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A Different World (sign ups)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Kyu Gardevoir, May 2, 2017.

  1. This is a Different world then usual
    After the worlds failed attempt to stop the invasion Adrian and his massive army of robots finnaly took over the world
    Even despite all of the champions and strong trainers attempts to stop him he has succeeded and took over the world government and formed the world into a dictator like apocalypse with severe rules and heavy punishment,he also hired several people with his new massive wealth who helps maintain his world
    But where there is evil there is always good to counteract it
    One town managed to fight back the forces of Adrian and made a safe haven in Kanto
    Will there rise a new person to fight back and lead these people against Adrian's tyranny?
    Or will they be crushed just as easily as the other resistances
    Start off the journey and see what arrives you
    You may be shocked at what you find!
    Ok some rules and stuff
    1: NO LEGENDARIES,MYTHICS, or ANYTHING that would come close to there powers,in this world its different
    2: if you want shinys keep it to one at most,or if you want it a different color then normal PLEASE give a really good explanation on to how they got it,can't be anything like "there just born with it ",if your creative with it then it's cool :3 you could even make the "there just born with it" thing acceptable IF its creative on how that happened
    3 please do not say stuff like "he easily wiped out his forces and killed Adrian in an instant",tension and struggles make a story good and stuff like that makes it boring and feels rushed,plus all Pokecharms rules apply here
    4 you could RP as a human or a Pokémon but the most you can have on your team is just limited to two since Adrian made being a Pokémon trainer illegal and it's hard to have a full team and just sneak by easily,plus you can only rp as two people at maximum,If your a trainer that doesn't include your team
    5: you could start off AT the town or you could show up later,as in you heard of it and you go to it,you don't have to be only limited here but your character has to come here eventually,the towns name is Malohai
    6:Blood and such are expected and are allowed however things that may make other people cringe like "Ripping off there eyeballs" and "Mudering the babies" is a bit far,No gore
    7Finally just give me your Character info and I'll approve of you,once I get around three people not including myself then I'll create the thread

    I need your
    Character name:
    Pokémon or a trainer?
    If your a Pokémon what are you?: (put N/A if your not a Pokémon)
    If your a Pokémon trainer who are your two Pokémon?: (If your a Pokémon put N/A here)
    There goal:
    Interesting info:

    Other than that let's get this rolling :)

    Example: people who im roleplaying as
    Name:Kyu Faraday
    Pokémon or trainer?: Pokémon
    If your a trainer who are your two Pokémon?: N/A
    If your a Pokémon what are you?: Gardevoir
    Appearance: A dark black haired gardevoir with slightly darker red eyes
    Personality:Is a joking person who loves a good battle,but hides it when she meets new people with a tough demeanor
    There goal: Defeat Adrian and restore her honor
    Interesting info: She got her dark hair When she was in her egg and a scientist experimented on her egg,he tried to make her have human women aspects and so he made her hair color different and changed it to black,the scientist then dissapeared and she lived her life wild until when she was a gardevoir and she failed to stop Adrian,a man came and ask her to be the protector of a new town he founded and made since he heard of her remarkable abilities,she now resides in this legendary town and is its guardian

    My second character
    Name:Adrian corona
    Pokémon or trainer?: Trainer/Dictator
    If your a Pokémon what are you?: N/A
    If your a trainer who are your two Pokémon?: He has none since he only uses his machines
    Appearance: a tall black haired man with red eyes,he has tanned skin and usually is wearing a dark cloak with regular denim pants,he wears blue with black shoes
    Personality: Is insane and cruel and sadistic,he is only kind to those who aren't afraid of him that arnt his enemies,although he is highly intelligent and highly skilled at what he does,he enjoys those who could amuse him and he typically has a tough and high attitude personality
    There goal: To rule the world completely with no resistance
    Interesting info: he is not completely sane and will do anything to get his way,yet at the same time he has his moments of empathy randomly due to the unstabibility of his mind
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  2. Name:Alice Bubblegum
    Appearance: Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Straight hair, Peach skin
    Goals: To help Adrian conquer the
    Personality: Crazy, Complex, Caring, Evil
    Interesting facts: Change Appearance and voices and can learn any hobbies
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  3. Character name: Stan Smith
    Pokémon or a trainer: Trainer
    Pokémon: Porygon-2 (Polygon), and Golurk (Guardian)
    Appearance: Average Height. Has Red hair, and freckles. Spiked hair, and green eyes, only owns short sleeved purple shirts, and wears Blue Jeans. He also wears Blue Sneakers.
    Personality: A bit of an optimist, and believes anyone can be friends if they just try hard enough. An entertainer, and is a wiz for Pokemon Strategy. He knows how to battle, due to him training in secret, but yet does not have any real experience besides blowing up some robots, and is only Fourteen.
    Their goal: To make the world a happy place of peace, and not to kill Adrian, but to show him how good it is to have friends, not just robots!
    Interesting info: Main tactic is to pinpoint where the robots are being developed, destroy it, destroy the remaining robots, and go up to Adrian and convince him that the world is for everyone to enjoy, and everyone can be friends! If that doesn't work put him in an asylum because he is clearly not sane due to how inhumane his actions are.
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  4. (Both of you are accepted :) all I need are two more people or one more and then I'll start it and have a link to the actual RP
  5. Character name: Charles
    Pokémon or a trainer?: Trainer
    If your a Pokémon what are you?: (put N/A if your not a Pokémon); N/A
    If your a Pokémon trainer who are your two Pokémon?: (If your a Pokémon put N/A here): Greninja/Krokorok
    Appearance:he has white hair, blue scarf he has blue eyes
    Personality: he is cold and despotic he dont like to stay near to other people
    There goal: stop adrian at all cost
    Interesting info: he an his greninja has a special conection but he didnt know that
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  6. (Ok guys I guess we have enough people! If someone else try's to join I'll only consider it,for now I will post the link to the thread in a bit)
  7. I'd Like to join.

    Character name: Damian
    Pokémon or a trainer? Pokemon
    If your a Pokémon what are you?: Zorua
    If your a Pokémon trainer who are your two Pokémon?: N/A
    Appearance: He is smaller than average and the fur on his head that should be red is blue. The reason for this is that he dyed it, wanting to be unique.
    Personality: He usually tries to act serious, and despite his small stature he can sometimes be quite intimidating. Secretly though, he is very lonely and can be friendly if someone gets to know him well enough.
    There goal: At this point he only has one goal in life. To kill Adrian.
    Interesting info: His strategy is to form a group of strong pokemon and trainers, so they can help him get to Adrian. Once there, he plans to simply kill Adrian in whatever way possible.
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  8. Character name:Ken
    Pokémon or a trainer?Pokemon
    If your a Pokémon what are you?: Greninja
    If your a Pokémon trainer who are your two Pokémon?: N/A
    Appearance:Scar on face, black cloak.
    Personality:Kind, yet just
    There goal:Restore the world.
    Interesting info:Has a bit of history with Adrian.
  9. Ooc (sure your accepted..)
  10. >_> I said you were accepted XD can't be that enthusiastic lol
  11. Can I be a Pokemon hybrid experiment
  12. I am going to go out of the RP now, just because I don't think I do serious Rps well. Also I really didn't think I was god modding.
  13. It's for the best I guess,if you couldn't have taken it seriously then you could've at LEAST not auto do stuff,that's a BIG no no here,sorry dude but yeah I don't want you or me banned or the thread locked so it's for the best
  14. I guess you ignoring me is a no ok bye.

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