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Bully 2 and a Half

by SparkyLewis949

  • SparkyLewis949

    Chapter 1: Rivaled Allies by SparkyLewis949

    We meet 14 year old Charlie Faye, a bisexual furry who has been transferred to Bullworth Academy due to his father being sent to jail after being accused of murder. When Charlie meets Petey, and saves another student later, what do their adventures lead to?

    Jun 30, 2015 1,473 words 1 Like
  • SparkyLewis949

    Chapter 2: Happy Volts and Not-So Happy Times by SparkyLewis949

    The preps send Johnny over the edge, and one mistake lands both Charlie and Johnny in the asylum. How will they get out?

    Jun 30, 2015 1,138 words 1 Like
  • SparkyLewis949

    Chapter 3: Acquiring the Jocks by SparkyLewis949

    After leaving the asylum, more problems await them back at the school. When Kirby brings them a problem, they use it as a chance to help set Derby straight.

    Aug 13, 2015 2,802 words