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A Beginning~

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Pyxis, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    (OOC: This is a private RP between me and Stella. Sorry, folks, but perhaps I’ll make a non-private one someday.

    Also, Stella, sorry for crappy intro post. It’s usually not this jumpy and shaky and confusing, but my mind’s been drained because of school and whanot. D: )


    Something like a shadow seemed to pass by the lamppost, but it seemed much too tangible, much too solid to have been one. An officer looked up as he felt the breeze of the “shadow” pass by him before looking back down at his clipboard. Suddenly, the realization that shadows weren’t supposed to be able to create wind like that dawned upon him and, after giving himself a huge smack on his forehead, the officer took out a Pokéball and threw it into the air.

    The item opened, and, after a brief flash of white light, a four-legged canine creature emerged into the darkness. It gave a menacing growl for such a short creature before chasing after the shadow.

    The shadow ran faster, dodging each and every obstacle in its path with the ease and speed of the wind itself. The creature behind it, though, was faster; if the shadow was the wind, then the creature was a hurricane, not just unfazed by the various hindrances in its path, but demolishing them with a single flash of flames from its maw.

    As the creature released another jet of fire, the light illuminated the shadow running in front of it, revealing the face of what appeared to be a young girl. The girl flinched away from the brightness of the flames, careful to make sure her right hand was as far away from them as possible. I have to get to the city, where they’ll never find me in the crowds she thought to herself, dodging yet another stream of fire the creature released. She was only about twelve yards away from the tree line, but her legs were already starting to cramp up from the buildup of lactic acid, and the creature just kept closing more and more of the distance between them.

    The girl knew she wouldn’t make it. Her steps suddenly seemed to falter a little, slowing down just ever so slightly. Her pursuer seemed to notice, and he sped up, running with all he had. The girl grinned, before releasing one of her own Pokéballs.

    Wham! The Growlithe, for it was obvious at this point what Pokémon the creature was, ran right into the extended wings of a Pidgeotto, who blew him away with a strong batting of its wings. “Come find me later!” the girl yelled behind her as she resumed running, now able to take a little more time in her strides. She heard the officer behind her curse, but she didn’t turn back to check.

    There! The city gates within her reach, the girl bounded forward happily and disappeared into the crowd, her right hand holding on to what appeared to be a

    “Ah!” Sam yelled, waking up with dirt all over himself. The boy slowly raised his hand to his head, feeling what appeared to be a small bump on his skull. Somehow, he had managed to run into some object and had been knocked out for... how long? A few minutes? Maybe even an hour?

    Sam continued to lie on the ground, enjoying the feeling of the cool floor against his back. Sam looked like any regular twelve year old boy. At least, he wasn’t wearing anything spectacular that would make him stand out in a crowd. His khaki shorts were grimy with dust and sweat due to his months of being outside. His shirt wasn’t in much better shape; in fact, it was worse, with all its loose threads and a torn left sleeve. It was maroon in color, and it looked as if something white had been printed on it, but the image had since faded away with time. His white sneakers were also nice and worn, while his brown hair had grown out a little and was all tangled and messy. Well, it would’ve been looked that way had he not hidden it under his jacket’s hood.

    He really needed a good bath, but he really didn’t want to spend money on an inn when he needed it for food and other necessities.

    Deciding that he had been lying down long enough, Sam finally tried to push himself into an upright position. As he attempted to get up, though, he suddenly felt really dizzy and had to sit back down. He felt like crap; his ears seemed to ring endlessly, and he could’ve sworn that dots were dancing in front of him, taunting his inability to get up without getting disoriented again. Sighing, the boy settled into a crouch against a wall, looking around with his dark green eyes to try to get a better sense of his location.

    The place was dark, but he was sure it was just past noon before he fainted. Around him, only a few leaves and pieces of trash stirred; he guessed that it was probably pretty late at night, so most everyone should be asleep by now. Hopefully nobody would catch him wandering around town when he regained the energy to walk around. He was sandwiched between two buildings, so that explained why nobody had found his unconscious body. There was a museum somewhere to his north, and he remembered that he had been traveling through Pewter City before his rather unfortunate... incident.

    As Sam scanned through the rest of the city, he noticed the familiar red-roofed building just a bit away from him. If he was closer to the building, then perhaps he could ask someone to get some ice or something to soothe his aching head. The boy shakily got back up, clinging to the side of a house for support. Suddenly, he hesitated. Was it really wise of him to go ask for help? Did the benefits really outweigh the risks?

