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Open A different world, a different adventure - Welcome again to Kanto

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Petrus G.P, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. ((((((( In this pokemon adventure you will need a few things and a more important one is doing one of the consistent story, explore your imagination and your desire to be a pokemon trainer as well as companionship with others been, because after all we're here for fun.

    Ok... The rules...

    - In the beginning you will just have one pokemon, because everybody is just starting right now but this pokemon can be anyone in the first stage of evolution of any generation. NO FAKEMON!!! . Ex: You want a Luxray? Take a beauty Shinx.

    - The adventure take place at Kanto but the birth city of your character can be any of your desire.

    - If you want to catch a new pokemon describe with great specificity as it happened.

    - In the battles just two moves per pokemon trainer. If you change your pokemon this count as a one movement.

    - No medicine or anything like that is allowed in the battle

    - The technology follow the games. I talking about the PokeGear and all this kind of stuff.

    - Describe Yourself * YOUR CHARACTER *. You will see whats I talking about, so follow my example)))))))

    World Plot: *Well, the beginning is placing in where the legendary trainer Red lived and began his pokemon adventure, Pallet Town – Kanto, and because of his fame, his hometown just start to expanding and becoming quite developed. The transformation of Pallet Town in a metropolis just ending attracting many new people as well as future trainers and thanks to that, professor OAK decided to found along with his grandson, Blue, the great Academy of Pokemon Trainers (APT), which was well received by the population leading to the creation of other venues around the planet.

    In recent times to pokemon constitution came undergoing changes and one of them was the requirement to have a minimum age of 15 to begin an adventure pokemon legitimate at the League Spiritual which is a group of coaches who have reached the apex of the link between pokemon and trainer and because of that they and other scholars command system of the pokemon world laws.*

    Every trainer needs to start somewhere and you starts in the APT of Pallet just like the another rookies in this story and today is the day you earn your initial…

    Info of Petrus
    NAME: Petrus Ancrath

    AGE: 15

    APPEARANCE: Admin edit: DESCRIBE YOUR CHARACTER. DO not cheap out by using art, especially unsourced art that isn't yours.

    BORN IN: Rustboro City – Hoenn

    BACKSTORY: Petrus is a boy who lost his family too early. His father was a trainer but eventually died in a landslide that occurred at Wayward Cave in Sinnoh, when he was 6 years old. Since his mother died days after his birth, she could not recover from childbirth. Thanks to these tragic events he moved to the house of a cousin who lives in Pallet Town, Kanto region, but it was different, cold but friendly, persistent and focused, but it was thanks to her strong spirit, shaped by lack of love paternal and maternal, he continued to struggle in APT for when the time comes he could be what he and his father wanted a pokemon champion.

    PERSONALITY: Serio, focused, friendly and persistent.

    And now the story begins...
    - Here's your official Petrus Trainer Card and do not forget what you've learned here at APT, I hope you win many things, I'm sure your father would be very happy to see his son following in his footsteps. - Said Professor Lana, happy to see another of his precious students leave toward the grandiose world of adventure that is the world Pokemon.

    - Thank you teacher, I will not forget what I learned with you. - Said Petrus, keeping your Trainer Card in your bag and saying goodbye with a brief smile that it was her guardian for years, quickly leaving school.

    Already in possession of the trainer card, Petrus followed as soon as possible for the Oak Farm, where he would get his start, in order to get there first than the crowd that probably would be there soon. But he was a worried so much, so to say, because currently the initials are chosen based on each coach personality and this selection is made by APT to gather all the data of the students so as to draw a conclusion of what will be the initial ideal for every young person.

    It did not take long for Petrus arrived in Oak Laboratory and getting there...
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