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Private/Closed 80's Pokemon journey though the regions

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EmoKitty21, Jul 1, 2019.

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    @Red Gallade

    Pallet town is the home of the new pokemon research lab. Professor Oak had taken over the mantel of Professor. With his breakthrough in pokemon technology. He had invented a way for new trainers to help with field research.

    Oak sends new trainer out with a pokedex. It shows them the known info on pokemon in the known world.

    Alex was in bed. He had the covers thrown everywhere. He was sound asleep. It would take a lot to wake him. His alarm was going off. His Eevee was awake she slowly made her way to her trainer. She had found away to climb up on the shelf above Alex's bed. She jumped and landed right on his chest. He was so startled that he sat up right. He had yelled. "Hey what was that for. I could have used a few more minutes of sleep." He looked at the clock and saw the time. "Oh man I am late. Thanks Eevee."

    Alex got up and dressed. He was rushed. He got dressed in a hurry. He could not eat breakfast. He had to get to the lab. He was glad he was able to get a room close by. He rushed out of the hotel and was on his way to see Professor Oak. Eevee had followed Alex. She was very glad that she would be going somewhere other then her trainer's parent's home.

    Alex finally made it to the lab. He walked in. He was a little out of breath. He found Professor Oak in the back of the lab. He stood there patiently for Professor Oak to notice him. He did finally turn around and notice the new arrival. "Hello there. My name is Professor Oak. I am sure you are here for your pokedex. You have come at the best time. You can help me with something. I have a new box system that I want to test out with trainers. It will store pokemon that you have caught."

    Oak walked over to a table on the far wall. The table was piled with quite a few packages. They seemed to be labled with names of trainers. He picked up on with the name of Alex on it. He walked back to Alex and handed him the package. "This package contains you pokedex, the pokebox I was telling you about, and a few pokeballs to start you off with. If you need something feel free to contact me in the pokemon center."

    Alex excitedly took the package. He walked, ran, to his hotel and grabbed his bag. He unpacked his package and stored the items in his shoulder bag. He walked to the front desk and checked out. He walked to route one. He paused there and stared off in the distance. He was ready to start his journey. Eevee rested on Alex's shoulder. She was glad to finally see the world.
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  2. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Exiting the plan from Unova, Hilda looked up at the Kantoan sky. Things were different in Kanto. For one thing, she could only find one-hundred and fifty Pokemon here. She did hear that out of the hundred and fifty there were twenty-two normal types. However, most were not dual typed, unless they were birds. She wasn't going to be using birds unless they were more normal than bird. For a Normal-type trainer, this was bad because she would be weak against all of the Fighting-types.

    Hilda looked around her. She was in Viridian City, a quick walk over to Pallet Town, where she would get her Pokedex and Box, just like her letter said. She was starting in Kanto instead of Unova due to the fact Professor Oak sent her a letter a few weeks before now to tell her that she could get both of those if she helped him. She immediately accepted. She let Felix, her Lilipup out of his Pokeball and looked for Route One.
  3. Avery ran towards Professor Oak's lab. He had promised her a parcel, and was going to collect it. Eevee and Pikachu were riding on either one of her shoulders. She opened the door and entered. It was the same as she had last saw it. He handed her a parcel.
    "Thank you." She said softly, putting the parcel in her yellow bag. She exited the large lab, and made her way to Route one. It was filled with Rattata, Pidgeys and Spearows. She saw another trainer, and ran up to him. She tapped him on his shoulder.
    "Hey," She panted, out of breath"Mind if I join you?" Her Eevee's eye lit up in seeing another of her species.
    "Ee-Vee" She yelled In a greeting to the other. Her Eevee was quite a shy one, but was happy. Avery looked at the wolf-boy, managing to keep her mouth shut about her being a wolf too. Her eyes were pleading, though she wasn't saying anything.
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  4. "Sure I would love the company. My name is Alex by the way." He held out his hand for her to shake. Eevee wagged her tail excitedly at the other Eevee. She was happy to see another one. She had only known her parents and they were far from Eevee.

