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Private/Closed 80's Pokemon Journey though the regions (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by EmoKitty21, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. The universe is a strange thing. Our world is shared by creatures known as pokemon. Human train and capture pokemon. They form bonds, become friends, some even treat pokemon as a part of the family.

    Our story takes place in a world like our own. There are human and pokemon, but there are also other things. Some are just like humans. Other anamorphic animals walk the regions. You will see people who look like wolves, foxes and many more.

    Pokemon are still used to battle one another, but they are also used to protect people. There are things that are not so friendly in this universe.

    They will cause harm to pokemon and human. They can not be caught by trainers. They will not show up all the time.

    Things to know
    • This is going to be more a slice of life type of rp.
    • The monsters in this will be more of roadblocks that trainers will help the town with.
    • Each trainer will be starting in Kanto.
    • This will be a long journey. We will start in one region and move to others as the RP progresses.
    • Romance is allowed, but should not be the main focus. Also you can not go further then kissing.
    • Pokemom from other regions are allowed as starter pokemon. You will only be able to catch gen 1 pokemon unles other wise stated.
    • Eevee is allowed to eveolved into any of its evolutions.
    • Baby pokemon that have an evolved form in the original 150.
    • Your character does not have to be human. They can look however you want them to. If you want an example just look at my character.
    • The perfessor of the region will give each character their starting gear.
    • You will get a box that holds pokeballs and stores them when your character needs them.

    1. Follow the rules of Pokecharms. This is not something you can aviod. I will not hesitate to report you if don't.
    2. Posts must be at least a paragraph long.
    3. Cussing is allowed. Just do not have every other sentance contain one.
    4. Romance is allowed. Just don't go past kissing. This will not a main focus of the RP.
    5. Pokemon from other regions are not allowed to be caught until the main group gets to that region.

    This is the character sheet that needs to be followed.

    Age: (16-19)
    Looks: (Does not have to be human. You will not have any special powers.)
    Clothing: (make sure you fit the theme of the rp.)
    Personality: (don't go in too much detail. Let you character shine in the rp.)
    RP Role: (Main group, Rival, or other. This will change a little.)
    Goal: (pokemon champon, topcoordinator, breeder, researcher, etc.)
    Starter pokemon: (can be anything from the first gen. Unless you come fromanother region.)
    Pokemon: (this will be updated as your character gets further alomg in the rp.)
    RP Example:

    Here is my character as an example of what anamorphic creature looks like.

    Name: Alex
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Cerulian City, Kanto.
    Sexuality: Gay
    Looks: He has very short soft fur. It is longer in the chest area. It is a very light purple color. He has long stright dark purple. It is very thick and has a black ombre on the ends. On the top of hid head are a pair of wolf ears the same color as his fur. There is also a black tip on them. They are very soft to the touch. He has amatching slim wolf tail as well. He has bright blue and pink eyes. They seem to sparkle in the sun. His eyes are big and very round. He has a slight muzzle on his face. He has a dog like nose. He seems to have a bit of brighter pink around his muzzle. His face seems to be very androgynous and no one can tell if he is a boy or a girl. He is very slim. You can see the muscles he has. He is around 5'3". He is shorter then most people.
    Clothing: He wears an oversized neon pink flannel. Underneath that he wears a black tank top, with eevee and it's evolved forms. He wears a dark purple denim skirt and black splater painted neon capri legging. They are splatered with neon colors. He wears neon pink converse.
    Personality: he is very kind. He loves to preform. He enjoys making music. He can also be a little hyper sometimes. He has a knack for helping others.
    RP Role: Main group.
    Goal: Top Coordinator/Breeder. He wants to raise pokemon who will love to preform on stage.
    Starter pokemon: Eevee.
    Pokemon: Eevee (female), Shiny Caterpie (Female)

