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A Johto Journey :[Open]:

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ace_TrainerAce, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. As the pair of sliding doors opened, cheering could be heard from inside the building, and Alex stepped out of the Pokeathlon Dome.

    Alex Carnet - The name written in lights. The name across Johto that made most people wish they were born with it.

    Alex was a Poke-Athelete, but not just any.

    Alex was the Top Poke-Athalete - the holder of many competition records. He was known for his category of forte, Speed. Many trainers and pokeathletes would be discouraged whenever they would enter the category and hear his name as one of their competitors.

    His top records: Hurdle Dash - 98 seconds, all of his Pokemon getting in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in unison. || Penant Capture: 40 flags caught in 50 seconds. || Relay Race: 15 laps in 2 minutes.

    The speed of Light, Sound, and Alex! His children fans would sing as they saw him and his Pokemon in the competitions.

    However, it wasn't Alex only that did the work and got the glory.

    Right behind Alex, came out Absol - his partner. Absol was rewarded fastest Pokemon in the Region when Alex had won the National Pokeathlete Championship.

    Losing a race wasn't in Absols view of the world and no where near an option for the overly determined Pokemon. All of Alex's Top Records, Absol has been apart of.

    They were the perfect partners. Both incredibly determined over the littlest things. Pretty stubborn, and they both know they're adored by the majority of Johto, but when it comes down to it, their all around humbled.

    Alex pet the disaster Pokemons head. He had just barely won a strength competition with his Power House Pokemon - Mamoswine, against two other pokeatheletes and a Gym Leader known for her top strength. She came from a different region - Sinnoh, Alex thought he heard her say.

    When they left, Alex and Absol were both pretty hungry, so they entered the nearest café.
  2. Lily made her way into the cafe, the same one that Alex and Absol went in. On her shoulder was a Pikachu, though it was a different color than a normal one. The girl glanced around the cafe. It was her first time being in one since she left her town to begin her Pokemon journey. She spotted Alex and his Absol, and she went over, giving a small wave of a greeting.

    "Hello there. My name's Lily. Who are you?"

    Her Pikachu hopped off her shoulder and looked at Dark-type Pokemon. "Hello there!"
  3. Greg,already seated in the cafe,saw Alex the great poke-athlete and watched in aww as he was in the same cafe, looking at the same menu.
    "Rufflet you see that! Now thats a pokemon!" Greg exclaimed to his Rufflet.
    "And thats a real trainer too.." Rufflet thought as he glared at his trainer.
  4. Ethan was sitting in one of the back tables of the cafe, the position he was in allowed him to see the front door with ease. He always sat like this, his paranoia prevented him from sitting at any angle positioned away from a front door. However, Ethan was getting up, leaving the money owed to the cafe, plus a tip for the waitress. Beside him, a Typhlosion that had slept at his feet now rose, looking around in boredom at the cafe. He made his way to the entrance to leave as he saw two people there.

