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a few changes to pokemon amie

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by theclownfish, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. (again, sorry if this is in the wrong section and no this is not a rant thread)

    i found pokemon amie to be fun and i know alot of you did. this may be hard to implement but i want a few changes and im going for a more nintendogs like approach.

    first of all i want changeable backgrounds, not the ones on the menu. im meaning here
    [​IMG]. i personally found the one in x and y to be old after a few times there. i thought that there could be a few background for biomes or types and i thought that would be cool.

    another change is so pokemon can wander around when your not feeding or petting them. i dont like how they stand there all the time and i sometimes ask ''dont they get bored standing there after a while?''. i just tested my happiny and i set him on my bed so he wouldnt see me. for about a minute he kept making a noise and looking around. eventually he went back into his pokeball. next was my gourgeist, i didnt pay attention to what he did but i heard him go back into his pokeball. my gardevoir was next. after a bit she didnt do anything but look at my screen and eventually fell asleep which is probably what happened to the other 2 though i thought a different nature would make them be different after being ignored for a bit. again like the others she went back into the pokeball. i think that they should possibly roam around for a few minutes but then fall asleep after a while.

    also what i want is more minigames. i though of bringing back the pokeathlon games but only making them use 3 pokemon and its not a contest. 2 of the 3-6 random pokemon in your party will be controlled by cpu and the pokemon your playing with (for example my gourgeist) you will control

    those are a few changes i want in amie but if you need anything or if somethings hard to understand, just tell me and ill fix this
  2. I found poke-amie to be pretty monotonous after a while too. The biggest improvement for me would be to have the mini-games give more hearts/fullness/whatever if you do better at them-- I would intentionally lose at the mini-games because it had the same effect on the pokemon, and actually try once in a while to get more pokepuffs. If I played one really good game of Head It and got 5 stars, that would be way better than intentionally losing the game 5 times.
  3. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Here are the changes I want to Pokemon amie in future games.
    I hate the fact that there's only 3 mini games in Pokemon Amie. Honestly there should be wayyyyy more games. I have an evee to evolve here!
    I hate when you have too many pokepuffs and you can't get any more. They should increase that too.
    I love petting my Pokemon but it's weird petting my Xerneas. I have to go up one screen to touch his head, and another when scratching his feet. I want tall Pokemon to be in one screen, no matter the size.
    Hopefully in OR/AS they'll fix the mini games issue. *fingers crossed*

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