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Ask to Join A Bright Future (Alolan Adventure with Fanmade Starters)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by OneModestManaphy, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-br...nture-with-fanmade-starters-discussion.18570/
    Approved RPers:
    Thirty years after the events of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, due to unchecked predation, the starter Pokemon of Alola's Melemele island have gone extinct. Because of this, the island of Melemele turned to the neighboring region of Tati'Hi for their native starter Pokemon. Tati'Hi kindly accepted Alola's call of distress, and have sent in three brand new starter Pokemon. Players of the RP will only be shown the first stages of the starters initially, and will be introduced to the other stages as their starter Pokemon evolves.

    The three Tati'Hian starter Pokemon are:

    Botunny (GRASS) #808
    Ability: Overgrow
    HA: Magic Bounce
    Stats: 50 HP / 68 Atk / 40 Def / 46 SpA / 48 SpD / 60 Spe
    Base Moveset:
    - Leafage
    - Pound
    - Tail Whip
    Pokedex Entry: Botunny is a very curious Pokemon. It has been known to investigate its surroundings by using a powerful Leafage attack to clear a path for itself to search for berries.
    Pre-Evolution Learnset: Razor Leaf, Baby Doll Eyes, Growth, Quick Attack, Absorb

    Rayndrop (WATER) #811
    Ability: Torrent
    HA: Regenerator
    Stats: 70 HP / 30 Atk / 41 Def / 40 SpA/ 91 SpD / 40 Spe
    Base Moveset:
    - Water Gun
    - Tackle
    - Tail Whip
    Pokedex Entry: Rayndrop is a very friendly and amicable Pokemon. It has been known to save the lives of many drowning children.
    Pre-Evolution Learnset: Water Pulse, Wing Attack, Supersonic, Thunder Wave, Bubble Beam