    A couple of people have asked me to tag them in this when I posted it. @Krisseon @Yamper, @EeviumZ, @Altari_owl, and @LunarSilvally
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  2. Here are my Characters. They are my OC's ^-^
    Main character:
    Name: Avery Roods
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto
    Looks: Avery has light brown hair with blonde ends. She has light blue eyes that are virtually white. She has lightly tanned skin and wolf ears and a wolf tail. Though, she hides these because she thinks people will judge her and call her mean names. She stands at 4.8 and weighs about 109 lbs. She is quite small and light for her age, and her friends carry her either bridal or piggy-back-style around and call her' Baby' Since she is very small and babyish if you know her well.
    Clothing: She wears a zebra-printed jumpsuit with a yellow belt, a black leather jacket and a white scarf with black leather boots. A yellow backpack sits on her back.
    Personality: Avery is quite a shy girl, but once you get to know her, she can be very funny, kind and carefree.
    RP Role: Main group
    Goal: To be the Pokemon Master.
    Starter pokemon: Pikachu (Partner)
    Pokemon: Pikachu (Partner), Eevee.
    Side character:
    Name: Dylan (Nickname: Tootsie)
    Age: 32
    Gender: Transgender (Now female)
    Sexuality: Gay
    Hometown: Seafolk Village.
    Looks: She has a large black afro and dark skin. she has a mole next to her top lip. she has dark brown eyes. She is 7.9 in height and 308 lbs.
    Clothing: She is very hippy. She wears a tie-dye t-shirt tucked into some low-cut jeans and wears boots underneath. She wears sunglasses too,
    Personality: She is very happy and jolly.
    RP Role: Other (Guide, ferry driver)
    Goal: None at the moment. She is happy with what she is doing at this moment of time.
    Starter pokemon: Popplio (Now Primarina)
    Pokemon: Primarina, Blastoise, Samurott, Greninja and Dewpider.
    RP Starter: Avery walked through the long,tall grass around the lab. The professer told her to wait outside, as some were going to join her on her journey. She could see other approaching the lab, and was excited to start.
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  3. @EmoKitty21 When do you think the rp is going to be up?
  4. It will be soon. I want everyone who has sent me a message with their character to post it here first. That way we have an easy way to know the characters.
  5. Yea, I get what you mean. Should i add a rp Starter or...
  6. I think since I have RPed with you in the past it will be ok. You can post one to give everyone an idea of what I am looking for though.
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  7. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    And you guess correctly! Now I will make a bio as soon as I can. I kinda need to go feed some savage dogs. They are very hungry.
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  8. Here's mine ^-^ finally done and edited
    Name: JC
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Alola, Iki town, route 1
    Looks: She has light colored skin with dark brown long hair pulled up in a ponytail with light blue eyes, right slightly blind. Her bang covers her right eye for better comfort. She has a well feminine build and ranges around 5'4 in height. She wears stylish glasses on her face. She has white wolf ears and tail having the canines senses as well.
    Clothing: She wears a black shirt that only covers her right shoulder leaving her left shoulder exposed as only her black strap from her tank top is shown as on her shirt it says, "There is no room for Judgemental comments" in light purple, light blue, and light green colors. She wears a black jean jacket over her shirt however but can still see the lettering a bit. She wears black shorts with a light purple belt on the waist with long black stockings and pure black chuck taylor converse shoes on her feet. She wears a black bracelet with belt buckles on the top along with a regular size light chain with a part that rests on her ring around her wrist with a silver and black cross around her neck that is blinged up. She wears a headband that can be tied with a shiny Umbreon print on it resting on her head. She has half black gloves on with a bit of bling on it. She wears light green, light purple and light blue hair pieces in her hair that hold her hair up and wears stubbed cross earrings that are a bit blinged but also a black fancy hat as she is able to tilt it a bit. She has a skateboard behind her back as under it is a night background with a white wolf on it. She mostly wears a white wolf blue-streaked mask and hooded black cape to hide her appearance so seeing her clothing is a bit rare.
    Personality: Brave, Strongwilled, Slightly Stubborn, Strategic
    RP Role: Main group(Ally)
    Goal: She already is the champion of Alola so is now a coordinator in training
    Starter pokemon: Eevee(Blue)(F)(shiny)(wears a blue and black flower on her right ear
    Pokemon: Furfrou(Bella)(F)(Debutante trim)(obtained in Alola), Keoy(Key-oy)(F)(Alolan Vulpix)(received from Alola as she was hatched from an egg)

