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Ask to Join A Cafe of Love (Rp second try)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Clite of Dragonbow, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. Discussion thread (Feel free to join us ^^)

    "Pika-pika.. Pika-pika... PIKAACHUUU~" Alarm with a pikachu theme sounded in entire bedroom and forced Clint to slowly fall from the bed. Serpent probably was asleep on the roof, Clint opened a window and shouted to his Flygon "We won't open for another 2 hours so we have time to have breakfast, can you come down to me?" he shouted and when Flygon entered the cafe, Clint went into the Cafe's refrigerator and pulled out 12 poffins, 2 for each of his pokemons and a simple sandwich for himself. He dended out the rest of his pokemons and all of them ate quickly their breakfast. Noibat when she finished eating, hopped on Clint's shoulder. "Do me a favor Axew and wipe off the counter for me? Dragonite, could you clean the windows? Serpent, could you stand in front of the cafe entrence and give those flyers? Tommorow is the valentine day, after all. We will held a speed dating event!"
    And as he told them, Clint opened the cafe doors, Axew started wiping off the counter, Dragonite went outside and started cleaning the windows and Serpent stood next to the entrence with a pile of flyers about a speed dating in his hands. Later, Clint went into the back and pulled out the display deserts in the display case.
    "Okay, we have one more hour before we officialy open the cafe. Others should arrive soon"
  2. ...The morning came with it the sound of shuffling in the bedroom of a humble teamaker a short while away...

    “Petilil... Petilil...”

    There wasn’t any need for alarm clocks — not here, at least. Petilil woke up rather early, in his experience, and they tended to grow bored rather quickly.

    “—Yes, yes... I’m waking up.”

    A groan, followed by a small laugh, as a young man yawned and rolled out of bed. Throwing on a green parka and white shirt with black sweatpants to match the cold weather, he took a moment to clean himself up before heading to the downstairs...

    ...Meanwhile, as Clint opened the cafe doors, he’d be greeted by Hasumi in mere moments after — rushing in, with Pyre on her shoulder, she only barely kept her footing.

    After a moment spent plunking Pyre near the deserts for a moment, if only since it seemed to like sitting on countertops, she officially greeted Grant.

    “—I ain’t late, am I?! Should I give some handouts to Pyre, or something?”
  3. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Daisy was awoken very abruptly as her sister promptly jumped onto her. "Really Kiara, after almost 16 years you'd think you'd find a better way to get me up, like an alarm clock or something" she said looking at her sister who was already dress and had Ginger sitting on her shoulder. Daisy got up and dressed into the same work uniform as her sister and then kicked the foot of the snorlax next to her bed, "hey, Biscuit, get up" she said, the Pokémon opened it's eyes and heaved itself up and the after a hearty breakfast, the four of them all made there way to the café.

    They eventually reached the Cafe and entered. Upon entering they gave a quick greeting before making their way to the bathroom, as they de died to make themselves useful as quick as possible, Ginger followed after them but due to size reasons Biscuit went to his usual corner of the cafe and immediately fell asleep. In the bathroom Kiara handed a mop and bucket to Daisy "here you can do the floor and I'll do the actual toilets" she said as she put on rubber gloves and got to cleaning. Daisy nodded and began to mop making sure as always to leave the space furthest from the door for last so that the door area was dry by the time the customers arrived, as she mopped Daisy cleared her throat nervously "umm..hey Kiara, what do you think of this speed dating thing that was on the flyers, are you gonna do it", Kiara stopped working for a second "why?..Are you?" she said with a sly smile, "uh..well..I mean maybe..I'm not sure" Daisy said as she got flustered all of a sudden. Kiara responded with a giggle "no, no, you should, hell I'll probably do it as well" she said before returning to cleaning as Daisy did the same.
  4. Clint smiled softly to Hasumi "Yeah, Thank you. That would definitly help... Also good to see you everyone!"
    He turned to Sophie.
    "Yes, I would like you could clean tables before we open. Can you do that? I will be really grateful" he said to her and smiled.

    He didn't even have time to greet Kiara and Daisy as they quickly went to the toilets. "It's good... To see you too girls..." He sighed, well he couldn't complain about such workers and he could talk with them later.

    Clint also planned on being in this speed dating thing as he never did something like that and was simply curious. Also, possibility of getting to know someone seemed really nice.

