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Open A Gijinka Safe Haven Adventure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Zen the Fen, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. (Rp inspired by @SMRPG64. Go check out his rps! ^^)

    Adomith: the world of which that is inhabited not only by humans, but by these fascinating creatures known not as Pokemon, but Gijinkas. Gijinkas are the miraculous combination of both Pokemon and humans, where they have the appearance, speech ability, and stature of humans, but also have Pokemon features, most of them including the Pokemon's respective abilities, and/or powers. Rather than evolving when they're experienced enough (they aren't able to fight as much due to their decreased power), they evolve when they reach a certain age, and/or meet certain conditions. There was once, however, a time where they were just normal Pokemon, but a terrible accident had occurred that changed the Pokemon, and morphed them into what they are now. Some would even say that they are smarter now than they were before the accident. However, they all have grown to not mention the accident, and just accept it as a blessing. Because of this, Pokemon and trainers alike were able to understand each other more clearly, and bonded closer with each other.

    However, over time humans became more... demanding over the Pokemon Gijinkas; more so than usual. It eventually got to the point where being friends with one didn't seem possible. They were treated, thought of, and seen as... slaves. Eventually, treating a Gijinka as you would a human became illegal, so if you were to have one of them, you'd have to enslave them. Because of their lack of power since the accident, the Pokemon Gijinkas were not able to overpower the humans, and were forced into slavery, never to return to the happy times of equality between the two races. They actually destroyed/abandoned all devices in the Pokeball family because they had no need for them anymore (aside from them not knowing if it even worked on them anymore since the accident).

    However, it is rumored that one traveler found an undiscovered island that is now known as Jan'Kjil, where humans and Pokemon Gijinkas could come together, and live in harmony without the worry of social threat or illegal friendships always looming over them. But because of how happy people were at the time, humans mostly, they never went out of their way to find the island, as it was never mapped and, therefore, never found. But those who had heard of it, and wanted to rid themselves and their unfortunate partners of this terrible time of slavery, immediately trekked off towards the islands.

    These are their stories.

    1. Swearing is to be kept to a minimum. That's not to say it isn't allowed. Just don't use major swears.
    2. Because the islands were not mapped, you will have to start off either in the same place or similar to someone, or someplace completely different. I will, however, grant you the ability to think up your own place if you don't want to join a preexisting one. Also, please don't just say something like "After a long journey, they finally make it to the islands." I want this to be a real adventure, so it will have to take some time in the rp to actually get there.
    3. Humor is encouraged, and appreciated. I just hope that your sense of humor is the same as mine. If it is, then we will get along just fine. ^^
    4. There will also be action in this rp (or at least I'll try to add action), so if you're not comfortable with action, then just don't join the rp. If you are, however, then feel free to add to it. Just don't go overboard with it, like adding gore and such, because I won't have that.
    5 (not even a rule). For those of you who have already realized the similarity between this and a certain story online made by a certain somebody, then kudos to you! ^^
    5 (the real rule). You can roleplay as either a human with a Gijinka (or two), both (meaning both human and Gijinka), or just the Gijinka. If you choose to roleplay only as the human, then other people will be able to take the roles of your Gijinkas, but they will get to choose what kind. For those who want to roleplay as a Gijinka, then you must ask someone with a human character (who doesn't have 2 Gijinkas already (does not apply if they don't want 2 Gijinkas)) if you can roleplay as their Gijinka. In the form below, you must also specify whose Gijinka you are. If you choose to roleplay as both, then it's simple: you roleplay as a human character and Gijinka character. If you decide to have one Gijinka, then expect someone to ask you if they could be your Gijinka.
    6. For the love of Arceus, please use common sense and logic! I cannot tell you how upset I get when people don't use logic and continuity and the like.
    7. No one else is allowed to do a time skip. Only I'm allowed to do that, so if you want something to happen at a different time (in rp), you'll have to wait until I issue the time skip, which, who knows, might be coming around the corner.
    8. DO NOT POST POINTLESS STUFF ON THIS THREAD! That is what this discussion thread is for: https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-gijinka-safe-haven-adventure.15232/

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I am tired, and I'm going to sleep now. See you all later!

    [The following day...]

    Okay, I am back with the character forms! Just put these down in your first post for your character's existence.

    Age (recommended):
    # of Gijinkas:
    Backstory (highly recommended):

    Age (recommended):

    Backstory (recommended):

    Without further ado, let's begin!
    Every first-born child gets assigned a Pokemon Gijinka. Why is this? It is so the child's parents wouldn't have to worry about catering to the child. That is why the Gijinka is there. Surprisingly, Gijinkas have the same lifespan as humans, so when one is assigned to a human, it is usually for life. The first few years of life are easygoing for both humans and Gijinkas, as the human babies are usually carefree, and the Gijinka toddlers are too young to do any catering work. The only problem with this is that it allows the two children to bond, and form a friendship, which is illegal, so they decide to take the Gijinka away until it is capable of doing work, which once it is, they return it to the human child, and introduce it to the child, as the child may or may not remember the Gijinka, as years would have passed, and they wouldn't remember them. Some parents, however, beg to differ.

    In this story, a few parents decided not to do that. This family in particular lived in a little village called Flower Mount Village. They wanted their child to have a childhood friend as they grow up just like they did, despite the law. The loophole to this law is that it is also illegal to have cameras, or other means of recording, placed in homes of other people, so there is really no way of knowing if there is a friendship between them or not unless they go out into public. This family in particular, the Gardner family, actually encouraged the friendship between the two children. The children in question for this family consist of the human boy...

    Name: Zen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Appearance: 5'5", white skin tone, yellow eyes, short red spiked hair, white t-shirt, black jean shorts, black red and neon yellow tennis shoes
    Personality: very friendly and caring, especially towards his Gijinka, playful and a good sense of humor, almost a bit too clingy, slightly mature, but responsible
    # of Gijinkas: 1
    Backstory: He is just a normal kid with a Gijinka as his friend since birth...wait, what? I guess he isn't so normal after all. His Gijinka was never taken from him when he was a baby, so he's known her for practically his entire life. He was teased at school because of this, so his parents eventually took him out of school, and home schooled him. He never took his Gijinka friend for granted, because he felt one day she would be taken away from him, so he always tries to do things with her so he can treasure as many of those moments before she is taken away, if the day were to come.

    and the Gijinka girl...