    "Hello there, nice to meet ya both. Why don't you all get in this great cafe." Ethan's words implied to mean 'Get in because you're in my way', but could be taken as a nice way of inviting two people in.
  5. "it's nice to meet you as well," Lily replied, trying to sound friendly, despite the hidden meaning behind the words that was spoken. Her Pikachu glanced up at when the other Trainer came over and he flickered one ear in wonder.
  6. "Aww cool a Typhlosion,ohh and look at that pikachu! " Greg thought to himself.
    Greg was a child,he was eight years old but would cringe and say he was ten.
    "Ima walk up to them Rufflet, try to look tough too" Greg said as he quickly grabbed a menu for them all to sign.
    His pokemon sharing his trainers excitement said his name and puffed up his feathers too look tough.
  7. Ethan almost wanted to groan and roll his eyes, but gave a fake smile and nodded to Lily. Typhlosion looked from his trainer to Lily to Alex to Pikachu to Absol before noticing an approaching trainer and his Rufflet. Typhlosion gently pulled on Ethan sleeve, which made him turn to look at his Typhlosion before noticing the kid with childish excitement oozing from him. 'Oh great, stuck in here even longer. I'll never make it in time.' Ethan pouted slightly, making him look like a pouting 14 year old rather than his proud 17 and a half.
  8. Lily followed the other Trainer's gaze to see another boy headed their way. A Rufflet was at his side. That must of been his Pokemon. However, she thought the boy looked a bit too young to have a Pokemon, but she wasn't one to judge by looks alone. One had to get to know someone before judging after all.
  9. Greg walked up to the group,they were all so much taller,but he was "a big kid" now.
    He looked up,Rufflet perched on his shoulder.He started too clear his throat, "Typhlosion can i have your autograph? " Greg said with excitement. Big smile on his face.His gaze turned to Typhlosion.
  10. Ethan chuckled as Typhlosion gave a confused look. "Excuse me, kid, but what do you mean by Explo's 'autograph'?" Explo the Typhlosion stared at Greg before looking to Ethan with a 'Help Me' look. Ethan shrugged, not knowing what the kid meant by autograph.
  11. "He has paws!" Greg said looking towards Ethan.
    "I want his paw print.." Greg said with excitement.
    "I wanna catch it." Greg said while giving a sharp glare.
    He had a pokeball in his short pockets.
    Ready for anything.
  12. Ethan rolled his eyes, taking out Explo's PokeBall. "No, you can't catch him. Explo is registered under my name, not yours, my name. Ethan." Explo nodded, fixing the boy with a glare, Explo was proud, after all, to be his trainer's Pokemon. "If you want his paw as an autograph," Ethan continue as he looked to Explo, "then you better get ready for whatever you want 'signed' to be burned." Explo raised a paw before setting it on fire, the hand glowing with heat.
  13. Lily's eyes widened slightly at this. The little boy wanted to catch another Trainer's Pokemon? That wasn't allowed, was it? She didn't think it was, and most likely wasn't from the sound of it. Why did he want to catch that Pokemon in the first place? It didn't make any sense to her.
  14. Greg glared at Typhlosion. He stared him down. He blinked, "you win this time." He glared up at Ethan fixing his hair under his backwards black cap,fixing it so his hair stuck out the front.
    "Anyways...can i get your autograph miss?" Greg told Lily and her Pikachu,with child excitement in his eyes.
  15. Ethan sweatdropped. He had no clue if this kid was a threat or not. If he was, he could always stomp him with Raph, or call the police. And... what did he mean this time? What other time would there be other than a weird encounter with a strange boy. "You better not be practicing in thievery child." Ethan warned, ready to send the boy off to jail (or whatever they have in pokemon world) if he did anything, unwanted.
  16. "You want my autograph?" LIly echoed. Her Pikachu hopped up onto her shoulder, watching the boy closely. She wondered why he did. She wasn't a famous Pokemon Trainer was she? She only begun a short while ago. A month or two at best, maybe a bit longer. She wasn't too sure how much time had passed.
  17. "Yeah, i do!? " with a confused look on his face. He wondered why everyone thought it was strange to give him an autograph, maybe it was strange but he was a child so he really had no clue.
  18. Lily scratched her head at this. She really didn't know what to do or make of this. Should she give the kid what he wanted? She didn't really wish to upset him or anything like that. However, she was a little weary of him after what he had just tried to do to the other Trainer. She supposed one couldn't do much harm could it? Besides, she had wittness around in case things went wrong.

    "Alright, sure I guess..?"
  19. "And here is mine!" Excited of the exchange.
    He handed Lily a paper with what really looks like an attempt of fancy handwriting.
    "Im Greg! I like bug pokemon!" Greg told the three trainers,handing each of them an autograph.
  20. Ethan carefully took the autograph, handling it like it was some soft of explosive.

    "If you like Bug Types, why do you have Rufflet, a Dark and Flying Pokemon?" Ethan questioned, as a trainer who also liked one specific type of Pokemon, couldn't understand the purpose of having a Pokemon of the type you weren't raising.
  21. She took the paper from him, thanking him in the making. She looked around for her own paper to write one to give to the boy, Greg, as she had just learned. She soon found one and wrote her own name down on it, her Pikachu adding his own pawprint on it.

    "I'm Lily," she replied, handing him the paper once the two were done. "I like all types of Pokemon, but my favorite are Electric-types."
  22. "Well because Rufflet is my friend," Greg said, also confused by the strangers logic. He knew the stranger made sense but he wanted to appear older than he was,so he tried not to look as confused.He grinned at the stranger,then happily received his autograph.
    "I wanna be a gym leader!" The boy said as he clenched his fist in the air.
    Rufflet let out its name.
    "But they say im too small, im only ten." With his head down and hunched over.
  23. "Well, thats kind of stupid. It seems whoever 'they' are are underestimating you. Don't be disheartened by those idjits, you can be whoever you wanna be if ya' qualify for it." Ethan told the boy, wondering who in the world would say to the poor kid.
  24. "You can do anything that you set your mind to," Lily told him. "Don't lose hope. I'm sure you'll make a fine Gym Leader one day."
  25. "You hear that Rufflet! We can do it!" said the kid ,while jumping up in the air.
    "Rufflet! " said his pokemon.
    "Here you go!" He handed Ethan a rock from his pocket.
    "I hear you can catch a Chansey with a rock!" said the boy with awe on his face.
    Smiling at his two new friends.
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  26. Alex laughed at the whole scene playing out in front of him. Absol turned his nose up in annoyance.
    Allex happily signed the piece of paper and handed it to the boy.

