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A Journey in Alola! Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Imperfect World, Feb 25, 2017.

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  2. Right, so, let's begin by discussing the plans we have laid out for our characters. We can work in any subplots, when we've discussed exactly what we want to achieve by the end of the story.
  3. I really want my character o achieve beating her mother in the Alolan showcases. But I want her to win against Red in the championships, and lose against Blue/Green.
  4. I'm honestly not sure about Kaisa. I mean, he could perhaps become an elite four member, or be the only one out of our group to become the champion. It all depends on what your plans are
  5. I definitely want Daniel to become top coordinator, and aside from that... I'm not sure. I may introduce a rival for him later on.
  6. nice! I kinda want to introduce my 2 older brothers later as well. There names are Jacob 18, Chris 14. Is that okay with you guys?
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  7. Sounds good to me
  8. Sure, sounds good to me. I may introduce Kemen, too... (To cheer him on in the grand festival, or something...)
  9. M'kay, but on like the 2nd or 3rd Island for my brothers
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  10. Waiting for yellow
  11. I was gonna, so I will now, but it makes my character a bit weird.
  12. Plus, Sky5372? Read the rules again. I don't want u kicked off the RP
  13. I submitted my character to you.
  14. @AsrielDreemurr before I let you, I need to know the information for your character. And don't forget. READ THE RULES PLEASE!
  15. ( OKAY, lets try this one more time, considering there wasn't even a link to this. )

    Name: Ezra
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Long blonde hair. Black hoodie jacket, Tan shirt, Wears his hood most of the time, Black pants and shoes.
    Personality: Energetic, Athletic, Really athletic, Nice and kind.
    Goal: To be the very best.
    Pokemon: Pikachu.
    Backstory: He's now an orphan, He found his pikachu as a young child, hiding under a leaf in the rain. He has a heart locket containing the ashes of his mother and father, nobody can see it.

    ( if this doesn't work i give up )
  16. There was indeed a link to this at the top of the RP, actually.
  17. If u read the top, you would've seen it.
    Yes you can join, and please, follow. The. Rules
  18. I'm going to bed, all. Night :)
  19. OKAY! I promise I wont break any more rules.
  20. Just a heads-up, I will not be giving Daniel a legendary in this RP, I'm just stating it because it's one of his goals. The legendary he wants to have is from Sinnoh, anyway (In a future RP, I will be asking for permission to give him a shaymin)
  21. Hey! Mind if i jump in? Also id like to ask about mega pokemon and if they will be incorporated or not.
  22. No, Mega Pokemon will only be used in Kalos for my RP's.
  23. Im assuming i can join right? Also my pokemon is going to be a Scizor if thats alright with you. It will be his only Pokemon for quite awhile though so that my character is not to op
  24. Name: Dante D'Angelo
    Gender: Male
    Personality: calm and collected, he tends to do what he fells is right and takes any opportunities to make some money.
    Looks: Dante has a very deep shade of purple colored eyes, and slightly long platinum silverish hair which can barely cover them. He wears a red tanned leather jacket with the emblem of team skull on the back that is colored black and white of course and has a black t-shirt underneath it. He has some ripped black jean shorts that go down over his knees and and a black leather satchel. Finally he has a golden team skull medallion as well as brown tinted aviators.
    Goals: Dante has not yet determined what his goal is..... He has just been floating around waiting for something interesting to happen. He has been thinking about becoming the champion of Alola with his Scizor Zane but is not to sure quite yet.
    Pokemon (So far): Just a Scizor named Zane..... Nothing else
    Age: 17
    backstory: Dante lived in the Hoenn region before he went on other adventures as a teenager and decided to take a vacation in the beautiful region of Alola. At a very young age his father took him and his brother Julian out on and expedition at sea for a few weeks. Things went smoothly until the ship was attacked by some mysterious bandits and his father killed. Him and his brother were the only sole survivors of the raid, but one didn't make it off the ship.

    Hope thats good enough, didnt want to overwhelm people with to many words so i tried to keep it neat and tidy.
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  25. But please read all the rules! it's a big thing here.
  26. I know, thanks!
  27. Heyy, I have a battle bond idea, am I allowed to use it?
  28. Name: Zinnia
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Zinnia is a bit shy when it comes to battling, but she won't complain if she absolutely has to. Her strong love for flowers made her a gardener. Now she lives in Poni Island in a cabin.
    Looks: Zinnia has a pink fedora, light brown hair, orange tanktop with a pink skirt, green pants and orange sandals.
    Goals: To become a great gardener
    Pokemon (So far): Bounsweet, Cottonee
    Age: 13
  29. May I join this RP?
  30. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Name: Blake Star
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Mostly optimistic, always tries his hardest, is happiest around his friends and Pokemon.
    Looks: Blake has shaggy dark brown hair and wears a backwards hat with a Pokemon egg on it. He's wearing a white T-shirt that displays the Alola League and wears a blue button up Hawaiian style shirt but leaves it unbuttoned. He wears a black pair of shorts and some simple black converse.
    Goals: Blake doesn't really have a goal as far as Pokemon go. His father is a professional breeder while his mother works in a Poke Ball factory as a manager. He's focused on blazing a path for himself to follow.
    Pokemon: Egg (Chimchar)
    Age: 11
    backstory: Blake lived in Kalos with his Aunt and Uncle while his parents worked in the Sinnoh Region at their respective jobs. Blake's Uncle and Aunt weren't too big on Pokemon as they saw the creatures as a waste of time. Though with the insistence of his father, the boy was sent to the Kalos Trainer school. Blake decided that when he became of age he would go on his own adventure. His parents came to visit Kalos with a present for the boy. Blake's father gave him a Pokemon egg and Blake's mother gave him a plane ticket to Alola. With that, the young boy was off to start his own adventure.
  31. Here is my character if I can join.

    Name: Roger
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Slick, Manipulative, Cocky/Ego Hungry
    Looks: White, Blue Pants, Blue Shirt, Black Hood, Carries Weapon Blue Hair
    Age: 15
    Pokemon: Stoutland, Houndoom, Ludicolo, Sandslash, (Egg with the first form of Florges)
    Backstory: Born in Hoenn, Roger has been all around the world, Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos amd Alola. He has caught Pokemon he found to have great power, and has taken down gyms in every region, and is prepared to take down the champions of each region. But his background history with Team Aqua two years prior to this, he fled and now can't participate in anything. He plans to seek revenge against the people who shunned him and mocked him.
    Goals: Revenge, Power, Ego Boost, Domination
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  32. You can all join, but you must read the rules, and consequences of the rules. Do not forget. I can't stress it enough.
  33. I read the rules, I guess I can hop in at an appropriate time.
  34. Dudes, dudes. You are doing nothing wrong in the RP, but I would like to ask a small favor...I don't get the privilege to go onto any devices, or electronics during days of school. I am only available on sick days, breaks, weekends, and a small time on Thursday early noon. Where I'm getting to, is that you guys have really went for this RP! It makes me happy to see this, but I am so inactive, that I can't respond to important things, like when Blake came in the Pokemon Center, I may have wanted to say hi, but didn't get the chance, as to the fact that he ran off. What I ask of you, is if you could slow down, and if there is an important part that involves me, would you wait for me a little longer? If you would be so kind as to do so thanks.
  35. I have to agree with Yellow here. I was out all day at a show, and I had to go to bed, so I missed like half of what was going on...

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