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A Corrupt Justice

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. (what's this?! a non-pokeyman fic from Shocari?! Oh noes!)(WARNING: THE RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL VIEWS IN THIS FIC ARE NOT SHARED BY THE AUTHOR.)

    Prologue-Let the Flames Begin

    Darkness, darkness, darkness...everflowing, everlasting, eternal. To watch it enclose around those drawn into light, to watch it strip them of their faith, teaching them what the truth was: darkness could live with or without light, something that could not fully extinguish it. This image brought rapture to those that had embraced the darkness like one would embrace a kiss from their lover.

    The Elders, a large religious group that focused on creating and maintaing good around the country, had recently placed a ban on anyone from practicing anything relating to the dark arts. But Jesse had other ideas...

    The last streetlight went out. Perfect. The Elders turned off all streetlights at a certain time every night in order to keep their curfew in place. And also to hopefully impede anyone's vision during the near-total darkness. Jesse wasn't in the slightest bit bothered, he had night vision goggles. He placed them on, turning the black into shades and tints of green. Now able to see, Jesse headed towards the church.

    Nobody was allowed in the church after-hours, but the Elders were stupid enought to not lock the place up or set up any security. Just simply walking in and heading towards the center, Jesse entered and looked at what lay before him. A woman in her early twenties was suspended from the ceiling by chains attached to her upper back and arms, making her appear as if she were on a hanging cross. She was naked and dangling over a small kiddy pool.

    "Good evening, Madelyn. How are you?" he asked in a false-caring way.

    "I'm just having the time of my life." she replied sarcastically. Jesse approached, a knife in hand. "No." He moved closer, almost within three inches. "No." He grabbed her right arm. It wasn't high above his light-brown hair. He slit her wrist, the blood dripping into the pool. She screamed.
    He took the other arm and did the same, causing another scream. "STOP IT!!!" He didn't. Jesse slit the major vein running up the course of both legs, releasing the blood within. "AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! STOP IIIIIIIIIIIIT!" Jesse just took in her screams with a smile.

    "Now you'll feel the pain you caused me." he said, slicing her chest. Madelyn began to scream, the echo making it sound even louder. Jesse slowly walked towards the door, her screams not about to last much longer.
  2. ...........................

    I can has banned book?

    This would no doubt be banned if made into a book.

    Cool though, got my attention.
  3. Chapter 1-The Quiet Ones are the Most Dangerous

    It didn't take long for the news to spread like wildfire. Madelyn's death was all over the country by the afternoon. The pool had had so much blood in it that it spilled over onto the Church floor. Nobody had suspected that a small group of people had just planted the seeds of rebellion. This wouldn't be the most gruesome of the things that would be needed to be done in order to remove the Elders from the game.

    Jesse stood alone outside a movie theater, looking as though he was expecting somebody. A small line began to form right outside the door; a new movie had just come out and everyone was dying to see it. Moving to a spot close to the front, Jesse waited for the theater to open. Only a few more minutes. A girl around nineteen came up and took a place behind him. She had dark brown hair and was wearing a white jacket and blue jeans. Some new-looking shoes adorned her feet. She had deep-green eyes.

    "Are you ready to see it?" she asked.

    "Oh yeah. Most definately. Everyone's dying to see it, y'know?" he answered.

    "Same here." she said. "So, what are you doing after the show?"

    "Just gonna go watch some fireworks."

    "Can I watch too?"

    "Sure." The doors opened, but instead of everyone rushing in madly, they walked in in an orderly fashion. Jesse got his ticket and went to go find a seat. He sat down in the middle row, and noticed that the girl from earlier decided to sit down right next to him.

    "Hey. We meet again." she said.

    "So it seems." he replied.

    "I'm Rachel. Rachel Brannon."

    "Rachel Bran- Rachel!" he yelled quietly. "You look different!"

    "All I did was dye my hair, Jess."

    A man in the row below glared up at them and yelled "Could you keep it down? The movie's about to start!"

    "Okay." Jesse whispered. Sure enough, it started within a few minutes. It was the typical horror movie: some girl stays in some house and weird things start happening and then get worse. "Rachel, let's go."

    "Okay. This is getting kinda boring anyway." she whispered.

    The two walked outside and got to the fast-food restaraunt across from the parking lot. Jesse said "Rachel, turn around, you have to see this." She spun around. Jesse reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a garage door-opener. He pressed the button. The movie theater exploded seconds later, sending flaming chunks of concrete flying.