    Name: Winter
    Species: Glaceon
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Appearance/Features: 5'3", Glaceon fur-colored skin, sky blue hair with the (things?) hanging from the sides of her head (like a Glaceon, you know?), sky blue eyes, Glaceon ears and tail, sky blue zipper hoodie, white t-shirt underneath, blue jeans, black white-tipped shoes, cool to the touch
    Personality: is able to keep her cool (PUNS), and is slightly more mature than Zen, is also caring and friendly, especially towards Zen, more responsible than Zen, and very understanding, smarter than Zen
    Owner: Zen
    Backstory: She was given to Zen as his Gijinka slave for once they were older, but the slavery thing never turned out to be. She instead became one of his oldest, and greatest friends. She also never took Zen for granted because she also feared a day when she might be taken away from him, so she always tries to do stuff with him that she'll cherish. Sometimes, when hugging him, she'll cry a bit because she doesn't want to lose him, and sometimes he'll do the same, but in the end it's all happy and peaceful again. They are practically inseparable.

    The two were a perfect pair. They were like two atoms that could not be separated. However, one fateful day came where two police officers decided to show up uninvited to their house. What they saw was Zen and Winter playing with each other instead of Winter doing work around the house. Those cops were not at all happy. After a long talk with their parents, Zen and Winter saw what they wish they didn't. Their parents were being arrested!

    Despite how much Zen and Winter tried to stop them, they were just kids and didn't have any power over them. Then, the worst case scenario popped up in their minds. They thought if this was happening, then they were also going to be taken away from each other. In a pool of tears, the two children hugged each other, never letting go, wishing with all of their might that it was all a bad dream. All hope seemed lost for the two.

    Until one of the two cops stopped and looked at them. Nobody knows what happened to him inside, but he must have felt bad for the kids, especially with how strong their bond was with each other. After a little bit of self-negotiation, he went up to his partner, and started talking with him. Nobody knows what it was they were talking about, but a few minutes later, their parents came rushing back in the house, embracing Winter and Zen in a heartfelt hug. The cops had agreed to let their parents go, but at a near impossible price.

    Since their bond with each other was too strong to just be severed in the blink of an eye, to save their parents from being arrested, they had to be exiled from the town, never to return. Winter was frozen (MORE PUNS) in shock, and Zen nearly fainted at the words. After about half an hour of saying their goodbyes, and many tears, both Zen and Winter left with the cops, contemplating fighting the cops so they can stay with their parents, or just abiding by their deal. In the end, they were exiled, cast off, otherwise known as banished from their hometown, never to return home ever again.

    With their belongings and equipment in hand, the siblings (practically speaking) set off on their trek to somewhere else; a place far away from their former home.

    This is their Gijinka Safe Haven Adventure.
    "Come on, Zen. Please get up." Winter begged Zen, as he sat on the ground, bawling. "I just- *sniffle* can't believe- *sniffle* this is really happening!" He said, sniffling. "I would if I could." Winter walked up to him, and sat down besides him. "I also can't believe this happened, Zen, but cheer up. Be glad it wasn't anything worse than this. We could have been taken away from each other." She said, her tone becoming a bit more sullen. Suddenly, Zen tightly embraced Winter in another hug; a hug of which he never wanted to let end. Winter hugged him back, head over his shoulder.

    "In fact, I think I have you to thank for this. If you hadn't been my greatest friend, I would have been sold to someone else to work for." Winter said, becoming sentimental. "Yeah, I suppose so." Zen replied. "And if you hadn't been my greatest friend, I... well, I just don't know what I'd do!" He exclaimed, hugging her tighter than before. "Zen...a bit too close for comfort..." Winter grunted, unable to breathe. "Oh, sorry! Sorry!" Zen apologized, letting go of Winter. "It's okay! I'm okay! I'd rather you crush me over someone else, anyway." Winter reassured Zen, regaining her breath.

    Winter stood back up, and offered Zen a hand back up. Zen, of course, took it. "Now Zen, we may be young, but let it never be said that kids can't protect themselves." Winter said, trying to lift Zen's spirits. Zen, instead, only got confused. "What do you mean?" He questioned. "I mean we're on our own from here on out. We only have each other. What if we get into some trouble? We need to learn how to defend ourselves." Winter stated, starting to get excited at her idea.

    Winter grabbed Zen's shoulders, and looked him in the eyes. "We need to learn how to fight!" She said, a fire ironically in her eyes. A million thoughts flew through Zen's head, before he reached a conclusion. "Well, that's easy for you to say!" He blurted out. "You're more adapted to fighting than I am!" Winter looked at him, surprised that he would just shout at her like that. Dismissing it, she continued her thought.

    "Well, nobody said I couldn't teach you how." Winter said, trying to persuade him. "You? Teach me how to fight? Winter, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not like you. I don't have the same kind of powers you have." Zen said, trying to find excuses. "I have noticed, Zen, and I don't care. You don't have to have the same kind of powers that I do to fight. In fact, there even a possibility that you have your very own power exclusive to you!" Winter encouraged, getting excited. "There's really no way of knowing if that's true unless we fight, and find out. Besides, we both are going to need the experience if we're to survive in the world."

    That really got Zen thinking. He had always wondered what it must be like to have superhuman abilities, and what Winter just said piqued his interest. "You really think I have powers?" Zen asked Winter, considering what she said. Winter gave him a simple nod, awaiting an answer. After about a minute of silence, Zen spoke up. "...Let's do this!" Zen shouted, his confidence returned. "That's the Zen I know! Now come on, let's get to it!" Winter said, running off someplace.

    After about half an hour of running and resting, the two kids finally found a big, open, and surprisingly secluded area for their training grounds. Zen pulled something out of his bag, and upon closer examination, appeared to be cuffs of some kind. He walked over to Winter with the cuffs, and looked her in the eyes. "Winter, just in case someone happens to come across this area, you have to wear these." He told her, showing her the cuffs.

    Winter looked at them, and sighed. "Well, I suppose if I must, then I will. I mean, neither of us want to be separated, we've already established that. I mean, it's not like I have much of a choice." Winter said, depressed. "Winter, if it were any other way, then it would certainly be better. Say I were you. I would gladly put them on. So long as it means I won't have to be taken away from you." Zen told her, trying to cheer her up.

    "I know, Zen, it's just that... it makes me feel like I'm your property..." Winter said, shedding a tear, despite her best efforts against it. Zen took Winter in another hug. "Winter!" He shot at her. "Don't ever think that! You are not my property! You are not anyone's property!" He paused. "You are my best friend. My sister, even." Managing to keep his own tears to himself, he continues. "And as your brother, it is my job to make sure nothing happens to you. In fact, I wouldn't even consider it a job, but rather a privilege. Heck, maybe a blessing!" Zen looked her in the eyes. "Don't ever think you're nothing less than my sister, because you are so much more!"

    Winter wiped her face in a wet mess, and hugged Zen tighter than he hugged her last time. "Thank you..." She managed to sniffle through her crying. Zen pets her on the head, and starts putting the cuffs around her wrists, ankles, and neck. "Just... think of these as magic cuffs of protection. So long as you have them on, people won't think to take you, because they'll know that you're with me." Zen reassured her. "So, we're like a combo deal?" Winter asked him, cracking a smile. "Heheh, yeah. Sure, we're a combo deal." Zen laughed.