    Draglit (FIRE) #814
    Ability: Blaze
    HA: Sheer Force
    Stats: 40 HP / 42 Atk / 48 Def / 74 SpA / 64 SpD / 44 Spe
    Base Moveset:
    - Ember
    - Scratch
    - Growl
    Pokedex Entry: Draglit is full of energy, and can require a trainer who can keep up with the pace of its excitable personality. It has been known to cook its berries by coating them in a highly flammable substance, then igniting them until they reach a charred state.
    Pre-Evolution Learnset: Bite, Rage, Dragon Rage, Flame Wheel, Roar
    The RP will begin once two RPers, other than myself, have been accepted to the thread.
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  2. Nathan looked towards the Alolan islands as his ship neared the dock of Melemele island. "So this is Alola, huh. Well it sure does look fun and might have a lot of exploring to do." Nathan said as he stepped onto the dock. He then stretched from the boat ride and started to walk towards a beach area. "Wonder what I should do first? Maybe I should look around and see what this place has in store." As he said that he started to walk around taking in the sight of everything around him.
  3. Ward breathed in the delicious air scented with the decadent scent of malasadas. The smell was so enticing, that he was coerced into buying a malasada himself. He held the malasada in his hand, then, slowly, he placed it in his mouth. The bread was sweet and flavorful. The relaxing flavor resonated within him, spreading through his mouth, to his very soul. Ward let out a small half moon smile. He was secretly excited about a new life in Alola, especially the difficult decision of choosing his first Pokemon...
  4. As the plane began to land, Liam thought to himself, "What a beautiful island. And to think a new adventure could be right around the corner." The plane came to a stop in the wonderful city well known as Hau'oli. As Liam got off and exited the airport, he took a long look around at the tropical scenery that surrounded him. " I wonder where I should go first. Mabye to go find a snack, I'm starving." And with that, Liam took off, jogging around the biggest city in Alola. He had never been more excited in his life.
  5. After Ward had finished his malasada, he contemplated the Alola region. He decided he wasn’t exploring the region much, sitting around in the malasada shop, so he ventured out into Hau’oli City. He was bombarded by the bright colors of the Alolan tropics. It was a very different city scene when compared to his home region, Unova. In Unova, cities were covered in tall glass skyscrapers and had very little green space. Lost in thought, Ward literally bumped into a small, ginger boy, his longtime childhood friend...
  6. “Ward is that you?” Liam stammered, rubbing his shoulder. “Ouch, I wasn’t expecting to see you here.” The two laughed. Ward was on the way back from the malasada shop when Liam bumped into him. “I know this is kind of sudden, but, would you like to accompany me on my journey in Alola?” Liam inquired.
  7. As Nathan was looking around he noticed a boy with ash brown hair walk into someone with ginger hair. He walked up a bit to see what would happen. He then thought to himself "Those two aren't native to this region. Wonder where they are from?" As Nathan thought to himself he was about to take a step forward, but decided to watch from a distant. He then started to around to see what else was happening while staying where he was.
  8. As Liam waited for a reply, He said, "I'll give you time to think about what you want to do Ward. In the meantime, I'm going to grab myself one of those snacks you were eating. They were called Malasadas, right?" And with that, Liam entered the shop, his mouth watering at the delectable aroma. He saw that there were different flavours and wondered, "Hmm, which one should I pick?" A couple minutes later, he walked out with a delicious malasada already being eaten. "So Ward, what do you want to do?" He asked with his mouth full. He smiled in hopes of him saying yes to his question.
  9. Ward replied, “I need to think about it.” the small, ginger boy nodded and headed toward the fragrant malasada shop. He returned clutching the sweet bread delicately in his mouth. Ward looked up with his trademark half-moon smile and grinned, “Of course I’ll take the Aloan journey with you! Except, where do we get our first Pokémon.” Suddenly a young handsome figure approached the two, wearing a lab coat, but no shirt underneath...
  10. As Nathan watched them he noticed someone in a lab coat approaching them. He wondered who he was and decided to go towards him. He then thought "Is he the professor in this region? If so I wonder if that is where the starting Pokémon are." He then approached the man and the other two and asked if he was the professor. He then waited for a response from him forgetting the other two boys beside him.
  11. Robin walked around Hau'oli city. She is followed by two men in suits. She stands out like sore thumb. She looks like she came from the Sinnoh region. She stares at all the people. She flicks a mosquito off her shoulder "Disgusting...." She sighs and heads into the Malsada shop.
  12. “You must be the professor of this region” Liam spoke out. The man replied in a somewhat surfer like speech, “Yep. My name’s Professor Kukui.” As Kukui went on talking, Liam saw a girl with a combination of disappointed, and angry looks, she looked very famous as she had two bodyguards as it appeared to him. "I wonder who she is." Liam thought as he looked at the girl as she entered the shop, her frown unmoving. He thought that maybe some of the delicious malasada inside would turn her frown upside down. "Malasada are both a hit, and delicious." Liam continued thinking. "Surely she should come out happy." His thoughts ended with a shrug as he continued to listen to the discussion between Ward and the Professor. He was pretty bored despite the scenery and maladies he was still savouring. That’s when he saw a boy walking towards him, and when he looked back, Ward, and Kukui were already running off. “Hey guys wait for me!” He shouted, trying to get their attention, and took off after them, following them to wherever the would be going.
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  13. She looked at the Malsadas. "I want that one. Order it, and by yourselves one." She sits at a table near the kid. One of her body guards brings her a glass of water. She takes her finger and circles it around the rim of the cup.
  14. Ward chased after Kukui. He caught him before he could run off, “Professor Kukui,” Rowland called. The man turned around expanding his muscles figure. The man grinned, “Hello, are you new to the Alola region?” Ward was taken aback...how had Kukui known? “Yes,” Ward replied simply, “So is my best friend, Liam. I’m a big fan of all of your work on move power!” Ward rambled. Kukui smiled humbly, then asked, “Do you or your friend have a Pokémon partner?” Ward shook his head, trying to hide his excitement, “I might be able to help you with that.” The professor continued, tossing three Pokéballs onto the sidewalk...
  15. Robin took a nibble of her Malsada. She looked out the window and saw Kukui and the two boys. She stared at them. It kind of reminded her when she get her Vulpix. She takes a sip of her drink.
  16. Three Pokémon popped out of the Pokéballs. The first was a plantlike, rabbitlike Pokémon. The second was a fiery, reptilian Pokémon. The third was an aquatic ray like Pokémon...
  17. She looked at them. "I've never seen those pokemon before..." She said that to herself. She finishes her Malsada and picks up her drink and hands to one of the guys. "Get this to go. I want to see the harbor." She stayed, looking at the pokemon. "R-right away Miss Ambers." The guy rushed off to the ordering counter.
  18. Moss was walking on the street to the malasada shop with Charge (Magnemite), and Volt (Magneton). He got there and saw a girl with body guards he didn't want to mess with. Moss looked at the shop worker and looked up at the menu. "I'll take the one with powdered sugar and extra dough." he pointed at the big, white malasada. The shop worker grabbed the malasada, and gave it to Moss with a napkin. He walked outside, and took a bite. he saw Prof. Kukui with two boys. Wow, they could be getting their first pokemon. I remember when I got my Volt on my tenth birthday. He walked over to see what was going on.
  19. Robin walked outside the two bodyguards next to her. "You're dismissed." She said, taking a sip of her soda. "But Miss Ambers it's dangerous-." She interrupted him. "I can handle myself. Leave or Ill have my dad FIRE you." The Two men scurry off back to the mansion. She sighs and walked past the two boys and Kukui hoping to listen in on their conversation.
  20. As Moss was walking over to the boys a Grubbin. He got Charge's Love ball and threw it. "Charge, gyro ball!" and the female Magnemite came out of her Love ball and used gyro ball. "Go Luxury ball!" Moss threw a Luxury ball and Grubbin went inside.

