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15th Season Of Pokémon Named

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator


    The fifteenth anime season of Pokémon has been announced today. After a year of airing the dub series of Pokémon Best Wishes, known as Pokémon Black & White, the series has come to a close and the second series of Black & White has been announced to replace it.

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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Jan 29, 2012.

    1. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      And yet again, the Japanese have yet to change to a new intro before this point (which I really hope they'd hurry up and do, the current one was rendered out of date by about episode 15 when they'd blown all the Pokemon in it).

      I guess they'll just have to chop up some of then ending songs for it instead.
    2. Linkachu
      I crave my new OP. Why must they deny it? D:
    3. precita
      I wish the next opening would go back to the way they did the AG and DP openings. I am speaking of the Japanese ones here, they always got you excited about what would happen next..

      Granted at this point Best Wishes is somewhat of a disappointment compared to past arcs. As much as I like Cilan, the show feels like the way it did in Johto again with fillers and Iris being a Misty repeat. Trip can't compare with Paul either.

      Hopefully BW improves in its second year or it might be my most disliked saga since Johto.
    4. Satoren
      BW certainly lacks character development for Cilan and Iris, but hey, the same can be said for Misty and Brock for the Kanto and Johto arcs. (Although both Cilan and Iris get an episode about themselves in BW58 and BW60 just to remind us that they have some semblance of a storyline, too.)

      There aren't so many filler episodes that it gets boring fast, and some episodes that don't focus on Ash instead focus on secondary characters like Bianca or Professor Juniper, so its not terribly irrelevant to the plot. BW is already 65 episodes in, and Ash already has 5 badges, and will be reaching the 6th gym leader sometime this February. All in all, BW has pretty good pacing by the looks of it.
    5. precita
      I just mean it feels like nothing is really happening again, like most of Johto felt like where we had literally nothing to look forward to between Ash's Gyms.

      I really like Iris and Cilan, but the BW saga itself feels like a step back from DP, and even AG, in so many ways. It feels like an attempt to recapture Kanto's style of writing, but its not able to do so.

      I don't think the writers can ever recapture the "magic" the original Kanto saga had. Best Wishes might mirror the original season, but its really nothing like it. It feels like an attempt that backfired IMO, they should have just continued to progress the series like they did with the last two generations instead of trying to change the anime back to what it was 15 years ago.
    6. Linkachu
      Strange. I've gotten a much different impression from the series thus far. Aside from Ash being dumbed down and TR losing their original charm, I've found Best Wishes to be a great season. Iris has had several good character development episodes, Cilan continues to be an enjoyable goofball, and the plot isn't lagging. The fillers are either on par or higher quality than fillers from previous seasons, Ash has already caught more than six Pokemon and actively rotates them, many side characters have been reoccurring, and all three of the main characters have at least one rival. We've also had a few smaller sub-plots (the battle tournament for example) that have turned out to be quite good.

      Personally, unless things drastically change between now and the end of the Unova league, I'd rank Best Wishes as my second favourite region saga after Sinnoh. Kanto has nostalgic charm and some deeply heartfelt moments but that's about it, Johto drags for the first 40 episodes (give or take), and Hoenn becomes very boring deeper into the saga.

      I'm still waiting for my classic heartfelt TR episode that might never happen, and I'm also wondering where the hell Team Plasma is, but other than that... yeah. It's all good with me. I'd say we're on track for another spin-off season which is always a good thing. The Orange Islands and Battle Frontier sagas (that is, Battle Frontier in Japanese) were both excellent and I'm definitely not against us having another season like those.

      tl;dr, my opinion is 100% biased because of Oshawott and I could watch this series simply for him. No lies. :D
    7. precita
      I guess my main problem is with Trip. After Paul raised the bar so high of what a great rival is to do to a bland watered down version of the character in Trip is disappointing. Ash's regression is also notable.

      Lastly we have no real villains so far. Nothing can compare to Hunter J and Plasma is completely missing while Galactic got many episodes.

      Iris has only gotten a handful of eps so far, and she almost feels like she's being ignored in favor of Cilan. I actually much prefer her over Dawn, but I won't deny Dawn got good development which Iris lacks.

      It also lacks that emotional moments Kanto had, lost the sense of plot and villains that DP had. I hope the second year improves, but it can't get any worse than the early or middle portions of Johto. I will say I was more engaged in DP at this point 70 eps in than with BW..
    8. Linkachu
      I'm doing my best not to compare it to DP because it's clear that the writers wanted to take Best Wishes in a different direction. To me it has many throw-backs to Kanto's saga but also stands on its own as well. We're not seeing character development on the level of Dawn, Paul, and Chimchar, but it's still there; just more subtle.

      It's clear that Ash is the focus again this season, which is likely annoying to many people. I don't mind it myself. I'm glad that I can point to specific features Best Wishes has that DP didn't and vice versa. It's keeping things fresh and giving me a reason to rewatch DP as I continue to enjoy Best Wishes~

      I think RX once said this, but I kinda wish Trip was a girl. The dynamics between a female Trip and Ash would be so much more interesting. XD



    9. Satoren
      Technically, I said that I wish Cheren was a girl and that we got an altogether different female rival (one who was preferably tsundere for Ash ;D) But seeing as how Trip is an expy of Cheren, I'd probably wouldn't have minded him being female instead. Most of the female rivals are usually bubbly or at the very least very feminine. A tomboyish and serious female rival would've been interesting.

      also this thread is now about Oshawott.
    10. KoL
      Just a question, but do you EVER stop complaining? Actually, don't answer that, I already know the answer.

      If you're going to criticize the anime, stop mentioning Misty. Every time I've seen you criticize the anime you've mentioned something along the lines of wishing Misty came back or comparing a current character to her. It's getting VERY tiresome and many people have already complained about your posts in the past and now.

      Last warning; any more of this nonsense out of you Precita and I will remove you.
    11. precita
      Hm? Iris and Cilan are two of my favorite characters so I have no desire to see Misty, I was just making the comparison that Iris is being treated very similar being a token traveling companion from a Gym.

      I also enjoy BW, even if I feel it's not as good as DP was. I think it's fine to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each saga. I am mostly disappointed Giovanni and Team Plasma have disappeared. :/
    12. Demelza
      So while you all kill my article with Oshawott pictures, I bring you a trailer for the 15th season. And yes Oshawott is in it! :D

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