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A Charming Experience

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Nemesis, May 4, 2009.

  1. Nemesis

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    Yes, yes, it has the Doctor in it. But with a rather big difference. This is the whole thing, very short, but I fdon't feel it needs a whole story. I might go back and revide a few things, but we'll see, shall we? Anyways....

    "What's this then?" The Doctor said to himself as the TARDIS console started to emit a continuous string of high pitched beeps at him. He dashed to the screen, where several ancient symbols, which only he could read, were being displayed. "Distress signal!" He exclaimed loudly to the empty room. "Set to go off at precisely this moment in time though." He continued, thoughtfully. "Probably an emergency protocol. Should probably investigate!" He beamed, pulling on levers, fiddling with dials and hitting various things with a hammer as the TARDIS screeched in to life, homing in on the origin of the distress call.

    Moments later the noise ceased as the Doctor grabbed his long brown coat from where it was draped over the padded handrail of the TARDIS and headed towards the doors. It didn't matter how long he'd been doing this, this part was still exciting. The thrill of not knowing what was coming next, the anticipation, the possible danger. A distress call could mean anything, he thought, as he stood before the doors, ready to throw them open. A raging inferno, a huge army of aliens enslaving a planet or a variety of other just as perilous scenarios that the Doctors' imagination could concoct.

    However, even over nine hundred years of travelling in space couldn't prepare him for what was going to happen next.

    The Doctor threw the doors open, bursting from the TARDIS, his coat flowing behind him before stopping suddenly. A half a dozen or so people were all staring at him as they sat around a large rectangular table, plates of food in front of them.

    The Doctor said nothing, he just looked around the fairly large room, trying to avoid the gaze of its' occupants. A dim green light was being emitted from a lighting strip fitted to the ceiling, giving the room a bright yet eyrie atmosphere.

    "D'ya mind?" A young man stood up, his voice harsh with a strong Irish accent. "We're trying to have our tea here."

    Doctor Who
    A Charming Experience​

    "Erm, hello!" The Doctor smiled awkwardly. "Not quite sure what's happened, but my ship picked up a distress signal?" The group sat around the table looked at him blankly. "No one in distress? No one at all?" He shrugged, not gaining any response. "It was set to go off at exactly this time for some reason?"
    "Oh!" A man spoke, finally. His hair was jet black, with short spikes. "That would have been me. It was my turn to cook." He gestured to the plates on the table. "And the oven timer's broken."
    "So you used your emergency distress signal?" The Doctor exclaimed, completely bemused. "A device designed to get help if your ships run out of fuel, or being invaded, and you used it as an oven timer?"
    "Well." The man replied, getting rather defensive. "What else was I to use?"
    The Doctor shook his head, as he turned back towards the TARDIS.
    "Not so fast." The Irishman spoke again. "Just who are you? You jet in in your little blue box, and expect to just waltz off? Not likely."
    "I'm the Doctor." He sighed. He really didn't have the patience for this.
    "There's only one Doctor around here." The man grinned, looking to the others sat around the table before walking towards the Doctor and extending a hand. "I'm Doctor Oak, Captain of this ship. We call her The Charm." He beamed, a look of pride on his face.
    "Nice to meet you then Doctor Oak." The Doctor smiled. "Judging from the accent, from Ireland I assume?"
    "Accent?" Oak challenged. "I don't have an accent, do I Nemesis?"
    The dark haired man who hat spoken earlier rolled his eyes.
    "No Alex, not at all."
    "Must just be your hearing, Doctor." Oak replied, confidently running his hand through his wild spiky hair.
    "Must be." The Doctor shook his head. Just what had he stumbled in to here?

    "So," Nemesis said, rising to his feet. "The Doctor? Bit of an odd name isn't it?"
    "Says a man who calls himself Nemesis." The Doctor teased, stroking his chin.
    "After the God of revenge and vengeance!" Nemesis replied boldly.
    "What?" The smirk that had been on the mans face had quickly vanished.
    "Goddess. Nemesis was the Goddess of vengeance." The Doctor shrugged slightly. "You didn't know that?"

    Nemesis didn't reply, instead just turning from the Doctor and leaving the room.
    "Oops." The Time Lord said, mockingly. "Hurt some ones pride."
    "I wouldn't worry about it Darling." A third person spoke, his hair a bright blonde. He was wearing no shirt, and bright pink trousers. "He reacted just the same way when told him that he had been spelling his name wrong for two years."
    "Really?" The Doctor grinned. "Let me guess, he used two I's, right?"
    "He did!" The man exclaimed, the pitch of his voice getting higher. "Still mixes up loses and looses too! I mean, some people just shouldn't write, do you know what I mean Darling?"
    "I think I do." The Doctor grinned a slightly humouring grin. "And who are you?"
    "I'm Elliot." He replied, emphasising the last syllable of his name and throwing his head in to the air.
    "And what you do on the ship?"
    "What do I do?" Elliot repeated. "Be fabulous of course! Isn't that enough?"
    "I guess so!" The Doctor replied. "I'm quite the same, though I like to think of myself as brilliant." He smiled, not once thinking that was overplaying himself.
    "Hmm." Elliot looked over the Doctor briefly. "Needs some work. Could do with losing the blue suit. Hell, go wild! Lose the shirt and jacket completely! And get some pink in to that wardrobe. Oh! And some blonde in that hair! Don't you agree guys?" He looked around the table to receive a set of nods. The Doctor assumed that they got this quite a lot.

