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A Fateful Encounter

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Marky, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Ah, it was good to be back in Twinleaf Town! Considering how long it's been since he left on his journey with nothing but 5 Poke' Balls and a newly-hatched Dratini (A family Pokemon. His ancestors once had a beautiful Dragonite, the first of its' kind, considering that at the time, noone knew a small snake such as Dratini could ever become such a beast, and since then, The first Dragonite was bred to produce his family's very sentimental Dratinis, each one evolved fully, bred, and passed down from generation to generation), Mark has changed considerably. Reflecting from his confident, yet shy and hidden personality,are his well trained Dragon Pokemon. Mark had always been a fan, considering that dragons are-in a sense- in his blood.

    His runt of a Dratini has now become a vibrant, headstrong Dragonite, almost glowing with majesty. Throughout Mark's adventure, even through the driest deserts or the coldest blizzards, his faithful companion has never entered a Poke Ball, which shocks citizens when they enter a town. They always had had a mental image of Dragonite being a monstrous entity, when he is merely 3 feet taller than a human. But still, Dragonite is not in the list of Pokemon normally seen outside the comfort of a Poke Ball. But it does not trouble Mark, for he knows that their opinions mean nothing and do nothing to change the fact that his Dragonite is special among all the others. Mark has developed a bond with his dragons that enables to somewhat read what his Pokemon are saying, able to tell their emotions and understand them. His Pokemon also understand his language, but oddly, not other peoples'.

    Presently, Mark and Dragonite (who is often nicknamed
    Dragoon), have returned home to Twinleaf Town, where things will suddenly change, in the time frame of one Pokemon battle...

    Mark has gone into the forest with his Pokemon on the outskirts of the town. He comes across his old childhood sanctuary: an arena made by Mother Earth. A depression in the ground has created a huge, rock-like flat bed, surrounded by protruding monoliths and tall trees. Mark has never had an actual battle here, but it is a great place to let Dragoon stretch his wings.

    But little does he know that a battle will soon take place on this hidden colloseum. He senses someone coming, but ignores it as a just merely a passerby as he adjusts his black leather jacket, lays his modern-day cowboy hat on his eyes, and rests.....
  2. Whoa! That's a good story so far. I would like to read more of it. :D
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    This story is actually an RP (Role Play) Which is why its in the role play forum. Your post would be considered spam. I've giving you a warning. I suggest you read the rules and knows them so you don't receive another.
  4. I'm sorry, I didn't see it. I won't do it again. i promise. This role play is really good, though. You should write more. i want to read.
  5. A branch smacked Kalseng in the face as he side-stepped another. That was the third branch that had decided to hit Kalseng since he had entered this forest. Kalseng simply moved the branch, and continued walking. His gut had told him to stay in the forst, because if it rained, he wouldn't have to put up with the raindrops. Kalseng didn't care if a monsoon was going to rip by. He was sick of trees. Kalseng's haunter, Pheus, trailed behind, phazing through each branch calmly and collectedly, as if there was nothing there to start with. Kalseng however, had not mastered the art of becoming intangable like his ghostly friend, and continued to be smacked in the face. "'Go through the forest' I said..." Kalseng mumbled to himself. "'It can't possibly hurt, only help!' I said... God, what an idiot I am...." Kalseng snapped at himself.

    His Haunter floated by, laughing to himself. Haunter had mastered the attack Psychic, and could now telepathically comminucate with Kalseng. "You know, if you would just accept my help..." It said.

    "no. I'm travelling through a forest, by myself." Kalsng retorted. "If I can't do something as simple as that, why can I call myself a true pokemon trainer?" Kalseng spoke with a level voice, regardless of the facefull of branch he was handling.

    "No, you can call yourself a trainer if you use your pokemon to carry you through a forest." "haunter replied, his smile calm a pure. Kalseng looked at Haunter, and then looked at the upcoming trees.

    Moments later, Kalseng was floating through the forest, his haunter holding him up, carrying him through the forest. moments later, they found a clearing with a person laying against a rock, taking a small nap in front of a large crater. Kalseng looked around, and noticed giant monoliths. He then saw a Dragonite flying about the clearing. Kalseng would have been shocked, had he not seen an epic fight between a Salamence and Dragonite when Kalseng traveled the Hoenn region. so, Kalseng walked on up to the trainer, Kalseng assumed he was a trainer, because otherwise he'd also be freaking out due to the dragonite flying overhead.