    "Are you ready?!" Winter screamed across the field they had made in the area. "Yep! ...Nope!" Zen said, changing his mind. He ran up to Winter. "I mean, are we really going to do this? Are we really going to fight each other?" Zen said, worriedly. "I mean, I don't want to hurt you. I don't even know my own strength, if I even have any." Winter scoffed. "You? Hurt me? I'm tougher than you think, you know. And don't go easy on me just because I'm a girl." Winter teased, whipping Zen with her tail as she turned back around. "How's that for a Tail Whip?" She laughed. Zen blushed and chuckled, before going back to his place on the field. "So, who goes first?" Zen shot across the field. Winter grinned, and ran alarmingly fast toward Zen, almost as if she was going to attack him... oh wait.

    She stopped right in front of him, and looked up at him menacingly. "Ladies first." She taunted, before kicking him in the side, sending him stumbling to the side, before falling over. Zen just lays there, crumpled over and breathless. Winter looks over in shock. "Um... Z-Zen? Are you alright?" She asked, concerned for his well-being. Once he regained enough breath, he shouted back at her, "I don't know my own power?! What about you?!"

    "S-Sorry! I guess you're right!" Winter said, covering her face in embarrassment. "I-It's alright,
    ow..." He said, standing back up and wincing at the pain in his side. "Now, as per rules state, it's my turn now." He said, getting his game face on, and shaking off the pain. "Alright, then! Come at me! Don't hold back!" She said, readying herself for the attack. Then, Zen looked past her at something. "Wait, what's that over there?!" He said, pointing past her. "Really, Zen? You're going to resort to using that? I'm not an idiot." Winter scoffed, feeling slightly insulted. "No, really! Look over there!" Zen insisted, actually running up to her to show her what he was pointing at. "It's right over there, can't you see it? I don't know what it is, or what's going on over there." Zen insisted, still going at his charade.

    "Zen, I'm not looking. Just give up, and take your tu-" Winter suggested, before getting whacked across the face by Zen's fist. Winter lied there on the ground, as Zen walked up to her. "How's that for a Sucker Punch, huh?!" Zen teased, before he heard a sniffle. His guard lowers significantly, as he looks over at Winter, who looked like she was crying. "W-Winter!" He cried, running over to her. "Are you okay?! I didn't mean to hit you that hard! I-" He apologized, before being tackled and pinned down by Winter. "I thought I told you not to hold back!" She deadpanned, trying to keep her seriousness. "Let me guess: Fake Out?" Zen guessed obviously. "Yup!" Winter cheerfully replied.

    Winter got up off of Zen, and helped him up. Zen warily took her hand, but to his surprise nothing else happened. "I think that's enough for now. Don't you agree?" Winter asked Zen, pulling something out of her bag. "That's a rhetorical question." Zen retorted, before being handed an Oran berry. "Here you go." Winter said, handing Zen an Oran berry. "It should help." Zen took the berry, and looked at it for a moment, before looking back at Winter. "Well, I'm not sure if they have the same effect on me as they do you, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to try." Zen pondered, before taking a bite, coincidentally at the same time Winter took a bite.

    "Mmm, soo delicious!" They both exclaimed in delight at the taste of the berries.

    After a few minutes of resting, laying down together in the grass, they continued to look up at the clouds peacefully. Suddenly, Winter's ear twitched as she heard what sounded like rustling. "Zen, something at 6 o'clock!" She tried telling Zen, but he was asleep. "Zen, wake up!" Winter whisper-shouted at him, shaking him awake. "Hm-wh-what? What is it, Winter?" Zen asked groggily. "There's something over there!" Winter alarmed Zen. Zen got up, and held Winter close to him. "Come out!" Zen shouted over in the direction the rustling came from.

    (This is where one of you come in! I don't expect you to do something like what I did, because what I did is beyond expected, but is impressive, is it not?)

    (OOC: OKAY, SO... this took me about two days to make, and I am actually kinda scared. No, I'm shocked that I could do something like this. Like, I am really proud and impressed with myself. Anyway, you know what to do to join. Use the discussion board for OOC stuff unless you've got to say it on this thread. In that case, add some roleplay content to it. NOW, I am tired, and I am going to sleep now. Try not to flood this thread before I return, which shouldn't be too long, and I will be back soon! Have fun!! ^^)
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  2. Human
    Josh Whitman
    Gender: Male
    Age (recommended): 16
    Appearance: Josh Whitman has dark hair and eyes. He is slightly short for his age and wears mostly dark clothing
    Personality: Josh is normally quite kind and generous, even if he can be a bit emotional at times. He doesn't quite understand why Gjinka are treated the way they are, all he knows is that it's wrong.
    # of Gjinkas: 2
    Backstory (highly recommended): Josh was born into a richer than average family who could afford him two Gjinka "Slaves". As he grew up he was told that Gjinka had no feelings, no emotions, but as he grew older he began to realise how untrue that was. The breaking point was one fateful day, a couple months before the RP, where he had witnessed the true extent of the cruelty to Gjinka. At that moment he knew what he needed to do, take the Gjinka, and run

    (Seeing all of your ice jokes, im assuming your COOL with puns)
    Wally Bow Fett
    Species: Wobofett
    Gender: Male
    Age (recommended): 16
    Appearance/Features: Wally is around the average highs for a person/Gjinka his age, and wears a blue hoodie a couple sizes too big for him. He has the distinctive black tail of a Wobofett too.
    Personality: Even through the worst times, you can always count on Wally to smile the whole way through, always seeing the positives of life, no matter how many nrgstives there are
    Owner: Josh Whitman
    Backstory (recommended): Wally was given to Josh nearly at birth, and both were quite close, until of course they were separated. Since Wally returned, neither could remember each other and things he COULD remember were different. Even through all of the work he was always happy and cheerful, until one day he made a mistake and was punished for it... it was the only day Josh had ever seen Wally unhappy, and that is what had pushed him to run away

    Alex Azam
    Species: Alakazam
    Gender: Male
    Age (recommended): 16
    Normal Alakazam head shape/Moustache thingy, also carries around two spoons
    Personality: Alex is the exact opposite of Wally, always pessimistic. Losing all will to actually try to do ANYTHING
    Owner: Josh Whitman
    Backstory (recommended)
    : Alex was given to Josh, along with Wally. He originally was really intent on escaping, but gave up long ago. That was, until then event with Josh and Wally (which I promise I will RP), after that old fire lit back up

    (Three months prior)
    "Water, please" Josh Whitman ordered his Gjinka, Wally Bow Fett and Alex Azam. "And make it quick"

    "Don't drop it" Alex whispered to Wally "you know what he does if you- oh no"
    Wally had spilled the water all over the floor, "I am so sorry!" He apologised "I'll help clean"
    "No" a deep, angry voice cut him off from behind him, it was Josh's father "come with me"
    "Dad it's fine" Josh complained "its only a glass of water"

    "He made a mistake, and what did I tell you about mistakes, son?" the father asked
    "They..." Josh said "they must be fixed"
    "Exactly" the father said firmly

    Twelve hour later, Josh got up in the middle of the night, needing to go to the bathroom. He heard something echo from across the hall... a scream? All other thoughts were gone, he needed to figure out who had screamed.

