner, Axel the Poocheyena, right beside him. He rushed through the doors to Professor Oak's lab to see the Professor along with a few other trainers. "I'm so sorry I'm late," he said giving a bow.
  18. Professor Oak smiled at Joey Sparks. "That's alright, here you go" He said, handing Joey the pokeballs and pokedex.

    Ruby smiled at all of the new trainers, another one had just arrived, "Hi, I'm Ruby and this is diamond" She said to the new trainer.
  19. "Ruby, Diamond, okay, well my name is Joey Sparks, and this guy is Axel!" Joey said gesturing to Axel, after recieving his gear. "It's nice to meetcha."
  20. "Nice to meet you as well!" Ruby said happily. "So are you guys travelling alone or together or what?" Professor Oak asked. Ruby looked at the others, they could travel together.
  21. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    "I am Caleb and this is Vapour," Caleb said smiling like he had to or else he would die. Caleb liked the idea of travelling together. Caleb just was't sure if everyone else was okay with it.
    "I'll travel with you guys if you want," Caleb said.
  22. "I'll travel as well!" Ruby said, hoping the other would as well. Diamond cradled over to Vapour, greeting it again with its tentacles.
  23. "I guess I'm traveling with you guys. I have no sense f direction and to make things worse, I've never been to Kanto," Joey said while a large grin spread across his face.

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