    "Hello?" Kalseng prodded. His haunter stood back, checking the scenary.
  6. Poor unsuspecting Trainer. As he prodded Mark, a white, glowing stream came from his belt. Soon, the stream took the shape of a Flygon. Flygon stepped between the now-awakening Mark and the Trainer and began to growl. If one looked closely, flames began to grow in Flygon's mouth. He was getting ready to full off Fire Fang. This isn't the first time it's happened, though.

    You see, a long time ago, Mark was trapped in a Sand Tomb, conjured by a raging Cacturne. Before Mark was about to go under, a Trapinch had appeared and pulled Mark to safety. Ever since, Trapinch stayed with Mark. However, because of the incident Flygon has now grown obligated to protect from all kinds of potential danger. All kinds of danger. This is just a habit.

    "NO! Flygon, stop!" The flames in his mouth receded, and he backed down from the shocked Trainer.

    "It's ok, Flygon. I'm sure he's harmless". With that said, Flygon reluctantly went back into his Poke Ball.

    "Sorry about that. He's pretty overprotective. Anyways, hey. I'm Mark. You?"

    Mark extends his hand for a handshake.....
  7. (If you don't mind me joining. Although it was kind of tough to find a character.)

    Ishtar sat on a hill above the monolith, watching the scene unfold before her violet eyes. Her hair was a rich golden color, and flowed down to the end of her waist, she had on a blue dress that went to her knees. Fishnets could be seen on her arms and legs, which ended in fingerless gloves and a pair of worn out tennis shoes. A blue cap was on top of the her head, allowing some shade over Ishtar's face.

    Ishtar sat motionless, now another person had gone into the place, a Hauntar was with him. Ishtar's intrst quickly hot up when a Flygon appeared and looked as if he was getting ready to attack the stranger. She stood up, ths could be worthwhile. She steadily made her way downhill, wanting to hear what was being said. The boy had told his Flygon to back down, and was now introducing himself. Ishtar stepped into full view and allowed a mysterious smile to cross her lips as she adjusted her hat.

    "If you don't mind my presence, " she began, "I just couldn't help but notice this Flygon looking rather murderous towards this stranger here. Is everything alright?"
  8. As Mark was introducing himself,a being had appeared from the top of one of the monoliths. He couldn't see who it was at first, but once she walked through the light, Mark's jaw dropped and could've sworn he was looking at a goddess. Well, a goddess who was doing a poor job at looking mortal. He doesn't know if the light and the wind was working perfectly, but whatever it was, she looked stunning. Flowing golden hair, lovely and long with penetrating violet eyes (Mark had never seen such vivid violet eyes before). She seemed to know him before they even met, because she was wearing a blue dress, Mark's favorite color. He wished he could remove the hat so he can experience the full force of her beauty.

    Mark had stared at her for what seemed like forever, before he forgot that she was asking what was wrong. He shuddered himself back into reality and decided to talk in complete sentences slowly.

    "Uh...uh...Oh! Nothing's wrong. My Flygon always acts overprotective at me. It's no big deal. He will never attack until he is told to."

    Mark calls Dragonite, who was flying around, and has been for about twenty minutes.

    "Hey, buddy! Come here! There's someone I want you to meet"

    Dragonite flies down and gratefully extends his own arm.

    "Dragonite, this is Kalseng over here". Dragonite give a graceful bow.

    "And, uh, I haven't had the honor of knowing your name yet." Remembering his manners, he takes her hand and kisses the fabric of her fingerless gloves.

    "I'm Mark Lysio. And you would be....?"

    OOC: Nice character description, Chibi. ;)
  9. (Really? *blushes* Thank you.)

    Ishatr smiled slightly. "I am Ishtar. I would tell you my last name, but I don't know it." She allowed her eyes to look at Mark's Flygon. "You, know, I once knew a trainer who had a pokemon that was overprotective with him. She would do it very well too. She became very depressed when she was away from him because she was afraid that something was going to happen to him. Oh would you listen to me, I'm rambling." She shook her head slightly, making her hair ripple. "I would introduce you to my pokemon, but they have so many personalties it'd take forever."

    She now gazed at the Dragonite, a massive golden beauty. She also knew a trainer who was a good friend of her's that had a Dragonite. She reached out a hand and softlypetted the Dragonite on the head. "Nice Dragonite by the way." She said. Her belt that had her pokeballs slipped down her waist a little, then suddenly pulled iself back up on its own accord and tightened itself. Ishtar's hands had never moved while it did this, but her eyes were empty for a second.
  10. Since Flygon isn't enjoying strangers very well, Mark retreats him into his Poke Ball.

    "Yeah, same with my Pokemon. They all have varying personalities. Still, my Dragonite here is pretty much a Pokemon version of me. He has been there for me ever since I was young...." What the...? Mark just realized he was rambling also.