    He entered a room at the end of the hallway, one he recognised well. It was his Father's room, not his bedroom but a different room only his father was allowed to enter.
    "This is what you get for ruining my new carpet!" He heard his father shout, followed by many loud screams. He was Alex chained to a wall, but when he looked at him, Alex gave Josh a look that said 'run'

    And that is what Josh did.

    The following morning, Wally's normally happy demenor was gone, the Gjinka seemed to have lost the cheerfulness which he had once radiated. Worst of all, all over wally's body were cuts and bruises, though Wally tried to cover them up with his jacket. Whenever Josh tried to ask, Wally would become quite.
    It didn't take long for Josh to piece together what had happened, Wally had made a mistake, and his father had 'Fixed' it.

    The following three months were hectic, Josh knew he needed to leave, he knew that what his father was doing was not right, and he needed to bring his Gjinka somewhere safe.

    He remembered from an old book he read, that there was rumoured to be a place named Jan'Kjil, where Gjinka and Human could live as one. He had told the story to his dad, but his dad had scoffed and told him that Gjinka were so much lower than humans, and that such a place could never exist.
    "I'll show him" Wally said to himself angrily, and with that, he and his Gjinka took off into the night. Never to return.

    (Present Day)
    Josh watched intently as the pair walked towards him, they didn't seem to be of any harm, but he knew that sometimes things were not what they seemed to be, something he himself had learned the hard way.
    He looked sadly at his own Gjinka,
    bound by the cuffs they were forced to wear. For the best, Wally had assured him, but Josh wasn't so sure. He turned back to the boy and his Gjinka, were they friend or foe? He knew it was illegal to make friends with a Gjinka, but the stranger had seemed pretty friendly with his

    Perhaps he was another runaway like Josh. Perhaps the rules were not as strict in this area. He had travelled a long way from his home after all. He decided to do the best thing he could, hide.
    He turned to his Gjinka and silently motioned for them to follow, they nodded. Together they walked through the grass and hid behind a tree, better safe than sorry after all.
    "I don't see what's so wrong with just attacking her" Alex complained quietly "look at that, her Gjinka are in cuffs"
    "So are we" responded Wally "who knows, maybe she is trying to do the same trick we are, she sure seemed nicer to her Gjinka than anyone else I've met, aside from Josh of course"
    But Josh, and probably Wally and Alex too, knew that was a lie. Josh had not been a great friend to the two, always ordering them around and treating them as inferior, especially in his younger days. Wally saw the sadness in Josh's eyes and put a hand on his shoulder
    "It's ok" Wally said "the past is in the past"
    Josh nodded, keeping his gaze on Zen
  3. After a few seconds of silence coming from the grass patch, Zen got to thinking. "Hey Winter, I didn't think anyone's there." He wondered. Winter disagreed. "No, I know I heard rustling coming from over there!" "Well, if whatever, or whoever is there isn't coming out, then maybe it's not a person. Maybe it's an animal?" Zen asked. "You know, something unintelligent." "Hmm, I suppose you do have a point there." Winter admitted. "Just take it easy, Winter. Don't be so uptight." He teased. Winter scowled at him. "I am not uptight!" She snapped. Zen laughed, patting her on the back. "I know, I'm playing with you." He reassured her.

    Then, Zen heard a rustling sound coming from behind them. He looked back towards the direction the new rustling was coming from. "Besides, Winter..." He began. "Even if there was something, or someone nearby, then I think they'd be over there." He told her, pointing in the new direction. Winter raised her guard back up, and inched forward with Zen. "Who do you think it could be?" Winter whispered, oblivious to what she just asked. "Who else? Mom and Dad? Those are the only other people we know!" Zen whisper-shouted back. "Besides, whatever it might be is probably..." He continued as he saw something in the bushes. It appeared to be something of a rusty-orange color. "... red." He finished.

    "Come out, whoever you are!" Winter blatantly exclaimed.
  4. Name: axe
    Species: axew
    Gender: male
    Age (recommended): 14
    Appearance/Features: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=axew+gijinka&rlz=1C9BKJA_enAU704AU705&oq=axew+gjinka&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0.10419j0j7&hl=en-GB&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=GYmOyH8flkx_EM: something along the lines of this
    Personality: kind and helpful him Jess have a friendship no body knows about
    Background: was given to Jess upon birth and they have been friends ever since sadly jess parents do not know this and neither neither does anyone else for that matter

    Name: Jess summer
    Gender: female
    Age (recommended): 14
    Appearance: tall and lanky has blonde hair and is always wearing the following;
    Black hoodie jeans and shoes as well as a green tee shirt
    Personality: kind and self contained and self conscious not that it has anything to do with this but she has a crush on zen
    # of Gjinkas: 1
    Backstory (highly recommended): has had a friend ship with axe and they have been friends since birth but it has been In secret but it has flourished over time

    Now into the Rp:
    Jess and axe jumped out of a tree and looked down at the ground Then she looked up at zen and winter "I'm jess summer" jess announced "and I'm axe her gjinka" axe added "we are sorry for bothering you" they said in sync jess relised she was talking to zen and blushed
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  5. Zen heard another rustling noise come from nearby; not necessarily right in front of them. Whatever was in the new rustle spot immediately jumped out. Zen grabbed Winter, and jumped back. "Winter, get back!" He alarmed her. Winter, of course, hid behind Zen, clutching his shoulders.

    What they saw were two people: one human, and a Gijinka; an Axew from the looks of it. As they introduced themselves, Zen carefully scanned them over. He turned to look at Winter. "They don't look like they might be a threat..." He whispered to her. "Well duh, that's what they want you to think!" Winter replied, not letting her guard down. "Believe me, Zen. You can't trust anyone out here!" "Okay, just calm down. You've been too tense lately." Zen said, patting her hands. "You're no better..." Winter mumbled under her breath. Zen chuckled slightly.

    Getting his serious face back on, he looked back over at the strangers. "State your name, and purpose!" He shot at them, trying to sound powerful, but to no avail.

    EDIT: Winter tapped Zen's shoulder to get his attention. "Um, I think they already stated their name." She whispered to him. Zen blushed in embarrassment. "Er, state your purpose!" He corrected himself, as Winter giggled.