    "Did you just come the professor's lab?" He hoped he would not be the only one to get the pokedex. He did not plan on being a trainer.
  5. "Yay! Im Avery" She said, shaking his hand."Yep i did get a parcel from Professor Oak. Your Eevee seems very friendly. Oh! Also this is Pikachu, and you already know Eevee."
    "Pika-Pika!" Shouted the Pikachu, waving. It seemed to have a cap on it head, its ears bent down under it.
    "Eve-Eve." Eevee replied to the wolf-boy.
  6. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Hilda entered Route One and started to go to Pallet. She carried Felix so then he didn't go and chase the Pidgies. It didn't stop him from barking at them though. She knew that her Pokemon's relentless noise would scare off all of the Pokemon, but she couldn't return him. She promised that he could stay out when they got off of the plane. The Unovan trainer sighed and said, "Crud. Ya would thank that ya would be quiet. But no, ya are the noisest thang out here." The Pokemon in her arms ignored her and continued to bark at all of the Pokemon.
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  7. "Well it is very nice to meet you, Avery, Pikachu, and Eevee. I was just about to head to Viridian City. I want to stock up on some supplies for the journey ahead." He hoped that Avery would want to come along with him. He did not want to travel alone. There are other things besides just wild pokemon out there after all.
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  8. The siblings had arrived in Kanto after coming from the Alola region. They both got off the boat as Bella, the Deputante trim style furfrou and Chapman, the Dandy trim style Furfrou followed right behind them. The siblings knew where Professor Oak's lab was as they headed there straight away as they had received a letter from him to help out with his Pokedex. The siblings agreed to help as they entered the building of Professor Oak's lab. They had received the Pokedex from him as JC grabbed Bulbasaur naming her Petal, while Shadow grabbed Charmander naming her Blaze. They were both put away before they started on the route along as JC adjusted her violin case on her back of her cape as well as Shadow. The siblings looked through their mask's as they made their way down the route as Bella and Chapman walked beside them while Blue and Sparkx the Eevee's remained inside their hooded capes.-
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  9. Monica skated down the paths of Pallete town, grooving lightly in her workout outfit. The warm weather was rather perfect, the sun shining down of the flowers and blades of grass, some still coated with morning dew. Babs, Monica's Furfrou, ran along with Monica to keep up with her, and both the Pokemon and her trainer seemed happy. "Ready to start this journey, Babs?" She asked the Poodle Pokemon, who in return let out a bark. "Furfrou!" Monica then skidded to a hault near the Professor's Lab, leaning back and stopping herself. Babs stopped as well, and they entered the lab together.
    "Professor Oak?" Monica looked around, the pristine office seemed as if people had been here before her. "Greetings! Welcome!" The old-looking man emerged from behind something Monica couldn't name, and Monica reached to shake his hand. After shaking hands with the Professor, Oak led her to a sort of cubbyhole where parcels lined the shelves, each with odd names. She would've started reading them, but the Professor cut her off. "This is for you, it includes some things you will need on your journey. I am conducting an experiment with field research and you are one of the lucky picks." He announced, handing her a box with her name freshly printed on it. "Oh! Thank you, I was just called here from home so I was wondering what was going on.." She trailed off, but Babs nudged her leg to get her back into it. Professor Oak then directed her to the door. "Now then, I believe it is time for you to begin your journey. Good luck!" Monica waved to Professor Oak, and Babs barked as they continued to Route 1. Monica hoped she could find someone here, as she was excited to be in a new region, with the promise of new adventures.
    She spotted a few people, but wanted to wait in case someone noticed her first. Babs may have disagreed, but the Furfrou stood by her side nonetheless.
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  10. Sterling calmly relaxed on one of the benches near the exit of Pallet town and entrance to Route 1, next to him was a rather large reptilian Pokemon with sword like tusks. He calmly looked at his Pokemon and lightly petted his head. "Don't worry Fraxure, we'll head out soon. Just wanna recuperate after heading to the starting point for every trainer before we get our show on the road." He said calmly as Fraxure cried nonchalantly in response and laid its head on Sterling's lap, careful not to hurt him with his tusks.