    After a while Dragonite and Axew returned to him as they ended their part of the work, he returned them to their pokeballs. "Everyone, we gonna open soon" and then he suddenly added "I have a suprise for all of you after we end a work today, so I hope you will look up for it" he added with a soft voice. After a while, cafe was getting officialy open.
  5. ...

    “Might as well visit the cafe, hey, Protea?”

    Matthew laughed a bit, noting his schedule was utterly free. He had a friend on call to watch his Petilil today, mostly as a day off, so he could take some time to do his own thing.

    At her name being called, a Lilligant glanced over to the man, who had now fixed his hair and was currently putting on a pair of sneakers — and nodded.


    In truth, Queenprotea was craving a little something extra from the shop — and she wasn’t the only one. One Petilil, going by ‘Angea,’ hopped onto his shoulder — letting a leaf fall onto his head in the meantime.

    “Guess I’m not heading out alone. You two ready? The weather’s a little chilly, after all.”

    His two companions nodded — and with that, he opened the door.

    “Sir yes sir!”

    Hasumi gave the man an overexaggerated salute — smacking herself in the head a bit harder than intended in the process — and rushed off to start cleaning up tables in preparation for the day ahead.

    Pyre watched, silently, as its trainer worked — scrambling over to each table, and trying to clean everything up as fast as she could without compromising quality.

    Taking a moment after the first table to discreetly massage her forehead to take her mind off the ‘injury’ she sustained a few moments ago, she went back to work immediately after — pausing once she was finished to take in the whole ‘surprise’ thing.

    “Well, if the big man himself is sayin’ that, there’s no reason not to!”

    It seemed the lady was already thinking up what this surprise could be...

    ‘Hopefully it’s something like stilts.’

    though her priorities were mildly skewed.
  6. Gustav and Eugene had been wandering about town, looking for the Cafe as Flag, the Pansear on Gustav's head, and Handle, The Shiny Krookodile on Eugene's left, saw a young woman, with platinum blonde hair and green eyes.

    "Lana?" Gustav asked.

    "Oh hey, Gustav, I got a phone call, Firey and Ariana." Lana responded.

    "As in the guy with the Extremely scary Volcarona!?" Eugene yelled.

    "Volcarona is usually a sweetheart, but My guess is That Handle lost control of his Anger Point." Lana asked.

    Eugene noted her Correct guess, and the three had headed towards this little Cafe that Gustav suggested.

    "Why would Gustav suggest somewhere to eat?" Lana asked.

    'I don't know?" Eugene responded.
  7. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Daisy and Kiara exited the bathroom, Daisy placed a wet floor sign inside and Kiara took the cleaning supplies to the storeroom. Ginger was perched on Kiara's shoulder. Daisy then took up residence in the kitchen making food, she only ever really worked out the front as a waitress if someone was ill, she received the orders thanks to Ginger who despite being her sisters partner helped Daisy out by hanging around the cafe listening to people order then pointing out the items on the menu to Daisy, when she had made the food required she left it on a counter by the door so that it could be taken to the tables. Kiara on the other hand much preffered being a waitress and bringing the orders to people's table and having small interactions with each customer. Kiara gave Ginger a scratch behind the ear as she sat on her shoulder. Daisy didn't mind that Biscuit couldn't really move around much but she didn't think that really bothered the Snorlax, in fact she was pretty sure he loved sleeping in the corner, occasionally waking up to entertain a child who had climbed onto his stomach.
  8. Clint watched as first clients arrived, he used to work either in kitchen or as a waiter. It depends where he was needed more. Meanwhile, Serpent and other pokemon were giving flyers about a Valentines day speed dating event.

    Cleo quietly arrived to the cafe, with his little swinub on the shoulder. They searched for a table to sit on. "Swine-swi~Swinub!" Cherry kept calling loudly to Cleo, then showed him a free table.
    "Lifesaver as always, Cherry!" said Cleo softly and sat on the table.
  9. ...It took a short while, but Matthew had made his way to this cafe — yawning after a moment’s delay, Queenprotea picked up one of the flyers that Matthew walked past.

    Tapping on his back, Queenprotea shoved the flyer into his hands right as he turned around.


    ...Matthew, in turn, raised an eyebrow — laughing a little bit at Queenprotea’s insistence on his reading it.

    “...Speed dating, huh? Is it a compliment or an insult that you want me to do this?”


