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3 on 3 Battles - Speculation

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Toastie, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Hi.

    So, how do you think 3 on 3 battles will work? Will Earthquake hit everyone? Will there be some new game mechanics made to accommodate this?

    I'd quite like to see a system in which moves which normally don't have an effect, have an effect in 3 on 3 battles e.g. Night Slash also restoring the pokemon to it's left's HP by 12%

    Post your comments below!
  2. I think the mechanics will be the exact same as Doubles, but just adding in a poke per team. 3 on 3 allows for a much wider range of strategy, enabling tactics that would take too long in Doubles(eg Skill Swap chains, more set-ups).

    I don't expect any major changes at all. Some person at GameFreak probably kept getting pissed that he had these great tactics that didn't work in Doubles, so he made Triples :3
  3. I really don't know here. I liked the idea when I first heard it, but now thinking about it, I'm just scared that the battles will turn into big cluster f*cks where no one can figure out what's going on. However, I'm sure the new "Shooter" command might come in handy in the triple battles, whatever the Hell "Shooter" means. So, overall, I think they'll be like Doubles, only harder to follow.
  4. I think that when it comes to if moves hit everyone, they will still hit all five other Pokemon in battle. They'll probably reduce the amount of damage done to each Pokemon again, like in double battles where moves that hit more than one Pokemon has it's power reduced to 75% of the original value. In triple battles, maybe it'll get reduced to 50%.

    What I kind of want to see them do is make some moves (old and new) hit two targets of you're choice, but not all three or five. Then these moves would go back to only doing 75% power.

    This really does open up for many more possibilities, but so many more things to think about!
  5. I'm not really sure they're going to be too different from what we've seen before with double battles. I think moves that hit everyone will still hit everyone, just there will be more everyones.

    Triple battles seem really over the top and crazy, but that's what I love about them :}
    It makes it seem kind of like your party Pokemon are all one big family and they work together and stufffffffff
    Or kind of like I'm the leader of a gang and we're having a gang fight.

    I think that triple battles will be good at the beginning, when you're trying to give experience to everyone on your team but it's really hard to get everyone in there. With triple battles you can have three Pokemon earning experience at once, and nobody gets left behind :'D
  6. Well, my only concerns for the triple battles are the following:

    1. If there is triple battling, will there be a gym with a triple battle theme like RSE had when they introduced Doubles? If so then this could be trouble, or quite easy :D

    2. If there is triple battles, how will they present it? In the past few games, they mostly had 2 people standing in an area for Doubles, which has me wondering if the Triples will be in trios. I guess I could see it as a way to get past a gate.

    I'm not bashing it in any way, but I just hope they don't go overboard with it. It may be more of a challenge, but it may be too much. I'm just saying the more Pokemon you throw into the ring, the more vulnerable you'll be on the road. But this also works in our favor too :D Plus I could imagine this working with a few attack in my head, like One pokemon throws the other 2 at the opponent with a attack.
  7. 52Crossroads

    52Crossroads Formerly Gya

    i just hope that they dont take this too far. like they did with the legends in gen4.
  8. I'm saying this now; if someone uses Explosion, half your team dies. So it might suck for trekking around routes, especially in a time were Revives are scarce.

    Buuuut other than that, I think it'll be fun. Kinda like a Final Fantasy game or some such.
    Also wondering what the heck "Shooter" means...
  9. Yeah, I was kinda thinking this too.


    I hope not a lot of the battles are 3 vs 3, and that double and single battles still have an equal role in the game.

    In fact, I could see 3 vs 3 primarily used during the story line, not with some random trainers. Like you have to team up with 2 other people or whatever. :C
  10. Ooooh, that would be unfortunate. :/ Hopefully its damage is reduced by 75 or 50% or whatever the rule will be for hitting multiple targets. And at least it will knock out half of the other guy's team?
  11. Yeah hopefully there's a damage reduction for hitting 5 other targets XP. I'll probably still carry around a Ghost 'mon with me just in case. With the other guy's team, yes, they'll be dead, but I was more worried about a NPC (in one of those three people all see you at the same time deal) doing it for kicks and giggles when there aren't any Pokemon Centers around. That would get really annoying if you were wondering around and you got aggro off of three trainers at one time...