    "I'm sorry, I'm getting distracted. Anyways, I'm sure you are willing to honor me with a nice exhibition battle? Three on three. Winner has to, uh......well, we'll find that out when it;s over. What do you say?"
  11. Ishtar spun around so she could face Mark. "Sure," She said, smiling broadly. She adjusted her cap a little and hovering her hand above her belt. "You don't mind if people give telepathic orders to their pokemon do you?" It was a little bit of a joke, but she always asked that.

    Now, which to choose? She pondered that for a second, then smiled again. "You pick first, I insist." She told Mark, stepping back so the soon to be battling pokemon wuld have some room.
  12. (Ooh! ooh! can i join, too?)
    Rikku was near a lake, while her Vaporeon took a swim, and Glaceon sat in an ice block that she made. Rikku has White hair, red eyes,and wears a long sleeve purple shirt, and black shorts. she also wears purple leg sleeves and black and purple sneakers. She saw Mark and Ishtar about to battle. So, she sat near by, timid to what they were gonna say.. when mark saw her...
    (can i please join? please?)
  13. Finally, I've been wanting a nice battle. This'll be fun. Taking his spot on the other end of the depression, Mark decides to start things with a bam.

    "Ok then, Ishtar, you may be beautiful, but it ain't gonna blind me from this battle. Go, Salamence!"

    In a blinding flash, Salamence had taken shape, and with a triumphant roar she struck a pose, ready for battle (Yes, Salamence is a she). Salamence had always been a "girl power" factor in his team. Even as a Bagon, she always was willing to fight for Mark. He was confident he could handle whatever the lovely Ishtar threw at her......

    "Alright then, Ishtar, your call now."
  14. Ishtar was a tad suprised. "Beautiful you say?" She asked, "Thank you. Everyone says I look like my mother." She smiled and folded her arms across her chest.

    A pokeball suddenly detatched itself from her belt and flew into the air on its own accord. "Come out Nix." She said softly, and the pokeball split open. The beam of white light that flew out of it materialized into an Alakazam.

    "What now? Hey a battle!" Nix cried telepathically into head mind.

    "Yes. Now, I assume you go first?" She asked.
  15. "Ok then, if you insist.....alright Salamence, get that Alakazam with a Dragon Claw!"

    All of a sudden, Salamence bolted at Nix with blinding speed, where all of a sudden a dark red glow emanated from Salamence's right claw.

    Considering the speed at which she moved, Mark was certain she was gonna land a hit. However, Mark was surprised to see that Alakazam hadn't attempted to Teleport. However, Mark forgot about when Salamence landed a hit on Nix's left shoulder, causing what he saw as considerable damage.

    Sure Salamence was strong, but Mark is defenitly not going to underestimate Ishtars Pokemon....
  16. (Please can i join? this Role play is exciting)
  17. "Nix, use Reflect." Ishtar had said at the last second, Nix had trown up a barrier that took some damage out of the attack, but he still got hit.

    "Now, use Ice Punch." She commanded, knowing that Salamence had a double type advantage to ice.. Nix drew back his fist, which was now covered in frost, and punched at the Salamence.

    "Take that!" Nix shouted.
  18. Ah, Ice Punch. Mark always prays that no Pokemon he faces have Ice moves, but he has moves to cover them. However, Alakazam was a Psychic. What could he use......He got it!

    "Salamence, are you ok?". Despite the severe blow that blew Salamence to the other side of the field, she managed to land in her feet, and was shaking off the flakes of ice off of her wings, but shaking from the cold.

    "It's ok, girl, you can take it. Come on now, charge and use Crunch!" With sudden fury, Salamence stomped at fast speed at Alakazam with her mouth wide open,a growing darkness welling up from her throat.....
  19. "Nix, use Light Screen!" Ishtar screamed, Nix threw up a barrier that was smashed by Crunch, but the attack was weakened. "Are you alright?" She asked as Nix struggled to get back to his feet.

    "A little. Just tell me my next move!" Nix shouted back at her.

    "Nix, try Thunder Punch this time." Ishtar commanded. Nix drew back his fist again, and struck, only this time his fist crackled with electricity.
  20. Rikku sat near a bush, watching the battle...until Eevee went to them, and got into the middle of the field. "Eevee! come back" She said, scared.
  21. The thunderpunch hit, and it was painful to watch Salamence struggle with the crackling electricity in her ribs. Following her instinct, Salamence backs away from the deadly punch to get her jumbled nerves together. Salamence can't take much more, so Mark is going to try a last resort plan.