    ...Lilligant only nodded, which didn’t exactly answer the question.

    “...Well, might as well give it a shot. I sincerely doubt I’ll end up actually landing anything, but why not?”

    After all, he hadn’t ever done one of these. He may as well try it.

    —So, after one last moment, he entered the cafe, with Queenprotea and Angea in tow.

    “Tables cleaned! Now...”

    Hasumi reckoned she needed to wait a moment longer to see what would need to be filled by her. Most likely, she’d have to be a waitress for the day — puffing her cheeks out in mild annoyance after a moment, she accepted that role without even a word.

    She sometimes got mistaken for a child by guests, and she wasn’t a fan of that by any means — but she’d need to fill in.

    ...Those stilts really did look good to her...
  10. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane walked down the sidewalk with her loyal Talonflame flying elegantly over her. The red head girl worked a think light pink sweater, that seemed lose and showed her neck and part of her shoulders. She had faded blue jeans and white sneakers. She usually worked from home, she was an artist. But she had decided it was better to try and get different views, probably because if a terrible block she had and her art was paying the prize.

    As Akane walked, she noticed th cafe, the sight of th Snorlax was adorable and a small spark of inspiration ignited in her mind. She walked inside, getting the flyer before entering, and sat down at the nearest table to a window. Her Talonflame decided to rest and wait outside on a nearby tree. Akane looked at the flyer and thought about it, she hadn't dated in a while so maybe now it wasn't a bad idea. She placed the flyer on the table and took out a tablet from her bag. She began drawing the Snorlax as she waited for a waiter to take her order.
  11. Leonardo calmly walked through the streets of his hometown, a smile dressed his face at the nostalgia everything seemed to bring him, he had been in Couriway Town for as long as he could remember and cherished the memories when he went on his Pokemon journey. Normally, Pokemon trainers would still be journeying, but Leonardo decided that it wouldn't hurt to take some time off and he felt like he pushed his Pokemon team a bit, so a break seemed more than perfect. Behind Leonardo, a large and bulky Chesnaught tailed him, Leonardo's first Pokemon and most cherished partner, not that he didn't love the rest of his team too.

    Leonardo noticed a cafe with a Snorlax outside of it, immediately he decided to approach and pet it's head. "My family have a Snorlax at home." Leonardo said while Chesnaught smiled and looked around before they both heard their stomachs rumble, both trainer and Pokemon looked at each other and gave a nervous laugh before they remembered they stood outside a cafe, the two looked at each other once more and nodded before they began to walk inside and noticed a rather curious flyer. "Hmm... dating?" Leonardo said to himself out loud and blushed at the thought of having a girlfriend. Perhaps he could use his time off to try and find a lady, even though he also knew his journey might have also yielded decent results. He and Chesnaught went to go and sit down, the latter curiously looked around and tried to look as well mannered as possible for a big and strong Grass type.
  12. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Keira walked over to the red head girl who had entered and was drawing a picture, once she reached the table she cleared her throat and readied her little notepad "Hi there, welcome to our lovely establishment what can I get for you today?" she asked with her usual wide grin and sparkling eyes as she stole a glance at the drawing.

    Daisy had made enough baked goods and snacks to keep customer orders at bay unless they had specific dietary needs, so she sat in a chair and pulled out her phone, as usual she had about six missed calls from her mother, probably some bullocks about growing up and finding a husband and stopping all this lesbian crap. Her mother was never very supportive and her father wasn't around anymore, but Kiara always helped her out when things got bad. Her phone vibrated as her mother called again, with a sigh she picked up and answered "hello Mother" she said, a snobby voice came from the other end, "yes, hello Daisy, I called to see if you would reconsider the arrangement, Markus is still willing to marry you, you just have to say yes", Daisy sighed "Mom how many times, I'm not going to marry Markus, I'm gay, Markus knows that, Markus's parents know that, your the only one who doesn't get it" there was a pause and Daisy realised this wasn't going to end well "You listen here young lady, you will stop this nonsense, you've always been a disappointment but this is going to far, you will marry the boy because I said so and I am your..." Daisy hung up, by this point she was in tears, her face was wet with them and she was sobbing quietly, she had known her mother didn't approve but what she had said today took it to a whole new, real level of heart wrenching. She just sat there crying into her hands as her phone fell to the ground beside her
  13. Once inside the cafe, Matthew had to take a moment’s delay to look around and see exactly who was inside.