    Click! Click! Click! . . . Ding!

    Moss walked over and picked up the Luxury ball. "Yes, I got a Grubbin!" all I need to do is level up this Grubbin and I'll have a Charjabug. He thought. "Come out!" he threw Grubbin's Luxury ball and it came out. "From this moment on you'll be known as Shock." Shock replied back with a casual 'Grubbin.' Moss got his pokedex out of his pocket and pointed it at the Grubbin.

    "Grubbin, the Larva Pokemon, it's strong jaw enables it to scrape trees and slurp out the sap. It normally lives underground." he looked at the pokedex and looked at its data. A male, huh. Moss returned grubben and continued to walk over and came up to them. "Hello, my name is Moss, what's going on?"
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  21. “Who are you?” Liam asked a bit startled. He was almost breathless already, so he thought he didn’t need anymore people following him. “Oh forget it, you can tell me later” Liam quickly followed up. “Something awesome is about to happen.” Kukui announced the names of the three pokemon the stood before him and Ward. “First, there’s Botunny, a grass type pokemon. Next, we have Draglit, a fire type.” Draglit seemed to give Liam a weird, but cute stare. “And finally, Rayndrop, a water type. Well, take your pick.” Liam thought carefully, this was very important after all. Suddenly, he felt something rubbing his leg. It was Draglit cuddling with him. “Aww,” Liam said in a babyish voice, “I’ll take Draglit.” “Great choice!” Kukui answered. “But Draglits can be a bit wild, it takes some patience to raise one, be careful.” “I will.” Liam replied. “Good, now as for you Ward. What do you want for your starter?”
  22. Ward thought patiently, looking at the two Pokémon. He smiled as the Botunny twitched its ear in an adorable fashion, tilting its head slightly to the right. He watched as Rayndrop smiled up at him with glistening eyes. Ward bent down to stroke each Pokémon. The Botunny squirmed ans quivered slightly, but the Rayndrop relaxed, wagging its tail slightly. Ward scooped up the Rayndrop holding its soft, finlike flaps in his arms. It was soft to the touch, and held a gleeful look in its visage. “I think I’ll take the Rayndrop, Professor Kukui.” Ward decided after some thought. The Rayndrop chirped excitedly, wagging its tail, “Excellent choice,” Kukui smiled, “Your new Pokémon partner is a girl, taking that into consideration, would you like to name it anything?” Ward pondered the professor’s question, looking at the small, gleeful Pokémon, “I think Mandolin will suit her quite nicely!” Ward decided. Kukui smiled brightly, “Fantastic! Now, Nathan, that only leaves one option for you...”...
  23. Moss watched as they got their first pokemon. "Wow I've never seen those pokemon." he looked at the starter pokemon. "I wish I could have Rayndrop. I just love a good water-type." he looked at Rayndrop. Wow, Pokemon I've never seen before. How cool. He looked at the Pokemon one more time knowing he needed to get to the pokemon center to call Prof. Elm. "Well, sorry I interfered but I've got to get to the Pokemon Center if you want to battle me or something..." he turned around and rushed to the Pokemon Center.