    After a few minutes of silence, Sterling slowly became bored, but still tired, he reached into his bag and got out what looked like a wooden flute with an image of a Dragonair spiraling around carved on to it. Sterling put the flute to his mouth and started to play a song. The melody he played appeared to be soothing to Fraxure as well as any Pokemon nearby, a few Pidgeys flew over to him and closed their eyes, lightly they swayed their bodies to the aria the silver haired boy plated.
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  11. "Oh, may I come too? I also need some more potions and repellents." The short girl asked looking up at him. He wasn't tall either, but much taller then Avery. She chuckled lightly to herself as she grabbed a few Pokebucks from her Clefable wallet. She had been given LOADS of money for her Pokemon journey, and still had lots left. She smiled, a soft expression on her face.
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  12. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Felix's barking could be heard as Hilda walked to Pallet Town. She was surprised that no one decided to find her and yell about the loud noise she was making. Most of the Pokemon in Route One was now hiding because of her Lilipup. Continuing on, Hilda found some trainers that looked like they just came from Pallet. Her dog barked even louder.
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  13. "Sure I would love to company. It would be fun to have a traveling companion." That was when he heard the soft music. It sounded very beautiful. "Do you hear that? It sounds like someone is playing an instrument. I wonder who it is."

    His thoughts were interpreted by the barking of a small dog pokemon. He seemed to be very animated. "Aww he is so cute." Without a thought Alex walked up to the girl and held his hand out for the pokemon to sniff. "Do you mind if I pet him?" He looked at the girl. He hoped she did not mind him wanting to pet her loud pet.
  14. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Hilda shook her head. "Not at all," she said in her heavy southern accent. The Puppy-Pokemon sniffed the hand of the wolf and barked again. "Sorry, he barks at everythang," she apologized. She hated the fact that Felix had to bark at everything, around other people that is. She sighed and held Felix out to Alex, a smile on her face due to her love for her dog.
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  15. Monica had leaned onto a tree, her hand pressing again her side. However, she heard a soft flute noise from somewhere, and her Furfrou began to bark. "Fur-Fur!" It didn't seem to be a bark of displeasure, more or so a bark of interest and curiosity than anything else. Babs then began to trot off, the bell from her pink collar lightly ringing as she bounded off. "H-Hey!" Monica spoke lightly, pushing herself off the tree and skating after the Furfrou.
    Monica then saw a guy that looked the age of the trainers she had seen before, but he was clearly not from the starting crowd. She tilted her head lightly, looking at the Pokemon that stood by it's side. It was a dinosaur, clearly, that stood on two legs with two large tusks with red tips on them. Certainly interesting, to say the least. Babs let out another light bark, as if trying to greet the other Pokemon. Whatever it was, it seemed the Poodle was genuinely interested. Monica didn't want to intrude, so she coaxed her dog away, as she didn't want to draw attention.
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  16. Avery followed, a little apprehensive. She didn't like the loud barking, but it was cute nevertheless, She reached her hand out to stroke the Lilipup, trembling.
    "Thats a cute p...pup you got there." She said to the cowboy looking girl, stuttering. At least she had met another person. She usually kept to herself.
  17. Alex reached his hand over and rubbed the little pup behind his ears. "My name is Alex by the way. Are you going to see Professor Oak. I think he has sent out letters to new trainers to help him out with research or something." Alex then got distracted by Felix again. "Aww he such a cutie. My name is Alex and this my partner Eevee. She has been with me ever since I was little."
  18. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "Aw, shucks. Thanks! That is mighty kind of ya. He is a fisty fellah. And yeah! Aah'm goin' there right now," Hilda responded. Felix barked happily at Alex and his Eevee. He struggled to get out of Hilda's arms so then he could chase the Eevee around. "Whoa, there little guy! Ya can play with them later. Now, Aah'll see ya'll as soon as Aah see the Professor. Oh! Aah almost forgot! Aah'm Hilda."
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  19. "Well it is very nice to meet you and this little guy. If you want we will be going to Viridian to stock up on supplies. You are more then welcome to meet us there." Alex was glad he got to know the cute little dog pokemon. He turned back towards Avery. "You ready to go? It is not that long of a walk to Viridian."
  20. "M'hm" She nodded. She started to walk towards Viridian. She took one step and fell flat on her face.
    "Ouch."She mumbled as she breathed in the aroma of sand and dirt. She got up and wiped her face. The Music was still going.
    "So, do ya wanna go and see where that music is coming from?"
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  21. Alex watched as Avery fell. He rushed to her side. "Hey are you ok?" He helped her up. He brushed off some of the dirt that was on her clothes. Eevee looked a little worried. She did want to get down and play with the Felix but she knew that there was no time for it.
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  22. JC heard a soft playing sound from a flute as Bella heard this as well as she leaped off before it came close seeing the male with the flute as she barked sitting down listening to him her tail wagging. JC followed her asking her brother to wait for her before she caught up with her seeing the male as she listened as well. "My what a beautiful song"she told him giving a gentle smile under her mask as Bella agreed barking.-
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  23. "Eh, Im fine. Its no problems,just a bit of dust" She smiled."Anyways, I wanna see who's playing that music. Its such a beautiful piece of art. Can we see for a little bit before we go to Viridian. Pleeaasee?!" She pleaded. Eevee used Baby Doll Eyes on Alex, hoping it would work.
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  24. "Eevee that is not going to work on me. Do you really think that it would work on another eevee owner." He did have a smile on his face though. "Sure I think it would be funto see who is playing that lovely music."
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  25. Eevee looked at bit sad at his remark, but carried on hopping along with them. Avery wandered along the pathway.
    "I wonder who is playing that. I do so hope it will be a flute or a clarinet. Though, its too high to be a clarinet. Its most likely a flute. The beat is so nice" She stated, daydreaming as she went.
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  26. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Hilda didn't pay any mind to the music. She did like it, but she wasn't going out of her way to find the musician. She looked down at the dog in her arms. He stopped barking, for now. The Unovan trainer entered Pallet and looked for the lab. It wasn't hard to find due to the signs pointing the way there. Hilda didn't run to the lab, but she did walk quickly.

