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A Great Sadness in Her Heart

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Anime_Fanatics_101, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. ooc: second attempt. the first was really good, and the darn thing timed out...so I'm starting from scratch.

    She sat on the fence of the eastern pasture, her long violet hair blowing in the gentle breeze. Her green eyes were shaded over, hidden beneath the rim of her cowgirl hat. Her denime jeans were freckled with dirt, and her plain blue tanktop as well. Her boots tapped against the lower railing of the fence as she took in, counted, and named each and every one of the flaming horses in the pasture. She had helped to raise each one since they were born. At her feet, a curious little Ponyta nudged her dropped backpack for a special treat. She smiled down at Blaze, reaching down to extract the apple that the young pokemon smelt.

    Before long she began to lower herself from the fence, when there was a disturbance. She heard it first, a deep rumble. When she looked up, her eyes grew wide. The Rapidashes, moments ago so calm, were stampeding. She leapt back upon the fence, calling Blaze into the empty pokeball on her waist to escape. She stood upon the top rung, and gave a loud whistle. The Rapidash ignored the familair call, panic settling in. Some of them brushed against the fence roughly, and she lost her balance. "ah!" She fell into the pasture, gasping as her right ankle crumpled beneath her. Instantaneosly, the Rapidashes either stopped or wheeled around to face her, all snapped back by her cry of pain. Blaze came back out of the pokeball, and nudged her comfortingly. Turani clasped her ankle and gritted her teeth, though she did not cry. In her line of work, one was used to pain...but it still hurt.

    Eventually, she used the fence to haul herself back up. She doubted her ankle would support her, but tried anyway. At the first sign of violent shaking, she quickly lifted it back up. "Well, Blaze, looks like it's up to you to get me home." The Ponyta nickered, lowering down so that Turani could climb on her back easier. This caused her to smile at the young pokemon as she wrapped her arms around Blaze's neck and scrambled up with expertise. Blaze stood and took off at a brisk pace, though th eyoung Ponyta was careful not to agitate her wounded trainer. They trotted up to the log cabin that the Nekane's called home. Turani looked up at the massive structure, remembering the tales of how her father had built it from scratch, as well as the rest of the ranch. The walls were made of cedar, and the roof shingles of pine, which was obvious once you stepped inside and the scent of the trees tickled your nose.

    The first person who came out to meet Turani was her younger brother, Makoto. His sky blue hair was sloppy, hanging partially in his face as if to hide his green eyes. As Turani watched her brother, she couldn't help but see the image of her father around the young boy. Following after him was the nly member in their family to have their mother's eyes. Little Kader looked up at her with those lilac eyes, violet hair pulled up into pigtails. They both looked worried when they read the expression on her face. Makoto instantly stepped forward to help her down from the Ponyta. Though he was young, he was very intelligent and strong. You had to be strong to live on a ranch. He and Blaze helped her inside, while little Kader was attempting to reach the ice container.

    A few moments later, her ankle was wrapped and soaking in a tub of cool water. She sat on a porch swing outside, smiling as she watched her two younger siblings playing in the sunshine. Recently, Makoto had taken to shaping wood. Though all he could make were little dolls, he made quite a few of them. When they were finished, he and Kader would play with them for many hours between chores. As Turani wathced them, she couldn't help but wonder if anyone would come to the gym today...But she rather doubted it. The FlamCry gym was small, and rather unknown. It's badges were accepted in the Indigo Plateau, but few trainer's sought them out. And more and more trainers were leaving the Kanto region. She sighed, shaking her head as she rubbed her ankle.

    If business remained this slow, it would becom harder to support her family. With her mother bed-ridden, her siblings relied on her to care and provide for them. She felt as though she were letting them down...She was brought out of her thoughts by Kader's voice. "twani! I picked tese fo mamma!" She claimed happily in her adorable little voice. Turani smiled, standing as she looked at the small bouquet of wildflowers. "They're lovely." She nodded. "Let's go put them in a vase, shall we?" limping slightly, Turani led Kader in the house with Makoto close behind. She placed the flowers in a vase, and gave them back to the little girl. "Let's give them to her." Kader squealed with happiness and led the way to their mother's bedroom near the back of the house. Ever becoming the little gentleman, Makoto dashed in front to open the door for his sisters.