    While he wasn’t sure if he was one to socialize today, there were a few interesting faces that Queenprotea could want to attempt to communicate with.

    After all, the Lilligant was much more of a socialite than him — proven almost instantly by the Grass-type Pokémon wandering off to wave hello to a Chesnaught that appeared to pique her curiosity.

    “...Looks like she’s already making friends.”

    He laughed a bit, as Angea shifted to his other shoulder — as he took a seat a few tables away from Queenprotea’s location, and settled Angea down on the seat beside him.

    “...Now, do they serve any tea here..? I’d hesitate to give Protea Earl Grey, but I’d even do that it that’s all that’s there...”
  14. Leonardo had another look at the flyer with clear curiosity before he saw the approach of another Pokemon, a Lilligant no less who waved at her fellow Grass type, Chesnaught smiled and immediately waved back, already comfortable to be with one who shared the same type as him. This made Leonardo smile and bring back a funny memory on how Chesnaught tried to 'fit in' with the Fighting types via flamboyant flexing only to amuse his team. "Not everyday I see a pretty lil' Lilligant, your trainer must take great care of you." Leonardo said with a smile.
  15. Clint decided to go to a trainer with a Chesnaught. Hebwalked up him an smiled "Welcome in the Couriway Cafe, how can I help you today?" he said and made a little bow then looked at Trainer's Chesnaught. "Your Chesnaught seem quite strong. Are you a trainer?"
    @Red Gallade

    Cleo looked around and simply enjoying watching all the people and pokemon.
  16. Heading down the streets of Couriway Town, Ray noticed his Slurpuff, Cherry, looking somewhat pouty. "Don't worry, we'll eat soon. We're going to this cafe down the road," Ray explained, but Cherry's expression didn't change. Earlier in the day, she helped feed all of Ray's other Pokemon and he didn't feed her, because the two of them were going to a cafe that opened recently. "Alright fine, what if I get you a hot cocoa?" Ray offered. This was acceptable to Cherry, and she began to nod her head and smile. Ray chuckled at his partner's sudden change of attitude.

    Reaching the cafe, he noticed some Pokemon were handing out flyers. Accepting one from a shiny Flygon, he read it. "Speed dating, huh? Sounds interesting. What do you think, Cherry?" The Slurpuff nodded quickly. She had no interest in the event, but she could tell from the look on her trainer's face that he was curious about it. Also, she really wanted that hot cocoa.

    The two entered the cafe, to find several people and Pokemon already inside. Ray took a seat at an empty table while Cherry panted excitedly next to him. Looking around, he noticed the staff and their Pokemon hard at work serving customers. The atmosphere was so homey, and... is that a Snorlax with a tiny bow tie and a bowler hat? How cute! Ray had a feeling he would like this place.
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  17. Hasumi found herself quite busy already in the realm of waiting tables, and after hyping herself up for the day, she prepared to move to the first table of the day!

    After preparing to approach a man — Ray, in specific — who seemed to be accompanied by a Slurpuff, Hasumi settled Pyre on her shoulder before running over as gracefully as she could.

    Setting a menu down before the man, she smiled and spoke —

    “Hello! Welcome to the Couriway Cafe, how may I hewp you today?”


    ...She bit her tongue.

    ‘I bit my tongue.’

    Her eyes widened a bit, and she tensed up a bit — but the physical pain of biting her tongue was nothing compared to the experience of flubbing a first impression.

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  18. Leonardo turned his head to Clint as he approached him and Chesnaught. "Hi there and you may. I'll take some pancakes with extra syrup and a side of eggs and bacon. May I ask, is there a place where I can let out my other 5 Pokemon, then I can get to their orders?" Leonardo asked while Chesnaught simply looked at the waiter with curiosity, but remained where he sat as if he was at a job interview. "Chesnaught, pal. You don't need to be so formal, relax." Leonardo said to reassure his partner which made Chesnuught smile and loosen up a bit.
  19. While going over the menu with Cherry, who has now hoisted herself onto a chair, Ray noticed a staff member walking towards him. Putting his menu down, he looked towards Hasumi, ready to order. As the young woman admitted to having bit her tongue, Ray tried his hardest not to laugh and ended up doing a sort of snort.