    When she reached the lab, the automatic doors opened for her and she entered the lab of the famous Professor Oak. "Ya wanted to see me for somethang? Aah got a letter. From ya," she said to the professor.
    The elderly Professor smiled and responded, "Yes, I have a package for you as well." He then motioned for Hilda to follow and led her to a parcel with her name on it. "This one is for you. It has a Pokedex, box, and some Pokeballs in it."
    "What about the help than," she asked, "Aah mean in your ledder it sayd-"
    "You are helping me fix the kinks in the portable box system. It is new after all," he answered. Hilda nodded then took her leave. She wanted to catch up with those two trainers that she already met. They seemed nice, and maybe they would let her catch the stronger Normal-types.
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  27. Alex walked along. He followed the sound of the flute. They came to a clearing with three trainers. One played the music, the other two were like them, they were listening ti the music.
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  28. Monica watched as people began to crowd around, as if the music was so entrancing they had feel victim to it. Like a magic spell, or whatever. Babs seemed insistent on staying, but Monica couldn't help but feel awkward as more people arrived. Her smile turned into an awkward frown, as she could feel her stomach tighten. "Come on, Babs." Monica whispered, skating backwards so that her Pokemon could still listen, but she would not draw attention to Price and the Poodle Pokemon.
    She moved back to the tree, and she could still see the crowd from where she perched. The Furfrou whined, and Monica felt horrible, but she did not want to make the musician uncomfortable as she was the one who originally came over to listen with Babs.
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  29. Avery approached the musicien.
    "Ooh, I really like your music! Its Very Nice!" Avery complimented him. "Im Avery, and this is Alex. Nice to meet you!"
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  30. Alex was into the music. He saw a girl walk off to the side. She hid behind a tree. He decided he woulf rather be on his way then listen to some music. He would love to get his violin from Cerulian but that would take awhile on foot.