    Inside the room, Charlotte Nekane lay in bed. Her long violet hair contrasted greatly with her pale skin. Despite her physical appearance, her eyes sparkled with life as her children came in. "Ah! What lovely flowers!" she smiled softly as Kader set the vase on the nightstand, then scrambled up to sit by their mother. Makoto sat in a chair nearby, and Turani stood...though she kept her injured ankle off of the ground. They talked for a while, until Kader fell asleep. Then Turani noticed the time, and she and Makoto headed out to do the evening chores. She lit the lamps outside, and began calling in the horse pokemon. As they worked, Turani began singing an old Kanto lullaby in a soft soprano voice that seemed to carry on the wind.
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    There was a faint hum on the path. That was all one could hear, with the exception of the gushing of the wind as the Motorcycle drove by. It was somewhat large, and had a sleek, aerodynamic looking design. A deep, metallic refractive shade of blue seemed to dominate its design, with an azure dragon motif running along its side. It made no sound other than a distinctive soft hum - evidence that the engine was powered by an alternative energy source. Bright, faintly blue-tinted light emerged from the Bike's headlights, shedding light on the path above.

    Its rider was dressed in a sleek looking black and silver, a scarf that faded from black to dark blue to azure, and wore a ridged helmet with a reflective visor that glimmered in strange metallic blue as well. The Azure dragon emblem was also visible on the helmet's side.

    But most curious of this image was the creature that was seated behind the rider. its own scarf, a smaller version of its rider, and the capelike leaves that hung from its back blown backwards in the motorcycle's tailwind. It was a shortish, green, sleek and vaguely humanoid creature with crimson eyes and a head that resembled, in many ways, a white rose, its petals also vaguely swaying in the wind. But the most curious thing about the creature was its three fingered hands, each finger ending in a rose-like flower: Black on the creature's right hand and azure on its left. It almost resembled a superhero, in a way.

    The Roserade - for that is exactly what it was - tapped its rider's shoulder gently as the motorcycle passed by a ranch. The Rider nodded, slowing the motorcycle to a stop by a small tree. He stepped off the motorcycle, stretching, as the Roserade leapt off and did somethign to the ground around the Motorcycle. Thick vines sprouted from the surface and wrapped themselves around the motorcycle's wheels, locking them to the ground, sharp, poisonous thorns growing along their sides to deter any would-be motorcycle thieves. Could never be too safe with that kind of machine, after all.

    "Well, what do you reckon, Foxglove? You think you can sense another piece of the seal around here?" the rider smiled, and the Roserade nodded confidently, holding its right hand forward, soft green light spreading around its outstretched, rose-tipped poison claws, flowing to cover the creature's arm. The grass-type closed its eyes, following the glow - which seemed to be drawn to something in the nearby grassy planes, the rider following his PokéMon silently...
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  3. ooc: Kanto...

    Turani paused, hearing the soft hum on the edge of the ranch. "...It better not be those hustlers that got the Taurus ranch..." She whistled Blaze over, and used the fence to help herself mount. "atta girl. C'mon." They trotted that way, undeterred by the strange blue and then green lights. Turani was more worried about the Rapidash, who were flicking their tails in agitation. She directed Blaze to go through them, and sang softly to each of them calming them. Her voice was barely above a whisper as she sang and rode.

    After a while, they saw the 'trespassers'. They seemed to be standing near a motorcycle covered in vines. Sitting up straighter on her Ponyta, she spoke up. "Your disturbing my horses." She said in her soft manner... Soft, but easily heard. Blaze snorted at the Rosegard, flame staring down grass. Turani took in the black and silver clad stranger, trying to decide if she should trust him or not. "What's your business on my ranch?"
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    (OOC: So, is this some kind of future-type setting? Because you can't just randomly pop gym leaders out of thin air. Who is she replacing? Or is this an unofficial-type, non-league-approved gym?)

