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Green Arrow: Eternal

by Mechanist Gamma

  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E1: Queen Takes Island by Mechanist Gamma

    The origin story of Oliver Queen retold. Not with too much detail, just the important ones. Oliver prefers to be clean-cut, after all. This is the beginning of a new series of mine that focuses on my re-imagining of Star City's titular Green Arrow! It'll take a while for the emerald archer himself to appear, but you can wait for a bit, right?

    Jan 21, 2018 1,625 words 3 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E2: Queen Takes (On) Wayne by Mechanist Gamma

    After a visit with Dr. Pieter Cross, Oliver begins heading home... but on the way, he notices an old homeless shelter formerly supported by Queen Consolidated. The support ended once the company was sold to Wayne Industries. It's time for Oliver to express his grievances with the management. This episode runs parallel to @Mockingchu's Batman: Eternal series - specifically Season 2, Episode 2. If you want to see things from Bruce's perspective, read it here!: https://pokecharms.com/works/season-2-episode-2-return-of-the-queen.44573/ As you can probably tell, this is the second part in my Green Arrow: Eternal series that's part of Mockingchu's DC: Eternal story. And since it runs parallel to his, what else would Episode 2 be?

    Jan 22, 2018 1,629 words 3 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E3: Queen Takes (On) Crime by Mechanist Gamma

    Oliver goes out for a bit to clear his head in preparation for writing his resume to get back into his company. However, he just so happens to discover the same drug cartel he encountered on Starfish Island setting up in Star City's docks. Good thing he brought his bow. As expected, part three of Green Arrow: Eternal is here on schedule. It seems it's finally time for the Green Arrow to rise!

    Jan 23, 2018 1,714 words 4 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E4: Green Arrow Takes Aim by Mechanist Gamma

    Green Arrow continues his escapades in the morning, earning the attention of the people. However, Oliver succeeds in gaining the attention of his former company. It seems the CEO, Arthur King, is willing to give Oliver a chance. As, uh, unexpected, the fourth part of Green Arrow: Eternal is here at last. With lots of Green Arrow action this time around! You're welcome.

    Jan 28, 2018 1,747 words 5 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E5: Screech by Mechanist Gamma

    The introduction of two new major characters - a villain and a heroine! At least one of them is going to make a major impact in the life of Green Arrow sometime soon... I've decided that from now on, I'm gonna be aiming for releases on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Ideally I can meet this, but I may not be able to. But this does mean more Green Arrow: Eternal!

    Jan 30, 2018 1,872 words 8 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E6: Time for the Lion by Mechanist Gamma

    One of Oliver's friends discovers his secret identity, so the Green Arrow now has a partner! But it seems the happiness of the night will be balanced with terror, as a mad bomber attempts to exact his revenge on Chief Westberg. Tick tock... tick tock... Sorry for not updating this series for a while - kinda fell out of it for a bit. But I'm back now! Expect more Green Arrow: Eternal throughout the week!

    Feb 25, 2018 2,232 words 6 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E7: Countdown Clock by Mechanist Gamma

    As the Clock King's plot develops, Green Arrow and Lion find themselves faced with a choice - whose life to save? Uh... this counts as weekly, right...?

    Mar 5, 2018 2,426 words 5 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E8: Digging Deep by Mechanist Gamma

    After a terrible nightmare, Oliver Queen learns from his father about the family he never knew he had. Afterwards, Green Arrow and Black Canary team up to help out an agent of ARGUS.

    Mar 31, 2018 1,673 words 5 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E9: Queen Checks King by Mechanist Gamma

    After a visit to his psychologist, Oliver comes across a shocking secret - Arthur King works with the Vertigo drug syndicate...

    Mar 31, 2018 1,183 words 5 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E10: Vertigo by Mechanist Gamma

    Green Arrow and Black Canary take on the Vertigo drug syndicate where they were supposed to have a date, but Count Vertigo's arrival on the scene makes things take a turn for the worse...

