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Grim Clerk

by Mr.RMA

Keith Gregor, Reaper of Souls, Embodiment of Death itself, one of the four bringers of the Apocalypse... and the most commonly seen clerk working at O'Cosgrave's convenience store. A lot of folks work two jobs these days.
  • Mr.RMA

    Death Runs a Corner Store by Mr.RMA

    Keith runs a convenience store, from early afternoon to closing time in the evenings. It's not a glamorous job but he knows what he's doing. Unfortunately, Keith has a second job, in which he suffers the exact opposite predicament. It's certainly more alluring... if being the Grim Reaper can be considered as such, but he knows nothing about reaping souls.

    May 18, 2017 2,902 words 1 Like
  • Mr.RMA

    Death at your Convenience by Mr.RMA

    Keith is getting more used to this whole Grim Reaper thing, though a strangely vivid dream seems to generate a prophetic warning of a vengeful soul forcing itself unnaturally back into the mortal world with catastrophic results. It's up to Keith to make sure the spirit is put to rest before it can do too much damage. Advisory: Has stuff like death, some coarse language and a somewhat graphic scene or two. Just in case you don't wanna read that sort of thing.

    Jun 4, 2019 4,137 words 2 Likes