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Gee Officer Wayland

by Mr.RMA

  • Mr.RMA

    Impressionable by Mr.RMA

    Because I like writing stories for my RP characters, here's another one! As the first half of this origin story of sorts, police officer Wayland describes the earliest and, in one particular case, the most traumatic parts of his life that ultimately laid the groundwork for his future in the world of Pokemon. As a disclaimer, this story includes instances of abduction, manipulation, mind-control, and overall emotional and mental trauma.

    Feb 22, 2019 3,421 words 2 Likes
  • Mr.RMA

    Indomitable by Mr.RMA

    Part 2: Wayland's recounting of his past moves from his traumatic youth to his less-than-stellar first attempt at Pokemon training. However, from failure, breeds a new chance at success.

    Mar 4, 2019 5,748 words 2 Likes