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Ask to Join A Journey in Alola!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Imperfect World, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. How to introduce your character

    Pokemon (So far):


    Name: Teiran
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Bubbly, Tomboyish, easily annoyed, determined, loves to draw, sing, and dance.
    Looks: Long hair to her feet, in a high ponytail, blond hair, dark blue backpack, blue tee shirt, tanish cargo shorts, blue tennis shoes, light skin.
    Goals: To be the best Pokemon Trainer, To catch them all, and to become Alolan queen.
    Pokemon (So far): Egg (Popplio)
    Age: 11
    Backstory: Teiran lives in a rich family, with her mother, step father, 2 older brothers, and 3 younger sisters. Teiran has always been an indoor person, waiting for her Pokemon journey to start, and hoping to beat her mother, the current Alolan queen. Her oldest brother Jacob, gave her a Popplio egg.

    You need permission for a Z-ring
    You need permission for a legendary
    Ask on the discussion page, or my profile page
    Wait for my permission
    No short messages; at least one paragraph long (three lines)
    No inappropriate actions, but yes you can have crushes and such
    Must be past tense

    Following these rules is a choice. Break them, and your banned.

    For discussion purposes, and if you want to join, go here https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-journey-in-alola-discussion.15747/

    Teiran had just walked away from her large house, holding an egg, and waved to her little sisters and mother. "You'll do great out there!" Her mother shouted. "Thanks!" Teiran yelled back. Then she looked at her egg wondering what was in it. She carried the egg as far as her legs would carry her, and she stopped to eat lunch. Suddenly, she saw someone coming up in the distance.
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  2. May I join?

    Name: Lucy
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is brave, kind and loyal. She is also very talented like her mother. Her special skill is to tame Wild Pokemon. She is really friendy, okay maybe too much friendly, because she would rather befriend with Wild Pokemon rather then battle with it.
    Looks: Black long straight hair, black T-shirt, white shorts, silver sneakers, red shoulder bag
    Goals: To became the best Pokemon Rider
    Pokemon (So far): Fennekin, Eevee, Egg (Rockruff)
    Age: 15
    Backstory: Lucy came from Vaniville Town in Kalos. Her family owns a Ranch where they train and take care for all types of Pokemon. They also have a little DayCare and Adoption Center. Her mom was a great Rider and she won so many Trophies and Medals from Pokemon races and Pokemon Contest. Her older brother Hiro is a Gym Leader of Dark Pokemon in Anistar City.
  3. Hi. Mind if I jump on?

    Name: Hyrain
    Gender: M
    Personality: Laid back, a bit emo, I suppose. Good with Pokémon
    Looks: Dark blue hoodie, hazel eyes, black tracksuit trousers.
    Goals: To become the champion of the newly-made elite 4
    Pokemon (So far): Aegislash
    Age: 15
    Backstory: He met up with a honedge in the Alola reigon, shortly after leaving home. It being nearly impossible to find in the reigon, it was scared of being caught. One thing led to another, and he joint Kaisa's team, eventually evolving into an Aegislash. By this point, they knew each other well enough that he had managed to learn how to translate Aegislash's hums and buzzes, and they decided to challenge the first island.

    Flying through the air towards the first island challenge, Kaisa saw somebody in the distance, with an egg lying next to him. After getting nearer, Aegislash landed, switching back to blade forme as Kaisa stepped off the sword Pokémon. "Hey. You just starting?" He asked the person with the egg
  4. (@AnnaFox next time, ask on my profile page, and yes u can join. @Sky5372 You need to have me ok it before you say where you are! It's an ask to join, not ask and then join. Also, you can join, and I'm a girl. Plus, read the rules before you start.)

    "Yup. The names Teiran.?" The girl asked, looking at the boy and Aegislash. "I'm on my way to the professor's lab to get my Pokeballs and Pokedex. What's your name?" Teiran asked the male trainer. She looked at his Aegislash, and then decided once she got Pokeballs, she would catch the lower evolution to evolve it.
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  5. It was a sunny morning on Melemele island, where Daniel happened to have flown to first, in Alola. He'd heard a lot of stories about Alola's beautiful climate, and the deep cultural history behind it. Island deities, the island challenge, and extremely powerful moves, known only as Z-moves, which ad been passed down from trainer to trainer, in the Alola region... When he wasn't practicing for contests, he'd definitely have to pay the ruins of the Tapu a visit... Maybe, if he got lucky, one of them would appear before him, too.