    Name: Shadow
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Alola, Iki town, route 1
    Looks: He is light skinned standing at 5"9 in height. He has a well masculine build. He has jet black hair that is slightly longer in the back with gold-blue eyes as his bang covers his gold eye. He has black wolf ears and tail along with the canines senses.
    Clothing: He wears a black shirt with a black leather jacket and comfortable black pants. He wears black shades on his face and a black fancy hat on his head able to tilt it a bit. He wears comfortable black and white chuck taylor
    's on his feet. He wears half black gloves also on his hands with a black cross necklace around his neck. He also wears a black gold-streaked wolf mask and black hooded cape
    Personality: Brave, Strong, Overprotective(of his sister JC), Calm
    RP Role: Main group(Ally)
    Goal: He mastered Pokemon breeding so is a researcher in training
    Starter Pokemon: Eevee(F)(Sparkx)
    Pokemon: Furfrou(M)(Chapman)(Chap)(Dandy style trim)

    Just in case you want to know:
    • Shadow and JC's mother and father were both half human/half wolf hybrids which explains their wolf ears and tail along with their senses
    • Their father was a Pokemon Breeder and Champion, while their mother was a top coordinator . JC admired her father's accomplishments and decided to lead his way to become a champion herself and as for her brother he took the same path as his father did and became a Pokemon Breeder.
    • Unfortunately for the siblings, they lost their father at a young age from an illness. Thr siblings took it very hard especially JC but was able to get through it together thanks to their mother's support
    • Once JC had completed her champion goal and Shadow completed his breeder goal, JC decided to start a new journey with a fresh start to become a Pokemon Coordinator just like her mother, while Shadow on the other hand decided to be a researcher on all of the Pokemon species
    • Before actually leaving to start on their journey's Shadow had picked up two eggs from his breeding center and had given one to his sister until they both hatched into two furfrou's Bella and Chapman. They seemed still too young to be left on their own so the siblings decided to take them with them on their journey as JC took the female Furfrou that she named Bella, while Shadow took the male Furfrou named Chapman. JC gave Bella the Deputante style trim, while Shadow gave Chapman the Dandy style trim so the siblings furfrou's could be told apart.
    • The reason behind the hooded capes and wolf mask's the sibling's wear is because the siblings have always been chased down by evil organizations especially JC since she has this rare ability to understand Pokemon that she had developed at the age of 6 and only grew stronger as she got older and was able to understand all species of Pokemon including legends
    • The siblings are both violinists since they were young and are very experienced
    (Both of the siblings received the sibling Furfrou's from Alola. They both hatched from eggs together)
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  9. Name: Kyle Moonward

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Viridian City

    Appearance: He stands at about 5’3, has chocolate colored hair and Hazel eyes. He wears a grey sweater with a Donphan on it, jeans, and sneakers. His bag is black with red markings.

    Personality: he is a bit of a loner. He is cunning and hates it when he is in trouble.

    RP role: Main Party

    Goal: ???

    Starter: Nidoran (M)

    Pokémon: Nidoran (M)

    RP Example:

    It was almost midnight as Kyle stepped out of the shadows and into the light of the streetlamp. He dug into his bag as he approached the brick wall. He had selected this wall almost a week before, for its solitude, and the distance from any houses.

    Out of his bag came a bottle. He shook it and began to paint. He was almost finished when he heard a noise. He quickly picked up his bag and stepped into the shadows as a figure marched down the street. Kyle thought the figure hadn’t noticed the paint on the wall... but then the person turned. The paint was fresh...

    “I know you’re there!”