    "Ok Salamence, let loose with Earthquake!". Salamence's special ability, she levitates over the ground and suddenly throws her wing up, rocketing Salamence to the ground with a thuddering boom! Mark smiles as the coming shockwave advances on Nix, but soon realizes something, and knows he made a terrible mistake and has got to act fast.

    "Salamence, get a hold of Ishtar! Quick! Before the shockwave comes!". Ironic. Salamence has to protect someone from her own attack, but it doesn't matter. Mark would never forgive himself if Ishtar was hurt at all.

    Salamence takes off and flying ahead of the Earthquake, she uses her swooping body to knock Ishtar off her feet and onto her back.

    OOC: your choice if Alakazam latches onto Salamence's tail, or gets hit by the quake
  22. Ooc: Good suggestion. Never thought of that.

    "Hey!" Ishtar shouted as she was suddenly knocked flat on her back. "You're supposed to attack the pokemon!" She then realised why. Large cracks were appearing on the ground...Heading straight for her. "Nix!" She screamed, "Use Psychic to lift yourself off the ground!" Nix suddenly glowed with blue energy and hovered off the ground, where it cracked moments later.

    Ishtar began concentrating, and was soon using her own psychic powers to lift herself off the ground. She knew tried mightily to stop herself from falling onto the ground.
  23. Salamence circles around and sets Ishtar back on the groud, ravaged by the Earthquake.

    "Sorry about that Ishtar! Didn't think on that last move. My bad." By now, Salamence had returned to Mark's side, still struggling to stay on her feet. Just one last move, girl......

    "Salamence, let loose with Flamethrower. Put your heart into it!" (Not literally, of course. Sorry, I joke around with myself at times) Now, Salamence stood up on her hind legs, reared her neck back, with embers growing in her jaws, and with one roar, she let loose a glorious stream of fire, heading straight for Nix.

    "It's gonna get hot, Ishtar!" Mark yells as the column of flames began to split onto a helix-shaped stream of fire, spinning toward the Psychic powerhouse.
  24. [[OOC: Hey, sorry for being gone for so long. I'm actually in the middle of moving to Ohio. I'm accessing from wireless right now, so an out of character short post might be what I can manage.]]

    Kasleng watched the battle unfold before his eyes, carefully analyzing every blow, strike, and dodge each creature executed in perfect unison with their trainers. He was taking notes in his head. This was a battleground, after all. It was only logical Kalseng prepare for a battle of epic porportions. His haunter floateda round, taking the same notes as his trainer, but not kind, friendly, strategic notes. He was taking the kinds of notes he could use to make his enemies writhe in torment, with nightmares that could shatter their very souls. Pheus was not in the mood to lose a battle.

    Being strategic, however, was not very typical of the traveling singer and storyteller. He simply traveled about, enjoying sights, and occasionally getting wrapped up in a fight revolving around large, fully evolved dragons. This was the...(Kalseng counted in his head) fourth large dragon pokemon Kalseng had seen, and the second epic fight. He was neither unnerved, nor even slightly weirded out.

    Kalseng smiled to himself. Boy, they were in for one hell of a surprise if they wanted to fight Kalseng. He looked rather weak and unsuccessful as a trainer, but he actually knew a lot about battling. Traveling about four different regions will do that to a person.

    [[OOC: Okay... enough time for an adequate post. Yay. Anyway, I'm sending Marky a PM.]]
  25. Rikku saw the two battling, but couldn't say a word... Until Eevee escaped from Rikku's arms, going in the front of Salamence.
  26. "Nix!" Ishtar screamed as she saw her Alakazam engulfed by flames. If only she could have used that Protect TM beforehand. When the flames cleared, she saw Nix laying facedown in the dirt. She sighed and once again the pokeball rose into the air by itself. "You did great. Now returnnghhhh." The last word died on her lips as she saw Nix struggle upwards.

    "Just...kidding!" He shouted with difficulty as he stood up, covered in burns.

    "Nix you really outta-" Ishtar began to reason with her pokemon.

    "No!" Nix stopped her, "Just tell me what my next move is."

    Another long sigh. "Nix what I am going to do with you? If you insist, Psybeam." Ishtar ran her fingers through the hair by her ears, a sign that she was slightly stressed. Nix crossed the two spoons he was holding into the shape of an X, the spoons began to glow until it shot out a multi-colored beam of psychic beauty. It headed straight for Salamence like a rainbow arrow.

    (Looks like Nix has some fight left in him. For now.)
  27. Mark couldn't help but notice the determination Nix had displayed. Props for that. But still, with both Pokemon pushed to their limit, there's no doubt that this'll be the final maneuver.

