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by MihajloJedi

  • MihajloJedi

    Introduction:How Everything Started by MihajloJedi

    This is first work of series called Solandis, about group of teens trying to help world and fighting evil. Nothing to much, I don't want to spoil you rest of story! Special thanks to @Jodie.xox and @Clite of Dragonbow for making names of God's and planet.

    Feb 24, 2019 305 words 11 Likes
  • MihajloJedi

    Chapter 1:Travel Starts by MihajloJedi

    So this is chapter 1 of story Solandis, first we need to meet out characters, and main plot Here we have characters featured in this episode Michael Shroudy by @m1h4jl0 Kevin Claw by @Killerbunny Gul Shagar by @Pokéboy098 Bruno Shroudy by @XBD Heaven and Nevaeh Kiefer by @OtisRolePlays Akrunako Kajasayak by @PrincessPika Adrian Snow by @Red Gallade And last, but not least Skylar Cosmos by @Jodie.xox

    Mar 2, 2019 881 words 11 Likes
  • MihajloJedi

    Chapter 2:In the Wilderness by MihajloJedi

    Thanks to all of you guys who helped me make character for this story. In this part, two new characters are introduced: Deathark by @Mihajlo Jedi Theromino Kama by @Clite of Dragonbow BTW, I had no idea how to start this part, I was thinking for quite some time, but nothing came to my mind, so it just goes like this

    May 13, 2019 712 words 11 Likes
  • MihajloJedi

    Chapter 3:In the Eternal Forest by MihajloJedi

    Hey, I just wanted to thank you again for all support this series is getting. Character featured in this chapter are: Fredrigo Hloree by @Clite of Dragonbow Nabina Spiney by @Clite of Dragonbow

    Jun 3, 2019 664 words 8 Likes