    (I forgot they already said their names. x3)
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  6. "As I said earlier I am jess summer"jess said shyly "and I'm axe her gjinka" axe added "our porpous is" she stopped "do you think we can trust them" Jess asked axe "yeah I'd say so" axe responds
    "Our porpoise is To get to a place people and gjinkas can live in harmony"
  7. After hearing what they were doing, both Zen's and Winter's eyes lit up. "I'm sorry, but what did you just say?" Zen asked them, not believing his ears. "Did you say there is a place where humans and Gijinkas can live together in harmony?!" Winter asked them, sounding really eager for a place like that.

    "Winter? Group huddle." Zen said, as Winter nodded. The both of them huddled together for a discussion between them. "Can we really trust them?" Zen asked with worry. "Well they're our only hope at getting to this supposed safe haven." Winter stated. "True, but you said we can't trust anyone out here." Zen contradicted. "I know I said that, but... perhaps not all people are bad people?" Winter pondered. Zen looked her in the eyes with worry, then sighed.

    They broke apart from the huddle, and Zen looked over at those named Jess and Axe. "So, we have decided to trust you, and follow you on your... journey to this supposed land." He tells them. "I only hope you can trust us."
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  8. Josh smiled to Wally and Alex, turns out some other guy had also jumped out from ANOTHER tree, allowing him to sneak away
    "Wait" Wally whispered "he said he was trying to find Jan'kjii."
    Alex nodded "maybe having them on our side could be a good thing"

    Josh stood up, walking past the tree and approaching the group. "Jan'kjii" he said loudly "The safe haven for Gjinka and Humans, where they can live together in harmony"
    He shook his head "how rude of me, I haven't introduced myself" he said "my name is Joshua Whitman, and these are Wally Bow Fett and Alex Azam"
    Wally waved

    "I myself an also looking for this mythical island" Josh admitted "How.... How about we all travel there together?"
    Making the trek there with others would be much easier than by himself, he reasoned
  9. "Ok!" Jess smiled "let's do this but I'm saying this now it's like on the other side of the region so it will be hard" she said "oh and will help if you can jump from tree to tree to stay hidden" axe said and at this axe and jess swiftly climbed the tree "come on!" Jess shouted down at the two as she ran along the trees
  10. Winter jumped at the second voice that chimed in. They looked over, and over where the first rustling noise was heard stood three others, only one of which was a human. More?! Winter thought to herself. They introduced themselves as Joshua Whitman, Wally Bow Fett, who was a Wobafett Gijinka, and Alex Azam, who was an Alakazam Gijinka.

    Taking into account what they actually said, Zen repeated the name of the land. "Jan'Kjil..." Then, Joshua had proposed that they all travel together. "Zen, what do you think?" Winter asked Zen. "Well, the more the merrier, right? Besides, I feel like we'll be safer if we're in a group. Plus, it's about time we made some new friends, don't you agree? I mean, they feel the same way about Gijinkas that we do. We already have a few things in common." Winter contemplated slapping Zen, then hugging him, but she knew he had a point. "Alright, I'll give them a chance." She said, defeated. "That's the spirit!" Zen cheered.

    They turned back towards the group. "Alright, let's g-" Zen would have finished that sentence if the group were still there. They looked around, and saw the three-some in the distance, and the duo in the trees. "Hey, wait for us!" Zen shouted at them, grabbing Winter and running after them.
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  11. Jess looked over at axe who was jumping from tree to tree along side her and she smiled at him and he smiled back "axe hang on" jess said "what why?" Axe responded with a worried look on his face "let's wait for the others" jess told axe
  12. Josh shook his head and sighed "there is no way he could know, it's not mapped" he sighed to himself "wherever he heard those rumours I hope they are right"
    He walked along with Wally and Alex, walking calmly through the forest.

    "Hey Josh, Wally" Alex whispered "what if it's a trap? What if these people are just spies or something. After all it's not like anyone KNOWS when Jan'kjii is, we might be getting led into a trap"
    Josh nodded "perhaps, but it didn't seem like the other guy was in on it, if worst comes to worst we could always run away"
    Alex shook his head "if it is a trap he would probably employ cages or have backup"
    "Well that" began Josh "is a risk we are going to have to take"

    They realised that everyone was already way ahead of them, and began running to catch up
  13. Human
    Name: Danny Ibuki
    Gender: Male
    Age (recommended): 20
    Appearance: He has black hair with blue eyes. He wears a black trench coat with blue dress shirt and a black tie
    Personality: He is kind, but doesn't like doing work. He us sarcastic and likes to make puns.
    # of Gjinkas: 2
    Backstory (highly recommended): Danny was born and raised in a farm on in very distant land. Once his famliy earned enough money, they purchased 2 gijinkas. They treated them farely, with only occasional beatings. Rhat wss until an accident. Out on the farm Danny was with His two Gijinka and decided to play game with them, becuase their work was down for the day. This enraged Danny's family and forced beatings to become more frequent, including for Danny... Until, one fateful day...

    (I heard you like puns so here I am)
    Name: Grey Ninj
    Species: Greninja
    Gender: Male
    Age (recommended): 20
    Appearance/Features: He kinda looks like my profile picture.
    Personality: he's gruff and serious most of the time. He kind somewhere inside and wantsbto protect Pri and Danny.
    Owner: Danny Ibuki
    Backstory (recommended)
    :Grey was sickened by an act of violence to the Ibuki's son. So, he decided to protect Danny and Pri, he couldn't stand others recieving beatings, so he acted out, and his plan worked. Pri and Danny got less beatings. The only consequence was he recieved more...

    Name: Pri Marin
    Species: Primarina
    Gender: Female
    Age (recommended): 20
    Appearance/Features: She lookes like a girl with blue hair with pearls in her hair. She has tail like Primarina, resulting in her not having any legs.Her eyes are a just like Primarina's but just a little more humanized
    Personality: She is upbeat and happy all the time, except for one time*cough* *cough* She loves to sing and entertain, but can get a little out of hand when the going gets tough.
    Owner: Danny Ibuki
    Backstory (recommended)
    : Pri was extremly handicapped, having no legs. The work pushed her harder than any of the others.Each day she grew weaker and weaker. Her injuries didn't help...

    6 months ago...

    Danny sprinted through the woods outside the place he once called home. He was short of breath, and stopped by a tree to get some rest. He knew the slavers would come out soon, so he took cover.

    Grey noticed Danny's absence from the field, Musta finally decided to leave this Hell we live in. I don't blame him. He continued his daily work without a second thought. His job was watering the field, and he couldn't let another leaving thing die by his cause.

    Pri did her work in silence, only occasionally humming. Mr. Ibuki came out onto the field ro check on the workers. He had his whip with him."Where's Danny," He shoited directly towards Pri," I blame you!" Mr. Ibuki grabbed Pri by the neck and applied force slowly."Where is he, you damn pathetic excuse for life!?!"

