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A Beginning to Meet an End

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Lunacepuff, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Chapter 1: Unova's new Trainer

    Ania, a girl around 12 was sitting on the couch. Her mother called her over. "Ania, come here!" Ania groaned and sat up. She stood up and entered the kitchen, where her mother was doing dishes. "Whaaaat?" "Me and your father have been talking, and you are going to get a Pokemon today." For a moment, Ania stood dumbfounded. She should have gotten a Pokemon 2 years ago, but her parents deemed her not responsible enough. "What are you doing? Go get dressed, I'll drive you up to the platform where you will get your Pokemon." Ania rushed upstairs to her room. Could this... Really be happening? Ania pulled her long red hair into a ponytail and slipped a hat on. She had green eyes and was about 5'11. She put on a white Tshirt and a black jacket over it. She put on some torn short jeans and tennishoes, and ran downstairs. "Mom! I'm ready! Her mother was at the door, talking to her friends Cheren and Bianca. "Oh, Ania, Cheren and Bianca are getting Pokemon today too!" Ania smiled widely. "You can ride with me, if that's okay." Bianca nodded. Her green hat almost fell right off her blonde haired head. Cheren nodded also, his black hair flowing in the wind. "Then... Let's go!" Ania grabbed Cheren and Bianca's hands and ran to the car. After everyone was safely inside, the three friends were driven to a platform. They all hurried up the long stairs, and found a tall brunette woman in a lab coat waiting for them. "Hello, Cheren, Bianca, Ania." "Hello, Professer Juniper!" They said in perfect unison. Juniper wasted no time. She picked up a container with three Pokeballs inside and opened it. "Choose wisely." She threw a Pokeball, and a little red pig came out. "Tepig, the Fire type." She sent out a small green snake. "Snivy, the Grass type." She threw the last ball, and a tiny blue otter with a shell in its belly popped out. "Oshawott, the Water type." Cheren smiled. "You first, Ania." Bianca nodded in agreement. Ania looked over them, and pointed to the snake. "Th-That one. Ill name it... Piper." The Snivy looked surprised. It was chosen? Ania slowly approached the newly named Piper. She picked it up. "H-Hi... Do you like me? At all...?"

    Modest Nature
    Nods off a lot.

    END - Chapter one
    Chapter two coming soon!
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  2. Good Job
    Really Good Story and Point of View.
    I love the way that you shared Ania's feelings.
  3. It's a good story i loved how you put every
    little detail of her hair color and the other characters hair color and what she put on.
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