    The Roserade seemed to ignore the girl and the fire horses, thoroughly immersed in its scanning of the ground. The Rider, however, turned his head to the girl and surveyed her. Rapidashes. He didn't realize the land was owned by anyone. But it mattered not. If a fragment of the seal was here, he would have to extract it.

    "Evening. I'm sorry for intruding." he then said, snapping his helmet visor open, revealing little more than a pair of unnervingly blue eyes, though they seemed to refract deep green from certain angles. "Didn't realize this land belonged to anyone. Don't let it worry you, once we find what we're looking for, we clear off."

    Then the Roserade blinked, pointing its claws down to a specific spot amidst the grass.

    "Well, fancy that, Foxglove. Looks like we found it." the rider stretched, reaching the point the Roserade pointed at.

    He turned to the girl and nodded at her, closing the visor again "Please don't be alarmed by anything you see right now... Nothing that will happen is permanent."

    He then clapped his hands together and brought them both down to that specific spot.

    And then the glow.

    A circular marking seemed to suddenly cleave through the grass in some form of azure light, surrounding the rider's gloved hands. Several other lines spread out from the circle, creating a strange pattern, reminiscent of a crop circle, which surrounded the trainer and the Roserade. The earth seemed to crack for a moment as something radiant seemed to rise from its depths, something with the exact shape of this crop circle's pattern. Whatever it was, it soon shrank to the size of a CD and hovered in the air, as the cracked earth welded back as if nothing happened.

    "Looks like we got another one." He grinned, snatching the hovering symbol, he then turned to the girl.

    "Sorry to disturb you." he said, turning to the Roserade "Come, Foxglove... I find it strange that there wasn't a seal guardian... But whatever the reason for that, we had better move quickly."

    Then he turned away and headed back to his vehicle.
  5. ooc: it said in my post that Flamecry was a small gym. While not many people know of it, they would accept their badges at IP even though they weren't really official.

    Turani frowned at what happened. "And just what was that thing?" Before she could get her answer, she heard the rumble. "not again..." Turning, she saw the bright orange streak that marked the stampeding Rapidash. She sighed from atop the Ponyta. "...Well, this should just take a minute. Would you like to stop by the house? we've got some lemonade, and food for your pokemon." She nodded at the Roserade. "And I'm sure anyone who travels his hungry. We'd enjoy the company." She peered at him from beneath her hat, taking in his strange mannersisms. "It's up to you." she turned, Blaze wheeling. Another voice piped up, though not hers. "You'd be wise to come by! her cokking is delicious!" Turani blushed at her Ponyta's praise. "Talk later, stop stampede now." They both cantered that way.

    She ran up alongside them, whistling sharply. "Whoa there! Easy!" Her ankle was starting to throb as she rode at the fast pace. However, they weren't stopping. She needed to control them before they got the whole ranch up and going. She sighed pulling out a pokeball. "GO UTAHIME!" The purple Jigglypuff erupted form her ball, and began to sing. "Jiiiigglypuuuuf jigglyyyyyyyypuff!" The Rapidash slowed, then halted altogether. Until, that is , Jigglypuff stopped singing. They were up and going again. "return, utahime, you tried." she muttered, trying to figure out why they were so upset. She gigerly began to stand atop Blaze, ignoring the Ponyta's objections. In one nimble leap, she cleared the gap and landed on the nearest Rapidash. It panicked at first, but calmed as her voice filled it's ears. She used it to catch to the other, then the other and the other. She reached the last one, and was unsuprised to see Thrasher the stallion. He was always uptight, a trouble maker. She sighed, then stood to jump. At the last second, as she was midair, he twisted away. She crashed to the ground, gasping as the wind was knocked out of her, and the ankle that had before been only a sprain gave a loud resounding snap.
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    (OOC: Sorry for slight auto, but I couldn't stand by and leave a girl with a broken ankle to be trampled by a horde of fire horses. xD)

