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Hurtful Girlfriend

by Atlas Uxie

  • Atlas Uxie

    Hurtful Girlfriend: Intro by Atlas Uxie

    Sorry I wasn't online. I was caught up in something. During that something, I began to watch the Hatoful Boyfriend Bad Boys' Love series. Now, I will use the game story as a piece of writing. WILL include BBL spoilers because some events will still be the same, different characters, and, sadly, DOES NOT INVOLVE BIRDS OF ANY KIND SPEAKING. (Instead of Birds vs. Humans, Girls vs. Boys. Girls take place as birds, boys take place as humans.) I will keep the university 's name the same because I like the way it sounds, think of it as a post apocalyptic Hatoful world. Game made by Hato Moa.

    Jan 26, 2014 649 words 1 Like
  • Atlas Uxie

    Hurtful Girlfriend: 1st Class(Part 1) by Atlas Uxie

    I was a bit behind, I know. I was getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday. Yet I managed to squeeze some Hatoful Boyfriend Bad Boys' Love.

    Feb 2, 2014 408 words 3 Likes