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DPPt/HGSS A Gliscor Question

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by MrSora, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. I'm working on raising a Gliscor to add to my competitive battling team and I need some help on the moveset. As it stands right now it looks like this:

    Careful Nature (+Sp. Def, -Sp. Atk. I got tired of breeding and this one had the best IV spread)
    Aerial Ace - STAB and Evasion counter
    Earthquake - STAB
    Night Slash - High Critical ratio
    Cross Poison - High Critical Ratio, chance for poison damage

    The last two moves are the ones I'm a little shaky on, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  2. Some EVS would be nice, but the Item should be Leftovers and Roost should be in the set somewhere. Fire/Thunder Fang is also better than Cross Poison by far. My favourite move set is:

    -Aerial Ace
    -Fire/Thunder Fang

    It covers quite a few Pokemon and Roost to take advantage of Gliscor's Defensive capabilities.
  3. Thanks, I figure Fire Fang for a shot at Ice types. The EVs are 252 Attack and 252 Speed with the last 6 in Defense.
  4. I am REALLY sorry for the n00b question, but...what does STAB mean? I am really sorry.

    Clinic Edit : Please don't ask questions in someone else's thread. Also, this kind of question would be better used in the Pokemon Games Discussion. Click here to find your answer.
  5. Same type attacking bonus (multiplies same type moves by 1.5)

    Imo, if you want a sweeping Gliscor, you must have Swords Dance (with Hyper Cutter too).
    Still, I find a defensive set more appropriate to him (he easily stops some random Heracrosses and other Icepunchless fighters as well as Tyranitar and Scarfchomp).

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