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A Journey in Alola! Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Imperfect World, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. does anyone mind if I skip to dawn?
  2. Seems an interesting rp
  3. Name: Jack
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Adventurous, Rough, Athletic
    Looks: Light skin, carpenter jeans, light blue tank-top under a blue hoodie
    Goals: To be the best Pokemon Trainer, To defeat the alolan elite four
    Pokemon (So far): Charizard, Rockruff, Eevee, and egg (Litten)
    Age: 15
    Backstory: Moved from Kanto after beating the elite four and released all his original pokemon exept charizard
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  4. I am wondering are Mega's allowed?
  5. Mega's aren't in my RP, I'm afraid, and there is no Alolan elite four.
  6. I'm talking about that there isn't in the anime, and in the RP rules, it says there is no elite four, like in the games.

    ...Sorry, that was me raging at my computer for dying on me last night. Hence why I couldn't reply to the RP until just recently.
  8. Ok I guess no more Mega Charizard
  9. @FunnywolfMI do you still want to join?
  10. Yes, of course, but may I add, there is no elite four in Alola...
  11. Woot, I'm on Spring Break now! But I'm probably going to go to a hotel with my best friend on Monday-Wednesday, so I won't really be able to be all that active...
  12. Lucky! I had spring break about 2 weeks ago.
  13. First of all, it's Ask to Join. Ask here! Yellow will need to give you the okay, though.
    Secondly, it's explicitly stated in the rules: No one liners!
    Thirdly, as the Official PRP Rules say, no double-posting. We don't want the moderators shutting this place down!

    Sorry if I'm acting like I run the RP, Yellow...I'm incredibly self-conscious of overstepping my boundaries. Let me know if I need to take it down a notch...
  14. Alright then.Sorry for all that....

    Anyways, Yellow, can I join this thread? I know what I've done wrong so I have learned from it. Now, I have some experience with rp.
  15. Your perfect Aspen, and I love that your helping me out!
    And of Course you can! I would love for you to join us! Read the last few posts though, so you kinda know where we are, ok?
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  16. Let me edit my character up a little bit:

    Name: Kyle
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Kyle is really tough. Despite that, he can be a nice person (mostly).
    Goals: To be a Pokemon Battle Royal Master
    Pokemon: Rowlett
    Age: 13
    Backstory: Kyle came from Kalos and wants to be a stronger Trainer, so he went to Alola and got a Trial Case/Royale Pin Case for his journey, also receiving Rowlett.
  17. Guys, I won't be here for the rest of the day through Wednesday. Going to a hotel with my best friend! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  18. I would like to join, this is my character:
    Name: Akio
    Gender: Male
    Home Town: New-Bark Town (Johto)
    Personality: Has a passion for Pokémon and loves his, he gets nervous around new people and will do anything to protect his Pokémon and friends.
    Goals: To complete the Pokédex for his buddy Gary Oak.
    Team: Cubone (Starter) Charmeleon (Gift) Porygon (Egg) Wartortle (Caught) Venusaur (Gift) Pidgeot (First Catch)
    Age: 11
    Backstory: The bullied child of Johto had to travel to Kanto just to avoid bullying, however, he was split from his father. His mother never had time because she became the Champion of Kanto after defeating red. Professor Gary Oak gave him a Cubone and he set off his journey catching many Pokémon and meeting his friend Rein and Sally. Sadly, he split from them when he had to travel to Hoenn. Now he is heading to Alola to evolve Cubone and beat the Kahunas!
  19. Your in, but you must right in paragraphs, ok?
  20. It's sounds good, I read the rules.
  21. Why is no one replying in the chat?
    I'm confused.
  22. You can't expect us to reply every second of the day. For example, I can only reply on weekends, and possibly on Thursday afternoons.
  23. I know it was just strange cause I knew everybody was active.
  24. Before I make a form, I have a quick question. Will this be tying into your previous RP, Yellow? If so, will it be before or after "A Pokemon Journey With Ryan?"
  25. It is not, but a good question
  26. Name: Angela "Angel" Hale
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Angela is friendly, and loves helping her friends and people in general. She's usually confident, although there are two matters she doesn't like talking about. Those two matters would be her family and her eyes. She sees the former as something about her appearance she simply doesn't like, and refuses to talk about it. The latter is something she considers super personal, and she will refuse to talk about it under normal circumstances. She doesn't like it when people who know about her family history compare her to her father. She has what would be considered a New York accent.
    Looks: Long, black hair that goes down to the middle of her back. Different colored eyes, the right one being a gold-ish yellow, and the left an emerald green. Caucasian complexion, about 5'4". Attire consists of sunglasses (so that her eyes are covered), a black leather jacket with a hood, a white tanktop, dark blue jeans, black combat boots, and black fingerless gloves.
    Goals: Searching for a purpose. Something to do.
    Pokemon (So far): Poseidon the Croconaw (M), Ares the Larvitar (M)
    Age: 16
    backstory: Angela Hale is the daughter of Alec Hale, a successful businessman and owner of a large company, which is based in Goldenrod City in Johto. Angela is the heiress to the Hale Company, even though she never wanted anything to do with it. She grew up in several areas, going from estate to estate, but she frequently lived in Goldenrod, hence her accent. She met her partner, Poseidon the Croconaw, when she was young. After going "adventuring" from one of the estates she lived at, she found the Croconaw, a Totodile back then, wounded. She nursed it back to health, and the grateful Water-type has always had her back. Now, she's travelling Alola, searching for what she wants to do in life.
  27. Ok, you can join! I was eating dinner.
  28. Oh, and @V0ID_G1R1T1N4 I also forgot to mention, that you never described the way your character looked?

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