    He walked over to the girl and leaned on a nearby tree. "Hey my name is Alex. Enjoying the music?"
  31. Avery sat cross-legged on the floor playing with her pokemon.
    "Enjoying the music guys?" She said, with a smile on her face. Eevee smiled back, but Pikachu ran off
    "Pikachu! Alex, i think we ought to go now. Pikachu Wait!" She shouted, running after the electric mouse.
  32. Alex looked towards the girl. "Sorry have to go. I will see you around sometime." With that he chased after the small electric mouse. He hoped that he would not have to search for the yellow pokemon.
  33. Avery just caught the mouse by the skin of her teeth.
    "Pikachu whats wrong?" She said. "I suppose you'll have to spend a bit of time in your pokeball. Return" Once Pikachu was in the Pokeball, Avery waited for Alex to catch up. She felt chuffed that she had managed to run faster than Alex.
    "What took ya so long? Anyways, why were ya talking to a tree?" She questioned the purple wolf.
  34. Monica looked at Alex as soon as he came near her. He was one of the first she saw, if she remembered correctly. He leaned on a tree, and Monica seemed to watch his moves rather closely. Babs barked a hello, the Heart trim Furfrou's collar jingling as another form of greeting. Monica ran a hand through her ponytail, and was about to greet him when he suddenly just ran off. Monica sighed, and seeing not many people still crowded the musician, she moved closer.
    Her Furfrou seemed excited, focusing on the odd dinosaur he had, and the melody that Monica began to see why the others were so into it.
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  35. As Sterling calmly played the flute, he closed his eyes and almost zoned out, despite this, he managed to continue his aria miraculously. His Fraxure got up when a few people began to crowd around him, the Furfrou who arrived first was given a very friendly gesture, although as more and more people showed up, he began to walk around a little bit and gesture them to stand back, like a security guard who made sure nobody was near a work of art... Sterling was never big on crowds, which was why he always kept his eyes closed as he played. "Frax! Frax Fraxure." He cried as if he demanded something whilst he waved his arms lightly.
  36. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Hilda made it back out to Route One. Felix was now on her shoulder, for he was too afraid to jump off at this hight, while she finished opening the package. Everything that Professor Oak said would be in there was there. She decided to play around with her Pokedex. She turned it on and went to Normal-types. From what she read, she could catch a Ratata here. "Why would I want a varmin for a Pokemon?" she asked to herself.
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  37. She noticed other people gathering before glancing to Bella. "Bella dear, give him some space"she told the Deputante style trim Furfrou as she nodded her hat like head before backing up a bit. "-Hm, maybe I should...-"she thought before she step a bit of a distance from him as she took off her violin case placing it on the ground opening it as she gently grabbed the black violin and placed it on her cheek waiting for the moment to play as he was playing his flute. Bella knew what she was going to do so sat down in front of her gently smiling.
    Shadow had decided to follow his sister as Chapman followed next to him. He seemed to stop a bit of a distance to the girl with the Furfrou of her own as he watched from a distance as he was seeing she was waiting for a time to play. Chapman or Chap for short the Dandy style trim Furfrou sat next to his trainer keeping an eye on his Deputante style trim sister.-
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  38. Alex was about to answer when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was a small little yellow caterpie. Alex had seen many pokemon like this before but he never knew they had different colors as well. He decided to see what the matter is. He walked over to the little pokemon and leaned down to it. "Hey their little girl. It is ok. Nothing is going to bother you." Eevee jumped down to the ground. "Ee-vii" she seemed to want to calm the frightened bug. Caterpie had other ideas it scooted over to Alex's bag and climbed inside. On it's way in it hit a pokeball. It seemed to shake three times before it settled. "Hey what are do..." His words were cut off when the caterpie settled into the pokeball. "I guess I just caught my first pokemon. Huh I thought it would be harder then that. Anyways I was talking to the girl behind the tree. If your Pikachu did not run off I would been talking to here now."
  39. "Okay, just need to like find a way around here. It's already bad enough that this red and white ball thing hit my head, but even then... it didn't really do anything at least," Povel thought, before he peeked from a bush for a brief moment. He took a slight breath and focused his somewhat loud waddles on the unfamiliar land. The Piplup made his way towards the clearing after a series of vocal sounds made their way towards the penguin's head.

    The little Pokémon glanced in the relative direction of the music's source and slowly inclined his head towards the musician. The Piplup carefully adjusted his scarf and reached into the pocket of his small bodysuit located on the relative area of his stomach. He took out a small book titled: Of Mons and Men, by Josh Stallbak.

    "Hmm, this outta be interesting... I guess I should read a bit of this while they're all on the music over there," Povel said to himself after he glanced at the small crowd nearby. It was apparent that the Piplup had not taken into account that his words could probably sneak into other close ears. The penguin shrugged after a split second, opened the book to the first chapter and focused his eyes on the complex paragraphs.
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  40. Monica continued to watch, the dinosaur waving it's hands around as if trying to communicate with others. Babs seemed to understand, the Poodle barking back in a complying way. "Fur." Monica never understood her Furfrou's behavior, and how it interacted with other Pokemon in the way it did. The Furfrou got a bit closer to the unknown musician as a violin seemed to tune into the song from elsewhere. Monica crossed her hands over her chest, trying not to fall over as she leaned, seeing she had on Kalos's signature roller skate.
    She looked towards the musician, honestly curious about who he was. The only person she knew the name of was...Al? Axel? He had ended their conversation so quick that she couldn't remember. So the musician really interested her. His Pokemon was also interesting, nothing of which she had ever seen.
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