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The Story that Truly Happened

by Imperfect World

  • Imperfect World

    Chapter 1: Becoming Truth by Imperfect World

    Come into the backstory of how Talli, a teenager, found out the truth about her.

    Oct 8, 2017 1,103 words 5 Likes
  • Imperfect World

    Chapter 2: Trouble with the Cops by Imperfect World

    Welcome to Talli's world. She's an Avatar, and this is just the beginning of a difficult adventure. For example? A cop chase.

    Oct 8, 2017 540 words 4 Likes
  • Imperfect World

    Chapter 3: Framed by Imperfect World

    After helping chase down a girl, Talli thinks about how she could've helped hunt an innocent person. But this person isn't so innocent.

    Oct 8, 2017 511 words 4 Likes
  • Imperfect World

    Chapter 4: Getting In by Imperfect World

    After being Framed, Talli goes home, expecting the worst. But the worst soon turns to the best, as Talli's life begins to flip around.

    Oct 8, 2017 710 words 4 Likes
  • Imperfect World

    Chapter 5: Revealing the Truth by Imperfect World

    After Talli gets into a probending match with help from her father, she met the cutest guy she's ever seen. But then she saw a bad sight ahead of her, which was the girl who had framed her.

    Oct 8, 2017 736 words 4 Likes