    "Hello," he introduced himself to the two others that might not have heard of him. "I am Alex Carnet, PokeAthelete and this is my partner, Absol." He said, petting the annoyed Pokemon.
  27. "It's nice to meet you, Alex!" Lily told him, smiling. He frowned a bit at the mad-looking Pokemon, and wondered why it was upset or annoyed. Had they done something wrong?

    Her Pikachu glanced down at the mad Dark-type and blinked, wondering why the other Pokemon was upset.
  28. Greg stared face to face with Absol.
    He stared it down.
    He wasnt going to lose this staring contest.
    "I got this." He said.
  29. Explo stared at the Absol with his nose in the air. Taking Ethan's backpack, which caused minor complaint, Explo took at three berries, of for each of the Pokemon around him. He shared the berries to the other Pokemon, briefly raising his eyebrow at Greg. 'Strange human.' Explo thought
  30. "Thanks,Explo!" said Rufflet "your a pretty powerful pokemon,that would mean you and your trainer have been in all sorts of battles huh?"
    Rufflet noticed Explo looking at his trainer, "Were a pretty strong team!"
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  31. Alex noticed his pokemons attitude.

    "Oh geez. I'm so sorry," He apologized for Absol.

    "He's usually a lot more friendly. He's just sort of tense. We have another Expedition Battle with Maylene, the Gym Leader from Sinnoh. I beat her earlier today in the Strength Category in the Pokeathlete Competition, so she challenged me to a battle. You are all very welcome to come!" He told the three, smiling.

    "Now, excuse me I must train for it." He kindly smiled once more, and waved to them, opening the door.
  32. Ethan nodded understandingly. "Good luck, though you kinda forgot to mention where it was happenin'." Ethan pointed out, inwardly surprised how none of the waitresses had interrupted them or yelled at them to move away from the door.

    "That is good. Maybe sometime you can try my team. Me and Ethan are a great team to, along with our teammates." Explo smirked as he thought of how their well coordination had confounded and defeated many trainers in the past, especially when it was a double battle or more.
  33. "Oh! My apologies!" He says, stepping a bit back in the cafe.

    "It's at the National Park, directly beside the giant water fountain. Bleachers will be set up. I will have my manager reserve a few seats for you guys if you decide to join. If you forget, there should be fliers on a few buildings giving information." He flashed another smile, and left, Absol directly behind him.
  34. "I'd like to see what it's about, if that's okay with you," Lily told him. "I think it would be fun."

    The Pikachu nodded slightly in agreement at this, before he looked back at the Pokemon that were talking. Part of him wondered if joining in was a good idea or if it was bad. Then again, listening in on it was just as bad, he supposed. The Electric-type shrugged his small shoulders slightly, before he made up his mind to join in. And what better way to do that than ask a question.

    "You have other Pokemon on the team?"
  35. "Its okay, I'll probably be there, got nothin' better ta do." Ethan told Alex, which was partially true. He could always train up more, though he had no need to, and he could always catch more fire types, but he liked the four he had now.

    "Yep, three others, just as strong as me. Laura, Ark, and Blaize are there names, were the strongest fire type team you'll probably ever meet." Explo boasted, pride of their teamwork showing strong.
  36. "Then it looks like we're all going together then," Lily told Ethan and Alex.

    In a way, she was sort of glad that everyone had agreed to come along. Well, all but that Greg kid. He hadn't said anything for awhile. Maybe he wasn't coming with them. Or maybe he had left to do something else? Only time would tell.

    "That's really cool! Lily has five other Pokemon with her, and they're all different types too!"
  37. Ethan just grunted and turned to Explo, who was frowning. 'Probably got outsmarted or something again.' Ethan thought as Explo started saying something he didn't understand.

    "Are they all evolved?'' Explo questioned, hoping to at least get the upper hand in that.
  38. She frowned. It didn't seem like Ethan wanted to go with them. He seemed in sort of a bad mood or something along those lines. She wondered why though. Why could make him so.. moody?

    "Some of them, not all."
  39. Explo nodded, pleased with Pikachu's answer. 'At least we can beat them in that.' Explo thought, pleased.
  40. "What about you? Are all the Pokemon on your team evolved or no?" the Electric-type asked.

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