    "See?" Jesse said. "I told you I was going to watch fireworks."
  4. *snickers at the last line.* Fireworks lol. *watches*
  5. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    *maniacal laughter* Who needs Pokemon when Shocari's just going to kill people and blow stuff up so carelessly anyway? It's amazing! I love it! >:D
  6. Chapter 2-Break Their Spirit Faith

    The movie theater blowing up really ticked off the Elders. Majorly. Word was that now the Elders were relentlessly searching for whoever blew up the theater and murdered Madelyn. But unfortunately for them, Jesse knew how to cover his tracks. The detonator was now at the bottom of a lake.

    Rachel had convinced Jesse through some friendly persuasion to go to Church, much against his will. After an hour, Jesse was seriously bored. The pasteur kept talking about how God will save them from evil, and how you can't do anything without the help of the Holy Spirit. (WARNING! THE FOLLOWING RELIGIOUS VIEWS ARE NOT IN ANY WAY THE SAME AS THE AUTHOR'S. MOST MATERIAL IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN THAT CANNOT TOLERATE WHAT IS TO COME.)

    Jesse couldn't stand it anymore. He rolled to the front in his "wheelchair". Jesse had a plan, and it wasn't about to fail. "If God truly exists, then he will make me walk." he sobbed. The pasteur looked at him with a very puzzled look. "You see, my life the past ten years has gone down the drain. My parents got a divorce, they both died, I became crippled, over ninety percent of my family got killed, and I have to support both me and my two younger brothers." All of the people got sad looks.

    "If you are what you say you are," the preacher said. "then stand up: prove that you aren't faking." Jesse did as instructed, and clumsily fell out of the wheelchair, hoping that those acting lessons would pay off. A man helped him back into the chair, a kind smile across his face. The preacher looked convinced that Jesse was a cripple, then began to pray silently. He said after a moment "Stand up. Let the power of the Lord allow you to walk again, my friend. Jesse stood up, then fell down again. "Maybe it might take a little bit.

    "Can't you see?" Jesse asked. "It didn't work for one reason." He stood up quickly. "It didn't work because there is no God." The crowd began to murmur loudly. Jesse slowly made his way to a tapestry. "If He existed, would I be able to do this?" he took a lighter to it, the fire swiftly spreading around the wooden Church. Everyone screamed and tried to find a way out, completely ignoring Jesse.

    After escaping through an open window, Jesse heading toward a black car parked outside. "Let's get out of here, Michael." The man driving peeled out. "Lucky they didn't know my name."
  7. If you didn't have that little disclaimer about not sharing these views, I would killstab you in the face.

    It's...insane. The way you write, it's short, but insanely....powerful I think is the word. I can't imagine any of this ever actually happening, which is what makes it awesome.
  8. I believe I've actually heard of something like that happening in a church before, I just don't know where.
  9. *snickers insanely* They just like, LEt that puny lil fire spread up the tapestry! (Unless it was very flammable, since light fires take a while to get big.) Maybe Chibi was in the back somewhere...
  10. Chapter 3-Crawling

    Burning the church was really a bad thing to do, but lucky for Jesse, he was just barely able to get away with it. "Michael, where are we going?" Jesse asked. No answer. The windows were strangely tinted on both the inside and the outside. Very peculiar.

    "Michael, where are we going?" he asked again. Still no reply. This wasn't right. Suddenly, the car doors locked, another bad sign. The locks could only be unlocked by the driver, and Jesse was in the back. Like a limo, the front and the back were separated by some glass, also locked from the front. Now Jesse was trapped.

    With waiting as his only option, Jesse decided to let things play out, hoping that the status-quo would change in his favor. After an hour, they stopped. The driver opened the door, and pulled Jesse out by the wrists. He looked around and saw that he was surrounded by at least two dozen armed men. Jesse was handcuffed and legcuffed and led into a warehouse.

    An older man awaited him, standing under a single light in the middle. The warehouse itself was large, and the one light only illuminated within a ten-foot radius, a small area compared to the overall. The man was at least late-thirties or early forties, and had a short beard that was beginning to grey. He had straw-colored hair that was also slightly greying.