    Moss dialed Prof. Elm's Number and the screen turned on. Elm was on the screen and said, "Hi Moss, how are you doing?" Moss looked at him. "I'm doing good." he got Charge's Luxury ball and the Grubbin came out. "Moss did you capture a Grubbin?" Asked Prof. Elm. "Yes I have. Also, can you send me my egg?" Prof. Elm thought for a moment. "OK. Just wait a minute." he pressed the button, and the egg came over. "Good my egg. Goodbye Prof. Elm." he turned off the P.C. and grabbed his egg. He walked over to Nurse Joy, and gave her his Pokeballs and he went and sat down on the couch with his egg.
  24. “So Draglit, what do you want to do?” Liam asked his new friend. “Want to head to Hau’oli?, or do you want to do some training here?, I heard this place is Route 1.” Draglit thought for a moment, and suddenly, a Yungoos appeared. “Well, I guess we’re training then” Liam said as he, and Draglit prepared for battle. Of course he had no idea about what moves Draglit had so he had to freestyle a bit. “Use Scratch!” Liam called., it was a direct hit. Yungoos then used Tackle. “Use Ember!” Liam followed. It landed a critical hit and Yungoos was on low health. But then he let out a cry for help, and something much bigger had just appeared. “Uh oh”. Liam stammered.
  25. Ward ran toward Liam and Draglit. He waved, but Liam was too focused on the battle to notice. Ward thought, “Well, I’ll just leave him to it.”, that is, until a gargantuan Gumshoos approached him through the tall grass. He saw Liam cringe. He could see the “uh-oh” in his face, “Hey, idiot, this is what happens when you leave me behind!” he joked. The two smiled, “Go, Mandolin!” Ward exclaimed, releasing his partner from its Pokéball...
  26. "Come here and help me dang it" Liam yelled at Ward. The large pokemon roared at him. "So the pokemon's name must be Gumshoos." He thought. "Alright Draglit, attack the little one with Scratch!" He called to Draglit. Draglit swiftly attacked the Yungoos, knocking it out. "Got one down, one to go." Gumshoos towered over Draglit. He was really worried about the situation. "Try attacking with Ember!" He suggested. Draglit responded with a lot of energy, landing a hit, and causing a burned status condition. "Alright Ward, your turn."
  27. Nathan went towards the professor and asked if he had any starter Pokémon that he could have. He then looked around and only saw Botunny. He then wondered if anyone picked it, but decided to wait for the professor's responds. If he did then he would gladly take the Botunny. If it was someone elses then he would try to catch his first Pokémon. As he was thinking he felt anxious for the response from the professor.
  28. Ward nodded, “Ok, Mandolin!” he began, realizing that he did not know its moveset, “Hit it with a strong water attack!” Mandolin smiled at Ward, then proceeded to spout an impressive sized jet of water from her mouth. The Gumshoos grimaced, barely surviving the hit. The Gumshoos retaliated, lunging toward Mandolin. Mandolin braced itself, taking the attack relatively well, “Alright Liam, you go.” Ward said.
  29. Kukui, grinned, “No one has chosen Botunny, so by all means, step right up! It is female, so name it as you like.” the boy pondered this, “Also, I never caught your name, cousin, what is it?”...
  30. "Oh thank you." Nathan said and picked up the Botunny. "I don't think I will name it. I kind of like just calling it Botunny." Nathan said trying to hide his excitement. He then heard someone ask his name. "Oh my name is Nathan it is nice to meet you." He then pat the Botunny on the head and walked towards Route 1 to see the different Pokémon that are in the region. "Guess there will be a lot of outdoor adventures to do, right Botunny?"
  31. Kit wondered about as he thought of his life back in Johto. He honestly missed his home, but he was here for a reason, to discover what else the Alola islands hold that Elm wanted him to know. Frostbite walked beside him with a smile on her face. "Snorunt!" She exclaimed, clearly excited to be exploring the islands. Kit couldn't help but smile as well. If he was going to be here on an assignment, he may as well have fun doing so.