    Grey watched in horror. He quit what he was doing to shout at Mr. Ibuki," Pri had nothing to do with Danny's disappearance, So, stop!" Mr. Ibuki looked a Grey,"This is not the first time you acted out, Fight me, tough guy." Grey knew what he had to do. He lept at Mr. Ibuki and slammed his head to the ground. He ran to Pri, who was injured, and hoisted her on his shoulders. Grey sprinted away from the field.

    Pri regained consciousness on Grey's shoulders and whispered," I think i can move now," She slipped of Grey's shoulders and started to follow Grey. She noticed in the corner of her eye, an unconsious man under a tree," Danny," she shouted as she sprinted towards the Danny's unconsious body.(As good as she could, cause you know she doesn't have legs.)

    Danny woke drom his daze to see Pri In his vision What are you guys doig here, Oh! You must be running away like me!" Danny exclaimed with joy. He felt a renewes sense of energy and ran of in no genarl direction Gestured for Pri and Grey to follow as he hurdled over tree roots.

    Current time

    Danny sprinted out of clearing and sighed," I wish Jan'kijii, was here right about now." He collapsed after his statment

    Pri gasped," I think he needs help!" She rushed to his side and tried to carry him, but proved ineffective.

    Grey saw Pri's failure and decided to help. He thrusted Danny on to his shoulders and started to walk in no genarl direction. He saw a group of people and gijinka and muttered," Maybe they could help."

    Pri quickly sprong and shouted waving her arms," Can you help us! This guy is hurt!"

    (This gets the My longest post award!)
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  14. As the group of 3 humans and 4 Gijinkas walked through a path with many trees, two of them climbing in them, Winter's ear twitched as she heard something the others couldn't quite. "Everyone, shush!" She shushed everyone so she could listen better. It sounded like... someone was calling for help, possibly from them. Winter, being the nurse of the group, starts looking around, and through clearings in trees for anybody that could possibly be calling for help.

    A few seconds later, she saw what appeared to be 3 people, one of which was upon the shoulder of another, and the other had... fins? They were calling them over, alright, and it looked like they really needed it. "Hang on, guys!" She told Zen and the group as she ran off towards the three strangers.

    That was until Zen stopped her. "Zen, what are you doing?!" Winter yelled at him. "Whatever happened to trusting no one besides those other guys back there?" He asked, pointing back at the group. "But... these people really look like they need help!" Winter continued. "What if it's a trap, Winter?! What if it's a trap?! I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happened to you." He proposed, becoming sentimental. "Zen, don't worry. I'll be fine. In fact, why don't you come with me so that they know I'm with you?" She explained her idea. "Oh, alright. I can't stand to be away from you, anyway." Zen admitted.

    They walked over to the group that seemed like it consisted of a human, and 2 Gijinkas, both of which Zen didn't know. Winter did, though. Already, many thoughts and questions were flying through her head, but she could only pick one question, and she knew what that had to be. "What's the problem?" Winter asked, as Zen looked at the Primarina Gijinka incessantly.
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  15. Where was that group off to? They seemed very excited and determined to make it to their destination, to say the least, but where exactly they were headed was unknown to their watcher. Maybe if she continued following from the shadows, she'd learn a bit more?

    ...That was a terrible idea. Smacking her forehead with a palm, the hidden gijinka girl growled lowly to herself. Oh, how she longed to learn about that group, but if she did follow, she risked getting caught and working for one of those people for all her life. That was, without a doubt, her worst fear, but she couldn't help but notice that the humans seemed to be treating their gijinka with respect, even if a couple of them were bound in chains.

    "Nyah," she whimpered to herself, staying high in the trees where she had been not watching, but observing the curious bunch, as she headed off along with them, careful not to make much noise at all. Deep in her mind, she knew that this would only end in a bad way, but how exactly, she wasn't so sure.

    They seemed to be stopping. Why were they stopping? Halting in her fast trek through the treetops just behind the group, the Vulpix gijinka poked her head out of the trees just enough to see a couple of Greninja and Primarina gijinkas crowd around who she could only assume was their master. Well, if they were this concerned over the guy, then they couldn't be too manhandled and abused, right?

    With this thought fresh in her mind, Kagami snuck her head back into the safety of the leaves-

    -a little too quickly.

    Curiosity did kill the cat, didn't it? Now seemed like the most awful time to show her presence, she realized as she sadly watched a handful of leaves fall to the ground, gently carried off to the side by the wind. What would they do to her? Kit-Kat, again, couldn't be positive, since they seemed rather nice and caring, but were still humans with gijinkas that were basically seen as slaves.

    Knowing there was nowhere to run now, she backed up against the base of the tree, sucked in a large gulp of air, and waited for whatever pain or other means of getting her down would surely follow her interruption.
  16. "I don't know what's wrong! He just collapsed!" Pri stuttered. She put her arm under his head and tried to comfort the unconsious Danny.

    Grey stuttered," I said MIGHT, Pri, You know how I feel about new people! But, still, if it's for Danny's sake, I digress.

    Grey wlaked up to the Glaceon Gijinka and asked," How-- Can-- I.. Help?"
  17. The Greninja Gijinka had walked up to Winter and asked how he could help. "Huh?" That was the only thing that escaped her lips. "Well, we don't really need any help right now. Really, the only person who needs help right now is this guy." She says, pointing to the boy on his shoulders. "I mean, shouldn't that be our top priority, mainly yours?" She asked them. Meanwhile, Zen just couldn't take his eyes off the Primarina girl for whatever reason.
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  18. Gjinka
    Name: Zoom
    Species: Jolten
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Personality: Zoom loves to have fun and hates fighting. He is very fast and is wild. he has a hatered for Humans.
    Owner: N/A
    Backstory: Zoom was left on his own when his village was attacked and his parents were captured. He got away and lives in the wild.

    Zoom dashed through the area, getting in some practice for running. Not like he needed it anyways, He was the fastest in his village before the Humans came. He saw a Glaceon Gjinka and a Greninja Gjinka. He dashed over to them. "hey! Hows it goin'?" Zoom asked them.
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  19. Through all of this, Josh stood observing, not feeling that it was right for him to join them for some reason. That changed when the Jolteon Gjinka sped in.
    He looked at the Glinka's wrists and neck, no cuffs
    "A free Gjinka" Alex said in disbelief "I didn't know any still existed"

    "Should we?" Wally asked
    "No, hush" Josh whispered "Let them deal with it, we might scare him, no offence Alex"
    "None taken" Alex said, shaking his head "I agree, we'd better be off now"

    The small group snuck around the Gjinkas, Zen and Danny, silent as the night. They ran back into the thick foliage, desperate keep following Jess, after all she was the only lead they might have to find the Jan'Kjii
  20. Pri could tell Zen was watching her and she blushed a little. Pri refocused on the task at hand."I think he meant how could He help Danny."

    Grey looked at Danny and wondered what the was wrong," He just collapsed, Ot could be heat stroke, but I'm not trained so..." Grey ranted.

