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  2. This is the archived Cryptidex for Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. While we keep this version of the Cryptidex open for viewing, it is now closed to new comments.

#652 - Chesnaught

Discussion in 'Pokécharms Generation VI Cryptidex' started by Magpie, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Magpie

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    #652 Chesnaught
    Grass / Fighting
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    Japanese Name:
    Classification: Spiny Armour Pokémon
    Height: 5'03''
    Weight: 198.4 lbs.
    Egg Group: Field

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    Ability: Overgrow
    Hidden Ability: Bulletproof

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    Revealed: Chesnaught was officially revealed by Pokemon.com on the 12th of October. It, along with Delphox and Greninja, was leaked a few days prior to the official reveal but was not reported on due to Nintendo's wishes for them not to be revealed before the games release.

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    X: Its Tackle is forceful enough to flip a 50-ton tank. It shields its allies from danger with its own body.
    Y: When it takes a defensive posture with its fists guarding its face, it could withstand a bomb blast.

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    Evolve Quilladin

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    Evolves from Quilladin at level 36

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    --- Feint
    --- Hammer Arm
    --- Belly Drum
    --- Tackle
    --- Growl
    Lv. 5 - Vine Whip
    Lv. 8 - Rollout
    Lv. 11 - Bite
    Lv. 15 - Leech Seed
    Lv. 20 - Pin Missile
    Lv. 30 - Take Down
    Lv. 35 - Seed Bomb
    Lv. 36 - Spiky Shield
    Lv. 41 - Mud Shot
    Lv. 44 - Bulk Up
    Lv. 48 - Body Slam
    Lv. 52 - Pain Split
    Lv. 55 - Wood Hammer
    Lv. 60 - Hammer Arm
    Lv. 70 - Giga Impact
    Lv. 75 - Spiky Shield

    View attachment 14908
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    oct_p01_02_je8sw.jpg oct_p01_01_90dse.jpg

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  2. Honestly, even though this isn't quite what I was hoping for, Chesnaught is still a vast improvement to Qulladin. I mean, I wish it had more green on it, and some type of sword and shield, but oh well. At least it salvaged the Chespin line for me, still picking it whenever I get Y Version.
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  3. Well then, a grass/fighting type. Really have to say that I didn't expect this kind of dual type.
  4. Interestingly, Shiny Chesnaught has its previous form's color scheme, although the brown in its palette is slightly more reddish. It can also somehow morph its arms together into a giant buckler-like shield with spikes (it's meant to be its spiky shield move, but it also does this for most defensive attacks)

    I was really surprised when I first saw this guy, but I also was very happy at how badass the silly-looking Quilladin became upon evolution. This guy is touuuggggghhhh, and his movepool emphasizes this. Type-wise however, it's pretty frail. If it was Grass/Steel however...well, I can dream anyway.

    Overall, I'm so proud of how my little Chespin grew up into a big badass hero, and that I stuck with it in spite of everyone's doubts about Quilladin.
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  5. I just now realized that these starters all are 4x weak against each other. Delphfox is Fire/Psychic who is weak against Greninja's Water/Dark. Chesnaught is weak against Delphfox due to being Grass/fighting and Greninja is weak against Chesnaught.
  6. There have been rumors about dark/fighting/psychic starters for a while now.
    Those were extremely unlikely but now they kinda made it happen with the double triangle.

    Also, he shares his palette with Breloom, another fighting/grass type.
    Its fitting.
    Sadly its shield ability wont come close to the likes of Aegislash, but its better than protect either way.
  7. Now THIS is what I'm talking about!!! Chesnaught may not be the most popular choice compared to Delphox & Greninja, but he's just dripping with awesomeness for me. I now take back everything I said about Quilladin
  8. I wanted a Fenneken but as soon as I saw Braixen...........
    Chespin All the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. not what i was expecting to come from a quilladin
  10. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

    Even more reason to pick Chespin when i get Pokemon Y
  11. I am currently doing a chespin line solo run and he's over 9000!!!8)8)
    he's so cute:love:...

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  12. I was always going to pick Chespin (and I did, and I don't regret it), when I saw Quilladin I was like "meh…", but I still wanted to choose Chespin since it is adorable and I just new that it's final evo would be the best…… I was right. Chesnaught is amazing and would probably be my fourth favourite kalos Pokemon, and in my top 20 favorite Pokemon overall. Chesnaught's design is amazing and I don't mind at all that he looks a lot different from Chespin and Quilladin. It's a real shame that Chespin was still the least-popular starter, because Chesnaught is amazing.
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  13. I have Level 100 Chesnaught!
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  14. Chesnaughts roasting over an open fire. Ha ha get it? so is it a nut or a porcupine or what about both? dun dun dun!
  15. The pokemon version of Bowser
  16. nice
  17. except without the fire
  18. I seriously hate this pokemon
  19. QUOTE[​IMG]="ismael1964, post: 230409, member: 160367"]I seriously hate this pokemon[​IMG][/QUOTE]
  20. Before I saw that Chespin and Froakie were gotta be different. I thought that Chespin would evolve into a Grass Dark and Froakie Water Fighting but I was wrong.
  21. My Main Starter Types I chose for every Generation types would be Grass and Water. Gen 1 Blastoise, Gen 2 Feraligatr, Gen 3 Sceptile, Gen 4 Torterra (First Starter), Gen 5 Serperior, And Gen 6 Chesnaught. In BW 2 I chose Emboar.

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