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Open A Gijinka Safe Haven Adventure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Zen the Fen, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Hello, everyone! By the time you read this, the rp itself probably isn't done. Really, it depends on when you read this, but if you end up reading this within the next 10-15 minutes, then yes; I'm probably not done with it, but I will post the rp in this thread.

    Unfortunately, all the info isn't going to be on this page, but rather on the rp page. This is taking me a really long time, and so far I'm really impressed with myself and what I've gotten done so far. In fact, I'm actually considering making it a story of mine. What do you all think? Do you think I should make it a story, and make this rp an alternate timeline or something of the sort?

    Anyway, this discussion thread is where you may go for "OOC blather," as StellarWind Elsydeon would call it. I am too proud of this rp just for it to be shut down because some idiots flooded it with OOC crap. I'm not calling you lovely people idiots, however. You're all awesome! ;)

    Just please be aware of the rules of the rp, not to mention the Pokemon Role Play Rules, and Global Rules, which you can find in the Role Play section.

    Alright, I think that is it for now! I will update this with the rp thread when it is done, along with any info regarding the rp. Have a great time roleplaying! ^^
  2. This sounds like it's gonna be a good rp
  3. Yes, I agree highly! I have confidence in my ability to make a great rp! Just a fair warning, though. It's a doozy. xD
  4. Well I think I'm gonna be a deino
  5. A Deino Gijinka, eh? Ooh, that oughta be interesting. Oh, what will happen when it evolves?! Will s/he grow another head, or will they just not evolve at all?!

    That will certainly cause many questions. x3
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  6. Also, just know that there is a specific system in place, so that may or may not even happen. I'm sure you'll be able to work accordingly to it, though.
  7. It sounds like its going to be very interesting RP from what you say

    (I would be a Lucario, Noibat/Noivern or one of the Alola starters)
  8. Well for the sake of the children (always the children) I don't think I'll eveolve but hey I might be some other gjinka
  9. Hehe, we shall see what the outcome of all this shall be. Now, please allow me ~10 minutes to work on it. I feel like I'm almost done with it.

    ...then again, I might not be. Like I said, it's a doozy! XD
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  10. I'm really considering making this a story... XD
  11. You could make a story based on the Rp
  12. True, and I could just have this rp be an alternate timeline.
  13. That would work and you'll have more freedom
  14. Oh my god, do I dare add "[To be continued...]" to the end?! XD

    That's it! I'm making this a story!
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  16. hhoooooooohh, golly golly golly golly golly golly golly golly golly golly golly golly gossshhh...
    I am sooo proud of myself!! Wooh, this feels good!! I'm all giddy now. xD
    It's not often that something like this happens, but when it does I can't shut up about it! Aaaahhh, somebody whack me with a pillow!!! XD

    Just joking

    Josh Whitman
    Gender: Male
    Age (recommended): 16
    Appearance: Josh Whitman has dark hair and eyes. He is slightly short for his age and wears mostly dark clothing
    Personality: Josh is normally quite kind and generous, even if he can be a bit emotional at times. He doesn't quite understand why Gjinka are treated the way they are, all he knows is that it's wrong.
    # of Gjinkas: 2
    Backstory (highly recommended): Josh was born into a richer than average family who could afford him two Gjinka "Slaves". As he grew up he was told that Gjinka had no feelings, no emotions, but as he grew older he began to realise how untrue that was. The breaking point was one fateful day, a couple months before the RP, where he had witnessed the true extent of the cruelty to Gjinka. At that moment he knew what he needed to do, take the Gjinka, and run

    (Seeing all of your ice jokes, im assuming your COOL with puns)
    Wally Bow Fett
    Species: Wobofett
    Gender: Male
    Age (recommended): 16
    Appearance/Features: Wally is around the average highs for a person/Gjinka his age, and wears a blue hoodie a couple sizes too big for him. He has the distinctive black tail of a Wobofett too.
    Personality: Even through the worst times, you can always count on Wally to smile the whole way through, always seeing the positives of life, no matter how many nrgstives there are
    Owner: Josh Whitman
    Backstory (recommended): Wally was given to Josh nearly at birth, and both were quite close, until of course they were separated. Since Wally returned, neither could remember each other and things he COULD remember were different. Even through all of the work he was always happy and cheerful, until one day he made a mistake and was punished for it... it was the only day Josh had ever seen Wally unhappy, and that is what had pushed him to run away

    Alex Azam
    Species: Alakazam
    Gender: Male
    Age (recommended): 16
    Normal Alakazam head shape/Moustache thingy, also carries around two spoons
    Personality: Alex is the exact opposite of Wally, always pessimistic. Losing all will to actually try to do ANYTHING
    Owner: Josh Whitman
    Backstory (recommended)
    : Alex was given to Josh, along with Wally. He originally was really intent on escaping, but gave up long ago. That was, until then event with Josh and Wally (which I promise I will RP), after that old fire lit back up
  18. Well hang on, now!

    I didn't say you had to post your character forms on this thread. You're able to do it on the other one so long as you put some rp with it. It's just too much hassle to switch between this and that when I don't understand something about a character, you know?

    Nonetheless, it looks great! ^^
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  19. Could I possibly post my form here before joining the actual RP? It's all I have the time for right now, really...
  20. This sounds fun!

