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A Close Kalos (Private PRP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Dinova, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. ((OOC: This is a private RP between Shiny Eevee and myself. You are free to read on if you find this interesting but not to join in.))

    Lumiose City was buzzing with activity, even more than usual. Bright balloons and streamers lined the avenues and the cobble paved streets were lined with people from all over. They were all here for the "Grand Tour Carnival." It was a great demonstration of what made Kalos unique. The entirety of the largest city in Kalos, Lumiose city had been turned into a massive fairground. The streets were lined with tents, booths and vendors making sure every aspect of Kalos was on display. Hordes of new comers to Kalos flocked to these stands, enthralled by all Kalos had to offer. Like the rest, a boy named Maximillian and his younger sister had been excited to see the festival as well, but now Maximillian had to focus on finding his sister before he could enjoy the festival.

    Maximillian dashed back up North Avenue, panting as this was his second circuit down the street. He bumped his way past a group of excited children heading the opposite direction before stopping for a second and catching his breath. Somehow, his black hair was still nice and tidy and his white dress shirt and jeans weren't too mussed either. All-in-all, he still looked as composed as ever despite his sisters efforts.

    His sister Lily, she would be the death of him. His parents had decided to go to the Grand Tour Carnival for vacation. Both Maximillian and Lily had been excited to go. Their parents even agreed to let them explore alone, sort of. The only addendum was that the two had to stay together. Neither was to happy with the arrangement, but considering how fun the festival would be, they could tolerate it. Of course, since the only condition was that they stay together, Lily disappeared the second that Maximillian looked away. Now he was dashing back and forth, trying to find where she'd wandered off too.

    Done resting, Maximillian stood up and began to head off down North Avenue again, when a tiny voice called to him from behind. He turned and saw the small, red and yellow form of his Plusle, Ion, weaving through the crowd towards him. He knelt down and put a hand on the ground allowing the pokemon to climb up his arm and sit on his shoulder. Turning his head towards Ion, Maximillian asked, "Any luck finding her, Ion?"

    Ion nodded enthusiastically. She pointed down North Avenue and said excitedly, "Pluh pluh plus!" Knowing that Ion was naturally able to hone in on Lilly's Minun, he dashed off in that direction hoping to catch up to her. Eventually, he came to a single cafe with an outdoor patio. Ion turned her head this way and that before pointing at the cafe and shouting, "Plusle Plus!" Looking towards the entrance of the cafe, through the crowd, he saw what looked like a flash of orange hair, definitely Lily. No other human being had bright orange hair. He shoved through the crowd towards the entrance, but only found a strange pokemon with poofy white fur that was dyed orange in certain spots, most likely the cafe's mascot. Well, he had been right, it wasn't a human with orange hair.

    He poked Ion and pointed at the pokemon saying snidely, "Right height, right hair color, do you think we could pass this thing off as Lily and go home?"

    Ion waved her paw and sneered. Maximillian smiled and said, "Yeah, it's too quiet. No one would buy it."

    At that second, a shrill voice sounded from behind him, "What's that supposed to mean, Maxxie?!"
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  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    (OOC: Apologies for a late post and also a very short, craptastic post. Midterms exist and stuff. Gonna try to do better next time <<)

    Lily glared at her brother, arms crossed in front of her while a small cream-and-blue creature lay on top of her bright orange hair. “Geez, I’m not that loud! I might talk more than you, Maxxie, but that gives you no right to just… ugh. You’re so rude!”

    The Minun tried to calm her down, patting her head a few times, which only seemed to irritate her more. “Yes, Sparks, I know, you don’t have to do that!” she said to the Pokemon, who only pouted before patting her again.

    Though they had only been in Lumiose City for maybe a few hours, Lilianne Castillo, better known as Lily, already had what appeared to be several large bags stuffed full of things she had undoubtedly bought while being separated from her brother. She was currently wearing a blue cardigan, black blouse, and a darker blue skirt along with a pair of black boots on her feet. Her orange hair was currently held in a pair of low pigtails, each one hanging over a shoulder. Overall, she looked pretty different than when her brother had last seen her.

    Seeing the café, Lily’s eyes suddenly lit up and she grabbed her brother’s hand. “Well, since we’re already here, we might as well just enjoy ourselves I guess. We have a bit of time before the tournament, and I’m hungry, and I spent too much money on clothes,” she said as she tried to drag her brother towards it. If it wasn’t for the fact she was running out of money, she would’ve loved to stay separated from her brother if only for more independence. Really, they were only a year apart, but their parents still treated her like she was the baby of the family. And though it was usually okay with that, having Maxxie look after her all the time was, to put it bluntly, extremely irritating. Turning around towards her brother, she asked, “You coming~?”
  3. Maximillian gave Lily an incredulous look, "No, I am not coming along like an oversized checkbook!" Maximillian pulled his arm from Lily's grip and crossed them looking at her sternly. "If you weren't responsible enough to manage your finances, that's your own fault. I, for example, have taken care to keep enough money in reserve to do whatever I want." He paused to take a breath, Ion standing on his shoulder to contribute to the lecture. Maximillian unfolded his arms and pointed at Lily, "Maybe this time you'll learn that you shouldn't-" He was interrupted by a small growling sound coming from Ion's stomach.

    He paused for a moment, before continuing, "Um... Yes, anyway I-" This time, his stomach was the one growling, demanding his attention. After running all over Lumiose, he was pretty hungry.

    ((OOC:Dialogue-y short post))
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Lily grinned in triumph, hearing her brother and his Pokemon's stomachs growling so loudly. "Well, looks like I win, huh?" she said as she turned around and skipped through the doors into the cafe. Though it was still relatively early, people were already crowding to get in line to eat, and it was a while before they got to the front of the line. When they finally made it, Lily smiled and said, "Two, please!" while holding up her hand in a V symbol. The person ushered them in and seated the two at a small table before passing out menus, and Lily made sure to order the most expensive things just to annoy her brother more.

    "Anyways, Maxxie," she said as she put her hands under her chin with a smile, "this tournament thing, you realize I'll definitely beat you, right?"

    (OOC: hopefully by the time we're done eating our posts won't be as short and stuff XD)
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  5. Maximillian gave Lily a sideways look and scoffed, "Nice joke, that's hilarious!" He and Ion began to chuckle at the thought of Lily beating them. Maximillian handed his menu back to their waitress, still not aware of just what Lily had ordered. He crossed his arms and smiled smugly, "I admire your spirit Lillian, but pokemon battles are about strategy." Max began his usual kind of lecture using the kind of voice one uses when speaking to a small child. He closed his eyes and tutted her, "You have to be clever, spot your opponent's lack of judgment, and then take advantage." As he continued his lecture, he began nodding confidently with Ion mimicking him from the table. "Against someone who's studied as much as I have you'd never be able to slip one past me."

    "Plus Plah!" Ion said, as arrogant as her trainer. She had begun saying something else, but stopped dead as the waitress placed their food next to her.

    Noticing the Plusle's abrupt silence, Maximillian asked, "What's up I-oh my god..."

    Next to Ion and Maximillian's tea and sandwich was an immense slice of 5-layer chocolate cake. It was bigger than Ion! Seeing the cake, Maximillian was sure that it was a mistake, but when the waitress assured him that it was what Lily ordered, he looked at her bewildered. "Wha- but I- when did- huh?!"

    In his head, he thought, "My money..."
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