    Pri looked at her friend in need and couldn't stand it. Tears ran down her cheeks.
  21. As the Primarina Gijinka explained to Winter what the Greninja Gijinka meant by what he said, she blushed in embarrassment. "Oh...right. Wait, I thought you'd know? Well, with me being slightly colder blooded than humans, I'm usually good if someone is sick, or anything having to do with temperature. Let me see him." She said, walking up to the boy. She walked around and inspected him, feeling his forehead. "Well, I don't think it'd be heatstroke. I'd say exhaustion, and dehydration. If it is the case, give him this." Winter said, pulling an Oran berry out of her bag. "It's sure to revive him and quench his thirst. It's also tasty." She said, licking her lips, and handing the Primarina girl the berry.

    On Zen's end, he didn't know what part of the lady before her he was even focusing on, if he was even allowed. There were a few things that caught his eye, such as her unfathomable beauty, and her tail. Of the two, he didn't know which one was more astonishing.
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  22. Jess relised zen liked the Primera girl and let out a sigh "will no one except axe truly love me and axe only likes me as a friend" she thought she wanted to plot something but she was above that she let out another sigh and looked at zen with somewhat of a smile
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  23. "Please" Josh whispered from behind Axe (He had doubled back to make sure everyone was ok. Also he got lost) "They are in the middle of a moment here, a guy is unconscious..."

    He looked at all of the Gjinka helping the human "So it... it is true" he whispered to himself "IT truly is possible for Humans and Gjinkas to live in harmony... if only the rest of the world could see that. If only we didnt need to hide it"
  24. Axe walked off and climbed the tree "hey jess" he said to jess and jess sat there for a moment zoned out "hu oh yeah what is it axe" she finally responded "have you ever liked someone who didn't even know you existed" he asked jess "um oh yeah alway" she said
  25. "Okay, Thanks!" Pri said as she gave the oran berry to Danny.

    Danny woke and saw more people Gijinka. "What happened, where am I," Danny looked around and saw Grey and Pri."Oh, I guess that I'm juat with you guys I'm Danny, and this is Pri and Grey," Danny introduced himself and his Gijinka.
  26. Well, nobody seemed to notice her. That's a good thing. Letting out her breath, feeling the purple fade from her face, Kagami figured she'd be okay if she snuck closer to them, still high in the trees. Another gijinka seemed to join the party, and the Vulpix girl's interest was piqued even more. Unable to find a good place to see clearly what exactly was going on, Kit-Kat sat down on the branch closest to the group, letting her feet dangle. If they didn't see her before in favor of helping that guy out, they wouldn't see her now, either.

    "What even...?" she mumbled to herself, leaning forward and squinting at the group with her less-than-perfect eyesight. Kagami was unable to notice the other couple of leaves that fell from beneath her, due to her own intense observing of the scene before her, ears strained forward to try to make out what they were saying. The branch might've been the closest to them, but it was still fairly far away, so she was having some difficulty hearing them clearly. All the fur inside her ears didn't help, either.
  27. Grey noticed a Gijinka lurking in the trees and stated," Seems like we have company, It's alright, You can come out I won't hurt you." Grey looked at Kagami hiding in the trees.

    Danny stood up and and streched. He looked around at all the Gijinka and People around him. He wondered why evryone looked worried. " What's wrong?" Danny asked.

    Pri was relieved by the fact that Danny was alright. She wondered why Zen was looking her. Her blush didn't let up.
  28. As the boy woke up, he asked what had happened and where he was. "Well, I'm not sure where we are, but as to what happened, as far as I know you passed out. Most likely from exhaustion." Winter explained to him. The boy introduced himself as Danny, and his Gijinka as Grey the Greninja Gijinka, and Pri the Primarina Gijinka, whom was being stared at incessantly by Zen. "Well, it's nice to meet you. My name is-" Winter was about to introduce herself and Zen to them, but was interrupted by Grey pointing out that someone was watching them. Winter was surely surprised by this, as not many things get by her without her noticing, what with her hearing abilities.

    "What?!" She exclaimed. "How did I not notice them?!" She looked up at the tree behind her to see what appeared to be a Vulpix Gijinka, with hair like that of an Autumn's day sunset. Surprisingly, this was the only thing that managed to pull Zen's eyes away from the Primarina girl, and draw them towards the newcomer. Zen's eyes sparkled as he gazed upon the beauty of the forest that was the Vulpix girl.

    Winter, however, saw this, and scoffed as she snapped in Zen's face. "Earth to Zen!" She called, trying to get his attention. "Huh-what-who?!" Zen stuttered. "What happened?!" "You were staring at her." Winter pointed out, pointing at the Vulpix girl. "I-I was?" Zen asked, blushing. Winter rolled her eyes. "Boys..." She muttered, smiling.
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  29. Shoot. Shoot, shoot, shoot. So she was spotted after all. A couple of the gijinkas and one human below turned to look at her as she unceremoniously attempted to stand back up on the branch she sat on, to shield her position from their eyes, only to see her slip and nearly fall to the ground. With a high-pitched "yip," Kagami slid quickly off the branch- only to somehow catch it before she was able to fall. With one hand holding on for dear life, she dangled from the tree, now fully exposed to the others. Of course, she felt extremely awkward, and that feeling only increased as she realized just how long the human had been staring at her. A light blush formed on her face as her grip on the tree loosened.

    Kit-Kat flailed slightly as she tumbled to the ground, landing with yet another loud "yip!" She scrambled back onto her feet and looked to the others with wide eyes. There was nowhere to go now.

    "Uh..." she began, rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly, a sort of half-grimace forming on her face. "I, uh... I was just... curious?" Her words came out more like a question than anything else, and she averted her eyes for a moment. "I... I'm sorry..."
  30. "No need," Grey smirked. He looked up to the sky and asked,"How in thevworld did you get up there? I'd think even a Flyng Type Gijinka would have trouble getting up there!"

    Pri noticed Zen was looking a Kagami now. A spark of jealousy ignited. She looked Kagami and said," Hmm, I'm Pri,"

    Danny looked around and saw more Gijinka and people. "Well, I guess I was walking for a while, last I could remeber.
  31. The Greninja gijinka was the first to speak to her. Holding her cheek in her hand for no apparent reason whatsoever, Kit-Kat replied to his statement, a small, content smile present on her face. "Uh, it was only a tree... It wasn't that hard to get up to, especially if one was to stand on top of a fence." With an awkward chuckle, she then turned to the Primarina girl, who had introduced herself. She waved, continuing her words. "Hi there, Pri! My name is Kagami, but I like to be called Kit-Kat. Yes, Kit-Kat, as in the candy bar." Now dragging the hand on her face back down to her side, the Vulpix girl surveyed the group, noticing once again that one of the human males was staring at her. Her smile faltered as she gestured over to him with a hand, only to come back stronger than before in the form of a smirk. "Y'know, it's rude to stare," she joked, giggling lightly, before looking over to the Glaceon gijinka that stood by him, "and besides, it seems to me that you already have someone~."