    "I assume you know why you are here." the man said in a very business-like voice. Jesse shook his head. The armed men left the warehouse, Jesse still cuffed and left alone with this person. "You are here for making large strikes against us, the Elders. I am Leo Holleman.

    "Let's review your record: burning a church, blowing up a movie theater, killing an innocent woman-"

    "Actually," Jesse interjected. "I didn't kill her. The loss of blood did."

    Leo walked up to Jesse and uppercutted him in the ribs, causing Jesse to double-over. He then proceeded to elbow his back, forcing Jesse to fall onto his back. "Don't be a smart-ass with me, boy!" he bellowed. Jesse managed to get onto his hands and knees. Leo then kicked Jesse where he uppercutted him, causing Jesse to cough up blood.

    "STAY DOWN LIKE THE DOG THAT YOU ARE!" he erupted. Leo picked Jesse up by the hair, lifting him up a couple feet off of the ground. Jesse screamed in pain. "You will suffer." he whispered into Jesse's ear. He then walked over to the nearby concrete wall, simultaneously switching his grip to the back of the head. Leo slammed Jesse's head into the concrete, the sickening crunch of cartilage filling the air upon impact.

    After rubbing Jesse's face into the wall for several minutes, he pulled back, revealing Jesse's badly bruised and bleeding face. There were several cuts above and below each eye, the left eye was reduced to a slit, and Jesse howled in pain once more. Leo tossed him to the floor like a rag doll. He then picked him up by the feet and held him upside-down, then hauled Jesse over his shoulder. Leo then threw him onto the ground, not letting go, but the powerful impact easily broke Jesse's back, the severe crunch of bone snapping.

    Leo then held him upside-down again, then dropped him on his head, fracturing the skull. "Now for the fun part. You see, today's my birthdy, and for my present, you'll be a human candle." Leo whispered. He took a match from his pocket and then lit it on the ground, moving over to Jesse's body in order to touch it to the hair. He left the match entangled within the hair, then exited the warehouse.

    Jesse could hear the sound of the door being padlocked. His only thought was how the hell he'd be getting out of this.
  11. OHH!!! Even though the chapters focused on Jesse and the pain he recieves, It also says something else. HOLY MEN DO NOT SPILL BLOOD, or so they say. So but almost killing Jesse, they totally put that saying to hell!!!

  12. Nah, it was Fi.

    Violence is fun. Please continue with the bashing, Shoc, it's awesome!
  13. It was Chibi >:( Stop pretending Fi's better.

    And OUCH! Broken back...now he REALLY has an excuse for broken legs. ^^;;;
  14. Fi is better, lol, because gerbil are more adorable than foxes.

    So I'm not pretending.

    At least people will be burning at the end of the chapter.
  15. Not they are not. Rodents suck. >:(

    But ON TOPIC, Sho, you better make his escape epic. Or something.
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    Seriously ladies, you were starting to spam (not to mini mod or anything just letting you know)

    Anyway, the reason I came here. Great job Shocari as always! I'm interesedted in seeing how he'll get out of this predicament myself.
  17. (actually, it was the lighter that started the fire.)

    Chapter 4-Safe, for Now...

    Jesse awoke with a hell of a headache. He looked around to see that he was in a hospital. His entire head was bandaged, save for his right eye, ear, nose, and mouth. He got up and went to the bathroom, walking a bit unsteadily. He grabbed his clothes and dressed. Jesse knew to keep the bandages on, because they were probably on for a reason.

    After quietly, swiftly, and clumsily reaching the elevator, Jesse got down to the ground floor and exited. After hailing a cab and reaching a coffee place, Jesse got a phone call.

    "Hello?" he answered.

    "Mr. Jesse Jones. It is good to hear that you are doing fine." a male's voice said.

    "Yeah, I'm okay for now. Who is this?"

    "You passed out shortly after Leo Holleman nearly killed you." he said, ignoring the question. "You were found by us and taken to the hospital."

    "That's all fine and dandy, but who are you?" Jesse asked again, very impatient.

    "Who I am isn't important, but what I have to tell you is."

    "And that would be...?"

    "They have her. Rachel Davis has been taken by the Elders. Leo has agreed to release her though."

    "There's probably a catch."

    "We don't know. But Leo does want to see you, and has set up a meeting in thirty minutes. He will negotiate Rachel back to you." the man said.