    Sam shook his head, clearing the doubts away again. No, he wasn’t that type of person. If it hadn’t been for risks, he wouldn’t be in the position he was in now. It was just a part of his personality. Deciding to push his luck just a bit further, the boy slowly and steadily crawled to the Pokémon Center, hoping to get at least some assistance.

    (OOC: omg that was one of the worst posts I've even written for an RP I'm so sorry ;_; I promise I'll do better next time once this stupid writer's block goes away... </3)
  2. (OOC: No worries about it. I'm getting back into RPing again after what seems like a year off. >> My writing's going to be a bit crappy, and a bit short, for a while until I get back into the hang of things.)

    She was a new trainer on the road for adventure. Whether it was battling gyms, competing in contests, she hadn't decided yet. Allison Kay just wanted to feel the thrill of life; the feeling of adrenaline. She wanted to be like all the other trainers in the world, except she wanted to be better, faster, and stronger. As she walked the forest of the Viridian Forest, she decided to finish up her training with her Pidgey and head on to Pewter City. Pewter City was the home of Brock, the city gym leader, and the next Pokemon Center that Allison needed to visit. With one more battle to finish, she threw out her Pokeball to a challenge offered by the wild Rattata. She pulled out her PokeDex, given to her by the Pokemon Professor, Professor Oak, in Pallet Town.

    "Rattata, the mouse Pokemon. Its fangs are long and very sharp. They grow continuously, so it gnaws on hard things to whittle them down."

    “That's just what I needed. Pidgey, take the stage!” She threw out her Pokeball and the Pidgey appeared from the red aura. It stretched out its wings and prepared for battle.

    The wild Rattata bared its large teeth, then ran and jumped towards Pidgey. Allison had anticipated this. “Dodge, then use quick attack!” The Pidgey had flew around the Rattata and swiftly attacked it from behind. “All right, now is my chance. Pokeball, go!” A new Pokeball flew from her hands and clicked on the wild Rattata, catching it off guard.

    The Pokeball shook once, then twice… Captured! “Success!” The Pidgey cried out in joy for its trainer. “Let us get to a Pokemon Center, Pidgey. You need some time to rest, as do I.” Allison laughed a bit. She reached in her bag, pulling out a few bits of money. “I’m sure I can get us some food tonight. Return to your Pokeball, Pidgey.” Placing the Pokeball in her bag, she felt a chilling breeze in the air. Her brunette hair gently lifted and fell back to her shoulders. She shivered. It was nearing evening. Allison put a red scarf around her neck, then brushed off her black shirt and blue jeans.

    By the time Allison arrived in Pewter City, it had grown dark outside. The street lights had been lit up and many people had already returned to their houses from working during the day. She saw Brock’s gym, but decided to battle it another day. For now, all she wanted was a night’s worth of sleep for her and her Pokemon. In the distance, she noticed the red roof of the Pokemon Center. The lights were still on, of course, for any trainer that needed to rest their Pokemon. As she walked up to the building she noticed a young boy, which she assumed the age of twelve or thirteen, had been slowly walking up to the Pokemon Center. She hid behind a nearby fence, trying to identify the boy and failing. He looked almost as if something had scared him terribly. Allison followed him, though at a distance, into the building. She noticed him looking around and tapped on his shoulder in a friendly approach.

    “Hey, I noticed you looked as if something had startled you. You okay, kid?” Allison smiled gently and held out her hand. "Good evening, by the way."

    (OOC: Yeah. Again, no worries. For me, this is twice as long of a post than to what I'm accustomed to. I'm here to practice my writing and get used to long RP posting. So, bear with me through this. xD )
  3. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Sam almost leaped out of his skin, frightened by the sudden tap he felt on his shoulder. It’s over, he thought to himself as he turned around, dreading what he was about to see.

    The sight before him wasn’t quite what he had been expecting. A girl stood behind him, who was about an inch or so taller but a lot better groomed than he was. She looked to be in her mid teens, and had a kind but inquisitive look in her eyes. Sam guessed that she didn’t want to harm him, but he was still too cautious to trust her just yet.