    "...I'm sorry, that was rude of me," Ray apologized. He wasn't put off by Hasumi's first impression, in fact he found her mistake almost endearing. He blanked out for a second before reminding himself of what he's doing here. "Oh, right, order," he stuttered before glancing at the menu quickly to remember what he wanted. "We'll have two hot cocoas, two sweet poffins for her..." He gestured towards his Slurpuff, who was waiting impatiently for the order to finish. "And a ham-and-cheese croissant for myself."

    "Oh, and one more thing," Ray added, "Cherry here is a bit too short for this table." Cherry reacted to this by standing as tall as she can on the chair, which let her just barely stretch her face over the table. "Do you happen to have a booster seat or something that she can use to sit down comfortably?"
  20. ...Hasumi nearly found herself gutted at the man’s laugh, but her fuse was quickly put out by his reassurance — and thus, she’d jot down his order with some degree of caution, just to make sure she got it right.

    ...His offhand comment about his Slurpuff’s height seemed to gut the lady — evidently a bit self-conscious about her own height — though she quickly corrected her posture before it became too awkward, glancing to the Slurpuff in the hopes of some sort of camaraderie before nodding.

    “—Yes, we have some of those! If that’s all, I’ll grab it rightaway.”

    ...Meanwhile, Queenprotea noticed the onset of what seemed to be a waiter — waving her bluish leafy hand towards him, happily, before patting the Chesnaught’s shoulder.


    ...While Lilligant had no mouth, the way it closed its eyes perhaps resembled a human giving a comforting smile. Almost like a grandmother trying to help her grandson calm down.
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  21. Lana, Gustav, and Eugene had entered the shop with a Snorlax outside, and took a seat, waiting for an order, a Pansear, a Shiny Krookodile, and a regular Feraligatr, although the Feraligatr had to duck to get in the door (a Feraligatr averages seven foot six and eleven twentieths inches). The trio waited for an employee to come by.

    "I wonder what's going to happen, I heard there's a wedding in eight months." Eugene told the group.
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  22. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Stop pouting Luke." Bron chided
    " You try being taken somewhere you don't want to be." His Lucario partner, Luke, responded using aura.
    "I gave you an option. You came, so you'll deal with it. Besides, I heard this place is good." Bron sighed at his partner. Can't he think of anything besides training? He loved battles too, but they were on a break after all.
    As they entered, Bron took a flyer and read it. He grinned and waved it in front of Luke.
    "Speed dating huh? Maybe you should try getting a girlfriend. It'll soften you up, hopefully." he teased.
    Luke simply shrugged and looked the other way.
    Eventually Bron took a seat, while Luke remained standing, looking around and studying everyone nearby.
  23. TARIAAAA!~

    A sweet but earbleedingly loud wake-up cry came from Milo’s Shiny Altaria. He sat up out of his bed rather quickly, but relaxed as soon as he realized it was just Altaria.

    “Mmph...Ari...don’t do that..”

    He grumbled as he got up, stretching and yawning. And then it dawned on him. He has a work shift today.

    “GAH! Aria where’s my apron?? I need to get to the cafe stat!”

    He quickly jumped in the shower for a few minutes, and then styled his hair and threw on his work turtleneck, which was a nice coffee brown. Aria, with his apron in her beak, rushed up to him.


    “Ah, thanks a whole bunch Aria.”

    He quickly grabbed it, stuffing it in a duffel bag. He made sure he smelled nice and touched up in the mirror before rushing downstairs. He grabbed a 10-pack of pokepuffs for Aria, and a croissant for himself. He grabbed the keys to his little beetle car, and walked out the door.

    Throwing the duffel bag in the back, and placing his team’s pokeballs in the middle compartment, he started to drive to work. He then arrived very quickly (after some light speeding) and put on his apron. He then opened the car door, only taking Aria’s pokeball with him.

    He walked up to the door, in which he greeted Serpent, his boss’s Flygon. The draconic ‘mon handed him a flyer, and he went inside reading it.

    “Speed dating? Well, ok...maybe it would be nice to get to know someone. Doubt I’ll end up with anyone though...”

    He pocketed the flyer, and went to warm-up the machines and make sure everything was stocked properly. He began to organize the stations, making sure everything was neat and tidy to his liking. He spotted his co-workers, and gave them all greetings. Aria was let out of her ball to give customers friendly greetings, as he went to go serve the newest patron, a man and his Lucario.