    Salamence was drained from the Flamethrower attack. She gasped for air, and suddenly dropped.

    "Salamence! Are you ok?" And with a low groan, she said that she was done.

    "Ok, girl. Take a rest you deserve it" And with a final moan, Salamence dissolved into a red glow as she was retreated into her Poke Ball for a well-deserved nap.

    "Gotta tell you, Ishtar, that Alakazam is quite the powerhouse. I never thought Salamence could lose, since she doesnt like losing too much. But its ok, that was a great first round!"

    Before continuing, Mark took a few seconds to bask in Ishtar's beauty, before starting round 2.

    "Ok, it's time for round two!" Mark readies his next Pokemon.

    "But where are my manners? Ladies first, after all. Choose your next Pokemon, and you can attack first this time...."

    Taking one last glance at her shimmering grace, Mark starts to think of what the victor of this battle will win.....
  28. Ishtar smiled, "Thanks for the compliment. Nix was my first pokemon, I've had him ever since my mother hatched him as an Abra. He's always trying to prove to me that he can fight harder than I think." She stopped at a groan from Nix. "Oh," she said, remembering something, "Nix come here so I can heal that burn you have." She took out a Burn Heal and sprayed it on Nix's chest, where an ugly red burn had appeared. It soon began disappearing, and Ishtar took out his pokeball. "Alright, get some rest and don't you dare say anything." Nix just smiled and allowed himself to be dissolved in red light.

    Ishtar stood back up and clipped the pokeball back on her belt. She thought for a few seconds more. Then smiled, "It's so hard to choose," she said, "but I'll bring out a pokemon that I haven't battled with lately." She took a Great Ball off her belt this time and flung it into the air. "Go, Eli!" She shouted and the blue ball split open.

    The pokemon that appeared this time was rather tall and skinny, its coloring was a dark green going into white and a little red. The Gallade calmly looked around before taking a battle pose when he saw the opposing trainer.
  29. Ah, Gallade. Mark takes his finger and runs it down the vertical scar over his eye (not on the eye, just around it). He remembers how he got that scar....

    A rampaging Gallade was out of control in the Fight Area in Sinnoh, and the local authorities had released a Scyther to deal with it. The two fought all over the island, until Mark had caught sight of it and tried to help Scyther, but it was too late. Gallade blew the Scyther away with Psycho Cut, and then proceeded to strike Mark with it. Jutting backwards just in time, Gallade had cut the area around his eye, resulting in a now-disappearing scar.

    But that doesn't mean that all Gallades are his sworn enemies. He know that it must've been a random accident for a master of honor and swordsmanship such as Gallade go beserk.

    Besides, Mark seriously doubts a women like Ishtar possessed any beserk Pokemon.....

    Returning to the present, he pulls from his belt an old, rusted, but still white, Premier Ball. Mark throws it into the air, unleashing its white beam of energy which began to take the form of a Sceptile. An expert of jungle and one-on-one combat, he was certain this would be a very eloquent fight.

    "Alright, Sceptile, hold for now. Let her make the first move" Sceptile, who is energetic, yet calm in battles, groaned whiningly at first, since it wasn't able to attack first, but then struck a martial arts pose, ready to battle.

    "Ok, Ishtar. Hit me" Mark played
  30. "Ok. Be ready though." Ishtar said, grinning. she thought for a second, then smiled. "Eli, run and use Double Team."

    "Right!" Eli shouted, knowing instantly what his trainer was going to do. They used this tactic all the time, and it was almost completely fail-safe. Almost. Unless someone got a lucky shot. He ran to the Sceptile's left, but before it could strike, there were suddenly twele Galldes all running around in different directions.

    "Now, Night Slash." Ishtar commanded. Four Gallades leapt forward, while eight hung back, their arm blades pulsing a sinister purple as they all slashed at the Sceptile in unison. The mere sight of it was beautiful, yet terrifying.
  31. Rikku was enjoying the battle. She wished that she could battle like that. Until Ralts came out of his pokeball.

    "Ralts! No!"

    Ralts went to Ishtar, and Rikku followed him. When Ralts bumped into Ishtar...
  32. Huh boy. Sceptile always lets his hyperactivity get the best of him. Running at the army of Gallades at full speed, he thinks he can take them all. One by one, he slashes at them, hitting apparition after apparition, while the eight Gallades in the back unleashes their Night Slash. Sceptile froze, dead in his tracks, and suddenly gripped his stomach in pain, where a black, glowing cut had grown.

    Soon, the cut evaporated, and Sceptile stood up, and continued to dash toward the last four Gallades standing.