    3v3 battles would make a cool storyline thing, like you, your rival and the champion take on the big bad and his two dragons. That'll probably happen actually...
  12. I really hope you get to do 3v3 fights with your rival a few times, I think that would just make fighting them so much more exciting. I still can't get the idea of gang fighting out of my head lolll and I think it'd be cool to just pit all your Pokemon at your rival while he/she does the same, just to see who has the better team overall. I love how messy these battles seem in my head.
  13. Misty's sisters?
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I think that'd actually be interesting to see, Misty's sisters as Isshu Gym Leaders, it'll be the first time they were ever talked about in the game, I think...
  15. kinda makes sense too, do they ever say where they go to when they leave the gym up to misty?
  16. I believe they had gone on a trip around the world, which could mean they had been to Isshu, but the games seem to be linked more to the manga then the anime and I think misty is an only child in the manga

  17. darn... but hey, it could happen, i mean they could bend the rules a little to have a bit of a change...
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  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    @ Whonnii and Kurolegacy:
    The manga is based on the Game, not the other way around, so whatever the game does, the manga will too, not whatever the manga does, the game will.

    Anyway, back on topic, I've been wanting triple battles ever since doubles came out, and seeing it in the B/W trailers, it looks sick as hellz, can't wait for it.
  19. I'm definitely looking forward these 3v3 battles because it'll open up a whole new dimension for strategy and moveset planning. Or perhaps this will turn out to be utter chaos and a really bad idea; we won't know until we get the games in our hands. I do wonder if there will be co-op battles (i.e more than two trainers involved) and how they would be implemented.
  20. Yeah, the manga tends to be a lot more slavish to the games, whereas the anime kind of does what it wants.

    I wonder how it'll be implemented as well-- maybe there will be points where three trainers see you at once? Triplets instead of the twin girl trainers? Seems a little more difficult when it's not couples. Maybe groups of three ninjas. Ooh, or they could have something like the three "eevee brothers".
  21. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    It'd be awesome if say, me and you could team up against another two members from the WFC and have a co-op battle. It'd be so much fun, like the battle tower but more awesome :D

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to 3 vs 3. It may seem more difficult, but people manage just fine on other games that involve three/four characters. I think that once we get used to it, the battles themselves will be rather easy, although they'll need slightly different tactics and such. Earthquake will be rather devastating if you have a ground weakness, or fragile Pokemon. I wonder if all moves that hit multiple targets currently will still hit multiple targets, or whether they'll implement some sort of 'Hit's the two foes in front of you plus the Pokemon to your left' system, when it only effects those directly in front/next to you.

    I'm looking forward to it, even if it just turns out to be a mega free-for-all :D
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  22. I think it's just going to be a free for all IMO XP

  23. I'm actually kind of excited for them. I really, really hope it's pulled off well, so it doesn't seem like a giant free-for-all. Even though that would still be kind of great.
    Virgil's idea of the gang fights seems really cool...it's an image I can't get out of my head xD
    Although, I'm really excited to see how it works out for writing purposes. It'd be a challenge, I think to pull it off (for me, anyway...) but it'd be tons of fun to try.
  24. Im pretty psyched about them. I'd say they'll be good fun. I do have an idea for a slightly different style of play though. In double battling, you picked your two moves, then engaged in the fight. Maybe, to reduce over-complication, when a move is selected, it will be used immediately. After, one of the opponents team will attack, then back to you. It'd be fun, and its been tried in many other games, so it won't be anything too daring. Any thoughts?
  25. ^I think they'll just stick to Choose move > Fastest > Next > Ect. That's how Pokemon works.

    I hope that it'll be introduced like how Double Battles were in RS. Not too many, and you could tell when it was coming, because you didn't have the gang ups yet, like in Emerald onwards. I realllllly hope they don't have three people coming up all at once to gain up on you, you'd have to go backwards and go around someone XP.

    And I have the vaguest of feelings that if they do another console RPG, they might end up having triple battles being the norm like Collo had double being the norm.
  26. ohhh jeez.i really hope they dont. I mean, i didnt really like Colosseum in the first place, but having it 2v2 battles only made it the defying awful characteristic in that game. I hope they do Stadium-style. That was the greatest console pokemon series yet.
  27. Triple battles...hm. I say this would take more in-world preparation at the very least. In additon, when my Pokemon do get to a high enough level, my obligatory Water-type's Surf would KO half my team. >_< I'll need another spam move for in-game training now.
  28. sounds fun but harder than double battles.I look forward to buying and playing this game.
  29. 52Crossroads

    52Crossroads Formerly Gya

    im looking forward to this. im better at 2 on 2 than the one on one battles. maybe ill be good at three on three. and i hope, no, pray that they dont make a 3vs3 coll. i hate coll. they were almost as awful as trozei.
  30. I really like the 3 battle style but I don't know how I can tell what pokemon is hitting what

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