    He walked up to the table, looking as friendly as possible. A warm smile spread across his face.

    “Welcome! What can I get for you?”

    Aria had snuck up beside him, as the Shiny Altaria was eager to help her trainer out. She gave a warm coo to greet both the patrons.

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  24. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane looked up with a surprise as she was approached, she had forgotten where she was since she was too focused on the drawing. She smiled and paused to take a second to remember what she wanted to eat. Of course, she needed some food for her partner waiting outside also. She quickly adjusted herself before answering.

    "Could I get a moka, no extra sugar, three sweet pokepuffs and a blueberry muffin?" She said as she noticed Keira looking at her drawing. Akane held it up so she could better look at it. "Do you like it? The Snorlax is just so adorable."

  25. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    A strange tall man in flamboyant clothing then immediately entered the cafe. He was dressed in bright purple and pink colours and heart shaped glasses. He seemed rather sinister at first because his uniform matched that almost identically of the villainous Team Flare which has terrorised the Kalos region years ago. However, the pink aspect and the heart logo on his pink jacket and above his purple shirt gave the impression to everyone that r meant no harm. The heart idea carried on through various tattoos on his skin. He was wearing sanitised white gloves.

    Upon entering the cafe he would not speak and stealthily approach each table, inspecting the cleanliness of each one, indicating his OCD. He would travel across the room, searching far and wide, each table, to understand, the cleanliness inside.

    He picked the cleanliness table that was not taken. He sat down at it and panted. He had walked all the way from Lumiose City. The journey had worn him out and he was not proud of this. He placed a suitcase on the table. It was filled with poke balls. He placed around three poke balls on the table, each one different from his other ones in that they were marked with a heart. He looked around to see what the others were talking about.

    This man was the notorious Valentino de Coeur.
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  26. "Yeah, that's all, thank you." Ray responded to Hasumi with a smile. A glance at Cherry revealed she was staring at the lady curiously. Leaving her to her work, Ray observed the people and Pokemon in the cafe. It seemed this place attracted all sorts of types, like a woman that seemed to be drawing something, or the man with the strong-looking Chestnaught, who Ray took to be a Pokemon Trainer like himself. And of course, there were some more odd types too. This was demonstrated by the strangely-dressed man who had just entered who Ray found hard to ignore, due in part by his flashy clothing and the almost snobbish vibe he got from him. Cherry, impatient as ever, quivered in anticipation, getting hungrier by the second.
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  27. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Bron looked up at the male worker who had asked for his order. He returned the smile and responded. " I'd like a cup of coffee, and a chocolate muffin, please and thank you. Also..." he looked over at Luke, who pointedly glanced away.
    "Something with honey."
    Luke's ears perked, and his eyebrows furrowed.
  28. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Kiera smiled as she wrote down the order. When the woman showed her the drawing she smiled again, "he is isn't he, he belongs to my sister she works in the kitchen and he can't fit so he stays there" she said as she swiftly turned "I will be back with your order" she added before heading to the counter to grab the food and make the drink, after grabbing the food she stopped as she heard crying from the kitchen. She entered the kitchen and found Daisy "oh no, what did mother do now" she said before placing the tray of food down and wrapping her arm around Daisy's shoulder. Daisy turned and whipped her eyes "it's nothing, I'm fine. You should get back to work before you get in trouble and..." Kiera stopped her and said "no you need to step outside for a bit, go sit with Biscuit and when your ready come back in, I'll explain to Clint" she said before picking up the tray, making the drink and then returning to the red head. She placed the tray down, smiled and then turned to Clint "hey Clint, Daisy is having some personal issues and needs to step outside for a bit, she'll be back in when she's ready" she said before turning back to the red head "will that be all?" she asked.