    "Ok, Sceptile, Leaf Blade! Knock them all out!" Witha quick nod, one of the leaves on Sceptile's arm sprang out, and glowed a faint green. Then with a horzontal slash, a bright green arc flew straight towards the Gallades.

    One of them is real, and since he can't waste time going one after the other, he decided to hit them all....
  33. Rikku watched the battle from the bush, and Ralts wandered off. Ralts sat next to Mark. Rikku didn't notice it until she saw Ralts pulling Mark. "No! Come back." Rikku wanted to go to Mark to retrive Ralts, but he was in the middle of a battle with Ishtar. So, Rikku went to Mark. She tapped his back. "Excuse me. I'm sorry that I interrupt, but my Ralts wandered off to you." She said to him, waiting for his responce.
  34. As Mark's Sceptile unleashed his Leaf Blade on the four remaining Gallades, a Ralts had apparently been tugging on Mark's leg for awhile. Of course, a Trainer had come to retrieve it. However, Mark was rushed, and this Trainer was trying to start a conversation in the middle of a battle. He had to make this quick, for Sceptile was prepared to unleash his Leaf Blade soon.

    "Look, I'm sorry miss, but I'm sure you can wait 'til this battle is over. It's not that that I don't want to talk to you, but I need to concentrate here, as you can see. I'm sorry. Feel free to enjoy the battle. I hope your Pokemon don't get hurt during this battle, like your Eevee that almost got singed earlier."

    Mark always hates doing this to people. He would talk to anyone if the current circumstances weren't so...pressured. He swears this Trainer would be an expert conversationalist, but this battle is still going on, and he wasn't prepared to lose anytime soon.....

    Going back to the here and now, Sceptile has unleashed his Leaf Blade, a bright green arc gliding toward the four Gallades...
  35. Kalseng's eyes had drifted away from the battle and onto the scenary about himself. The great monoliths stood as proud as they could, but were handicapped by the immense disrepair they were in. The crater was incredibly large, and was ridden with vines and souch, as nature reclaimed its original home. The ruins looked as though they would fall if one touched them, and trees would grow in their place... LIke a cradle... Like a cradle of Gaia...

    Kalseng's eyes widened and his face brightened. He reached into his bag, and pulled out a dusty old collection of papers. He rifled through them, and found the sheet he was looking for. At the top in fancy, hand-written letters, it read: 'The Cradle of Gaia' Lyrics were written on the page, as the melody was long forgotten. Kalseng read the lyrics over.

    When nature proves that it can halt mighty beasts with a single breath,
    when fire can overcome the ever-long dead whom roam the earth,
    when the great sands are bound to the earth by the skies,

    Gai will open its maw
    and the treasures,
    ever so long forgotten,
    will be released.

    Like gold are the rarities.
    Like honey is the air.
    Like nothing you've seen before,

    Lies in Gaia's maw.

    Kalseng looked around. He was confused. bind the sands to the earth wiht the skies? Fire defeats the long-dead? A single breath defeats the mightiest beasts? Kalseng got a headache simply trying to fathom its meaning. he returned the papers to his bag, and laid his eyes back upon the fight.
  36. (Ooc: Sorry for not replying sooner, the comp. was having problems. And very sorry for the short notice, but tomorrow I'm going camping with my family and won't be around for a while. T.T)

    As the whirling green slash cut through the four Gallades, they all seemed to double up in pain. And suddenly, they seemed to-flicker. Then, they were gone, like a hologram projector with a bad circut. In the background, where the eight Galldes had been struck, one to the far left was laying facedown in the grass, moaning. The real Eli had never actually been a part of the attack, a move that often worked.

    "Eli!" Ishtar screamed, "Please get up!"

    The Gallade groaned and used one hand to push himself to his feet, the other hand clutched his stomach, where the Leaf Blade had struck him. Eli finally stodd, and tensed, showing that he was still good to go. Ishtar felt a momentary surge of pride for her pokemon.

    Ishtar bit her lip for a second, then realized that the Sceptile could still attack Eli during her train of thought, so she made a quick order. "Eli try..." Her voice trailed off as she racked her brain for an answer, "Aerial Ace!" she suddenly shouted, the move popping up in her mind like a Diglett.

    Eli crouched down for a second, then leapt forward, his body twisting in the air as a blur of green and white in a pattern of complex movements that her eyes just refuse to believe. As soon as he touched the ground he took off again, his arm blades starting to glow whiter in the movements. To Ishtar, her pokemon was almost seeming to fly, he was in the air longer than the ground. Finally, he got close enough to strike, and did so.

