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A Battle for the ages....

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Satoren, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. This thread shall be dedicated to some of the best Battles you've ever fought, be it in-game or otherwise. But please, if you're going to brag about you memorable moments, please try not to insult others by saying how easy their battles were, its just plain disrespectful. As such, we'd like you to perhaps explain why you think that battle was so awesome, flaws and all.

    Personally, I don't think I've ever had a particularly memorable battle. But for the sake of the topic, I will tell you about my quickest romp through an E4 match. (Somewhere under 10 minutes.)

    Back in the good old days of GSC, I approached the Elite 4 challenge with a ton of Hyper Potions and Max Revives. Little did I know I would hardly need them.

    With my trusty Typhlosion, Ampharos, Shiny Gyarados, Machoke, Jynx and Graveler, I took the challenge. Shortly thereafter, emerging as the Champion, and without achieving a single faint or heavily traumatic blow to any of my Pokemon.

    I would have to say it was exciting, considering my Jynx didn't know a single Psychic attack and I didn't bring a Pokemon that knew any sort of Flying Attack. I also wasn't sure if Pokemon in the 40s and 50s were going to be enough to take them on, but boy, was I wrong. Among the 4, my fave battle had to be with the Champion himself, Lance, as I managed to KO his team of 3 Dragonites and an Aerodactyl with Jynx. (Charizard was extinguished by Shiny Gyarados while Gyarados was dealt with by Ampharos.) Still, I loved that moment because I pretty much swept through it.
  2. My greatest ingame battle had to be against Cynthia. It was the first time I had challenged the E4 and I had a level 61 Luxray, level 51 Infernape, lvl 51 Azelf(Hey I was desperate), lvl 50 Weavile, lvl 53 Roserade, and a level 52 Gastrodon.

    This was a total knock-out drag-out where everyone played a part. Let's see if I can remember the details: Luxray slugged it out against Spiritomb and Milotic. Even though it fell to Milotic, it really weakened it and someone else killed it. Roserade was the savior of this battle; it poisoned every one of Cynthia's Pokemon with Toxic Spikes except her own Roserade. Gastrodon landed a couple of Ice Beams on Garchomp and with the help of the poison it was killed. Lucario was killed by Infernape. Roserade dealt with Gastrodon. Unfortunately Azelf was killed by Roserade with a surprise Shadow Ball. The rest of the details are fuzzy; I know Weavile battled and was killed and Roserade was killed but I can't remember who did it.

    However, in the end, the last Pokemon standing were her Roserade and my Infernape. I had two choices: heal Infernape who was down in the red and risk Roserade dropping another surprise attack or attack Roserade with the newly learned Flare Blitz. I chose the latter. The recoil nearly killed Infernape but Roserade was KO'd. This battle was as far from a sweep as you can get. It took a lot of Hyper Potions, Full Heals, and Revives. You may say my Pokemon had bad moves but I didn't exactly have options then.

    Out of all my E4 battles this one means the most to me because I worked hard to win it.
  3. KoL

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    The most memorable battle I've had (and it's one I wish I'd recorded and posted on YouTube) was one I had against my mate on Diamond/Pearl. It was basically 3 vs 3, me with Regice, Alakazam and Garchomp and him with Venusaur, Porygon-Z and Metagross, in a battle where Regice literally haxed EVERYTHING. It went something like this:

    - I send out Regice
    - He sends out Venusaur

    - Venusaur uses Sleep Powder. Venusaur's attack misses.
    - Regice uses Thunder Wave. Venusaur is paralyzed.

    - Regice uses Ice Beam. Venusaur takes 55% damage.
    - Venusaur is paralyzed and cannot move.

    - Venusaur is switched out for Metagross.
    - Regice uses Ice Beam. Metagross takes 15% damage and is frozen solid.

    - Metagross is frozen solid.
    - Regice uses Thunderbolt. Metagross takes 25% damage.

    - Metagross is frozen solid.
    - Regice uses Thunderbolt. Metagross takes 25% damage.

    - Metagross is frozen solid.
    - Regice uses Thunderbolt. Metagross takes 25% damage.

    - Metagross is frozen solid.
    - Regice uses Thunderbolt. Metagross takes 25% damage and is knocked out. Porygon-Z is sent out to replace Metagross.

    - Porygon-Z uses Nasty Plot, Sp.Atk goes up 2 stages.
    - Regice uses Thunder Wave, Porygon-Z is paralyzed.

    - Regice uses Ice Beam. Porygon-Z takes 55% damage.
    - Porygon-Z is paralyzed and cannot move.

    - Regice uses Ice Beam. Porygon-Z takes 55% damage and is knocked out. Venusaur is sent out to replace Porygon-Z (Venusaur is at 45% HP and is paralyzed.)

    - Regice uses Ice Beam. Venusaur takes 55% damage and is knocked out.
    - I win. Yay!

    Basically, Regice went the whole battle without taking a single hit, not out of skill but out of pure hax. He, obviously, was pretty pissed off about it, although I found it hilarious at the time. Ever since then, my Regice has been unofficially nicknamed "Regihax" thanks to this one battle.

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