    It was only then that she realized she had interrupted something that was probably important. Holding her hands in front of her defensively, she began to back away from the others, small beads of sweat forming on her forehead. "I really didn't mean to butt in, though. It's not like I tried to fall out of that tree. I'm really sorry for following you. My curiosity is but a blessing and a curse... But, mostly, it's a curse." She breathed out a sort-of laugh, stopping her motion only when she was about six or seven feet away from everyone else.
  32. All words exchanged by Grey and the Vulpix girl, who had then introduced herself as Kagami or Kit-Kat, were ignored by Zen as he gazed incessantly at her, the cognitive function of his mind starting to fail. The only time he realized something was being said was when it was addressed towards him, and by Kagami. She told him it was impolite to stare, and he blushed. "Oh, I was? Sorry, heh..." Winter looked over at him, and smirked. "I told you so..." She muttered to him in a sing-song tone. Kagami had then said that it seemed that Zen already had someone. Both Zen and Winter knew who she was referring to, as they looked back at each other, then back at Kagami. "What?!" They both exclaimed in unison, blushing intensely.

    "No, it's not at all like that!" Zen said, his hands gesturing no. "Yeah, we're siblings!" Winter agreed. "It may not look like it, but we've been together literally our entire lives." "Besides, even if I wanted to, I could never see her in that way." Zen explained. "And vice versa." Winter agreed again. "Although, I can see why you would think that." Zen said, his statement addressed towards Kagami, but looking at Winter. "Oh, you..." Winter blushed, playfully punching Zen in the arm.
  33. "I'm Grey," The Greninja Gijinka introduced himself. Grey noticed that Zen was staring at just about every female."Ya' know real males, show at least some decency towards Women, Some," Grey scoffed as he tried to be funny.

    "So, are you guys looking for Jan'kjii too, right?" Danny said as the Gijinka and humans introduced themselves to each other," Kit-Kats are literally and Arceus-send"

    Pri looked at Kit-Kat and said," Oh, that's a lovely name." She stood on the end of here tail when she talked to others. She shuffled about when she relized what kind of guy Zen was.But, she didn't care all that much. Pri could feel her jealousy fade away as Zen and winter playfully bantered.
  34. As the others decided to introduce themselves, Winter decided to do the same. "Anyway, it's nice to meet you. My name's Winter." She smiled. "And the pervert right next to me is my brother, Zen." She told them, pointing at Zen. Zen looked at her with a shocked expression. "Wh-Winter?!" He shouted at her. "I'm not a pervert!" "Yeah, I know. I'm just messing with you." Winter explained, giggling. "Oh haha, laugh it up, cool girl. Two can play at this game." He scolded her, afterwards looking at the others. "Don't listen to her! She doesn't know what she's talking about!" He tells them, seeming desperate for a non-perverted reputation.

    In Zen's mind, as he thought of what he had done within the past few minutes, he realized that there might not be a chance for him not to be known as a pervert. After all, he had stared at two girls for extended periods of time. His chances at finding... another were slowly diminishing...

    ALT OUTCOME: "And the pervert right next to me is my brother, Zen." She told them, pointing at Zen. Zen had then opened his eyes wide, and slowly looked over at Winter, tilting his head in disbelief. (DERP X3)
  35. "Oh, You're totally pervert," Pri joked at Zen," I mean you just sortta hit on you so called sister!" Pri layed on the ground watched the struggle between Zen and Winter. She chuckled a little, but atleast tried to restrain herself.
  36. Zen looked over at Pri in disbelief. "Wha... I can't believe you-..." He stuttered. "I didn't hit on Winter! It was a friendly compliment!" He tried to explain. "Yeah, in all seriousness, Zen's no pervert." Winter convinces. Zen looks over at her in shock. "Why is it that people will believe you over me?" He complains. "Hmm, I don't know, maybe because I'm a girl?" Winter retorts, oblivious of the fact she's a Gijinka.

    Okay, despite Winter being an ice-type, she just burned Zen. Zen cries inside. It's all over. I've been branded an unbelievable fool, let alone a possible perv. He thinks to himself, sulking.

    (While I'm still in edit mode (.3.), I just wanted to say I shall be back soon. ~10-ish hours)
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  37. " I meant it as a joke, silly," Pri said as she punched Zen in the arm to try to make him feel better," No need to be in the slums, and Also, she is a girl so she is more believable. Pri layed on a bush to try to make herself comfy.

    Grey and Danny sat laughing at the currebt situation. Danny couldn't stop and started to choke out," My side hurts..." Grey slapped himself in the knee. They were voth in hysteria. Grey looked at the vast trees. He wondered what it was like up there.
  38. Giggling at the sudden outbursts from both Zen and Winter due to her statement, Kit-Kat waved a hand in front of her, taking a step closer to the group now. "That's not what I meant!" she managed to say through her laughter. "I was joking, too!"

    Pri then decided to say her that she liked her name, and the Vulpix girl's smile grew slightly at that. "Why, thank you so much!" she said to her, a light blush appearing on her cheeks for no apparent reason whatsoever. "I have to admit that I'm kinda proud of finding the nickname, though. It was actually an accident, believe it or not!" Again, Kagami chuckled, peering over to the others with her emerald green eyes. She began to play with a stray hair, humming to herself before she decided to be daring.

    "Hey, you wouldn't mind telling me where you're all off to, hm?" she seemingly wondered out loud, averting her eyes for a moment, before looking back to the group. "I mean, that's kinda why I'm here now, anyway. Is it some kind of top-secret thing, or can it be disclosed?" As she said this, she stuck her tongue out playfully, winking at the group.
  39. "It's a place know as Jan'kjii, were People and Gijinka can live in harmony," Grey eplained. Grey looked at the Kagami and shuffled his feet in the ground.

    Danny looked at the vulpix Gijinka and probed," Were, You stalking us? That's almost as weird as Zen." Danny luaghed a bit at his joke and smiled at the vulpix.

    Pri smiled at the joke and said," I'm glad to meet you, Kit-Kat!" Pri layed on a rock, like a siren in the misty caves.
  40. (@DarkBlade434 Don't forget the Owner part. If he doesn't have one, then just put N/A for it. Don't just leave it out.)

    Zen glared over at Danny. "Hey, I'm not weird..." He lied. Even he knew he was weird; there was no denying it. "Jan'kjil... that's a mouthful." Winter joked. "But still, we don't have a map, do we? If it's only a rumored island, then how are we going to find it?" Winter inquired, actually a bit concerned. Zen put his hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, Winter. I'm sure somebody here has a map, right guys?" He told her, then asking around.

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