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Open "A cup of tea, perhaps?" // Discussion and Sign-Ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by mama scoots, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. lemme get the introduction out of the way first-//

    A teacup clanked gently against a small plate that was made for it, a light brown; yet milky liquid almost spilling out onto the table that was nearby. Sips were heard and it revealed to be a yamper with a bowler hat with a red ribbon and a red bowtie. A satisfied sigh escaped his lips before he set his cup down.

    "Welcome," He said, smiling warmly. "Now, what would you like to ask me?"

    Alright, so, the introduction may be a bit confusing, but this is basically supposed to be a mystery detective roleplay, where there's been multiple murders and the yamper that was described in the story is one of the main suspects for the murderer. Your character is most likely a detective or a cop, or maybe even another suspect. It's your character, after all.

    Also, there is a battle system that will be explained shortly after the forms.

    Here are the forms. If you'd like, you can send your plain old character info.

    Type (s):
    Role: (like I said, your character can be a detective, a cop, or another suspect. there are also other roles as well, like the detective's sidekick and that one spectator that accidentally discovers important info or somethin.)

    Alright. So, here's the battle system.
    (Pull up a random number generator that goes from 1-100.)
    The battle system works like this: you choose your move, you have the number generator pick a number, and yeah.
    But since this is a number system, there's a number where your move actually hits and there's a number where your move misses. There are also critical hits.

    Hit: 20 and more
    Miss: 19 and less
    Critical: 80 and more

    so there's that.

    So yeah, there you have it. If you are interested, feel free to send your forms and ask me any questions you have!!
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  2. ill post mine first, since im the creator tee hee

    Name: Charleston, often referred to as Charles
    Age: 30s
    Gender: Male
    Pronouns: He/him
    Species: Yamper for this rp
    Type (s): Electric
    Role: Suspect
    HP: 230
    Strength: 30
    Speed: 60
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  3. babybannete

    babybannete Previously jellosayshello

    This sounds interesting! Shame no one else has applied. I hope you get more applicants! : ) (The battle system is also very unique

    Name: Charon, otherwise known as Chara. (Meaning: of keen gaze, pronounced: kare-on)
    Age: No one can truly tell, though she acts very formal and elderly, which brings people to presume she's either in her 40s or 50s.
    Gender: Female.
    Pronouns: She/her.
    Species: Xatu, though apon first meetings it's hard to tell, as she wears a hooded black cloak on most occasions.
    Type(s): Psychic, Flying.
    Role: Psychological Detective. (Uses Psychology and her psychic powers to crack cases, it will be easier to understand once written out in the story.)

    Also, how many people are you going to need for this to begin? As I have seen in other threads that people sometimes have a certain amount of people they want/need before beginning the actual storyline.

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