    "Affirmative Elliot." A digital voice rang out from all around the room.
    "Ah." Oak said, addressing the Doctor once more. "This is our ships' computer. We call him Database."
    "Original name." The Doctor rolled his eyes.
    "Please do not ridicule my name." The voice responded.
    "Oh." The Doctor said, slightly taken aback. "Sorry."
    "Apology not accepted."
    "What?" The Doctor cocked an eyebrow.
    "Don't take it to heart Data, hunni." Elliot said softly, stroking a keyboard that was mounted on to a nearby wall. "Pay no attention to what he says. He isn't fabulous enough for his attention to matter."
    "Affirmative. No one is as fabulous as you Elliot."
    "Well," The Doctors' mouth curled slightly. "That's a bit weird. So," He turned to Doctor Oak, "What is it you all do out here?"
    "We travel." The man replied. "Have a bit of a chat, float around in space, have some tea."
    "Which you interrupted." Came a new voice, with a slightly depressed tone. "I don't like it when people interrupt my food. It makes me want to sit in the corner and write poetry."
    "Right, fun times." The Doctor said, completely baffled. "And you are?"
    "I'm Sem." Came the rather monotone reply. "And I like water. And I'm emo."
    "So," the Doctor looked to Doctor Oak, scanning the group of people in the room. "This is your crew?"
    "Not all of them." He replied, rather indignantly. "There's Shiny, but Nem kicked her out of an airlock." The Doctor immediately looked shocked. "It's ok, he left the door unlocked. She'll be right back. Then there's Jet, Ruko, Figs. To be honest, they all blur in to one. Oh, and there's Stel." He paused. "But he has nothing to do with this."
    "So, this is all you do?" The Doctor questioned. He knew his life involved travelling, but he liked to think it contained some excitement. "You float around space and have a nice chat?"
    "Yeah!" Came another new voice, female this time, and full of enthusiasm. "And sometimes we find something really shiny and we get to keep it and look after it and watch it shine and stuff." She paused for breath, brushing her blonde hair, with red stripe, from her eyes. "Oh hi! I'm Rain!"
    "Nice to meet you Rain." The Doctor replied, once again turning towards the TARDIS before another voice stopped him. Another young woman was entering the room, her hair long and blonde.
    "Who's here?" She demanded, speaking very quickly, and, the Doctor thought, in a rather posh accent. "If I don't like them I shall kill them with sporks!"
    "Rach," Doctor Oak said, putting his arm around her. "This is the Doctor. He came to save us!" He laughed, and was soon joined by a chorus of laughter from the table.
    "Ooh." Rachel replied, "He's pretty. He can stay." She stepped away from Oak, looking longingly at the Doctor.

    "Although I'd love to," The Doctor said honestly, stepping back, "I think I'm going to go now. And, no offence, but I've met some pretty insane people, like blow up the entire universe including themselves insane," He paused for breath, "but even compared to them," He gestured to the entire group, "you're all absolutely crazy." Without another word, he stepped into the TARDIS and pulled the door closed behind him, hearing a shout from the other side as the machine burst back in to life.

    "We might be crazy Doctor," Oak shouted in his Irish accent, struggling to be heard over the engines of the TARDIS as it started to dematerialise, "but we're proud of it!"
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  2. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football


    I was laughing soooo hard while reading this. Database as a computer with an actual mind is pretty hilarious. El being faboulous is an obvious. Rain being all hyper, Rach with sporks, Alex with an Irish accent, me being kicked out all the time... the stuff that can make people lol, basically. Really nice, Nem.

    Favorite still has to be the little part with Data. XD
  3. I dig it.

    Especially the Doctor one-upping Nemesis. I could imagine the facial expressions perfectly.
  4. Haha! Classic stuff once again, Nem.

    Shiny being kicked out the airlock got me :p
  5. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    W00t! I got to badmouth the Doctor. And flirt with El. I did notice that. >>

    Very, very funny, and very witty, as usual. A merge of the two things you do best - 'Charms Chronicles, and Doctor Who fic.
  6. Wahah! The Doctor entering the the Charms ship! I can imagine everything in my head. You've done it again, Nem! XD
  7. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    I only have two things to say to this. The first you can probably guess... >=O

    The second, I don't call guys pretty. They're hot. Or awesome. Or something. I dunno.

    Oh, ok, a third thing. Nice story. :p Methinks the Doctor'd be pretty creeped out by any number of us together... all of us is just winsome. ^^
  8. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator


    Don't really have much else to say other than it made me laugh so much XD

    I loved the accent part, and poor Shiny getting the boot as it were.

    I swear I nearly died laughing. Really.

    As always, I love your writing style. It has such a great flow to it, and never fails to amuse and make me want to read moar!
    #8 Magpie, May 5, 2009
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  9. Doctor Oak

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  10. I am so sorry that I haven't read this earlier, Nem. Even though I am an American ignorant of Doctor Who, this sounds amazing! Sticking 'Charms in this makes it even better.

    'No one is as fabulous as you, El.'

    I love that. That is just epic.

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