    But, for now, he had a contest in Hau'oli City, which he needed to practice for.

    At Daniel's request, his Machoke had taken him out of his wheelchair, and sat him on top of a two ton barbell. Lopuny had stepped in to hold the chair, just in case a passing gust of wind decided to try and carry it away.

    "Now, Machoke, use strength!" the boy ordered, as he gripped the barbell, to steady himself.

    Machoke's bulging muscles began to glow, and he lifted the barebell, with Daniel on top of it high into the air.
  6. (Sorry. Normally if I'm rejected, I just delete the post. And of course I read the rules)

    "Hi. I'm Hyrain. So, you are starting your journey, and I'm guessing that's a Popplio egg. Mind if I join you? I needed to stock up on pokeballs anyway."
  7. "Yeah, sure!" Teiran said to the male trainer. "Hau'oli city is where I'm headed!" Teiran got up and picked up her egg, holding it carefully so it wouldn't drop. "So you say this is a Popplio's egg? Interesting...my oldest brother had given it to me!" Teiran said, cradling the egg. "When do you think it'll hatch?" Teiran asked Hyrain.
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  8. Machoke lowered the barbell, and then lifted it up again, using just one arm, this time. His huge arm glowed as he did so... Exactly as Daniel had intended. This contest appeal was meant to show off Machoke's strength, and to make him stand out. All of the other coordinators would be using prettier pokemon, Daniel was sure of that. Contests were all about showing off the natural qualities of your pokemon, or so he'd been told, so, showing off Machoke's strength was guaranteed to net him a place in round two.

    Machoke placed the barbell back on the ground, when he was done showing off, stepping in front of Daniel. Now, it was time for the final trick.

    "Machoke, use focus blast!"

    Machoke launched a pulsing blue sphere, up into the air...

    "And now, drain punch!"

    Machoke leapt up and punched the sphere, causing it to explode into a sparkling shower, over himself and Daniel, bowing to signal the performance's end.

    "Good job on that drain punch, Machoke!" Daniel praised, as Lopunny helped him back into his wheelchair, "Perform like that in the contest, and we'll definitely make it to round two!"
  9. "I'm not completely sure. I heard that walking speeds them up greatly, and something about a hot spring somewhere. And I'll need to get the ferry after stocking up on pokeballs, so Hau'oli city was where I was going anyway."
  10. "Nice!" Teiran said, still cradling the Pokemon egg. "I hope it hatches soon. This Popplio is gonna knock the socks off my brothers!" Teiran said with a broad grin. "So anyways..." Teiran started. "Do you think that Popplio will like me?" she asked, holding the egg out in front of her.
  11. "Machoke, choke!" Machoke answered, flexing his muscles at Lopunny, who, like always, rolled her eyes. Every time he tried flirting with her, she told him the same thing; she was a service pokemon, and could not be distracted while she was working. He often responded with a cheesy pick up line, asking her what time she got off, in pokemon speak, of course...

    Daniel ordered Machoke to put the barbell away, before he beamed him back into his pokeball, and Lopunny pushed Daniel out into Hau'Oli City.

    It was sunny, as was to be expected in most of Alola, and in a city so close to the beach. The boy had heard a lot about the contests in this region, and was eager to see what Alola had to offer, in terms of coordinators. He expected to see lots of oricorios, especially in round one...
  12. (@FancyPikachu Read the rules! It's an ask to join! Not a 'walk in and start RP' kinda thing!)

    Teiran stared at her egg, feeling the Pokemon insid it move around and shake. She finally saw a sign stating, 'Hau'Oli City!' Teiran was so happy to make it here, that she hardly realized she had bumped into a Lopunny. "I'm so sorry!" Tieran said apologetically, as she got to her feet.
  13. (Also, buzzwole is technically considered a legendary here, so, erm... No buzzwole for you, unless you got permission)

    Daniel felt himself shunt off to the side from the force of what felt like a collision. Lopunny appeared to have bore the brunt of it, though, and she hurried to catch his wheelchair, before scolding whoever had bumped into her.

    Lopunny went on at the stranger for a good few minutes, presumably telling her, "How dare you crash into a service pokemon, can you not see that I'm pushing someone in a wheelchair? You could have seriously hurt us both!" In pokemon speak.

    Daniel held his hand up to her, as she got straightening to vest.

