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18th August will see a new Pokémon Presents and Blissey coming to Pokémon Unite

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Blissey Character Spotlight _ Pokémon UNITE 0-6 screenshot.png
    Hope your calendars are clear for this Wednesday because there's suddenly a lot going on. First of all, Blissey is the latest playable character coming to Pokémon Unite. A Supporter type Pokémon with moves that heal or increase basic attack speed.

    Although Blissey hadn't been officially announced before launch, we have seen evidence of its imminent arrival thanks to datamining efforts. That simply leaves Blastoise, who was previously included in the pre-release tests and was announced alongside Gardevoir - already added two weeks ago - to finally be announced and released. With the mobile version on the way next month, perhaps we can expect the two to coincide?


    Also on Wednesday, at 2pm BST, the silence on the upcoming Pokémon games, Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl and Legends Arceus will finally be broken after absolutely no new information about either since Pokémon Day in Februrary.

    A 28 minutes Pokémon Presents will cover both these sets of games "and more". We'll be sure to bring you the full details later that day as well but make sure to tune in if you can.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Aug 17, 2021.

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