    (I can't really think of how a non-flying pokemon can do a flying move, so I did the first thing that came to mind.)
  37. OOC: It's alright Chibi. Have fun with the camping!

    BIC: That Gallade doesn't quit. In almost a second after getting hit by Sceptile's devestating Leaf Blade, Eli is up and ready to go. Ishtar was giving her next move some thought. A bad mistake, Mark thought, but just as he was about about to command Sceptile to attack again, Ishtar's lovely voice suddenly rose and shouted "Aerial Ace!".

    Huh boy, Mark though, this girl knows these weakness all too well. Its almost as if her Pokemon were built to attack his team with such ferocity. But he didn't have time to think about it because Gallade had jumped in the air, and performed one of the most fierce yet graceful aerial performances his eyes had ever tried to keep track of. And like a missile, Eli had started to glow brightly, and started to rocket toward an unprepared Sceptile.

    But Mark was going to change that.

    "Ok, Sceptile, get ready! I want you to dodge, then wait for my cue. Be prepared, 'cuz it's gonna be quick!" With a quick nod, Sceptile crouched, ready to evade.

    As the Gallade steaked toward Sceptile, Mark's Pokemon made his move. Sceptile rolled out of the path of the white torpedo that was Eli. Just then, time itself seemed to slow down, and Sceptile was looking at Eli streak by, with which Mark called out the cue.

    "Grab it's legs!"

    And with time returning to normal speed, Sceptile had latched onto Gallade's round legs, and began to tremble as the shaking fury of the velocity was brought to an extremely abrupt halt. He was getting hurt. In an effort to avoid the attack, he knew he had to take some brunt of the Aerial Ace.

    "Now, Sceptile, Seismic Toss!" An odd move for a Sceptile, yes. But at this point, Mark was extremely happy he took three weeks to teach him that. Shaking with pain, Sceptile began twirling Gallade in circles, faster and faster until it was a blur of green, blue and white. Faster and faster, until, Sceptile releases! Gallade is thrown high into the air. Mark hopes Ishtar won't be fast enough to have her counter with Eli in the air, but then again, he can't underestimate her.

    Mark takes a quick glance at Sceptile, who is dealing with the pain in his hands. Despite it not going according to plan, Aerial Ace was still super-effective. But that wasn't the worst of it.

    Like a quick hammer blow, Mark kneeled to the ground in pain, and suddenly felt an urge to grasp his chest. There he felt an abrupt tear in his shirt, and beyond that, a cut clear across his chest, but no blood. The cut (which must've been a result of Gallade being spun by Sceptile too close to Mark. Remember, the Aerial Ace was still in effect) must've been so quick that the cut had time to somewhat heal itself even before Mark felt the pain.

    Huh, that makes two scars caused by a Gallade. However, instead of feeling blind hatred, like most people would experience, in his injured chest he felt a deep respect of not only Eli, but Ishtar. She apparently (and Mark had no doubt in the first place, of course) knows how to raise a Pokemon, and that in turn made Mark's feelings for Ishtar swell.

    Returning to the here and now, Mark suddenly stood from his pain and saw Ishtar's face as her Gallade soared high into the air, and had no doubt that she would be ready to deliver a devastating counter-attack.

    And he was ready.

    OOC: Sorry for taking control of your Gallade like that. After reading through it, I suddenly realized it. Hope you don't mind
  38. ( Not at all, not at all...Back! My legs are fricking sore from four days straight of hiking. But the summit of Mt. Pisgah in NC has the best veiw ever.)

    Ishtar felt her jaw drop at the amazing counterattack caused by the Sceptile. It took her by complete suprise, like a rock crumbling beneath your foot when it looked as if it would support your weight. She wasn't the only one.

    "Hey wha?!" Eli shouted in her head when he realized he was now being swung around. "What the heck do I do?"

    "I don't know!" Ishtar telepathically responded. She watched, roted to the ground by shock as Eli rose higher and higher-and began to drop.

    "Well you better think of something cuz if you don't, I will." Ishtar knew how disasterous that could turn out. She searched her mind again, thinking of all the TMs she had taught her wonderful Gallade. One suddenly presented itself. She grinned.

    "Eli!" She shouted, "We haven't used this often, but use Endure!" Thank Arceus that she hadn't hesitated in teaching Eli that move. Eli curled up into a primitive ball, clasping his knees and tightening his muscles very hard. Just in time too, for he hit to ground with such force that his posture broke and he became an awkward tangle of long limbs. He sat up, he looked as if he has more than 1 hp left, but that attack had done considerable damage. "Alright alright, shake it off now!" Ishtar shouted.