    With this Kyle wasted no time in scrambling up the wall, and soon dissapeared into the night.
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  11. Name: Duchess O'Connor
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Asexual/Aromantic
    Hometown: Castelia City, Unova
    Looks: Duchess is a tiny girl, coming in at only 4'8" feet tall. However, her height is no problem, as she has rather large Pokemon for a girl her age. (Lapras being 8'2" and Milotic originally being 10'0" I cut it to 8'3") Duchess has Caucasian skin, a tanned hue for someone out in the sun a lot. She has dark brown hair, cut into a bob to ensure her cleanliness. She has almond-shaped eyes, a soft expression always on her face. Her eyes are dark brown, and she has black glasses. She has freckles that line her cheeks and nose, and a beauty mark above her right eyebrow.
    Clothing: Duchess usually wears a black T-shirt, with an Oran berry printed on it. It is tucked into some normal jean shorts, and a black windbreaker with white triangles on it. She pairs this with a pair of sneakers that she's drawn triangles on to match her outfit. The last part of her outfit are her triangle clip on earrings and the white shoulder bag that she uses to carry her Pokeballs.
    Personality: Duchess is a kind soul, who's only wish is to help others with their journeys. She was once meek and timid, but her job experience with Dylan has turned her into a well rounded individual with a knack for fixing problems and helping travelers.
    RP Role: Other (A helper to Dylan, a preestablished character by @Yamper)
    Goal: To help Dylan, and to one day sail the world.
    Starter Pokemon:
    Milo | Feebas (now Milotic) | Male
    Milo | Milotic | Male
    Marina | Lapras | Female
    Tiramisu | Glaceon | Female
    | | | |
    Name: Monica Price
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual/Biromantic
    Home Town: Camphrier Town, Kalos
    Looks: Monica, to start off, has long, golden blonde hair. It is usually up in a ponytail, as to show off the 'stylish' jewelry she adorns herself with. Her eyes are blue green, sometimes green and sometimes blue. She is 5'7", tall for a girl her age, some even label that as her 'non-human' trait. She is caucasian, and has a beauty mark below her lip on the left side. Price also has exaggerated lashes, mimicking a style growing in popularity.
    Clothing: Price usually wears differentclothing, as she is quite the fashionable type, but it can be narrowed to two main outfits. The first she wears is a white shoulder-pad top with a black leotard underneath. Her top is lily white to be specific, with cuffs on the end that are secured by two golden buttons. The leotard has a golden buckle on it that secures itself where the shirt ends. With this she usually wears black and neon colored earrings, all of them usually triangle or circle shaped. She wears a pair of white boots to end off.
    The other outfit Monica wears is the stereotypical 'workout outfit'. She wears another leotard, this one white with a neon pink circle and a neon blue triangle near her waist on the right. She wears leg and arm warmers, colored neon pink respectively. To compliment, she wears her triangle and circle earrings, but she doesn't sport black like the previous outfit. She wears white roller skates to go along with it. She carries along a neon pink and orange fanny pack and a neon pink shoulder bag to carry her items. These items are adorned with many patches and pins, as Monica collected both the items at one point in her life.
    Personality: Monica, while she seems air-headed, actually holds some sentiment in what she does. She enjoys people's company, and shows a great deal of thanks for those who choose to be her friends However, she can be competitive, and she enjoys being a peaceful rival to those who strive to be like her. She enjoys the challenge of life, and wants to make the most of what she has.
    RP Role: Peaceful Rival
    Goal: To become a successful Coordinator, and to win with her beloved Furfrou by her side.
    Starter Pokemon:
    Babs | Furfrou (Heart Trim) | Female
    Babs | Furfrou (Heart Trim) | Female
    Adara | Ponyta (Shiny) | Female
    RP Example: Monica laughed cheerfully at her response. "Come on now, Marigold! You know that those legends about Clefable's shadow and the Chandelier aren't real!" The black-haired girl shook her head, as if doubtful of Price's claims. They continued down the path, able to skillfully avoid the tall grass and get to Snowbelle City. Monica tossed a pokeball sported with different painted shapes on it, the ball flipping around every time she tossed it up and caught it. The other, Lily White, seemed more fascinated than Monica, awestruck by the snow-covered town.
    "What are we here for anywho, Lily?" Monica asked, shivering lightly in her shoulder-pad top. Price wasn't too interested in the snowy place, much preferring the bustling city-life of Lumiouse. It was much warmer there, too. "I have to get to the forest, to let the rescued poacher Pokemon free." White answered, pulling a kart filled with what looked like makeshift Pokeballs that would break easily. "Right." The blonde replied, stopping the toss of her Pokeball to wrap her arms around her shivering figure. The two continued, getting closer to the route gate. Monica gasped lightly when the door opened so abruptly, as most self-opening doors had a delay. However, they moved forward.
    "Here we are! Goodbye, you all!" Monica watched as Lily released the Pokemon, each one of them collecting happily together before they flocked into the forest.
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  12. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    That didn't take long at all! They were much calmer than I expected, maybe because we were quick in getting their food? Anyway, the reason this took so long is because I couldn't decide on what I want my character to do.