    "It's no big deal," he assured the stranger, "Don't mind my Lopunny. She's just a little bit overprotective of me."
  14. Name: Jensen
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Shy with humans, confident with Pokemon. Anxiety Disorder.
    Looks: Short brown hair with blue eyes.
    Goals: Explore the Alolan region and make more Pokemon friends.
    Pokemon: Dhelmise
    Age: 16
    Backstory: Moved to Alolan region when he was 15. He befriended a Dhelmise that he found injured and washed up on shore. He doesn't have many human friends because of how shy he is.

    Jensen felt the sun shining through his eyes. Morning, he thought. Instinctively he stretched his arms and yawned. It was time to hit the day. Suddenly there was a clanking sound from the corner of Jensen's room.
    "You're up pretty early, aren't you Dheli?" Jensen giggled.
    "Mise," He heard his Dhelmise groan with a ghostly sound.
  15. (Dude! @FancyPikachu you still need permission! Go to the discussion page and give the info there, and I will approve it if it is valid)

    "No, it was my fault! I had no idea, and I wasn't looking where I was running!" Teiran said, worrying at the thought of running into someone in a wheel chairs Pokemon. "I am Teiran, and I am incredibly sorry for running into your Pokemon. I am so sorry Lopunny." Teiran said, petting the Lopunny on the head. "So where are you headed?" Teiran asked the trainer.
  16. "Just out into Hau'oli City, to have a look around, and to get my outfit for this evening's contest," he replied, "I've got something big planned with my Machoke, that's almost guaranteed to get me a spot in round two!"

    Lopunny resumed her post, whinnying indignantly as she took the handlebars in her paws.

    "And the name's Daniel," he continued, offering his hand out, "From Unova."
  17. Jensen got dressed, kissed his mom goodbye, and went out for the day with Dhelmise levitating by his side.
    "I wonder what we'll do today, Dhelmise," Jensen said. "Find some more Pokemon? Meet some folks?" Suddenly, Jensen turned a corner and saw a large group of people huddled around a Lopunny.
  18. Teiran took his hand, and shook it firmly. She held up her egg. "This is my soon-to-be partner, Popplio!" Teiran said, as she cuddled the egg close. As soon as the egg touched her chest, it lit up. Teiran looked at it in awe, thinking, 'Is it finally hatching?' The egg shell disappeared as a Popplio, eyes closed, and pretty little, appeared in her hands. She turned the Popplio to face her, and it opened its eyes, seeing her face, first thing. It looked a little startled, but then said, "Poppli! Popplio!" Teiran cuddled it close and said, "I'm so happy!" she touched it with a Pokeball, and as soon as it clicked, she sent it out again, since she wanted her first Pokemon to be by her side, always.
  19. Ezra, walking to the first Island challenge from the professor's lab, his only Pokemon pikachu on his shoulder. Wild pokemon were shaking in the grass, Ezra could even see a couple of them, yet he only had one pokeball and didn't want to waste it. He saw a rusty fishing rod on the ground and picked it up. He decided to go fishing before his challenge, as he only having one pokemon. He stopped by some of the water surronded by the island near Ten Carrot Hill, and threw in the line, hoping to get a good one. After about ten minutes a giant pokemon grabbed the line and Ezra pulled as hard as he could, his pikachu helping him. When he pulled just enough, Ezra noticed the pokemon on the line was a gyarados. When it made eye contact with Ezra, it jumped out of the water and must've been startled, as it whacked Ezra and his pikachu far back into a tree near Hau'oli city, making a giant bang, leaving both him and his pokemon unconscious.
  20. Jensen eyes were lit up. He just watched his first egg hatching! Dhelmise gave a happy groan and Jensen knew it felt the same.
    "What do you think, Dheli? Do you think we should meet them?" asked Jensen, still watching the blonde haired girl hug her newly hatched Popplio. Dhelmise gave a moan of agreement.
  21. "A popplio?" Daniel remarked, "They're one of the starters you get here, right? Did you get that from the professor?"

    Daniel hadn't stopped by Kukui's lab, seeing as he was not in need of a starter pokemon himself. He already had a full team of six, one of whom was a starter from his home region, and the other of which was a shiny. Still, he dreamed of capturing a legendary one day, but only one, and then, he'd be done with capturing pokemon.
  22. Jensen sighed. "Okay Dhelmise, here goes nothing." Dhelmise nudged Jensen and gave a happy groan, though it still sent shivers down Jensen's spine. Slowly he walked over to the group of people and waved. "Umm...hi."
  23. Ezra woke up to see two trainers cuddling a pokemon egg, Ezra saw a blue shape out of the egg. Ezra was able to get up, scrapes and bruises all around his body, he limped over to the two trainers, holding his arm which was most definitely dislocated or broken. He was only looking for help, yet he was soaked at the same time, since the gyarados' tail was also soaked with water.
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  25. (Thanks, Stel.)

