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Leads To The Same.

by DaVioletAce

  • DaVioletAce

    Leads To The Same. (Chapter 1) by DaVioletAce

    Because why not write about a girl named Jade, who devotes her life to training her Pokemon. What happens when she finally gets her chance to become the Pokemon Champion, only to find that she must leave behind her old best friends, who still accept her as they're best friend. I know i'm a lousy storyteller, but i tried, i tried.

    Sep 24, 2016 528 words 1 Like
  • DaVioletAce

    Leads To The Same. (Chap 2) by DaVioletAce

    The second chapter of this scrabby written work. I guess i'll do summary...NOW! Jade doesn't really think her life can't get any better or worse, but what happens when she finally has the courage to get out and about with her dream of becoming the Pokemon Champion? But at the same time, some old friends have come to town, and Jade won't like it.

    Sep 28, 2016 441 words 1 Like
  • DaVioletAce

    A Fight Like No Other. (Chap 3) by DaVioletAce

    Jade refuses to accept that her friends, alive and well, are here. Of all places, HERE. A fight breaks out, and Carrie and Ethan can't do anything about it. Will Alex hold his guard? Or will Jade's words finally break his barriers?

    Sep 30, 2016 388 words 1 Like