    Daisy dried her eyes as best she could, they were still red and she quickly rushed outside and immediately went to Biscuit flopped onto his stomach and cuddled up to him as some fresh tears flowed down her face, Biscuit placed a reassuring arm on Daisy's head and stroked her hair gently. He hated seeing his trainer like this and knew that her mother was usually the cause.
  29. "Well, this cafe is really big, so don't worry about releasing your pokemons here, I think that owner doesn't really mind. So, pancakes with syrup, becon and eggs for you and for your pokemon?" Clint asked with a formal thone and gentle smile. Suddenly, he heard Kiera and turned to her. After hearing her out, he smiled softly and said "I understand, she can have as long break as she needs to get better. It isn't a problem at all and if I can help you two, then tell me" he said to her before she left.
    @Red Gallade

    Cleo and his Swinub simply waited for someone to get their order. Swinub looked a bit mad that some Lucario that arrived later than him can get his order and she don't. But luckily, Cleo calmed her down.
  30. Leonardo smiled and nodded. "Perfect." He said before he went to grab five Poke balls which immediately opened for his other Pokemon to emerge. His team consisted of a quiet Aegislash, a well mannered male Meowstic, a cheerful blue Florges, a lazy male Pyroar and an intimidating Noivern who looked almost a foot taller than average, all of whom immediately went to rest near the empty corner apart from Meowstic, who went to join Leonardo at the table and sat formally as if he tried for a job interview. "As for my team, they can have Pokemon food with a berry or two, they're not picky about which kind." Leonardo said as he noticed the friendly wave Florges gave to Meowstic who responded in kind with a little blush.
  31. Queenprotea watched all these Pokémon arrive — then promptly move out to the corner.

    She took it as a cue to move out, and find another Pokémon to say hello to — waving a friendly goodbye, before spotting a Lucario across from her.


    ...Well, this seemed like her best bet! She hopped along over to the Lucario in specific, utterly ignoring the trainer — maybe this one would be more talkative?

    Regardless, she waved to the Lucario in a bid to catch its attention.


    “I’ll be right back, then! I’ll, ah, I’ll grab your Slurpuff’s stand first!”

    And with that, the little lady was off — scurrying away to some sort of ‘closet,’ within lay a few such booster seats. Sometimes used for children, but better off used for smaller Pokémon — as children would often campaign to sit normally like an adult...

    ...And, to be frank, she wasn’t good with peer pressure.

    ...Placing the booster seat just beside his Slurpuff, Hasumi then bowed and scuttled off, presumably to relay her order and get back to work.
  32. Ray grabbed the stand and placed it on Cherry's chair, the Slurpuff hopping on it with glee and giving her trainer a confident smirk at her newfound height. Ray chuckled and turned to thank Hasumi - but she had already scurried off.

    While waiting for his order, Ray thought of the flyer the Flygon gave him. Speed dating? It would be nice to get to know someone. And besides, he didn't have much else to do while he was staying in Couriway anyways. But should he bring one of his Pokemon? Probably, but which one? Not his Golett, its emotionless stare would probably creep people out. His Farfetch'd is pretty impatient, he probably wouldn't like this place anyways. That left Cherry and his Ampharos. He wanted to give one of his other Pokemon the chance to check the cafe out, so takes Cherry out.

    Glancing at the Slurpuff, Ray noticed that she'd left her seat. Wandering around the cafe to distract herself from her hunger, she bumped into a Feraligatr. Significantly smaller than the Water-type and the other two Pokemon nearby, Cherry waved a paw at them energetically. "Puff!" She exclaimed.
  33. He jotted down their order on a small slip of paper, and looked up once he had finished.

    “Alrighty! We have some honeybuns and honey flavored pokepuffs, which would you prefer?”

    The Altaria that was next to him rushed over and grabbed two plates on its fluff. They were example plates of the aforementioned pastries. The honeybun was just a simple sweet bun glazed with honey, and the pokepuff was orange and was dripping down the sides with the sweet substance. It was topped with an edible bee charm, vanilla flavored.

    Ah, thank you Aria. These are the pastries I was speaking of, depending on who’s getting what of course.”

    He smiled warmly at the Lucario, and the Altaria cooed in agreement.

  34. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Valentino got out the little leaflet advertising the speed dating event, which Clint’s Flygon has apparently give him. “Since when are Pokemon used as servants for handing out brochures?” He asked himself. He looked around and saw a plethora of Pokemon, including Clint’s Dragonite. What were such big Pokemon doing in a tight human filled room? “Urgh...it’s getting noisy around here...I don’t feel like eating.”

    He looked down at the suitcase full of dubiously marked poke balls. “Soon, my children, we’ll bag ourselves a prize.” He cackled.

    Suddenly, Valentino’s Swalot came out of one of the poke balls on Valentino’s waist belt. These were legitimate Pokemon on his belt and from this arrangement you could tell he was part of his default team.

