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New Horizons

by LunarMxgic

  • LunarMxgic

    Chpt. 1 by LunarMxgic

    Leo, Amalia, and Piper are all just starting out on their pokemon journey through Sinnoh! With their starter pokemon equipped, they begin to travel. #summercamp15

    Jul 23, 2015 1,650 words
  • LunarMxgic

    Chpt. 2 by LunarMxgic

    As Leo, Piper, and Amalia begin their travels, they run into the mysterious Cordelia, who assists them in many aspects on their way to Oreburgh City, but are quickly halted by a shady group while on their way through Jubilife. #summercamp15

    Jul 24, 2015 1,590 words
  • LunarMxgic

    Chpt. 3 by LunarMxgic

    Piper wakes up from an uncanny nightmare, only to find that the bully on route 202 really had knocked her out with his pokemon. Gengar had been providing her with what had happened while she was sleeping, though it had done it through a nightmare transmission, which meant SOME bad things had to happen. As they continue their journey, they make friends with new pokemon, and travel towards Oreburgh city for Piper's first gym badge and Leo's first contest. #summercamp15

    Jul 26, 2015 1,490 words