    "Well, I don't know if I can trust him. I certainly know I can't trust you since you won't answer my questions, but I guess I must since you saved my life and all."

    "It's settled then." the man said. "Go get a taxi and take it to 54 King Avenue." Click.
    Jesse didn't know how to take this, so he just bought a coffee and chugged it. He stepped out into the bright sunlight and waited for about five taxis to pass before he got one.

    "54 King Avenue." he told the driver.

    The meeting room was pitch-black and cold. Jesse turned on the lightswitch but nothing happened. A clap turned on one light, a light that shone over a woman in a chair.

    "RACHEL!" he cried. She was gagged and tied to the chair...not to mention naked. Just like Madalyn had been.

    "Hello Jesse. Its been what? 2 weeks?" Leo said.
  18. Okay 1. I know a lighter started the fire. I just helped it. 2. No epic escape! >=O and 3. How did the hospital just LET a severely burned patient just WALK out of their care?
  19. Shoosh Chibi.

    And, Sho, your writing is good, though this chapter is a bit lacking methinks. Not in quality, but in content.

    Oh well, i'm picky like that.
  20. More stuff? Betrayer!
  21. (heh. Chapter title makes oxymoron compared to the acutal chapter. XD)
    Chapter 5-Beautiful World

    "Where are you, Leo?!" Jesse yelled, scanning the room.

    "Do you see that light?" he asked, implying the single light over Rachel. "I call it a 'white-light'. When someone wears a white-light suit, such as I am right now, they are invisible when placed within a white-light." Leo snapped, causing the entire room to light up. Strangely, he wasn't lying.

    Suddenly, Rachel stood up, rigid as a board. "What?" Jesse asked, surprised. Leo took off the mask he was wearing, creating the illusion of a floating head.

    "You'll want to see this, Jesse. Within a few moments, my utopia will be created. And it begins with Rachel." Leo said gleefully.

    "What are you talking about? A utopia? That's a fool's dream. A perfect world can't exist."

    Leo didn't say anything. He just put his mask back on. After a few moments, Rachel let out a small groan through the cloth that was gagging her. Her chest heaved towards Jesse, and it looked as if something was pushing through. Her gag fell off.

    "Jesse...its...its...gonna be...all..right..." she gasped. Leo's hand emerged from her chest, Rachel's heart in his hand. He slowly pulled his hand out of her back, then shoved her towards Jesse.

    Rachel's breathing turned into extremely short and quick gasps, her eyes constantly looking everywhere while her chest heaved., closing, the opening and doing it all over again.

    "Rachel. RACHEL! Stay with me, come on! Stay with me, damnit!" Jesse said while cradling Rachel's head in his arms, his eyes watering. She kept on gasping, the breaths starting to become fewer and farther apart. The blood was everywhere, turning his jeans extremely dark.

    "RACHEL! COME ON! YOU HAVE TO KEEP A FIRM HOLD ONTO LIFE! Come on...don't... don't leave me..." he sobbed.

    "Je...Je...sse...." she breathed, looking dead into his eyes as her green eyes became forest green, then as black and lifeless as a doll's.

    "Rach...Rachel...." He held her head tight against his chest, continuously telling himself that she was alive still, if only by the thinnest thread. Jesse's tears dropped onto her face, creating a tiny rhythym that steadily grew larger.

    "Utopia, as you have just found out, requires sacrifice. Now, go and take your place in it." Leo said without even the slightest hint of remorse, Rachel's heart still in his hand. It beat almost invisibly. He dropped it on the ground and headed to the door.

    Jesse picked it up and tried in vain to reattach the veins and arteries, some strange thought telling him that doing it would fix everything. Instead, he got blood everywhere on his hands and her body, but Jesse wasn't caring. The only thing on his mind now was Rachel. He let out another sob.

    "I'll see you tomorrow morning. I know you'll arrive on time, just like the good dog that you are."
  22. Don't give up Jesse! Kill that Bastard!!! >:(
  23. Psycho Monkey

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    Usually when someone sees someone they care about get murdered infront of them they fly into a fit of vengance. Not this time? I could see if Leo threatened her life Jesse giving in, but this almost doesn't feel believable.

    Now if Jesse has some sinister idea working in his head to make Leo's plan crumble, humiliate him, followed but a gruesome and painful death, then all will be forgiven.
  24. Meeeh. This chapter does seem a bit lacking in detail to me, I mean, he just rips her heart out. Girl falls to the floor bleeding. Teh end. I'm nitpicky like that.