    Name: Hilda Floccecy
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: (I know this isn't a town, but) Floccecy Ranch
    Sexuality: Heterosexual (that means she likes boys)
    Looks: Hilda has tan skin due to her time out in the sun. She has brown hair in a ponytail and blue eyes. She stands at about 4'9 and has a slender, but muscular build.
    Clothing: She wears a blue tee and blue jeans. She also has brown cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. She has a brown belt. No other accessories.
    Personality: Hilda is friendly but stubborn. She says just how it is, and will make a good friend to just about anyone due to her loyalty. However she very blunt. If she says something is wrong, then there is something wrong. She has no care for your feelings when it comes to the truth.
    RP Role: Main group
    Goal: Normal-type Master
    Starter pokemon: Male Lilipup, Felix
    Pokemon: Felix (M Lilipup), Munchlax (M Munchlax, will get a name later)
    RP Example: Hilda licked her chapped lips and watched her puppy play with the Pidgies and Pidoves. They would land in the field, then he would chase after them, barking. She gave a small chuckle at her Pokemon's antics. Felix, her Lilpup, was given to her as an egg six years ago. She never really trained with him though, only taught him non-battling tricks, like sit and stay. He was still a troublesome Pokemon to deal with though. She remembered that she needed to go to Castelia City to go to Viridian City in Kanto. She sighed and recalled Felix, much to his displeasure, and told her parents goodbye.
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  14. @PlayfulFox47, Accepted. I think she will be a great addtion to the rp.
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  15. @EmoKitty21 Thanks! I wanted to keep it natural, as Monica has had many misadventures through her life. I kinda planned ahead and gave her some life experiences for the example, since that would also flesh her out.
    Back in Camphrier, near Parfum Palace, there was a poacher incident and Lily White, Monica's friend at the time, and Price herself, were trusted with returning the Pokemon to their homes in the Twisting Woods/Pokemon Village. I wanted it to seem natural, I guess.
  16. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I forgot to mention this, but Hilda has a southern accent... A heavy one
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  17. That will be very fun. She will bring a vriaty to the group.

    I tend to that to but it is mostly types of things like who they want to be and come up with the rest on the spot. That is my favorite way to make a past for characters.
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  18. I just got my 1000th like. I can not believe this. I am almost to the 1000 message mark as well.
  19. Can't wait until the rp up lol ^-^
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  20. I will post it soon. I am having a bit of trouble. It is storming here and my internet is kind of going out on me. It might be tomorrow before I am able to post the rp.
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  21. Hey no worries ^-^ things happen so I can wait
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  22. Name: Eve Maddox
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Hometown: Vermillion City, Kanto.
    Looks: She has long brown hair and brown eyes, and stands at a height of 5'9. She is of caucasian descent. She has an athletic build.
    Clothing: She typically wears a leather jacket or navy blue hoodie on top of a blue/white plaid flannel button-up.
    Personality: Sassy to the max. And... that's it.
    RP Role: Main group
    Goal: Pokemon Champion/Top Coordinator
    Starter pokemon: take a wild guess.
    Pokemon: None yet (other than her starter).
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  23. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Okay, sorry for the wait! Finally got my sheet filled out. Let me know if you want me to change anything about her. I may add another character later on if I have time too.
    Name: Lola Kalani

    Age: (16-19): 17

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Hometown: Paniola Town in Akala Island, Alola

    Looks: Fair skinned, almost porcelain-like, long voluminous blonde hair with blue bangs, and light silver-white eyes inherited by her mother. She stands at 5'6", and is thin and elegant. Her mother was an Elf and her father was a human, so she is mixed species. She has long, pointed ears and light pink V shaped markings under her eyes indicating her Elven blood.

    Clothing: Short blue sleeveless dress. Black fishnet fingerless gloves and tights with matching blue leg warmers. White converse. She wears thin belts in neon pink, green, and orange loosely around her waist for style.