    “Evening,” he responded curtly, suspiciously eyeing the girl’s extended hand. It wasn’t that he actually thought that she was an enemy, but he had grown so used to being cautious of everyone he met that it had become a habit of his to be wary of making new friends. Sam backed away a little, but ended up falling over. He once again remembered that he had banged his head on something, and probably was still feeling the after-effects of the incident. “Don’t touch me,” he exclaimed, holding up a hand to try to shoo her away. Then he thought better of the action. Seriously, he had come to the Center to find someone to help him, and now he was rejecting it when it was right in front of him?

    Sam curled up into a fetal position and was grateful that there was nobody else in the building at the moment. He let the girl approach him if she chose to, and murmured something that sounded like, “Possible concussion, had a fight with a pole.” In a louder voice, he demanded, “Who are you, and are you related to the Red Rose?”

    (OOC: Short post is shorter than usual. ;_; )
  4. Allison had been afraid she'd scare the teenage boy. She knew something had to have terrified him to make him scared of nearly anyone. She could see in his eyes that he had seen and felt much pain and hurt recently.

    "Evening," he responded in a kind manner. She kept her hand extended, hoping he'd accept it to get up. Allison's first thought was that he had run away from abusive parents. That he had been beat by the adults in his house to the point where he had no choice but to leave. "Don't touch me," he exclaimed. She pulled her hand back when the boy began to panic. Allison remained calm, knowing it was the best thing to do in a situation like this.

    The boy curled up into a fetal position. Allison knelt down to him. She was thankful that no one was in the building at this time. "You've got quite the bump on your head. Looks like it might be a concussion. I can help you out if you want it." She smiled gently. Allison was about to ask him his name when he cried out, "Who are you, and are you related to the Red Rose?"

    Allison suddenly was confused. She had no idea who, or what, the Red Rose was. "If you want me to be honest, I have no idea who the Red Rose is." Allison sat down in an Indian-style position. "And second, my name is Allison Kay. I'm not going to hurt you, I promise." She went to take a sip of her fresh bottle of water, then stopped. Allison placed it beside the boy. "Here. Take this. I just bought it this morning, and you need it more than I do. Take a breath, kid. It's okay." Allison smiled gently.
  5. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Sam took a breathe, like the girl, Allison, told him to. I'll try to remember that, he thought to himself as he slowly unfurled himself from his position. Mumbling a small "Thanks," the boy took the water and slowly poured the cool liquid over his bump. It was a weird thing to do, to pour the water instead of drinking it, but the effect was nonetheless soothing.

    Sam left half of the water in the bottle and drank it, feeling a lot calmer yet still a little jumpy. He looked at Allison curiously, as if he wasn't sure how to explain to her his situation. Finally, he decided on just a few sentences.

    "The Red Rose," he began slowly, "is a girl who couldn’t be a lot older than you, and is a rather horrible person who's committed crimes like arson, murder, and jaywalking.” Sam took another large gulp of water before continuing, “She’s rather infamous in the larger cities, like Celadon, so I’m guessing you’re not from around there.” The boy attempted to take another swig of water, but found out that it was empty. Sam looked a little downtrodden after he found out that he had emptied the bottle of its contents, but shrugged and struggled back up to his feet.

    “And besides,” he muttered in an undertone, “it’s not like I have a bone to pick with her.” He said that last part rather sarcastically, but covered it up by putting on a smile and introducing himself. “The name’s Samuel Thomas, but you can call me Sam.”
  6. Allison listened closely, curious to this Red Rose character. Hearing that she was similar to Allison in appearance made her understand why the boy was frightened of her at first.

    "--who's committed crimes like arson, murder, and jaywalking.”

    Allison froze at this. She wondered why the Red Rose would even do such a thing. She went to a thinking look, her head slightly turned sideways, and began to ponder the reasons. She noticed how his voice was more calm now. Allison was relieved that he was trusting her a bit more now. "Something tells me that he's run into her. I really should help this guy out."

    “And besides,” he muttered, “it’s not like I have a bone to pick with her.” Allison noted a hint of sarcasm, followed by a sudden smile. “The name’s Samuel Thomas, but you can call me Sam.”

    Allison smiled. "Well, Sam, I'm pleased to meet you. This Red Rose character... did you somehow become involved with her? I noticed you were hurt, and by the description you gave I can only assume that's why you were injured. I've never heard of her before, but, then again, I'm not really from around here either." Allison stood up, holding out her hand to help Sam up. "Come on. We need to get some ice. That bump on your head is pretty swollen."

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