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Open A chance of survival

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Starry Phantump, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. The Pokemon world was a peaceful place, that is until pokemon began to act more cruel as more pokemon became aggressive the more the world began to fall apart pokemon would attack and kill each other towns were destroyed and guilds were overrun until pokemon were constantly hiding or hunting for survival

    Your a Pokemon who is either a predator or prey to

    You can hunt alone or in a group
    Same for prey

    There are six main regions:
    forest,plains,tundra,ocean,desert , and jungle you can travel to other regions


    No fakemon romance or legendary pokemon

    Swearing is allowed

    Please play by the Pokemon RP rules

    Two characters max

    You can kill off your own characters if you want to but to kill another person's character they must allow you to kill them


    Home region

    Here is mine
    Name: Spark
    Species: Pikachu
    Gender: male
    Age: 13
    Role: prey
    Appearance: spark is a light grey Pikachu with blue cheeks and green eyes,he also wears a pair of blue goggles
    Personality: he is generally cheerful and friendly,he loves to battle as long as it isn't to the death
    Home region: forest
    Other: Spark is an orphan and he generates blue electricity instead of yellow

    I hope you enjoy this RP
  2. Name: Halt
    Species: Infernape
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Role: Predator
    Appearance: A slightly silver Infernape with blue flames instead of red.
    Personality: Very short tempered. He doesn't care for the weak, and will let stronger prey live, over weak ones.
    Home region: Forest
    Other: He hunts other predators who try to take his kills.
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  3. Accepted cool character
  4. This sounds quite interesting. I hope you don't mind if I join.

    Character 1:
    Name: Her real name is Malachite but she goes by "Mal"



    Age: 12



    Mal looks quite similar to the average Larvitar. It's a few things that are a bit hard to notice that makes Mal different. She is slightly taller than the average Larvitar, which she uses to her advantage. Another thing is she has some faint bruises from running headfirst into things such as walls and other Pokemon. Though typically she doesn't like acessories, She does wear a plain red bandanna around her neck. It was a gift from a past friend.


    True to her rock type, Mal is extremely hard-headed. Her stubborn pride often becomes her downfall. Mal is also extremely protective of her friends.She will fight anything and/or anyone if someone insults or hurts her friends. While she is quite strong physically, her cockiness often makes her overshoot her target, making her crash into things with full force. Her temper is not something to mess with though, cause once she is mad at you, it's quite hard to stop her or calm her down. But Mal is secretively quite empathic and sensitive about things. She is easily hurt by mean things said to her, but she never shows this. Her bottled up feelings often lead to her crying, and there is no one who knows or sees her cry.

    Home Region: Desert

    Though She is a predator, She doesn't kill others unless provoked. Unfortunately for other Pokemon, it is quite easy to provoke her.

    Character 2:
    Name: Her name is Lilliana



    She is around 16



    Lilliana physically looks just like any other Lilligants do. She has a few tears on her flower from evil Predators looking for what they think is a easy kill. Instead of the typical Green, Yellow, and Red color scheme, Lilliana is a shiny Lilligant. This often makes her the target to many predators, to her dismay. Lilliana typically wears no accessories because she is afraid that if she does, it will make her stand out even more.


    Lilliana is quite a timid Pokemon who is afraid of most everything. Lilliana on top of that is extremely sensitive and cries quite easily. This generally makes her easy prey for predators. Lilliana has managed to survive though by her quick thinking skills. Her resourcefulness has allowed her to escape many times barely or not even at all harmed. But sometimes just logic is not enough to safe her. Her crying can sometimes be so loud, it hurts others ears so they run away. Lilliana will do whatever it takes to protect her love ones and herself.

    Home Region:

    Lilliana has a adopted "Son" that is 6 years old boy named Aster. He is a small Fletchling someone had abandoned. Though she knows one day he will become a predator, she still love him and wants to protect him.
  5. Accepted and I like your characters
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  6. When another person joins I'll start the RP
  7. This role seems to be cool, so count me in. I think that I'm going with 2 characters:

