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A Dying Valley- A short story

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Stam~ Susie Salmon, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. OOC:This is short *shot*
    Faren Valley sat deep in the mountains, as did The Grove. The flowers swayed delicately in the breeze, as did the emerald green leaves. Only one thing did not move in the valley.

    Era heard the twig snap on the edge of The Grove, and she turned her head to scan for the intruder, whom she sighted quickly. Unlike Era, the woman had plain brown hair that fell to her shoulders, and dull eyes of the same shade. After these examinations, it took Era only a minute to see the woman was coming toward her. Era's hair wisped around her face with the slight breeze of the air. She smiled ever so slightly. Her trap was in place.

    Lauree had a mission, and that mission was to take Era back to Kina Hee, alive. She plodded toward Era at a slow pace while leaving a trail of squashed flowers in her wake. She blinked once, then again, and realized Era had warped at least 20 feet closer to her. Suddenly, clouds rolled in, and it began to rain and thunder. Lauree whirled around wildly to discover the cause of these changes, to no avail. The lightning was coming closer.

    Lauree cried out to Era,"Please! I don't want to hurt you! Please Era, help me!" The wind howled,and the rain pressed against her face. She let out a drawn out a long scream, and heard witch laughter. When she blinked again, there was no storm, only Era's wild laughter.

    "Magic," Lauree breathed, and began the trek down the hill again.

    Era composed herself and looked out at her pursuer, one she knew well. Lauree She thought, and swore under her breath. The other half of Faren Valley lay behind her, a desolate, ruined place. This woman had kidnapped the valley's other half, Steven. Along with Steven, the valley's life had been taken, and it became a desolate place.

    "Era,"Lauree called at her, "I've been here longer than you, I know these traps well. You can't escape Kina Hee." Era pondered the woman's confusing speech, before, with a cry of terror, she was contained in a large steel crate. Lauree stepped forward and spoke the ancient word of strength, Harolen, and lifted Era's prison high above her head, and began her trek out of the dying valley.

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