    Apr 15, 2018 2,385 words 5 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E11: Crimson Midnight by Mechanist Gamma

    Black Canary has been critically injured, but the superhero doctor Dr. Mid-Night should be able to help! Once Canary is alright, Green Arrow's investigation on home turf leads him to a strange conflict - an archer girl within Q-Core!

    Apr 17, 2018 1,552 words 4 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E12: Recovery by Mechanist Gamma

    No rest for the weary - especially in Green Arrow's case! The long night continues with an attack on Pieter Cross' home and Count Vertigo's blackmail. Will this crush Green Arrow's resolve... or strengthen it?

    Apr 18, 2018 1,394 words 5 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E13: ENDGAME - Part 1: Battle of the Bows by Mechanist Gamma

    Green Arrow and Doctor Mid-Nite team up to save Black Canary from the clutches of Count Vertigo, but will the Crimson Archer put a stop to their plans?

    Apr 24, 2018 2,580 words 4 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E14: ENDGAME - Part 2: Team Building by Mechanist Gamma

    After a legendary battle against Count Vertigo and the Crimson Archer, Team Arrow plans to take the fight straight to Merlin and co. They'll need to expand their team more - a field agent and software support are needed. Fortunately, Diggle and Fyff are within contact of Ollie and Dinah! But things take a turn for the worse when Merlin figures out that Green Arrow has been using the tech of Queen Consolidated all this time...

    Apr 30, 2018 2,209 words 4 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S1E15: ENDGAME - Part 3: Checkmate by Mechanist Gamma

    With Green Arrow captured, Black Canary under attack and Count Vertigo with a small army of super villains behind him, can anyone save the day from the Vertigo Crime Syndicate? Perhaps Team Arrow has their first mission...

    May 26, 2018 4,086 words 4 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S2E1: Double Day Off by Mechanist Gamma

    A few weeks after the fight against Vertigo, Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance take a day to themselves to reminisce about their individual pasts and shared future.

    Jul 1, 2018 2,381 words 5 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S2E2: Ascension by Mechanist Gamma

    In a surprise move (well not surprising to you readers I assume) CFO Cyrus Broderick names Oliver Queen as the new CEO of Queen Industries! Oliver wasn't expecting this, but now he's got big plans...

    Jul 8, 2018 1,594 words 5 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S2E3: Quiver in Fear by Mechanist Gamma

    As Queen Consolidated prepares for the next step after Oliver's announcement of the Queen Charity Fund's reinstatement, Green Arrow and Black Canary go into action to investigate two intruders to Star City. Could the grey, hooded archer be Emiko, Merlyn, or someone else...?

    Oct 14, 2018 2,685 words 4 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S2E4: The Question and The Answer by Mechanist Gamma

    Oliver is contacted through a strange means by a strange man. Who is the Question, and how does his information on the Living Weapons pertain to Green Arrow?

    Jan 20, 2019 1,932 words 4 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S2E5: The People by Mechanist Gamma

    As Green Arrow and Black Canary attend a press conference for Chief Broderick Westberg, memories plague Oliver Queen's mind... Memories of an old friend.

    Jan 28, 2019 2,067 words 5 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    S2E6: LIVING WEAPONS - Part 1: The Armory by Mechanist Gamma

    Team Arrow finally makes its move on the base of the Living Weapons, but Smithy is prepared for them. Divide and conquer may just be the strategy that destroys Team Arrow... Not if the Question can help it, that is!

    Jun 2, 2019 4,226 words 5 Likes
  • Mechanist Gamma

    The Count by Mechanist Gamma

    One year after the dissolution of the Vertigo Crime Syndicate, Count Werner Vertigo remains in prison, his Vlatavan citizenship meaningless with the turmoils of his country. It seems Amanda Waller wants something with him, however...

    Jun 2, 2019 1,278 words 5 Likes