    Name: Terrak
    Species: Garchomp
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Role: Predator
    Appearance: Terrak is a normal Garchomp with multiple scars all over his body, though probably the most noticeable ones are the ones one located in his fins, his chest (the most important is the one that crosses it from the top to the bottom of his belly) and the one on the left side of his face, that cross his eye. Due to this, his left eye, the vision with that eye is quite bad, and it seems to be practically white. He also has a small gold necklace with a sapphire attached to it.
    Personality: Terrak is a bad-tempered and impatient Garchomp. Due to this, he will act quite angrily with other Pokemon and, probably, attack them. He will not hesitate in blaming or hesitating other Pokemons if they don't get on well with Terrak. He likes treasure, a lot. He normally goes to the desert or caves searching for gems or shiny things. He enjoys being alone, but he will no doubt allying with other predators in case they have something as a reward or if he becomes friends with them (he really enjoys other bossy and cruel predators).
    Home region: Desert.
    Other: Though his cruel personality, he won't tend to kill other Pokemon, probably just fight them, leaving them seriously injured, with the exception of the ones that really have messed with him.

    Name: Tiberius.
    Species: Rufflet.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 10
    Role: Prey
    Appearance: he is simply a normal Rufflet wearing a dark bandana and a small shoulder strap.
    Personality: Tiberius is a brave Rufflet, fearless. And he is kinda impulsive, so he will tend to be quite sincere, saying the first thing he thinks about. He can be kinda cruel if he wants. He likes adventures. Despite this, he is kinda friendly. Probably... A rogue type.
    Home region: Forest
    Other: He has a ruby that has stolen from Terrak's lair.
  8. I’ll post my bio in a minute.
  9. Name: Rose
    Species: Lopunny
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Role: Prey
    Appearance: Rose is a Shiny Lopunny, from a recent accident, she has a bitten ear. She wears a necklace made by her mother.
    Personality: Rose is a well adapted fighter. Unlike most Lopunny, she knows how to kick foes back, giving her a chance to escape. But she is weak to take on a predator alone and kill it. But she can keep them on the ground just long enough so she can escape. She is happy around friends, but serious if she needs too.
    Home region: Jungle
    Other: even though she is a fighter, she is still scared of predators.

    Name: Dart
    Species: Jolteon (Shiny)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25 (he grew a bit from last roleplay)
    Role: Predator
    Appearance: Dart is a Jolteon that got bullied in his child life, wearing scars that would never heal in his life. He got one working eye and a scar on the working eye. He has a cast on his upper left leg
    Personality: Friendly to others, although if he’s hungry, he will kill basically any prey in its path, when it’s full, he will try to befriend prey and won’t attack his friends.
    Home region: Desert
    Other: N/A
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  10. All accepted but @Sun and Moon
    The home region is not from the games but actual biomes like desert,forest, tundra, etc.
  11. If you could fix that you'll be accepted and I'll start the RP
  12. Name: Pachi
    Species: Pachirisu
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10
    Role: Prey
    Appearance: Normal Pachirisu but pink ribbon around tail
    Personality: Scared but always helps friends
    Home region: forest
    Other: best friends with Spark

    Am I in?
  13. Accepted and it would be nice for spark to have a friend
  14. Name: Ellie
    Species: Chespin
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10
    Role: Prey
    Appearance: Normal Chespin
    Personality: Cheery, Sometimes annoying, likes to prank people.
    Home region: Forest
    Other: lonely most of the time.
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  15. Name: Skarlet (pronounced Scarlet)
    Species: Skarmory
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Role: Predator
    Appearance: Her steel plating differs from normal skarmory, favoring a lighter shade of gray. The circular notch on a normal skarmory's tail is replaced with half a heart as her notch. The horn on her head is slightly smaller than normal.
    Personality: Like her metal wings, she has a sharp personality. Her words and wings can cut through foes and allies alike. She is patient, always waiting for a chance to strike at her target, taking the time to understand their movements and patterns before making decisions.
    Home region: Desert
    Other: If there's a plateau in the desert, she would more than likely make her nest on top of it, so she can have a better view.
    ---Her ability would be Keen Eye
  16. Also, are we limited to 4 slot moveset, or is the entire Level Up Movepool allowed to be used fluidly?
  17. Yes and moves that the Pokemon should but doesn't learn are allowed too
  18. I will join if you don't mind! :)

    Name: Cogs
    Species: Reuniclus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Role: Prey
    Appearance: Just a normal reuniclus. :p
    Personality: Cogs is very gentle and quite intuitive. He often likes to study random pokemon and objects. He only fights if he is being attacked.
    Home region: Desert, because it is quite quiet there. His little hideout is on the border to the forest as well.
    Other: Cogs is capable of using Protect, Psychic, Recover and Dizzy Punch. His ability is Magic Coat.
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