    Now that Good dog line would have really pissed me off, if it didn't already.
  25. Mmm...hearts. Tasty.

    I'm just joking, geez!

    This chapter was great! I can't wait to find out more about this 'Utopia'!
  26. (ummm...I'm being a bit lax in my posting, arent' I?)
    Chapter 6- Breaking the Habit
    (look up the lyrics for this song, written by Linkin Park. you'll see similarities betwwen them and this chapter.)

    The next morning, before Jesse was forced to see Leo, Leo had made an announcement on TV. He had announced the new laws to be followed in his new utopia. Anyone that shows even the slightest hint of doing anything wrong will be killed on sight. Anyone who aids any wrong-doers will be killed on sight. Anyone who talks of doing anything wrong will be killed on sight. Basically, if everyone is morally good, they get to live, thus ensuring 'peace'.

    Jesse walked to the building, Rachel still on his mind. Everywhere he went, when he saw a girl about her age, he actually thought it was her, until the memory of her death flooded his mind; a cold reminder to his rebelliousness.

    He walked into the front doors of 54 King Avenue, and went to the elevator. He went up five stories, then entered the room, and saw that it looked just as it did last night, and Rachel's body was still there. She was still in the same position, her blood having dried on the floor and her skin, her eyes lifeless and her body pale. Leo stood in a gray suit, his back to Jesse.

    "Well, I'm glad to see my little dog knows how to listen. Sit." he motioned toward the chair that Rachel had occupied right before her death. "In my new utopia, I am giving you a seat of power. I want you to go within the city and killing any wrong-doers." Leo walked up to Jesse and handed him a knife. "They deserve to die slowly, and I want you to do so. Their bodies will show how you killed them, so no tricks. Get to work."

    Jesse looked at the knife, then at Leo, white-hot rage visible in his eyes and seemingly in the air. Leo chuckled. "Ah. You want to kill me, don't you? Well, I can assure you, I can do torture to you that you have never even dreamed of."

    "Do your worst, Leo. There's nothing you can do to me that will make me feel worse than I do now. You've already taken my heart; there's nothing else left." Jesse growled.

    "Oh, come now, Jesse. We both know that I am capable of doing that." Leo countered.

    Jesse knew deep down that Leo was right. He left the room, and then went out of the building. He'd need a vehicle if he were to track down anyone. 'No.' He thought. 'You won't. Just walk.' Jesse knew better than to argue with his feelings.

    He gripped the knife tightly, and walked around the corner, and saw a man beating a young lady brutally. This sight brought back memories of last night to Jesse, and he stopped dead in his tracks, his hold on the knife lessening.

    Suddenly, he was back at the room last night, watching Rachel get her heart ripped out by Leo, the veins' and arteries' connections to the heart slowly coming undone. Jesse couldn't bear to watch, but his mind kept on showing it to him, over, and over, and over...and over...
  27. Meh, it sorta goes with the song. Unless this chapter was supposed to be longer of course. C'mon Jesse, kill some people!
  28. I agree with Chibi. Reading murders is fun!

    Jesse certainly is mentally scarred now, isn't he?
  29. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I would think so, he got messed up pretty good.

    All he needs is a little push and we could have a homicidal maniac on our hands.
  30. Chapter 7-Given Up

    The man kept beating the woman, punching her on and on and on. Specks of blood flew from her mouth with every swing, but Jesse just stood still, watching. Part of him wanted to just walk off, but the other wanted him to do something and kick that guy's ass. The mental war was acting like a migrain, and it was unbearable.

    Jesse sat down on the ground cross-legged and put his head in his hands. He didn't know what to do; but, either way he looked at it, he was going to make a choice he didn't want to make. He could disobey Leo and get killed, or he could help that woman and feel better. He looked up and saw the punk put on brass knuckles.

    He stood up quickly, and took a step towards the scene. The vision of Rachel instantly rushed his mind, the pain of the memory adding to the headache. He sat down again and leaned against a brick wall, his head buried in his folded arms. Tears streamed down the sides of his face as the intensity of the migrain escalated.

    Jesse finally looked up after several minutes and saw the woman on the ground: badly bruised, severely bleeding, and not moving. Her eyes were in a deadpan stare in Jesse's direction. Jesse gripped the knife tight and crawled over to her body and closed her eyes. He looked around and saw the man running off.