    Name: Danny Ibuki
    Gender: Male
    Age (recommended): 20
    Appearance: He has black hair with blue eyes. He wears a black trench coat with blue dress shirt and a black tie
    Personality: He is kind, but doesn't like doing work. He is sarcastic and likes to make puns.
    # of Gjinkas: 2
    Backstory (highly recommended): Danny was born and raised in a farm in a far away land. Once his famliy earned enough money, they purchased 2 gijinkas. They treated them farely, with only occasional beatings. That was until an accident. Out on the farm Danny was with His two Gijinka and decided to play game with them, becuase their work was done for the day. This enraged Danny's family and forced beatings to become more frequent, including for Danny... Until, one fateful day...

    (I heard you like puns so here I am)
    Name: Grey Ninj
    Species: Greninja
    Gender: Male
    Age (recommended): 20
    Appearance/Features: He kinda looks like my profile picture.
    Personality: he's gruff and serious most of the time. He kind somewhere inside and wants to protect Pri and Danny.
    Owner: Danny Ibuki
    Backstory (recommended)
    :Grey was sickened by an act of violence to the Ibuki's son. So, he decided to protect Danny and Pri, he couldn't stand others recieving beatings, so he acted out, and his plan worked. Pri and Danny got less beatings. The only consequence was he recieved more...

    Name: Pri Marin
    Species: Primarina
    Gender: Female
    Age (recommended): 20
    Appearance/Features: She lookes like a girl with blue hair with pearls in her hair. She has tail like Primarina, resulting in her not having any legs.Her eyes are a just like Primarina's but just a little more humanized
    Personality: She is upbeat and happy all the time, except for one time*cough* *cough* She loves to sing and entertain, but can get a little out of hand when the going gets tough.
    Owner: Danny Ibuki
    Backstory (recommended): Pri was extremly handicapped, having no legs. The work pushed her harder than any of the others.Each day she grew weaker and weaker. Her injuries didn't help...
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  21. Sure! You don't necessarily have to post it on the rp. it just makes it easier for me. Go ahead and post your character here! ^^
  22. also @SMRPG64 I think you're confused with my character Zen's gender. You might want to change your post, because Zen is a guy. xD
  23. Cool! Thanks a bunch! I'm only gonna make a gijinka character, though, if that's alright with you.
  24. Yeah, of course! However, just know that if you are planning on making only a Gijinka character, then you have to pick someone, and ask them if they can be your character's owner. You can't really have a Gijinka by itself, you know.
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  25. Name: Kagami Blinn (goes by Kit-Kat)
    Species: Vulpix
    Gender: female
    Age: 16
    Appearance/Features: Kagami is a much-shorter-than-usual, auburn-haired Vulpix gijinka. Her eyes are a piercing green color that greatly stand out from her darker skin tone, and her hair is almost always done up in a messy bun. Usually wearing a white sweatshirt that reads 'TOKYO' (look up 'anime sweatshirt' on Google Images- you'll see it), faded grey jeggings, black sparkle UGGs, and a grin on her plump lips. Seven fluffy tails poke out of her behind and two large ears poke out of her head.
    Personality: Kind, loyal, and not the smartest, Kit-Kat is the type of person that apologizes profusely for nothing in particular. Her heart is bigger than her brain, and she can be rather clumsy.
    Owner: Zen
    Backstory: Kagami used to be a lonely Vulpix living in the woods of a nearby town, before her life changed; before she became a gijinka. Since then, she moved closer to the town, but was still afraid of becoming like a slave. Of course, her hiding was futile, and she was soon found. (I will add to this.)

    Just tell me if I should change anything, alright? I'll probably end up changing her backstory later, since it's kind of dumb.

    She's up for grabs, by the way. If you want to be her master, go ahead and just tell me. I'm fine with putting her with anyone!
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  26. Yeah, it all looks good! ^^

    Yeah, I'd be willing to take your character. You'd just have to change her backstory accordingly to my next post, of course. Just give me some time to get in my part of the rp, and you'll be in in no time!
  27. @HydreigonBorn37 Concerning your character forms, everything looks alright. I like it! There's just one little issue...

    This is the world of Adomith. It is an alternate dimension from the original Pokemon universe, so there is no Kalos region, so where it says that, you're going to have to change to a town name, or something of the sort. Aside from that, you're characters are accepted! ^^

    Also, quick question...
    how the heck does Pri Marin get around?! :-O
  28. Alright! Thanks a bunch!
  29. It's no problem at all. I want to make this rp the best it can be. One thing's for sure, though...

    this is going to be a looooong first page. XD
  30. Like a snake of course!
  31. Heh, sure, like a snake.

    Actually, allow me to rephrase that.

    This is going to be a biiiiig page.

    Like a Regigigas. :p

    and totally not like a Wailord
  32. Probably, or like a Walord.
  33. huh, what a coincidence :p
  34. I'm at school right now, so I won't be able to make my first post for a while.
  35. Same goes for me. Plus, homework comes first, but I'll make sure I get something done before tomorrow.
  36. I'll get it done today, just later at like 6pm Mountain Time.
  37. Alright! Sounds good. Also, I hope that none of you drop out because of the new messages you'll have to read, or because a part you wanted to enter in had already passed.

    also, speaking of which, @The Ringmaster your window is now open. You may now change your backstory accordingly to my post (which I have now posted. you weren't notified because... well, you know)
  38. Got it. I'm in math at the moment, but I'll get it done as soon as I can!
  39. Uh... It, uh, looks like my spot to join in was kinda taken from me, there... Not quite sure what to do now. It would be kind of awkward if Kit-Kat simply happened upon the scene, y'know? Should I wait a bit longer?
  40. Wait... what? Let me see...


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