    Eli shot her a look saying: "Well why don't you get thrown into the air?"

    "I've fallen from the air a LOT higher than you have, mind you." She said, "Now, use Psychic."

    Eli spun on his heel and put both hands near the side of his head, almost touching, but now quite. His red eyes began to cloud over with a misty blue, and the grass around him ruffled, although there was not the slightest breeze. Suddenly there was a loud whump, as if something very heavy, but very soft had just landed in the field. The grass was suddenly violently parted, as if some powerful invisible force had just shot right above it.The air around the Sceptile seemed, tensed, almost. Then suddenly the tension broke as an invisible force assualted the grass pokemon.

    (Yes, I make attacks sound very devastating. It just didn't seemed fair to make Eli use Protect, even though he knows it. And, I find it funny that Aerial Ace "cannot miss" yet it kinda did. ;) )
  39. (Ah, but technically, it didn't miss. It did its' damage ;) to both me and Sceptile)

    Mark, recovering from the cut to his chest, stood up, and saw exactly what he expected to see.

    Ishtar with another counter-attack.

    Sceptile, still griping his hands from the Aerial Ace, suddenly feels a 'strain' in the air, almost like an unknown force, tugging at not only his physical being, but his soul as well. Despite the mysterious circumstances, Sceptile knew what he was about to deal with, and was totally unprepared for it, as always.


    As the air continued to pull at Sceptile, Mark felt a breeze, but he knew that there hasn't been any wind all day. Then he realized what was gonna happen. He had to act quick, but before he thought of a plan, it was too late.

    Sceptile was suddenly thrown into the air, higher and higher, and crashed, the brunt of the force to his back, into a protruding monolith behind Mark. Sceptile was frozen for a second, andthen proceeded to fall to the ground. Mark shut his eyes and didn't wanna hear the thud of his beloved Pokemon. However, instead of a thud, he heard a light tap, and then opened his eyes.

    Sceptile landed on his feet! While extremely battered, shaking even, He managed to pull himself together and stand proudly, Mark brimming with pride himself. His Pokemon always manage to pull through, no matter what. Limping back to the battlefield, Sceptile once again struck his battle pose, ready for Mark to give him the order to attack. With this determination, how can Mark refuse? Besides, he knows what can help his friend.

    "Okay, Sceptile, you know what medecine you need to take!", Mark joked, "Use Giga Drain!"

    And with that order, Sceptile backed up a few paces, planted his feet firmly into the ground, and started to concentrate. He beamed his eyes at Eli, using his own will power to attempt to drain the energy of the Gallade.

    Hopefully it'll work...
  40. (That's why I said kinda.)

    "Oh dang." Ishtar murmured as she heard the next order shouted. She didn't think she had any counter move for that. She remembered how some poison pokemon could poison the attacker instead of getting their health drained, but Eli was everything but a poison type.

    "Any more bright ideas?" Eli asked. Ishtar couldn't tell if it was sarcasm or not. "Come on, tell me before your heart gives out from all that stress and worry."

    Despite the situation, Ishtar couldn't help but smile. Every trainer shares a close bond with their pokemon, but Ishtar having psychic powers and almost all of her pokemon were Psychic, that bond was immeasurably closer. It was almost as if they all shared the same body, which was why it was so hard to hide her feelings and emotions from her pokemon. "Alright, your just gonna have to 'endure' this one again." She said giggling slightly.

    "Enough with your bad jokes." Eli teased, but he got the message. He tensed all over again, bracing for the attack that was soon to come. At first no one noticed, but then the faint green glow surrounding Eli's body grew brighter. The glow suddenly dispatched itself from the Gallade, separating into four green orbs, each with a yellow orb in the middle. Eli gasped and dropped onto his back, his chest rapidly rising up and down with each breath.

    "Still alive?" Ishtar asked weakly. Eli ruggedly sat up, one arm around his knee so he didn't fall again.

    "Unfortunately no." Eli replied, "Sleep in my pokeball right now is such a delicious promise."

    "You wanna go back in?"


    "Fine." Ishtar moved her hand away from Eli's pokeball, he pushed himself even more than Nix did. She really had no actual idea why, but Eli seemed more of the guardian type; to him, if he lost in a battle, he failed himself and others. He was probably the most determined pokemon she had ever met. "When Giga Drain is done, use Psycho Cut." The glowing green and yellow orbs surrounded the Sceptile, then merged with his body, giving back the health that they stole. No sooner than the glow had faded than Eli shot off, with a very slight limp, no doubt from the loss of health. He branished his arm blades and leapt forward, bringing his blade down in a strike.

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