    Just before he could finish his sentence, he heard something behind him. It sounded like a drip, something dragging across the ground, and a moan. At first Jensen thought it might be just Dhelmise, but he turned around and saw a young boy on the ground. He looked hurt. Bad.

    Even though Jensen was shy, this never stopped him from helping someone in need, wether it be a human or a Pokemon. Instinctively, Jensen ran over to the boy and kneeled down beside him. "Are you okay, buddy? What happened?"
  26. Daniel thought that he heard someone else, and was about to turn and face the stranger, only to realise that they were completely alone.

    He observed the popplio closely, noting that it must have imprinted on the girl, as he thought about his Plusle. She too had imprinted, on him, seeing as he was the first thing that she had ever seen... But the circumstances by which he had obtained the egg were messy. He had found her egg, abandoned out in a patch of tall grass, and she had hatched before he'd had the chance to get her to a pokemon centre. He'd had to get her to one as soon as he'd chosen a pokeball for her, however, and she'd needed a lot of tests and vaccines, before he was officially allowed to keep her...
  27. Ezra almost fell over, but caught himself, he decided to lie down by a building before answering the boy's question. " I'm, i'm fine, just a, broken arm i'm pretty sure.. " His pikachu lied down in Ezra's lap, deciding to take a small nap. " Just get me to professor Kukui, he'll know what to do..
    " I got hit by a gyarados trying to catch it, it's heavy.."
  28. "My brother gave it to me!" Teiran answered the boy in the wheel chair. Teiran then saw the boy with a Pikachu, hurt and limping, so she ran over to help, still holding the Popplio, as her hair bounced up and down. "Holy Hanna! Are you okay? Is it bleeding? My Popplio can help with it!" Teiran said, seeing him with another boy. "Is he alright?" Teiran asked, clearly worried.
  29. Daniel peered forward, noticing the boy slumped at a nearby building. A Pikachu lay in his lap, and judging from what he could see, the boy was pretty out of it...

    "Lopunny, over there," he ordered, "We have to help!"

    Lopunny chirruped affirmatively, pushing him over to the scene in a hurry. She'd only been trained to deal with a select few ailments, relative to Daniel's condition, but she was sure that she could help somehow...

    As soon as they'd arrived, Lopunny left Daniel in control of his wheelchair and came forward, adjusting her vest. It was bright yellow, to indicate that she was a service pokemon, with the words, 'Service Pokémon, Do Not Pet', on the back.
  30. Ezra noticed the Lopunny and several other trainers coming to see the kid laying down by a building with a pikachu in his lap.
    Pikachu's cheeks sparked up, and Ezra knew why. His mother's pokemon was a Lopunny, and pikachu didn't like it very much. Ezra grabbed pikachu by the cheek with his good arm, both of his cheeks quit sparking. " I'm fine, and no, I, don't know if anything is bleeding.. " His bag had a big scratch in it, nothing had fallen out. " I'm pretty sure my arm is either dislocated or broken.. "
  31. "Then we need to get you to the Pokemon Center, ASAP!" Teiran said, worriedly, as she looked at the boys arm, that what she saw as limp. She picked the boy up, with all her strength, and said, "We gotta go! He needs help, and I won't be able to hold him much longer, either!" Teiran looked at Popplio and said, "Popplio, lets go. Come on!" and she yelled the last part to her friends.
  32. Daniel held his hand up, keeping the other on one of his armrests. "The pokemon centre is for pokemon, not for people," he said matter-of-factly, "And we can't take him anywhere before taking care of his arm. If it's broken, we'll exacerbate the break in transit, without a splint. It's basic first aid."

    Daniel's mother was a doctor, and he'd spent most of his childhood in hospital, so he knew a lot about basic first aid. He suffered from dislocations fairly frequently, on account of his condition, even with his wheelchair. Lopunny always pushed his joints back into place, and sent him on his way, but he knew that with 'normal' people, dislocations were serious injuries, and not everyday annoyances...

    Lopunny knelt down before the boy, attempting to examine his arm. It didn't look like anything had popped out of place, so it was more than likely, broken.

