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Marshadow the Spectral Warrior

by PyroGaleZX

  • PyroGaleZX

    Prologue by PyroGaleZX

    500 years ago the Kingdom of Soljair was thrust into a horrid war with the Kingdom of Pizrak. In this short prologue follow Soljair's greatest warrior as he and his partner Marshadow infiltrate the enemy camp in hopes of stopping the ongoing war.

    Apr 8, 2018 1,188 words
  • PyroGaleZX

    Chapter 1: Soljair City by PyroGaleZX

    After hearing about the Legend of Marshadow, Landon and Lyra make their way towards Soljair City to find out more about the legend, primarily with the Zenith Flame.

    Apr 15, 2018 1,196 words
  • PyroGaleZX

    Chapter 2: Tournament Climax by PyroGaleZX

    After fighting their way to the Semi-Finals, Landon and Lyra find each other caught in a battle to make it to the final match. However a mysterious foe known only as Phantom appears wielding a Keystone of his own.

    Apr 30, 2018 1,274 words