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A Different Kind of Evil Organization

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by TrainerRainbow, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. So,

    I've actually been contemplating writing a script for my own Pokemon Fan-Game and how I'd aim the game more towards the more mature audience and I think I've came up with a Team that might be a little more exciting for older players.

    Organization Name: Poke-Reich
    Leader: "Father"
    Admins: Sensei Buzz (Former Gym Leader) Sensei Aqua (Former Gym Leader) Sensei Samuel (Former Professor) Sensei Gertrude ( Beauty Contest Champion)
    Type Focus: Fighting/Poison
    Motto: We shall purge the world of the weak and the soft!
    Goal: The extermination of all Weak pokemon and Trainers

    Leadership: All the Leadership in the Poke-Reich are Former Elite For (Father) Former Gym Leaders (Buzz an Aqua ) Intellectual leaders (Samuel) And people who Influence society (Gertrude) This is because Father doesn't really like to show his face. However, The Admins are the public face of The Poke-Reich and are noted trainers who have a reputation for being incredibly strong. Father's reasons for not showing his face around people who aren't associated with The Poke-Reich is because he was once League Champion, But after word got out that father mistreated his pokemon inorder to get them to the strength he needed to stay undefeated champion for 20 years he was ousted and labeled a criminal.

    1.) Normal Members of The Poke-Reich are called Poke-Reich Shinobi and are usually found with a Team consisting of Tyrogue / Machop / Grimmer / Gulpin or Hawlucha. A mix of Fighting Types and Poison Types. Their team uniform is a play on Ninja Uniforms. The most new members wearing a white uniform and elite members wearing a Red Uniform.

    2.) The ultimate battle with Father doesn't actually happen until AFTER you defeat the elite four and become Pokemon Champion. After infiltrating the Pokemon League and taking the Elite Four hostage and lining Victory Road with explosives so that if anyone tries to rescue them Father can trap everyone there in a dark tomb. Father's team consists of Level 70's and 80's (Your team should be around the same level when you get there.) His ultimate goal is to defeat you and become champion again.

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