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by NightRaven

  • NightRaven

    Walking in the Shadows: Deadly Night by NightRaven

    (This is a request for @_Umbreon_ and @EspeonTheBest ! It will contain some of their roleplay characters. (Note to the people who requested this: If you want me to add a few characters in, you can put that into the comments! ^^) "The night will take your life; darkness shall shroud the forest and the rivers will be of blood itself..." Duskfeather, the ShadowClan medicine cat, Splashbreeze, the Riverclan medicine cat, Breezesong, the WindClan medicine cat, and Hollybreeze, the ThunderClan medicine cat, have recieved a sign from StarClan and the meaning was clear...or so they thought. An ambitious warrior is hidden within each of the four forest Clans; ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan. Will they find the warriors and end their path of blood and ambition, or will they die trying to save their Clans as the ambitious warriors rule over the forest?

    Oct 22, 2015 2,331 words 2 Likes
  • NightRaven

    Winter Frontier (COMPLETE) by NightRaven

    (This is a request from @Fujiwara ! Enjoy~) An endless Winter has begun and Yui, Jason, and Lyra are trying to find the source of the unnatural weather. Lyra knows their Winter supplies at the Buckingham Palace are diminishing and will soon be gone. Jason, a highschool drop-out, thinks that Spring has begun somewhere else. Yui is tired of the cold and so she wants to end this. Will they find the source in time? Or will they all die a cold death?

    Oct 7, 2015 1,507 words 1 Like