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5 Pokemon From Each Generation Who Need Mega-Evolutions

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Lucky Blade, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. A lot of Pokemon recieved Mega-Evolutions in the sixth generation, some of which deserved them, and some who didn't. I'm looking at you Rayquaza. Looking through some of the Pokemon that recieved these evolutions, I'm really starting to ponder the thought process of Game Freak with some of these. A good example is how a Pokemon who is crippled in battle in every way possible like Quilfish or Farfetch'd(excluding the Stick item) doesn't recieve a Mega-Evolution, but Salamence does. I do understand that Mega-Evolutions are given to Pokemon for competitive reasons, to expand on design, or just by popular demand, but part of Game Freak's job is to balance out their game. I'm going to come up with 5 Pokemon from each generation who need Mega-Evolutions. I will pick these Pokemon with the same guidelines that Game Freak has, except I will try not to put overpowered Pokemon on here. No starters will be included as we can probably assume that all starters will get one eventually. Let me also state that these picks are in no particular order. The numbers next to the Pokemon are only there to indicate how many Pokemon I have listed off already.

    Generation 1:

    Some very honorable mentions include Farfetch'd, Raticate, and Golduck. I was thinking about Sandslash and it's lackluster stats, but I don't really know how it could expand design wise. I guess I could find out if I just typed "Mega-Sandslash" into Google. :p

    1. Jynx: Starting off this list we have a Pokemon that many thought would evolve in Generation 4. Seems reasonable right? Electabuzz and Magmar recieved evolutions, so why wouldn't Jynx? Well, the answer to that question is still unanswered by Game Freak, but I like to think that Jynx looked developed enough where it was. If it were to change it's appearance, it would have to look similar to it's current design. That's what Mega-Evolution is, right? Give this thing a Mega-Evolution so that it can compete with it's other two rivals. Make it more majestic, more magical, and not anymore racist. It's type would stay at Ice/Psychic. For an ability, maybe Refrigerate? I don't know, I'm just throwing out ideas here.

    2. Primeape: Primeape is in a strange position. It seems like it would have been forgotten already because of it's absence from gym leader teams, and from most players teams at that. This Pokemon isn't forgotten though. Who could ever forget the crazy Primeape that gave Ash a black eye, but then transformed into a sweet Pokemon who cried when Ash made the decision to leave Primeape with that Grand Pre guy? Primeape is an original with good power, but he doesn't really stand out from other fighting types nowadays. All of these powerful Pokemon that Game Freak is shoving down our throats kind of leaves our originals in the dust. Primeape is a good example of this. When Primeape Mega-Evolves, make it look more angry then it already does. It should look like it has reached it's peak. It should be portrayed as a Pokemon who has just lost it, and has gone completely nuts. It's attack stat should be boosted, along with a little more defense and speed. For it's ability, I will create a new one called Raging Vengeance. If this Pokemon has been hit with an attack this turn, meaning that it is last to move and it has been attacked, then whatever attack it uses will have a power that is multiplied by a whopping 2.5. In other words, it's attacks will do 250% damage, instead of 100%. It would stay a pure Fighting-Type.

    3. Hypno: Who could forget our favorite, or only, Pedophile Pokemon. This Psychic Pokemon doesn't have anything unique about it. None of it's attacks are anything that another Psychic Pokemon doesn't have. When it Mega-Evolves, it would stay a pure Psychic-Type. It's attack and Special Attack would increase by an impressive amount. I have three ideas for it's ability. Idea one would be Bad Dreams, an ability exclusive to Darkrai. My second idea would be an ability I created called Ultra Drainer(not the best name). It would be an ability that doubles the power of moves that drain the opponents health. It would only benefit from this ability as of now would be Dream Eater, which would be insanely powerful with a base 200 power. Maybe the 7th generation could make Giga Drain available to Hypno as well? My last idea would be kind of crazy. It is an ability called Everlasting Slumber. If the opponent is asleep, it will stay asleep for 5-7 turns. It also wouldn't be able to wake up with Lum Berry or Chesto Berry while Hypno is on the field.

    4. Seaking: Why use Seaking when you could use Mega-Pokemon like Sharpedo, or even non-Mega-Pokemon like Azumarill? Well, here's a reason: an increased attack stat, and a new ability. This ability I will call Piercing Horn. Moves that Seaking uses with it's horn, like Mega Horn, Peck, Horn Attack, Drill Run, Poison Jab, Fury Attack and Fury Cutter are increased in base attack by 150%. Seaking would still be a pure Water-Type.

    5. Butterfree: Last but most certainly not least is Butterfree. Butterfree would Mega-Evolve into a Pokemon with very majestic wings. What comes to mind is Volcarona's wings. It's Special Attack and Speed would be increased, and it would keep Compound Eyes. Keeping it's common ability is pretty lame, but boosted accuracy Hurricane and Sleep Powder is pretty great. I would say give it No Guard, but wouldn't that put Mega-Pidgeot out of business? It's type would still be Bug/Flying.

    You guys always do great with responding to my posts, and I would like to point out that I extremely appreciate it. I would love it if you guys would give your opinions on my choices, and even post your own ideas. Also, should I keep the list going on this post, or create another post for each generation? I will keep the list going once this question is answered. Thank you in advanced!
  2. I would like to see some Generation V Pokemon get some Megas.

    1. Volcarona.
    Why would you want to give an already powerful Pokemon even more power, you ask? Well, because it is one of the most amazing Pokemon introduced (And one of my favorites) in Gen V. If it could get a bit more Defense, as well as a boost to its Sp. Attack and Speed, and this thing will be banned to Ubers. It would gain Drought as its ability. I've always thought it was funny that the replacement for the sun does not have Drought as its ability.

    2. Mienshao.
    Mienshao was a fantastic Pokemon in Gen V, high Speed and Attack coupled with STAB Reckless High Jump Kick made it a very threatening Pokemon, sadly with the rise of the Fairy-types, it's no longer as deadly. With a new Mega Evolution, Mienshao could gain a stat increase in its Attack, Sp. Attack, and Speed. With these stat increases, Reckless would stay its ability, also it could gain the Fairy-typing, making a better check to the many Dragon-types that run rampant.

    3. Golurk.
    Golurk is another Pokemon with a fantastic typing, but ignored because of its lackluster stats (Outside of Attack). If it gained a Mega Evolution, it would gain a 50-point Attack increase and a 50-point Speed increase, with its base 124 Attack increasing to 174, it will become an incredibly deadly wallbreaker, while its mediocre base 55 will rise to 105, allowing it to outspeed and KO important threats.

    4. Hydreigon.
    Much like Mienshao, Hydreigon was a terrifyingly powerful Pokemon in Gen V, but then the Fairies came along and ruined it. With a Mega Evolution, it could gain Filter as its ability, making Fairy-types much less threatening. Its Sp. Attack would go from 125 to 165, while its Speed would go from 98 to 138, allowing it to outspeed and KO even specially bulky Pokemon, the rest of the points could be spread out into its Defenses.

    5. Bisharp.
    Bisharp is one of the greatest Steel-types out there. Sadly, its low Speed holds it back. If it were to gain a Mega Evolution, its Speed could go from a decent base 70 to a great base 110. Its fantastic Attack stat could go from 125 to 135. While its Defenses would gain 20 points each. With these stat increases, it'll be an even greater check to the Fairies and Psychics in the game. It could keep Defiant as its ability, this will allow to remain a Defog-discourager.

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