    Swalot opened his mouth big and wide and pointed towards inside of it. “Swal...lot!!” It exclaimed.

    “What is it now, my love?! You want food? A treat? Well I’m not paying for it. I’ve already spent enough planning for the date...go and take some food off of the workers at the counter. Get one of the customers to give you crumbs. I’m only trying to help you, my sweet.”
  35. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Luke's brooding was cut short by a lilligant waving at him. Luke turned towards her, arms crossed, and eyebrow raised. Seeing the reaction, Bron spoke mentally.
    Be nice.
    Luke glanced over at his trainer, sighed, and greeted the lilligant in return, reaching an arm out for a handshake.
    Then the waiter brought the two honey options, which completely caught Luke's attention. The aura pokemon stared at the pastries, trying not to drool.
    Bron smothered and laugh, before speaking. "The pokepuffs, please."
    He snapped his fingers in front of Luke, breaking his trance. He sat down, looking away, trying to pretend that he didn't oogle the food like a snorlax.
  36. The Lilligant shook his hand happily with her own leafy arm, before noting that Luke entered some form of trance.

    ...Though, rather than laughing, or anything of the sort, she reacted the exact same way Luke did — her eyes shimmering with delight as she enviously gazed over the selection...

    ...before quickly adjusting her monocle and righting herself, even fixing up her flower, which was almost twitching, before returning her gaze to the Lucario and its trainer as if nothing happened.


    ...Though, without telepathy, it’d be difficult to figure out exactly what she meant, one could assume she was trying to salvage her dignity.
  37. Handle looked at the Slurpuff that was cheerful, and gave a small wave.

    "Dile!" Handle responded somewhat calmly.

    "Fer!" Feraligatr noted the small Pokemon, but was very alert.

    "Pansear!" The monkey like Pokemon jumped off the table and went closer to the Slurpuff.

    Gustav, Eugene and Lana turned around to find a Slurpuff saying hello to their Pokemon after said Slurpuff bumped into Feraligatr.

    "There's a Slurpuff here, who's Pokemon is the Slurpuff?" Lana asked.

  38. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Swalot approached each table abandoned began to suck up the crumbs and leftover food from each person’s table. He was more cheerful than Valentino and would smile at each Pokemon as he cane bear them under the tables. Upon seeing each trainer, he’d give them a great big wide open mouth. He’d then proceed to suck up all the dirt and food underneath them at an alarming rate. He was like a gigantic living vacuum.

    He appeared under the table of Bron, took interest in Luke the Lucario, before jumping up near where he could see the plates of pastries and assorted food. He could smell it easily from across the room. He raced towards the food and jumped up with his mouth open. He then tried to get the attention of Bron:

    “SWOLE!!!!” He shouted loudly. He clearly wanted to take all the food for himself. It looked so good.
  39. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Luke sensed the swalot jump at the food, and lept into action, quickly kicking both plates into the air, out of the swalot's reach, then jumping after them and catching them.
    Luke landed behind the poison type, holding a plate on each paw, and staring daggers at the pokemon.
    Bron also reacted quickly, getting out of his seat and holding Luke by he arm, who looked ready to jump the swalot.
    "Hey bud, calm down. The food looked good, and it couldn't help himself. We're in a public location Luke." he pleaded.
    Luke kept glaring at the swalot, but placed the plates back on the table.
    "Hey, at least the training is working out huh?" Bron joked, trying to keep his short-tempered friend from snapping.
  40. "That's my Slurpuff," Ray responded. "She likes to wander, just let her do her thing." Cherry nodded in agreement with her trainer before heading off to bother someone else. However, it seems that Valentino's Swalot beat her to the punch, who seemed to be staring dreamily at the food on another person's plate.

    Instead of responding with a cheerful wave like she did before, Cherry opted for a disdainful sneer. Whenever Ray brought food, she was the one to make sure no one snuck any extra. And with the look on that Swalot's face, she knew he was about to suck it up. "Slurp! Slurpuff!" She shouted authoritatively, lightly jabbing the Poison-type's blobby body with her paw. She wasn't going to let anyone steal any food under her watch.

    However, Bron's Lucario was quick on the draw, and managed to keep the food away from Swalot with no help from Cherry. She stared in awe as he quickly snatched the plate and balanced them on its paws before placing them on the nearby table. She was very impressed, clapping her little paws for the Aura Pokemon.

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