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A Journey in Alola! Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Imperfect World, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Precisely, and I'm so sorry, but if I could, I'd choose different RP rules. Battling or not, Rotom is still technically a Legendary.
  2. Actually, rotom isn't a legendary, it's just a rare pokemon... For all we know in the games, most kids own rotom dexes, on account of the fact that they're handed out by the regional professor...
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  3. Yeah, I checked the PRP Rules, and here is the list of Pokemon that can be encountered, bonded with or captured(I copied and pasted it into this straight from the Rules) *clears throat and begins to read off of paper*
    • Articuno
    • Zapdos
    • Moltres
    • Mew
    • Raikou
    • Entei
    • Suicune
    • Regirock
    • Regice
    • Registeel
    • Latios
    • Latias
    • Deoxys
    • Cresselia
    • Darkrai
    • Phione
    • Manaphy
    • Heatran
    • Shaymin
    • Victini
    • Cobalion
    • Terrakion
    • Virizion
    • Keldeo
  4. I'm sorry. Well I guess I technically thought of this, when I was little, but my brother informed me that Rotom indeed was a Legendary, so I ended up believing this. You can definatley have a Rotom dex, but only one character can have a Z ring, which has to be approved by Teapot.
  5. I have to go to bed. School tomorrow, and you know what that means!
  6. Alright, I'll definitely ask. I decided that Tim would be the one to ask about! :)
  7. Hi guys! I will only be on for a short amount of time. I'm flying to Florida, but first, heading to Sioux Falls, to catch the plane tomorrow. I might get in some time when I get to the hotel. Which means I miss a day of school! I get spring beak though as well, but since I'm in Florida, I won't be able to perform at my show choir contest...bummer...
  8. I made a trainer card on my character, which is technically me, in a performance costume. If you'd like, you could check it out.
  9. I've done the same with Daniel, even though there are no sprites which really resemble him T.T I wish someone would make sitting sprites for the TCM! (The one I'm using as my avatar is just one that Jeydis made for me)
  10. If it is not too late to join this RP.
    Name: Grunt (JK <.>) Sophie
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Personality: Funny, Creative, Easygoer
    Apperance: (Prickles the Cactus: NO) Wears T-Shirt with stripes, jeans, flip flops, long, brown hair, green eyes, freckles.
    Goals: Pokemon TV Host
    Pokemon: Litten, Maractus
    Backstory: Born in Alola, was give a Maractus as a gift from her father when he got back from Unova. Has been all over fantasies of being a host on TV, and doing it with her Pokemon.
  11. May I join?

    Name: Emily
    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    Personality: sweet, kind, happy, friendly, caring
    Appearance: long blond orange red hair. Freckles. Purple gray eyes. Red hat and skirt. Purple tang top and black leggings. Red shoes.
    Goals: be the best she can be
    Pokemon: shiny ponyta, vaporeon, vulpix, houndoom
    Back story: her mother was a drifter. Always moving. Her father was a fire type gym leader. He gave her Vulpix when it was just in an egg. Has always dreamed of becoming the best of the best. Likes to explore and has been all over. Wants to explore alola and meet new friends
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  12. You guys'll have to wait for @Yellow.lol, check her about section for her schedule(I think).
  13. Again, Yellow's the one who'll have to okay you.
  14. I'm back for tonight! Let's make the most of this...yeah, sure you can all join, but you must read the rules, in the first post of the thread. It's so important, and I don't want you to get thrown out of the RP. I'm quite strict about this stuff.:'|
  15. Welcome back, Eevee E! Guess what I realized. So you know how one of your Characters is Jax? one of Aspens characters are also Jax, with some of the same Pokemon. cool right?
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  16. Cant believe i wasn't getting alerted about most of this lol don't know why it kinda just stopped XD
  17. New RP up! It's called Legend of Korra! So if your into that stuff you might want to join!
  18. GOOD NEWS! My computer is back up and running, ill be able to post on the RP again!
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  19. Glad to have you back, things have slowed down a bit now though, take your time to build uo your characters personality and their relationships with the others........ And by that i mean try to spice things up XD
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  20. I hope that it's ok that I'm not reading the story for Dante and Blake, since we're not there. That's fine, right?
  21. Lol yeah its fine, im just making sure that the characters get fleashed out and maybe a bit of backstory for Dante but you dont have to if you dont want to im completely fine with it.
  22. Still waiting on the Z-Crystal confirmation...And I double checked the rules again, just to make sure if I needed to ask permission, and it didn't say specifically...Here's what it said, I need a second(or third, fourth, etc. XD) opinion on this matter...

    Z-Moves, for the time being, are only restricted by the same criteria they are in-game - the trainer must have a Z-Ring (These are usually made by and conferred by Island Challenge Kahunas), the Pokémon using the Z move must hold an appropriate Z-Crystal (this is mutually exclusive with any other item including Mega Stones, if you had one approved before), know a move of the same type as the Z-Crystal they are holding and a Z-Move may only be used ONCE per battle.
  23. Did you message stel?
  24. I messaged Teapot, just because I generally ask her about stuff. I dunno why... :/
  25. IDK What the purpose of my story is. Just trying to stall time to let you guys grow, or find use in the story. ;P
  26. Idc if you bother me lol just not to often lol still gotta train Blake character so if you want you can go ahead and track us down just dont toss out every single one of your pokemon when you do cus thats a lot of writing and detail so a max of two battling at a time if you dont mind.
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  27. Other than that, knock yourself out......... Or your Pokémon cus who messes with a Blaziken XD
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  28. Asking to Join:

    Name: Duke
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Personality: Energetic, over the top, fearless & eccentric.
    Appearance: Spiky black hair, black eyes, black jacket, black pants, black shoes, red cape.
    Goal: To protect the innocent and punish criminal across the Pokemon world!
    Pokemon: Charizard (Shiny), Aipom, Donphan, Gyarados, Rockruff & Egg (Dratini)
    Backstory: Grew up the son of a Ranger, desired to help Pokemon and decided to leave Johto and travel the world helping protect Pokemon from those who would wish them harm.
  29. @Yellow.lol? Just checkin' to see if you were getting alerts or not. :)
  30. Keep us on our toes. I like that.
  31. Sorry, I'm here now.
    Yes, you may join
  32. I was not getting alerts
  33. Yeah.
    By the way, I might not be the most active in the future. A bunch of stuff's going on in reality. :/ Anyone else wish real life was more like Pokemon? *cough cough* school *cough cough*

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