    Personality: Lola is confident and determined, while also staying quite formal and respectful, as the Elves and people in her home are brought up to be. She's very friendly, and values a good friendship. She is noble and brave, ready to protect the innocent at any moment. She is also very in tune with the earth and its creatures. She decided to journey to Kanto to start her studies on pokemon in other regions.

    RP Role: Main group

    Goal: Breeder

    Starter pokemon: Kaipo the Vulpix (F, Alolan) and Hani the Vulpix (M)

    Pokemon: Just her two vulpix for now.

    RP Example: I'm sure you get the gist of my RP style by now lol.

    Extra info (just in case you wanted to know?):
    - Lola's parents are some of the top breeders in Piniola Town back home, and that's how she ended up with her two beautiful vulpix. She wants to learn more about each region's pokemon first hand to become a great breeder like them.
    - Kaipo means Darling in Hawaiian, and Hani means Happy.
    - Kaipo and Hani were hatched from the same parents, inseparable since birth as brother and sister. Lola took care of them as hatchlings, and they all grew very close, so she decided to take them along on her adventure. They are rarely in their pokeballs.
  24. Eeps, I shall get my character bio ready as soon as possible in the morning since it is a bit late in the night for me right now. I'll still post the RP sample as usual unless if not needed after checking the first post and other things.
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  25. Aaand a second OC.

    Name: Crystal Selie
    Age: (16-19) 17
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Malie City
    Sexuality: Straight
    Looks: She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, and stands at a height of 5'9. She is of caucasian descent and has a slim build.
    Clothing: She wears a blue t-shirt and white miniskirt, and white jelly sandals with sparkles in them.
    Personality: She has a fighting spark, but is otherwise quite reserved. She is extremely dedicated to battle and research.
    RP Role: Rival, I guess. Or main group, if there's still spots left.
    Goal: Researcher/Top Coordinator.
    Starter pokemon: Popplio (Female, Nicknamed Soprano)
    Brionne (Starter, Female, Nicknamed Soprano)
    Comfey (Female, Nicknamed Blossom)
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  26. All of the characters that were posted while I was asleep are accepted. I will have the RP up soon. I might work on another character for this.
  27. I might make a char for this later.
  28. Sure more people are welcome to join. The RP will be up in a little bit. I just woke up have to deal with a few things first.
  29. Just need to think if I wanna reuse one of three old chars or make a new one.
  30. Well remember they do not have to be human. They can be humanoid. If you want an example of what I am talking about then look at my character in the first post.
  31. Oh I know, although they will most likely be human.
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  32. Name: Sterling Hercules
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Village of Dragons? (Unova, If not that, then Opelucid City)
    Sexuality: Straight
    Looks: Stands at 5'8" with a lean, fit build, skin between Pale and Fair, royal Purple eyes and short smooth Silver hair.
    Clothing: Wears a Purple hoodie with fur along the hood with a Black bomber jacket worn over it, Blue denim jeans and Black windbreaker shoes.
    Personality: Kind, cares about Pokemon, informal, slightly kinder to women and sassy when angered.
    RP Role: Main group?
    Goal: Dragon-type Master
    Starter Pokemon:
    Axew (M)
    Fraxure (M)
    Bagon (M)
    RP Example: As Sterling calmly sat upon a rock in the middle of the woods, the only sounds were the branches that rustled in the wind and his two Pokemon who calmly chatted with one another, Sterling smiled and reached in to his bag to grab a strange wooden flute that looked as if a little Dragonair spiraled around it. Sterling put the flute to his mouth and began to play a calming melody which instantly caught the attention of Fraxure and Bagon who instantly joined Sterling by the rock and slowly swayed to the soothing aria.
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  34. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    I'm thinking Lola's role in the group will be kind of like Brock was in the anime. Someone to cheer the trainers on and give random Pokemon facts, sense she's not much of a fighter. Just minus the crushing on everything with boobs lol.
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  35. I don't know it could be kind of funny to have her do that. I am working the first post now. It will be up soon.
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  36. Or every Nurse or Policewoman.
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  37. Or basically every female human except Misty. (And Dawn.)
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  38. Hehe I should probably add a bit of a background for the siblings lol
  39. You don't have to do that @LunarSilvally. I say anything can be done in the RP.

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