    Lopunny looked back at her master for approval. He nodded, passing her a length of gauze from his bag, she searched for something for make a splint with...
  33. "Oh, Okay..." Teiran said, as she set the boy down, still a bit worried. "If you need to wash away something, Popplio can help." Teiran said, as she picked up Popplio. Teiran could smell the gauze, and was getting a little worried, in fear that the boy was seriously injured. She started to sweat. She knew the Lopunny was going to help him perfectly, but she was worried anyways.
  34. Lopunny searched the area for a suitable splint, but the best that she could find was a long piece of driftwood, which had washed up on the beach...

    She stripped the bark from it, until it was safe enough for use, and then placed it against her patient's arm, before wrapping gauze around it as tightly as she could, tucking it in neatly. Now that the boy's arm was splinted, she had to get him to a hospital, but how? When Daniel was having a flare, or was hurt, it was easy; all she had to do was push him somewhere safe, get him his pain medication, and help him into bed. This able-bodied trainer didn't have permanent access to means of transport, however...

    "Lopunny?" she called back at Daniel, unsure of what to do. She wasn't strong enough to carry him, and there were few other options available.

    Daniel thought about using one of his other pokemon, to help the boy, but soon decided that it was a better idea to simply call someone. He only used his pokemon if he had no other option, anyway...

    "Anyone know what the emergency number for Alola is?" he enquired, "I think that it's best that we call this kid an ambulance."
  35. "Great idea! I'm not to sure of a number...but hang on!" Teiran said, as she took her bag off her back, and started rummaging around in it. She finally found what she was looking for, when a smile spread across her face. She pulled out a little electronic devise, called a pokegear. Teiran dialed a number and said, "I think this is it...447-332-9983?" she picked up a slit of paper from her pocket and said, "At least that's the number my mom left me..." she said, as she picked up the phone. "Hi?...Yes!...Hau'oli city, and quick!...thanks...bye!" Teiran said, as she put it back in her bag. "They should be here any moment now!" she said, worriedly.
  36. The sea breeze was cold against Dantes face as his ship sailed into Hau'oli city. It wasn't a very large ship but it was still a vessel to travel the distance between islands with. As the ship was docking Dante grabbed hood of a rope and jumped off the ship and rolled onto the docks. "Ahhh, the city of Hau'oli." Dante said as he started walking to the closest Pokémart.
    The sound of Wingulls could be heard for miles, wind blowing and the waves rushing, people were talking and bustling amongst themselves around the city when he saw a crowd around someone with what appeared to be a broken arm. "Shame..." He said as he caught himself staring and quickly walked away into the closest Pokémart for supplies for his next journey at sea.
  37. As soon as the ambulance had arrived, and transported the boy to the hospital, Daniel thought that it'd be best if he just went on with his day, as did Lopunny. There was nothing more that they could do for him, and besides, he barely knew the kid, so he thought that it'd be best to tend to the girl's popplio now.

    "We need to get your popplio to a pokemon centre," he said matter-of-factly, "It's a hatchling, so it'll need a thorough check-up, and it can be sexed while we're there."
  38. "Ok! No offense Popplio, but I kinda hope your a boy. But if your a girl, it doesn't matter!" Teiran said, as she agreed with the boy in the wheelchair. She cuddled her Popplio close, as they neared the Pokemon Center. "After this, I think we should visit the professor, and after that, maybe we could check on that boy!" Teiran said. As they neared the Pokemon Center, they passed the Pokemart, but Teiran bumped into someone, while admiring the sights. She held onto Popplio as she stumbled back, making sure Popplio wouldn't fly out of her hands. He was a newborn Pokemon after all.
  39. Lopunny pushed Daniel at a steady pace, ensuring that he didn't get stuck in any bumps in the road, or run over any passing pokemon. He'd been through this before, with his Plusle; she had hatched a little while back, and he had been forced into a high speed wheel away from someone who'd wanted to steal her...

    The pokemon centre was surprisingly rustic, Daniel noted, with a glass floor, and several stone basins. The Nurse Joy at the front desk welcomed the two warmly.
  40. Ezra woke up in the hospital, His Pikachu was pretty much begging him to get up. He had a cast on his arm, and he couldn't see out of his right eye, he had a bandage on it. He didn't understand why he had a bandage on his eye. He sat up, his Pikachu climbing in his lap. He didn't have any wires or masks on, just a cast and an eyepatch. A Wigglytuff and a Nurse walked into the room. "So, you're finally awake?" The nurse said.. Ezra didn't answer.

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