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Sky Fulfills

by DaVioletAce

  • DaVioletAce

    Sky Fulfills. (Chap 1) by DaVioletAce

    I think i have a tendency to do these. The schedule is on.. Tue - Wed - Sat. I might not be able to do the one on Wed, cuz' i have another thing to write. Anyways, SUMMARY! Daniel think's he's one of billions who feels that the sky fulfills them. Is that true? Or is he very unique? Daniel's got a normal life, he thinks. A gang, a school, parents..or is that just a memory in this other story? Daniel likes to write, and what happens when he realizes he, in his old life, had a connection with an legendary named Lugia? What does happen indeed..

    Sep 27, 2016 701 words 1 Like
  • DaVioletAce

    Remembrance. (Chap 2) by DaVioletAce

    Another one! Okay, nothing left to say now, summary...NOW! Daniel is very sensitive about the way he writes, so he knows somethings desperately wrong when he finds a picture of the legendary Pokemon Lugia. Before he knows it, he's searching down his Pokepedia. When he succeeds, he learns his father's story. Who is Danny? We'll know.

    Sep 28, 2016 346 words 1 Like
  • DaVioletAce

    Danny's Story. (Chap 3, Part 1) by DaVioletAce

    There was once a trainer named Danny, who plunged into adventures so hollow, With his quiet strong team, While the events that roll, will pressure him hardly through the world. ( Yay, i did it. Sorry for the horrible thing up there. No, this isn't a prophecy. And yes, my Lugia can speak. No matter how absurd. )

    Oct 1, 2016 606 words 2 Likes