    He continued to walk along when he spotted a pair of trainers taking on a Gumshoos. Kit saw that they appeared to be doing just fine on thier own, so he decided to stay back and observe. "Well Frostbite, this will be one heck of an assignment for Elm" Kit said to Frostbite. He observed the two pokemon the pair were using. He never seen any other pokemon like them before. He knew that the original Pokemon that were handed out to young trainers, Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio were extinct and he never really caught on what the new starters were. Guess we'll see for ourselves Kit thought.

    His mind snapped back to reality as he heard a noise nearby. "Rattata!" the noise yelled. He turned and spotted what appeared to be a Rattata, but it clearly was native to the island since it had a different look than the normal Rattatas that Kit was used to back in Johto.
    This must be the Alolan version of Rattata, if I remembered correctly, Elm told me that most pokemon that I'm used to back home have different moves and even different types in Alola Kit thought.

    Frostbite stepped in front of the Rattata, clearly ready to defend Kit from the wild Pokemon.
    "Alright, you ready for this Frostbite?" he asked. Frostbite turned towards Kit and quickly gave him a nod. "Alright Frostbite, get ready!" he said as the Rattata lunged at Frostbite with a Tackle. "Quick Frostbite, use Double Team!" Kit commanded. Frostbite nodded as she made duplicates of herself, confusing the Rattata as it tackled an illusion. It looked at the other duplicates, trying to figure out which is the real Frostbite.
  32. “Draglit Use Growl!” Liam asked Draglit. Draglit let out a loud roar. Gumshoos was a bit frightened. Gumshoos used Tackle, landing a direct hit, doing lots of damage despite the lowered attack stat. “Let’s finish it off, Use Ember!” Liam called. Draglit was determined to end this, he spewed out a huge wave of flame. “Woah, that was awesome Draglit!” He told his tired friend. “Good thing I brought the essentials, go pokeball!” He hit Gumshoos straight on the head. “One shake, two shakes...” Gumshoos broke out of the ball and ran in defeat. “Aw man, that would’ve been awesome” Liam miserably said.
  33. Ward breathed a sigh of relief. He analyzed Liam’s battle patterns that led him to victory. Ward nodded with a rare half-moon smile, “Well done my main man! I mean, of course, there’s no way you could’ve stood a chance without me there to help you, but...good job!” Liam made an unimpressed face, then the two burst into uncontrollable laughter, “Let’s go back to the Pokémon Center to heal up our partners.” Ward suggested. Mandolin smiled, wagging her tail excitedly...
  34. Later at the pokemon center, the two boys had healed up their pokemon and were chatting at the cafe for a bit. The boys were drinking some tapu cocoa when the bartender said something. “Do you two boys know this drinks based off of?” He asked. “Not a clue.” Liam responded, “We just got here and we’re still exploring. “Oh really?” Said the bartender, “In the case, allow me to tell you a story, or a legend if you will.”
  35. The bartender leaned forward, resting his elbow on the bar, “Legends of this archipelago tell of four powerful deities that protect each island in the archipelago. Today I well tell you the story of the lightning deity, Tapu Koko. Tapu Koko has guarded the island before us humans had even discovered it. When native people came to the island by boat in the year 807, they were greeted by a fickle creature who allowed them to colonize the island. Ever since we have lived in harmony with this deity, and have so named it Tapu Koko. There is no proof it exists, but it is commonly believed here in Alola, that it will save the life of a trainer it deems worthy.” The bartender explained, “Sweet! You get it? Because our drink is chocolate flavored.” Ward questioned, smiling. Liam simply rolled his eyes at his best friend’s pun...
  36. After Moss called prof. elm, he went to the cafe and got a soda. As he started sipping the soda he saw one of the boys that were with Kukui. He decided walk over to ask for a battle to level up Charge. "Hey do you want to battle?" ( OneModestManaphy I'm talking to you)

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