    "Curses! We'd better do something to help before this girl gets herself killed" the trainer exclaimed. "Foxglove, Full-Burst, then Grasswhistle! I'll get that girl out of there." The Roserade nodded, leaping off and dashing towards the stampede, almost seeming to glide over the grass. As the grass-type ran, a strange melody began to follow it, the whistling of the wind through its capelike leaves forming a strange, soothing harmony of nature, resonating into the herd's ears, calming it slowly, almost lulling the energetic fire-types to sleep. The Roserade continued running in circles around the herd, staying as close as it could without getting trampled.

    As Foxglove was wrapped up in the Grasswhistle attack, a sleek, grey avian form suddenly dived out of the sky, catching hold of the girl's shoulders - softly as to not hurt her but firmly enough to be able to lift her off the ground, and carry her out of the disoriented herd. The bird - a strange cross of a hawk, an eagle, a starling and an owl, with plumage in numerous shades of grey and an odd red-tipped scythe-like feather crest on its head, silently flew out of the dangerzone and placed the girl softly on the ground before landing by her side and protectively standing watch over her. The rider - an open PokéBall in his hand, his visor once again opened, smiled at her reassuringly, then turned his eyes to the Roserade again.

    "Keep it up, Foxglove! Shouldn't be too long before you'll get them all calmed down..."
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  7. ooc: no prob, lol

    Turani gasped when the giant avian came out of the sky, but did not scream. She saw the man on the back before it lifted her up. When they landed, she eased off her boot and immediately began trying to wrap up her ankle. Blaze came trotting that way,nickering. "I told you that was stupid." The Ponyta quipped to her, only to recieve a snort in reply. Turani paused to watch the Rosegarde herding her Rapidash, frowning. Obviously, Utahime needed a little more training...but that was how it was with pokemon. You win some, you lose some.

    She waited until all the Rapidash were officially asleep to look at the stranger. "I ought to thanky you." She smiled at him. "I don't believe I introduced myself. I'm Turani. Turani Nekane." She looked over the avian, petting it's soft feathers. She was trying to keep up conversation in order to distract herself from her broken ankle. At the mention of introductions, her Ponyta piped up. "I'm Blaze! It's really nice to meet you!" the ponyta pranced a bit out of pure excitement and left over adrenaline.
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  9. Turani wondered slightly why he did not wish to give his last name, but she did not dwell on the thoughts. Instead, she thought about how she should get home. Blaze came up beside her, and knelt down. "MY suggestion would be that you should get on my back and make him walk alongside so you don't fall off." Turani held back a sarcastic remark, knowing that this was in fact a good idea...ignoring the subliminal jibe from her Ponyta. She looked up at the man, this Colin, and shrugged. "It's an idea..."
    A few of the Rapidashes snorted in their dreams. The leader of the stampede, Thrasher, jerked his head up and stared at them. He stomped his foot, huffing at them. The fire on his mane and tail seemed to flare up in agitation. Blaze frowned. "...what's his problem?"

    Turani shook her head. "Who knows with Thrasher..." She eyed the old troublemaker, taking careful note of the small signs as well as the large ones. "...Blaze, can you talk to him?" Blaze shifted slightly, whinnying softly. "I'll try." she went walking that way slowly, head down in a sign of nonaggression. Turani looked back up at Colin. "Sorry about all this...they aren't normally so misbehaved..." she herself was a little confused as to what had gotten into them.
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    Foxglove narrowed her eyes, keeping her eyes locked on the unruly stallion and the strange, talking Ponyta, preparing to launch another Grasswhistle attack if such was required.

    "I can imagine." Colin replied softly, nodding at Turani "I haven't grown up around Rapidashes the way you have, but I know that a few of them have severely competitive spirits and would try to race anything. Maybe a few of the Rapidashes are driven by that. As for what's getting into them... PokéMon are more in tune with nature than most humans. There may be a disturbance on the fire plane... How long have they been like this?"
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