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Gold's Jurny

by Dayton Young

Dayton Young
From Gold's Final battle with Red, a new story begins ...

Major Charecters:
Lavender(Made up)
Matt(1/2 Made up ~ Pokemon X/Y)
Galoa(Made up)
  • Dayton Young

    Gold's Final Battle by Dayton Young

    One stormy day Gold climbs his way to fight the strongest trainer ever spoke of in legend, but will he win, lose, or die on his way thier. With the help of his pokemon, and the help of a Moltress gold must reach this trainer ...

    Jun 14, 2015 472 words
  • Dayton Young

    My Brother ... by Dayton Young

    Gold heads off to find the trainer he had battled on top of Mount Silver. Finding more secrets about this trainer, will he find him ...

    Jun 14, 2015 532 words
  • Dayton Young

    The Truth by Dayton Young

    Book 3 Prologue Gold now confused with feelings of haveing a brother, and a step mother, heads to the region of Unava ... 4 mister it's chapters of gold trying to find his Familly.

    Jun 14, 2015 786 words
  • Dayton Young

    Gold's Decent by Dayton Young

    Prologue Gold had found his long lost father, and brother at the top of Mount Laer ... Gold wants to follow them on thier adventures ... La____er(Gold's Father) Let's him ... Chapter 1 - A new era Thier first destination to reach the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo, even stronger than La____er's Mew, was to go back to the Kanto region(Still being repaired from the war)

    Jun 15, 2015 858 words
  • Dayton Young

    Gold's Revival by Dayton Young

    Not Finished Prologue Gold has searched for two more years to find his Familly, and found thier mission to destroy the world, bye using Mewtwo.

    Jun 16, 2015 982 words
  • Dayton Young

    Gold's Jurny - Full Story - V0.9 by Dayton Young

    A mix of the entire series so far, but with extra features, and bonuses ... 3,693 Words used in the entire series so far ...

    Jun 17, 2015 3,693 words