    Like a bat out of hell, Jesse shot off after the killer, the knife ready in his hand. The killer heard him coming, and took off down alleyways and across streets, trying to get away. But Jesse was too fast; fueled by his rage for not doing anything soon enough-and the killer headache he wanted to stop-Jesse was able to corner the man in a dead end.

    "You killed an innocent woman." Jesse growled.

    "Whatchu talking 'bout?" the man lied.

    "I mean the young lady you just beat to death a few minutes ago, on King and Arch."

    "Oh, her? She was a...she was a nobody. Ain't no one gonna care that she's gone. Hell, even wit' that new paradise that's bin created, ain't no one gonna catch me. You'se ain't got anything to do about it either, does ya?"

    All of a sudden, Jesse snapped. He grabbed that man by the back of his head and ran him into the brick wall, the crunching of cartilage sounding very satisfying. Jesse gripped harder on the man's skull and drove it into his upcoming knee. Switching his hand from the head to the left arm, Jesse twisted it around three times, pulling it out of the socket. Giving it a sharp pull, the arm detached; an attractive river of blood flowing out from the socket.

    Throwing the man down on the ground, Jesse finished by snapping his neck against the slitting of his throat. Kneeling over the body, he looked like an artist admiring his masterpiece. "Needs the final touch." Jesse took the knife and carved his name into the man's chest, grinning, his eyes wide with a mix of anger and glee.
  31. Woo! Bloody murder!

    This was awesome, Shoc. The descriptions were wonderful. I must read more blood and gore...

    Moar murders, please! *Gives cute kitty face*
  32. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Yes! YES!! That's what I like to see! Full all out berserk murders of rage! This was definately worth the wait. ;D
  33. Oh yes, that's EXACTLY what I needed to see! ^_^

    *smiles and hums contentedly*
  34. Glad to see all of you guys and girl's happiness! Or is it?....

    Chibi, I'll have to say this here, because I can't PM you:
    Yo. Good. Yes. Yes. One per person.

    Does that answer your questions?

    EDIT: Anyone who can guess what happens next gets a cookie ^_^
  35. Yes! Thank you! *glomps* But what I meant was: One per charrie? (Meaning rp char.)

    And I think Jesse goes homicidal maniac then ends up killing Leo fo revenge.
  36. Yes. One per charrie.

    Your going on the right track...but lets get to that later.
  37. Chapter 7-Anything for Money

    The killing of that man made Jesse feel...alive. The adrenalin rush was just so...persuasive. It told Jesse to just go with it, to let it take control and make everything better. Why should he argue?

    The rush took him around several streets to the other side of town...to a strip club. Why it led him here, he'd probably never know. He walked inside and was instantly greeted by a dark atmosphere, addictive techno music, dozens of men, and a few slutty girls. They were barely over sixteen, yet they were stripping for men in their forties and above just to make a quick buck. How...disturbing.

    Before he even knew what came over him, Jesse jumped onstage and slit the throat of one of the girls. Jesse didn't want to do it, it just happened. Too much adrenalin? The girl in question had platinum blond hair and was wearing a very skimpy silver bikini top that was as close to not wearing a top as it could get, and a similar bottom. The blood ran down the sides of her neck and across her chest and arms, hitting the floor quickly and running like a river across the stage, even trickling onto a few men.

    "Time to leave." he said quietly to the men, who didn't seem to hear him. Jesse ran off the stage into a corner where the mic used to announce who all was coming on was. "It is time for you men to leave, unless you want to face punishment from the Utopia." This didn't work either.

    The owner of the club came forward. He was an aging man with silvery hair and a matching beard, and he was in an emerald robe. "Killing my strippers? I'll have you know I can't afford to be caught up in the court systems. This illegal place of mine will have me killed if word gets to the wrong ears. What am I going to do with a dead girl on my-" he got cut off as the girl slowly rose from the stage, and started dancing to the music as if nothing happened.
  38. :o

    Dude, Jesse can raise the dead?! Did Jesse actually kill the stripper?! Oh my goodness, this chapter was so engaging!

    *takes deep breath*

    Okay, I'm better now. Why did Jesse only kill one? Why wasn't there a massacre, starting with the girl, leading to the owner, then ending with all the patrons?

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